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I cannot find a way to change default pdf viewer from one drive to Adobe reader. Disabling one drive just makes it grey
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How fast is the response time when using Facebook on the Galaxy Tab A 10.5" and does FB use a lot of storage space. Also has anyone loaded Facebook "Lite" in preference to standard Facebook? My Tab A is new and I am a "learner user".
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Hi, Excuse my ignorance, but will this work using a SIM card? Like an oversized mobile basically. I noticed it says 4g, so I'm hoping that's what that means. If using wifi how safe is that? Thanks
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There are basically two versions of the Tab A. The wifi version. Works on wifi not on a network. The SIM card version called Tab A lte. This takes a SIM and can be used like a mobile phone. It is a couple of hundred dollars more than the wifi version.The T385 has SIM but the T380 does not.Thanks, I've got the T385, so that's great. Thankyou for your reply :)

Hi Can I put data sim card network in it for quick internet without using wifi? Thank you
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No. Not with this modelIf you have purchased the Sim card version the Tab A is released as a WiFi only version and a WiFi and Sim version.

I cannot connect my tablet to the internet any more I bought it in 2014 it got stuck on hearing disabled and my friend got it back to normal was ok but now when I try to go to a web page it says try later but the wifi says connected??? Any help?
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Update the software to the latest operating systemthanks RexHi there, we hope this has been resolved, however if not, we suggest soft resetting the device, ensure software is all up to date. If there are further issues, please visit your nearest service centre, and our technicians will assist you.

I have a Galaxy Tab A (unfortunately a 2016 model although l bought it in 2017). I use it daily and have loved it until today. It has run out of space for new apps, unless l delete current apps. Can somebody please tell me how to move apps and data to the SD card?
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does this tablet have a sim card slot? If yes, what size.
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Its a bit tricky the 10.1, some models have SIm cards some don't , the more (Expensive 3 G B 9.7 Samsung Tablet )does( Defintely )(has ) one , if Samsung put SIM cards in all their $250 Samsung Tablets you probably wouldnt need to spend $800 on a smart mobile phone.I brought my Samsung Tab 10.1 expecting a Sim was inside it, i didnt know it didn't have one ,(neither did the sales rep either), i suggest before you even step inside an Australian Department Store , do your own research on Technical ability yourself, and not trust the opinion too much of a commission based sales rep ,as they could or would probably know a whole lot less than you do about approximately half the Tech on any Shop Floor.

Can the control buttons. Be moved to the screen?
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I'm not sure I'll have to checkGood question But i would keep the controls as they are Too much going on in the touch screen already(including upwards touch screen volume slide bar? ) Just be carefull and you get used to the positioning of the buttons, it's bearable. The next generation model Samsung tablet will be very interesting to see ?Good question But i would keep the controls as they are Too much going on in the touch screen already(including upwards touch screen volume slide bar? ) Just be carefull and you get used to the positioning of the buttons, it's bearable. The next generation model Samsung tablet will be very interesting to see ? This Samsung tablet is super quick Could it be faster than an i pad ?

Harvey Norman The Good Guys Bing Lee Office Works JB HI FI WHO IS THE BEST ? customer service and pricewise ? Wi fi tablet and printer combo.? Samsung Tab A 6 10.1 with Sim card and easily connectable directly to a wi fi printer ?
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my opinion i think the office works is the best because they have after pay and you can pay in 4 instalments. Also i think they are more easily connectable with what you need.I went in to the re refurbished office works warehouse at Auburn. I asked the passing sales rep does this brother printer connect with this Samsung tablet ? He shook his head and walked away. Im not sure why such poor customer service as they had more staff than customers. Where have all their customers gone.? I guess Office Works is in trouble like the rest of them. The internet shopping revolution has cut their margins big time. But for me shopping online and paying for something i haven't received is a definite no no.

I can make and receive calls but can't hear the other end and they can't hear me how can I fix this?
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Not sure. Better call Samsung!Turn volte off, use hands-free esrplugs

I have a Galaxy Tab A can i travel with this , it has wi fi connection ok but do i need to purchase data, and / or does this unit have a cellular data option? Ie unlocked sim card option ?
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Hi there, My Tab A 8" has Wifi but importantly it also has 4G (a sim card ) so it's the 4g sim card that gets the data. My understanding is the Tab A's come out with wifi or wifi/4g. You can certainly travel with this BUT for internet access, you will need to a sim card or if not, then locate a wifi spot.The WiFi on a Tab A would need to connect to a 'hotspot', someone's sim card or to a home wifi to work. Unfortunately, without the sim card or access to a sim card via someone smartphone or device, you can only connect to the internet via wifi.

Thinking of getting one of these to use as an e-Reader. Will it do the job? I use Overdrive and borrow books from a library. Will it do this?
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G'day Percy, yes, we've used this. Download APP from local library. How good it is will almost certainly depend on how good the app is .... but it's been fine for us.Hey Percy, I agree with Wisey. It will work well as an e-reader. I have a 7.0" Tab and have found it lighter and easier to handle than the 8.0" model. Rank

Is there any benefit in installing a mini SD card in my Samsung Tab A 8 inch?
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Absolutely, you can keep other data like music, and movies on the SD and keep the main tablets memory for apps.Yes there is! As much as my tablets Samsung programs give me the eebie-jeebies, one must be fair and acknowledge that there are many benefits to installing a 128 or 256gig SD card, esspecially if one has thousands of music files on one tablet and hundreds of movies on the other. Good screen size for the later. Just install a THIRD PARTY file manager like "File Manager Pro", (the blue folder one), and you can create sub folders for different artists, and music genre's, or folders for 60s 70s 80s etc for singles, and a folder or two or three for albums. Endless opportunity. In fairness to the Samsung mob, It is well worth the couple of bucks getting SD cards for your tablet! Get one with the highest speed! You'll have a lot of fun. You'll be fine. Hope you have more fun with yours than I am with mine. Peter TownsvillePeter your a tool. Come on! There is review. There is feedback... Then there is soapbox status with dribbling rhetorical verbal runs.. Personal issues have no place upon here. I mean this is bonkers. Really really bonkers.

Can you let me know if the Samsung Galaxy Tab A 7.0 Wi-Fi 8 GB have a sim card slot and if yes is it at the same slot as the SD card? Thank you Ewa
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Yes it does up to 256 gb as stored memory only has 8 gb.Thanks Jimb, however I meant does it have a sim card slot to have access to internet on the go (once subscribed to a plan). There is a SD card slot but not a slot for sim card.2 seperate slots

Is the resolution still ok for kindle and games such as minecraft? Thinking of getting for the kids. Thanks
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I have the Kindle app on mine, and although it is backlit (which personally means I can't read on it for as long as I can with the kindle) it is really easy to sync with your kindle account and access books and read them. I don't have minecraft but the games I do have are great on this size (kids Lego games, pet rescue, candy crush, etc.).I have a Nook Color so I haven't tried reading books on it. It does great for minecraft youtubes. I have so far refused to let the grandkids use it for their games. I have a couple of games that work really well on it. The size is really nice. I got the 9.7Way better redolution than kindle. Great for games. I love it

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