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Samsung Series 6 Soundbars

Samsung Series 6 Soundbars

HW-MS650, HW-Q60R, HW-R650 and HW-K651
4.7 from 12 reviews

Good soundbar, slightly overpriced.

Having gone from a Samsung TV and Samsung 5.1 Surround Sound system to a new TV and this soundbar, I'd have to say I am not disappointed with the quality. I would have gone 5 stars until I saw another review showing they got theirs for $100 less 4 months ago which really changed my tune on pricing equations. The product didn't change, just the price, bit disappointing value for money-wise.

Getting this soundbar working on my Samsung UA65RU7100 took a little bit of patience but once it was all hooked up and running was worth it. Sound is crisp SW is a bit higher quality than those lower in the soundbar range; would recommend.

Very fond of the metal mesh on the front to protect the internal speakers much more than the exposed ones on the older towers I am about to turf. Especially with a kid who likes to poke things with his fingers, this is a saviour. If I could choose 4.5 stars I would, alas I cannot.

Purchased in July 2019 at The Good Guys Physical store for $489.00.

Some key points about this soundbar

1. It is still available at major retailers and listed as a current product on the Samsung website (at least the /XY model)
2. RRP is $799 but can currently be found in store and online for $399. I paid $329 due to the 20% off sale last weekend
3. It is designed to work with the HDMI with an Audio Return Channel (ARC). If you don't have ARC you will need to connect to your TV using optical (TOSLink) - which works fine
4. It needs an hour or so of constant playing to be able to play at full volume. Before that, the max volume setting (100) is only barely enough for quiet TV listening. Be patient: the "room-filling volume" and "floor-shaking bass" the reviews mention will come
5: If you place the soundbar on the same shelf/cabinet as your TV it is likely to block the TV remote sensor. You might need to raise the TV or aim your remote down form above.

Summary: a great 3.0 soundbar to improve the sound of your TV. Not really home theatre but you can get add-on "wireless" rear speakers and (expensive) wireless sub.

Purchased in March 2019 at The Good Guys Online store for $329.00.

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Clear sound

We`ve been looking at getting a sound bar for a while. After checking reviews, this rated highly. Then we saw it was on special at The Good Guys. After auditioning it, we were impressed.
We had some dramas hooking it up to the TV, but that was more getting the TV to recognise it.
The unit is quite big, which is why it has the great sound. But, we found it`s height blocked the sensor at the bottom of the TV, meaning we have to raise the remote up over our heads to operate it. A small problem, but frustrating.
Probably not as loud as I thought it would be, but more than sufficient in most situations.
A big improvement over the TV speakers, & great to not have speakers everywhere.

Date PurchasedApr 2018

Clear deep sound in one unit

Outstanding sound quality considering there is no seperate amp or subwoofer. With the bass turned up to 6 you would never know that it is all one unit.

Having said that the unit is large and will look odd in front of anything less than a 46inch screen.

Very happy with the quality of the sound, clarity of speech with plenty of depth. Music sounds great too.

Date PurchasedMar 2018

solid performer for music and movies

Have been using this for about a year now. Very happy with the way it has handled music, movies and television (Netflix, Stan too). The bass is enough to rattle a few fittings in the bathroom. I would definitely recommend to pay a little more for the 3.1 channels, we have never heard it distort and the voice clarity is spot on.
Sometimes it does not turn on with the TV (also a Samsung), whether it's connected via Sound Connect or the ARC. Also occasionally the subwoofer does not turn on even though the sound bar has, so requires the sound bar to be turned off then on again, or I have also found that scrolling through the 'sound setting' on the remote will sync it and turn it on.
Bluetooth pairing is simple and the range is not too bad, even in another room.
We chose the K651 as it is silver as opposed to the K650 which is black, simply because our TV trim is silver.
Previously we had a Pioneer receiver and 5.1 Wharfedale speaker setup and I was a little skeptical about the performance of a sound bar, but I could not be happier with our new downsized sound system.

Date PurchasedJan 2017

Wow so much bass without a separate sub woofer box

What a great find at Harvey Normans.
Have both the Sony-HTCT800 & now the HW-MS650/XY in my home & if anything prefer the Samsung soundbar over the Sony.

The Samsung soundbar was easy to setup &i s nice & compact & looks great in front of a 58" cabinet mounted Samsung TV.

Wifi music app works great & is easy to use as my wife has no issues with it & my wife is the first to admit to not normally familiar with current tech devices.

Sound quality in 3.1 mode is great & would highly recommend not sure if this would be a good value for money choice if you wanted to add in rear wireless speakers for true 5.1 sound as this then would make true out of box 5.1/6.1 hifi systems close to the same price.

As a stand alone soundbar for your large screen tv it really shines, I am confident that you wil find the unit has more than adequate bass without the need for additional sub (they are available though pricey).

Great clear sound with plenty of options for control using easy to use remote or wifi/bluetooth etc & a solid Samsung mobile app ....just buy it & enjoy.

Date PurchasedNov 2017

Perfect for any size lounge

Had this sound system for about 6 months.
Used in small room rocks the room up. Used it in our massive lounge with build in kitchen rocks every cornor. Best part is doesnt need any space woofer sits besides couch like a small table for small dj/dance light n sound bar just looks like its base of our 60tv

Date PurchasedJun 2016

Good All Rounder

Purchased this soundbar to go with a Samsung Smart TV . It Looks great and is not bulky like traditional surround sound systems. It takes up much less room and can be wallmounted under the tv to save even more space. It's easy to use , just plug in the wall socket and wirelessly link to your tv, there is Bluetooth , tv and aux functions- you just scroll through and select which one you want to use. No more complicated than that . The Bluetooth function is easy to use and you can play your compatible playlists quickly and easily through the soundbar , The sound is fantastic when watching movies /tv etc but in my opinion not as good when compared with Bose when playing music . The subwoofer is also wireless so you can place it anywhere in the room to suit as it does not have to be connected to the tv, you just need PowerPoint . These are still quite big in size so this option is handy if you want a more streamlined look. Very well priced compared to other options for speakers for home theatre and you can add more wireless speakers to get multi room sound . Happy with purchase , it looks great too but for music still prefer to use my Bose speakers.

Date PurchasedJan 2017

Great TV Sound Bar and more

My HW-K651 was purchased for $398 in The Good Guys December sale (RRP $799) and it can be found online from around $530. It comes in silver only while many other soundbars give a choice of at least silver or black. A shame, as my TV and wall-paper are black. The box is L-shaped and weighs 12kg so don't plan on carrying it too far.

Both soundbar and sub-woofer must each be connected to 240V power but otherwise the setup can be wireless. The soundbar can be wall-mounted and comes with custom made brackets but not screws (which depend on your wall material). The soundbar is 40" long so will be wider than any TV with less than a 46" screen.

The HW-K651 can connect to the TV by TV Sound Connect (Samsung TVs only) which uses Bluetooth, by HDMI cable (not supplied) or by optical cable (supplied). It has a cute but clear LED display that lights up behind the grille when making changes via the remote control.

Having switched the system on, it quickly found my home network and connected (once given the password). It immediately updated its software. I was able to set my Samsung Series 6 TV to connect to the soundbar automatically and it now does this after about 10 seconds every time the TV is turned on. There is a brief pause while the TV sound stops and then the soundbar kicks in. The improvement is sound quality is quite marked in flipping from TV to soundbar. This automatic connection was lost when I turned both TV and soundbar off at the wall for a few days and had to be set up again through the TV menu. However, if both are left on standby, it works without human intervention, switching itself to standby a minute or so after the TV is turned off.

There is a Samsung app for Android and iOS that allows streaming audio from a phone/tablet (without the TV) and it can also stream audio from network attached devices like computers, NAS boxes, even cloud storage over Wi-fi. Designed for Samsung Series 8 and 9 TVs, the HW-K651 nevertheless teams well with my Series 6 Samsung TV and (minus TV Sound Connect) should work with any modern TV.

Adding this soundbar has made a distinct difference to the sound quality we now have for watching TV and provides a good quality sound system for playing radio and stored or streamed music from our phones; much better than the portable battery-powered speaker we had been using. Even in a moderately large lounge room its 340W produces heaps more volume than we need.

As a medium priced soundbar the HW-K651 has proven to be simple to set up and use, fairly inconspicuous (it sits mostly behind a couch without taking up any useful room space) and has greatly increased our appreciation of TV and other audio. Whilst it might not satisfy the ear of the pedantic audiophile, the HW-K651 produces a much more vibrant soundscape with more natural voice tones and a full reverberating bass compared to our (again, moderately-priced) TV.

This has been a really worthwhile investment and I can thoroughly recommend it.

Date PurchasedDec 2016

Easy to set up and great sound

I use it with our TV connected via Optical lead. Also use it as well with iPhone and iPad. Easy to connect soundbar via bluetooth or wi-fi to iPhone or iPad and stream music from Pandora or Tunein radio. Sound is great and has bass/treble controls. It works well and reasonably priced.

Date PurchasedNov 2016

Its OK quality for its simplicity

The sound is okay - it is not on the same level as the Bose Acoustimass - that's what you get with the price tag. The trebles are good, the bass is okay.

Occasionally the wireless subwoofer does not turn on together with the sound bar. We have it connected via HDMI with HDMI-CEC (AnyNet+) to our Samsung Series 8 TV. We've noticed that using the Bluetooth TV Connect can sometimes result in inconsistent audio or artifacts in the audio. We've also noticed that it sometimes fails to turn on with the TV (while connected with HDMI).

One quirk which I have found if I pause a movie too long on our Samsung KS8000 TV, the sound bar has a habit of turning off onto standby.

While this soundbar does have wireless rear expansion; it does not work with the Samsung SWA-8000S. After discussion with a Samsung representative, I have no choice but to return the SWA-8000S for a refund.

We finally got around to buying two Radiant 360 R1 (WAM1500) speakers (they were on sale for half price) and they can only act as very soft and very quiet surround speakers. I've been on the phone to Samsung Support for over 1 hour, trying to debug why the speakers are very quiet. I am using a DTS 5.1/7.1.4 test video from DTS Demo Trailers to verify the 5.1 setup; and am awaiting a firmware update to normalise the power distribution.

With this in mind, it is a great speaker - but do not expect it to be anything more than a 3.1 sound system.

Date PurchasedDec 2016

This is perfect!

great product, clear voice, look nice,
I was worry when I want to buy this product because I heard so many thing about this but I say this is perfect, has a really clear voice, maybe is not good for having party but it is perfect for me. I love it.

Date PurchasedDec 2016

Questions & Answers

Is the Samsung HW-K651 compatible to my samsung series 6 led tv
1 answer
Hey Andre, would you be able to let us know of the model number of your TV so we can look this up for you? You can find the model number at the back of the unit. Jo Samsung AU


Samsung HW-Q60RSamsung HW-R650Samsung HW-MS650Samsung Series 6 HW-K651
Price (RRP) $799.00$699.00$799.00$799.00
FeaturesDolby Atmos Surround Sound and Wall MountableDTS:X and Wall MountableDTS:X and Wall MountableDolby Atmos Surround Sound, DTS:X and Wall Mountable
Connectivity Options3.5mm Jack, Bluetooth, Optical Port and USB3.5mm Jack, Bluetooth and Optical Port3.5mm Jack, Bluetooth, HDMI and Optical PortBluetooth, HDMI and HDMI ARC
Number of HDMI Ports002
Colour / Finish BlackBlackTitanium GreySilver
Soundbar Dimensions59 x 1100 x 100 mm59 x 1060 x 87.5 mm78 x 1060 x 130.5 mm1,010.5 x 54.0 x 87.5 mm
Subwoofer Dimensions353 x 205 x 303.2 mm200 x 353 x 302 mm452 x 335 x 154 mm
Power360 W340 W450 W340 W
Weight3.6 kg2.9 kg7.9 kg
Manufacturer Warranty1 year(s)1 year(s)1 year(s)
Speaker Configuration
Subwoofer TypeWirelessWirelessNoneWireless
Satellite Speakers0000
Up-Firing Speakers0000

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