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Yamaha YSP-2700

Yamaha YSP-2700

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Yamaha YSP-2700

Having worked at a retailer which sold these units, I knew it was what I'd buy when the sound bar we had clapped out. When it did die, I thought of perhaps seeing/hearing what else was about. Nothing really, (within reasonable $$) took my fancy. Didn't want to be a lemming and go Sonos or Bose so I opted for old faithful, having myself sold a few of these and also having bought a Yamaha receiver and a Yamaha Blu ray player, yes, some of us still play discs, Easy set up, great for movies, has pretty clear dialogue, far superior to the old LG. I don't care for wi fi connectivity as we are not a family of streamers....yet. Purchased from Nick at Eastwood Hi Fi and had it delivered the next day. To be clear, I don't dislike the afore -mentioned brands just didn't like them enough, plus at a minimum extra $500.00 premium for those.....no brainer. Won't be everyones cup of tea, but we like it.

Date PurchasedOct 2018

100% recomended

Do your self a favour and get the most out of the system , READ the easy to understand instructions for set up and use to get THE BEST sound out of this system . in a word
Thank you Yamaha for a neat stylish sound bar that actually has better sound and is a more user friendly system than the old style audio file amp and speaker systems .

Date PurchasedMar 2018

Lots of Hype not a lot of performance

We purchased this unit with an Oled Panasonic Tv, from the start it just didnt perform a few of the probvlems were.
1. It would turn off when the TV was turned off but would not turn on automatically, we tried both through the HDMI inputs and using the Tv as the input.
2. If the Sound bar was powere up before the TV we got no sound and the Yamaha needed to be powered off then on again.
3. When the Yamaha was calibrated using the fancy new system, there were lots of beeps and squeaks but the surround sound was less than memorable.
The suppliers Harvey Norman were very helpful and didn't give up on us and were determined to see a good outcome.

Yesterday we swapped the unit for a Polk Audio bar, I plugged it in and it simply worked perfectly perfectly.

I would not recommend this product.

Date PurchasedJan 2018

Well designed and great sound

Replaced our wired 5.1 surround sound system with this little beauty. Eliminated a bunch of wires running around the lounge room and it's footprint is very small for the the sound quality that it delivers.
Very easy to set up and calibrate and using HDMI ARC we run all our connected devices though the YSP-2700 which automatically turns on and off as devices are connected.
For the price, the sound quality is amazing and we'd highly recommend this product!

Date PurchasedJul 2018

How did that sound come from there?

I did a lot of reading and research before choosing the Yamaha YSP2700 and listened to a few options in stores. It certainly comes out as one of the leading options in this price range for sound bars and I have had good experience with other Yamaha sound equipment before to make this choice a little easier. This was to replace an old 5.1 satellite speaker system in an open plan lounge area and used predominantly for watching TV. Huge box for what is essentially quite a small sound bar - lots of packaging, but I guess everything is securely encased. Setup couldn't be simpler since the sub is wireless and all you need to worry about is power and a signal source (e.g. TV). I used the ARC HDMI connection and ran the self setup. If you're keen on less cables, this is a great kit. The sub can be wired into the bar - something you may want to consider as it lags just a few seconds during initial power up. Without the sub, the bar itself sounds awful - like a tinny old AM radio. Hardly surprising given the tiny speakers embedded in the bar. The woofer has to fill in a lot of mid range to create balance, not just bass.

For me, the initial auto setup didn't quite get it right. The sound mix wasn't that great, very high in treble and little bass. Stereo positioning was also not correct and it sounded worse than my older speakers. Thankfully after playing with the manual settings, things improved significantly. Shifting the virtual speaker beam position is a blast. It's truly amazing how they can make sound appear to come from the side or from behind by just bouncing it off the walls. I think due to the size it does struggle with larger rooms. We have a quite open plan area to cover and although the sound is clear, it doesn't come close to a proper surround effect. The little sub woofer seems to struggle to fill a larger space with good punchy mid range sound and bass, but it is still adequate once you crank the volume up on that component.

Most worrying is the fact that there seems to be some minor audio sync issues when watching TV. Digital (SPDIF) was the worst, with ARC (HDMI) just marginally off and RCA analogue virtually perfect. Not sure how much of this delay is due to the firmware and sound processing inside the bar. Be wary if your TV does not offer audio delay adjustment as you may be struggling to find perfect balance when sound lags behind picture. The soundbar only lets you dial in further delay, so if it is already behind then there's nothing further that can be done as you can't delay the picture.

The remote is fairly simple and easy to use, plus if you have the unit linked to your TV, most functions such as source and volume would automatically work via your TV remote anyway. The smartphone app (multi-cast) is a bit hit & miss. I've seen better from Yamaha (e.g. their AV controller app). Not the most intuitive, with some settings harder for locate than others (e.g. some settings are hidden under the room and others under the broader app). You do however get opportunity to fine tune your audio setup for surround, which is much better than using the on-screen displays and the handheld remote (ie. you can have TV running, then adjust via the phone; if using on-screen you'll have to have the TV set to a HDMI port, which mostly means your video signal is gone, unless you play from a blu-ray player or similar).

For its size, it's an impressive little sound package. It certainly produces much bigger sound than you would expect from the diminutive slimline shape. The surround does work, but is not going to be as great as a 5.1 speaker setup. If you need a clean look (i.e. no cables, and speakers everywhere) or have a small to mid-size room, then this is definitely a top contender. For larger open areas you may just want to reconsider opting for a unit offering larger woofer or a regular surround speaker set.

I wouldn't go spending $1400 as I think there's better sound to be had at that price (e.g. by using a more traditional setup), but you can find it much cheaper if you're prepared to wait for specials. I purchased from Hardly Normal on a price match (mid-900's) and at that price point, and with two year warranty, it is certainly one of the best soundbars out there.

Date PurchasedJul 2018

Worth the extra $$$!

I researched soundbars for a long time and eventually settled on purchasing something from Yamaha as they specialize in music and sound, unlike many other soundbar manufacturers. I had originally bought an LG SJ4 soundbar, which was an improvement over the onboard speakers on my LG OLED B7, but not much more than that.

The Yamaha YSP 2700 is amazing right out of the box. I haven't even set it up with Intellibeam yet, but sound is so much more clear and naturalistic compared to my previous LG SJ4. Music is incredible. Bass is nice and rumbly. If you have an OLED or high end TV, it deserves this soundbar.

If you can't deal with the bulk and expense of a full surround sound speaker system, this is a great alternative.

Date PurchasedJun 2018

Best Sound Bar in the market...

Great sound. I researched for a couple of months different sound bars and this is the one that ticked all the requirements. Yes, it was a little bit over the budget but it worth every dollar. It has been with us 3 months already and delivering just perfect sound at any volume. Bought it in special for $935 from Good Guys.

Date PurchasedMar 2018

Sensational - when you turn all its tricks on

I got an absolute bargain, $800 from Bing Lee Ebay sales. This is an absolutely beltingly excellent system that has the smarts to turn a sound bar and subwoofer into an almost genuine surround sound experience. I still haven't explored all of its features and expansion options, but it's a huge upgrade to my previous set up and more streamlined and economical on space. I'm extremely happy with it. I would agree with one of the expert reviews on a hi fi site that the top end can be a little lifeless, but turn on its signal processing electrickery options and make sure you are sending it the highest quality sound stream your TV or Blu ray player can send (worth checking this deep deep deep somewhere buried in a set up menu) and you will NOT notice. The average punter wouldn't notice anyway.

I'm rapt.

Date PurchasedMay 2018
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Now that I've lived with the unit a while, the sound bar does an impressive job attempting surround sound without the surround speakers, but there is an annoying feature of the start up. TV first, wait a few seconds, then sound bar, then a few seconds, then my harddrive/PVR/bluray unit.

Great upgrade unit!

I had a YSP-900 unit that was around 10 years old. This unit failed due to the internal woofers breaking. I guess that is expected after such time frame. Anyhow I looked at all the leading soundbars for around $ 1000-$1500 price range. This YSP-2700 is the best there is, much more in depth the bose. It is a great unit, all my movies are in Dolby digital and it really packs a punch. I also tend to use the internal spotify app/bluetooth a lot. It also connects to my bluetooth headphones. A great unit, I hope it lasts a long time. The HDMI-ARC is a bonus, I turn on my TV and this unit turns on automatically with foxtel and sound is on. Easy for me to manage and even for the wife who is technologically challenged. Then there is 3 x HDMI inputs if you want to get fancy. I hope it lasts me a few years. It beats any physical 5.1 setup IMO, who wants large speakers hanging off the walls/ceiling? No thanks!

Date PurchasedJan 2017

Sounds like i'm at the cinema...Love it

To be honest i didn't want to spend the extra money on a soundbar after already buying a new TV - but i am SO glad my husband convinced me. I can't watch TV or a Movie without it now. The sound is AMAZING!! Its like you're at the Cinema. The design is slimline and discreet which i love - minimalism! i also love that you can buy additional speakers for other areas of the home and play your own music playlists. Best speakers - i highly recommend.

Date PurchasedDec 2016

Very good product I recommend it

Just the product I need. I had doubts if the sound quality would be as good as surround 5.1 bose system I have. It is as good as my previous system without the hassle of the cables cluttering my living room.

Yamaha also stands by their product. I had issue with the unit I bought that the blue tooth can not be configured and wrote to Yamaha. The friendly product support organized the replacement for me, no question asked and the replacement resolved the issue. As I bought this unit from Todds Hifi in Brisbane over the internet and I live in Sydney, Yamaha organized the replacement unit to be picked up in the service centre in Lanecove Sydney. Needless to say, I was impressed with the level of customer service and commitment behind their product.

I have confidence on Yamaha on their service warranty and this surround bar product is really good.

Internet radio feature is excellent - This system is my main and only sound system in my apartment.

Yamaha, you got me as a life long customer, next system, only Yamaha comes to my mind. Thanks for the product and the no fuss policy in dealing with defective unit. Thumbs up and I recommend people to consider this sound bar and Yamaha's other product.

Date PurchasedOct 2016

Best soundbar for a small room

Great quality product, beautiful finish, IntelliBeam (Yamaha's proprietary software) to measure distance, angle to calibrate optimum sound. The system itself comes in two pieces, a soundbar and a wireless subwoofer. I have connected it with my fairly large 65" LG UH950T using HDMI-ARC. They work exceptionally well for Dolby Digital True HD, DTS-HD and work seamlessly, streaming music via Google Play Music and DiFM using Bluetooth technology.

The clear and crisp surround sound literally turns my living room into a mini cinema, without the hassle of cables and multiple speakers. Highly recommended for small space without compromising digital sound formats.

Date PurchasedDec 2016

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Yamaha YSP-2700
Price (RRP)$1499
Subwoofer TypeWireless
HDMI Inputs1

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