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Savannah Potato Chipper

Savannah Potato Chipper

3.0 from 7 reviews

Weak and Cheap!

Got this as a gift, used it one time and it cut one potato using all my strength. Broke on the next one. It was a gift, not what I was envisioning but I gave it a try. I’ll go buy a good one.

Date PurchasedDec 2018

Does the job for me.

Much quicker than using a knife to make chips. You have to be careful to get the blades in facing the right way round - cutting edge to the potato though. When we used it for the first time we didn't realise that the blades have a cutting edge and a blunt edge and managed to get it in the wrong way around. This broke the cutters and we had to get a new set. In putting them in the second time I realised that only one face is the cutting face. Since then we have been happily slicing potatoes into chips with minimal effort. Haven't tried sweet potato yet though.

Date PurchasedMay 2018

Blades fell apart

Worked great first time, second time one blade fell out then the 3rd time all the blades fell out and got stuck in the potato. Extremely dissapointed.
I do not recommend this chip cutter

Date PurchasedSep 2017

Can't cut sweet potato

Paid around $60 or this device only to find it can't cut sweet potato at all. I only wanted to make sweet potato chips not normal ones. Will be seeking a refund too.

Date PurchasedSep 2017

Not strong enough for sweet potato fries

I bought this because it was recommended for sweet potatoes. After using it twice the cutter blades disintegrated. Will be fine for normal potatoes but this chipper can't handle the tougher sweet potatoes.

Date PurchasedJul 2017


I love this product more than I ever thought I would. I bought it online from Peter's of Kensington and it comes with two drop in blades to make chunky or thinner chips. I've found if you use smaller potatoes you'll fly through your prep time and have them basted and in the oven before its even warmed up. Simply cut, throw in a bowl with some olive oil and a little garlic salt. Mix then scatter on a tray and you'll have nom nom chippies in no time. I've done kumera too (sweet potato) but you need to cut it up smaller as the vegie is more dense than a regular spud and it might not go through if its big pieces. This is a very cost effective and preservative free way to make chips that taste great. And for clean up this unit has two of my favourite words stamped on it - DISHWASHER SAFE.
TIP: If you haven't peeled your potatoes, do yourself a favour and immerse the blade (metal cutting square) in a bowl of water to soak immediately after use. This will soften and 90% of the time remove all the skin from the surrounding edges of the blade.

Best little Chipper around

We own and operate a University Cafeteria, we chip approx 50kg of Potatoes daily, we had many brands of chipper commercial and domestic, and for us the Savannah wins hands down.
Alan Harvey University Technology Petronas Malaysia
reliable, inexpensive, energy efficient

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Potato Chipper
Release dateJan 2011
  • GTIN14: 00793573588227

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