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Schweigen 900 Undermount

Schweigen 900 Undermount

3.4 from 20 reviews

NAUM9 is my worst nightmare

Bought NAUM9 for my new kitchen as Retravision promised that it’s the best value for money brand and performance wise. Upon installation, the LED lights are flickering almost dying and the motor is extremely loud, which is almost similar to lawn mower. I have kids and I cant even here them in the living area which is adjacent to my kitchen. My dream kitchen turned into nightmare all because of this rangehood. Called customer service and still no response. Very bad product.

Purchased in February 2019 at RetraVision for $450.00.

Very noisy

Pad almost $1000 for this when we upgraded our kitchen. We bought it because we were told it was ‘whisper quiet’, it isn’t. It only had one fan setting as well and we think it’s no better than the no name brand one we replaced. The lights are dim as well and the suction is poor. Wouldn’t buy again, that’s for sure.

Date PurchasedSep 2018

Works well, not as quite as I thought and broke down within 1 year.

I had high expectation on this range hood and paid top dollar but maybe there is where I was wrong. We like the looks as it's undermount, the motor is powerful with more than enough suction, the filter mesh works well (more on this later). In terms of noise, it's definitely not what we've been told by the sales. For some reason it felt quite at showroom (I guess home is much quite than showroom). It's definitely a lot quite than the traditional range hood but no where near advertised (unless you don't use the maximum power, level 5, up to level 3 the noise is minimum).

We have one minor issue with the range hood, the filter as I said earlier works well, however there's still a small amount of leakages somewhere that 1 year later, there's quite a bit of oil residual built up inside the range hood (canopy). And this is we chuck the filter mesh into dish washer almost every night after cooking.

The led light works well, but it's too bright, especially when I try to remove the mesh, I look up, then I get blue dots in my eyes. I don't mind the brightness when cooking, but I think it needs to go inside the canopy a bit more to avoid hurting my eyes when changing the mesh.

Now the biggest issue is switch buttons / circuitry quality. It's been just one year since purchase, and we've not even used it for a full year (due to renovation), the range hood is no longer working. It looks like over heating or switch board issue, I sometimes can turn on the motor by pressing the buttons, but the motor will stop by itself after 1-2 minutes. Then I am no longer to press the button (buttons become inactive) for several minutes, and now it's completely dead.

Now it's a test for their customer service, if they handle this well I might change my mind and maybe I just got unlucky. Time will tell. I personally have renovated 3 kitchens so far, never had one range hood failing like this. It's pretty simple tech.

One last thing, when I purchased this range hood, I was told it's "German made", but turned out instead of "German made" it's actually "German technology". So beware of the wordings.

Date PurchasedSep 2017

900cm under mount UM/9S

Purchased the undermount range hood paid a premium for what we thought was a good product. I have two external motors but with the filters in the steam builds up in the filters and then drips back on to the cooktop, dripping onto the food which is being cooked.
Put in a complaint within the first year, service guy came out and had to replace the controll board as it is directly in the middle of the rangehood so the steam produced builds directly in the control panel, lights start too turn on and off fans don't turn off.
The range hood now will not turn on rang the service department they said it is out of warranty even though it has been an on going problem.
They expect us too pay for replacement of parts looks like they don't want to know, very disappointed all they went on about was the warranty

Date PurchasedMay 2015

super suction super noisy

For the price it is an excellent range hood it’s super noisy but for the amount of times you put it on full speed it’s bearable the suction is awesome you can see all the fat deposited on the vents which go straight into the dishwasher and presto it’s shiny clean. The only issue was just before it was a year old one of the fan switches didn’t work and the light globe blew out. Luckily all covered by warranty. If you are looking for a superb rangehood on a budget this one is a definite.

Date PurchasedJan 2016

Schweigen KLS 900 UM

The unit was intermittent from day one but it did work so we let it go. Sometimes we had to switch it on and off two or three times to get it to stay on. The lights starting blinking on and off with a life of their own and sometimes the motor would not run at its appropriate speed until we switched it off and on again. We lived with this until finally the lights stopped working. I called Schweigen for a new switch as we were by now off warranty. After the call I realised there was an electronic circuit board as well so I called back. Spoke to a tech who was really very helpful and placed the circuit board and wiring harness in with the switch for no extra cost. It turned out that the switch was ok but the control board was defective. It now works beautifully. We can hear it inside but with moving air there has to be some noise. It is comparatively quiet and we have had no complaints from the neighbours. Ok so the circuit board was defective from day one but I found the company very responsive and really appreciated their assistance. I replaced the board and switch myself.

Date PurchasedFeb 2012

Excellent extraction and very quiet

We have the under mount version with 1600 external motor. Excellent extraction even on medium speed and very quiet. It's not silent, but the sound is barely noticeable. As others have commented, on the low speeds you'll forget it's even running as you can't hear it. The outside unit is quite loud on the highest speed, so make sure you position that somewhere that won't disturb your neighbours.

Date PurchasedMay 2017

Silent Rangehood

The advertising they use is completely misleading. They claim there rangehood's are silent. The only one that is silent is their 650 motor and it barely works. To actually get something that extracts you need to purchase the 1600 motor and it categorically makes noises. I had an undermount installed with a 650 motor and didn't work. I then paid for the upgrade up to the 1600 motor and works a lot better but definitely not silent. I can't determine how they can claim to be silent when clearly they are not. When I rang the Schweigen office, the only thing that was silent was their after sales service. I would never purchase this product again, I should have purchased something else that was presented to me.

Date PurchasedNov 2016

Terrible service , damaged loose poor packaging

The company made me drive across to other side of city after a faulty motor straight from box. Scratches on stainless steel with poir packaging. Had to drop off item first and wait for replacement a number of days. Poorly packaged and loose items. Will not deal with this company again. Youve been warned.

Date PurchasedNov 2016

Undermount Buyer's Beware 900mm -5 Burner

New kitchen fitted after 26 years May 2016, thought I was doing the right thing by spending top dollars on UM1170-9SI (Cost nearly $2,000 Installed) actually loved it till 4 weeks later and noticed bottom of my new cupboards had suffered from steam, had these replaced and made sure rangehood was on highest setting and checking all the time whilst cooking and 4 weeks later cupboards are bubbled again noticed steam actually sits inside of cupboard doors against rangehood innner cupboard fitting and runs down resting on inners of bottom cupboard doors, had contacted Schweigan first time this happened, had their installer back to check it was working correctly, he said it is a problem with all undermount rangehoods, they do not cover all 5 burners only the rear 2 burners so therefore steam still from front 2 and middle wok burner will not be drawn up through rangehood he even went as far to say I could spend another Thousand dollars on upgrading my motor but even that wouldn't fix the issue, if only I had been made aware at the time of purchasing I would have bought another canopy rangehood and they charged me $110.00 for him to check, not Happy at All will have to call Cabinet makers in and see what can be done to change this option out another huge cost to get it right. DO NOT buy undermount rangehood for 5 burner's unless you prefer cooking with your above cupboard doors open. Spent $32,000 on new kitchen to have this happen very dissappointed.

Date PurchasedMay 2016
Update: after many discussions with Schweigen they are helping me out with the above issue, hopefully Cabinet maker will be able to do what Schweigen have suggested and replacement Range Hood will fit without to much fuss and expense.POWERFUL EXTERNAL MOTOR (ISODRIVE 1600) sorry late posting this but as I'm still getting many queries on this subject - Schweigen did come to party within about 2 months and installed a much bigger motor which stopped all issues with the original rangehood fitted so no need to change it out. So makesure you have the correct motor when purchasing this rangehood.

Poor no label to denote what brand it is on rangehood we have the island 1600 stainless steel nothin

Poor disappointing rangehood we have the island 1600 stainless Schweigen rangehood. I would not recommend it. When approached the company about my issues it fell on deaf ears they did not want to no.
Our kitchen is all high end European appliances and all items are clearly label brands with the exception of this Schweigen rangehood has no label on it what so ever, could have come from China for all we no. It is also noisy, not as noisy as a cheap $400 model but not a massive difference either. Most certainly is not silent. I would not buy again would do my homework and research more thoroughly next time a real shame cost us an arm and a leg to have this installed also.

Date PurchasedJan 2016


We installed a Schweigen UM1170-9SP rangehood in our new kitchen and we love it. It is so quiet compared to other rangehoods we've had in the past thanks to the roof mounted motor. Sometimes we forget it's on, especially on the low setting. Even on the high setting, we can hear the TV at normal volume levels. In terms of extraction, it does a great job. We did the tissue test (hold a tissue a few cm under the vent and see how well the suction works) and it's very effective. Cooking odours are extracted well in our open plan home. The LED lights are very bright, controls are simple to use and overall design is nice and easy to clean. One thing to take into account is the installation cost for the motor (an additional $400 in our case). Love this rangehood and would purchase again.

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UPDATE: After about 2 years of regular use and no issues, the rangehood started turning on by itself and cycling through the speeds. Called Schweigen who were very helpful and said it sounded like the PCB and buttons needed replacing. The parts cost about $120 + electrician $120. Running fine again after the fix.

Excellent quiet fan

We purchased this fan for above our 5 burner stove. It was easy to install. It is very quiet when running on high. Has good strong lights. Easy to clean (I've just put the thingys in the dishwasher and they came out very clean). The only downside is that the front of it gets a bit yuk as it doesn't pull out to cover the front burners.

The Schweigen sucks - but in a good way!

We Installed a new kitchen as part of a major renovation and selected the Schweigen 900 on recommendation from the staffer at Harvey Norman. And what a good call that was! Like one of the previous reviewers we cook lots of curries and stir fries and all of the smells and noise end up outside the house. At top speed there's a little noise but compared to the cheaper alternatives it's more like a breeze than a hurricane. I removed the filters yesterday for their first clean and noticed that the inside of the hood unit was totally grease-free which shows how good the filters are. Just popped them in the dishwasher and was ready for the dinner prep in no time. And the LED down lights are brilliant in every sense of the word. Definitely worth paying the top dollars for!!

Impressive, lives up to its advertising

This rangehood is so quiet on its highest setting that I keep having to check that its working. Got a friend to check for me. Very efficient. LED lights light up the cooktop like an operating theatre. Very happy with this purchase.

Quiet, powerful & easy to clean

We love to cook in our house and make a large variety of cuisines - including those which mean frying off a lot of spices (curry, anyone?), garlic and onion.
When we built our kitchen in 2010 the criteria for a rangehood was something that was both powerful and quiet. Quiet was very important as our previous rangehoods (in three different houses) were so noisy that I often thought the house was about to take off!
The Schweigen is very quiet, so quiet that I don't even realise it is on when it is on the #2 setting. The only time it starts to get noisy is when it is time for a clean - which is so very easy - just pop the vent covers into the dishwasher. An absolute added bonus that I didn't expect, I thought they would need to be handwashed.
The strongest setting (#5) sucks up even the strongest cooking smells. The house doesn't smell at all after cooking any dish - amazing.
Love the Schweigen, will be getting it again when we move house in 2014 and undertake another kitchen renovation.
Quiet, easy to clean, powerful.
The text next to the buttons fade pretty quickly.

disappointed with noise

After reading reviews saying that this range hood was so quiet we were very diappointed as the noise is about the same level as other recirculating models
looks very neat

You obviously don't have the external motor model. There is no way you can hear the motors when they are roof mounted.Not true - we do have the external motor model and the MOTOR noise comes straight down the shaft through the convoluted pipe. Plus the major noise is from the air suction so having the motor external is not going to fix that noise anyway. The motor noise is very obvious when on low speed. The installation was carried out by recommended installers through a gyprock ceiling and tiled roof. Sorry Graham but my experience is nothing like yours. My motor is mounted about 3 meters from the unit and the noise is very low. Yet to install my alfresco unit but will be keen to see the result.

The silent motor concept is a winner.

Have it installed in the kitchen. It looks great, works well and without the jet engine noise.
So impressed have now ordered a twin motor version for the alfresco.
efficient and quiet

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Hi Squizzy, do you have the single motor in your kitchen (650 extraction rate), do you find it enough? Thanks flett01753

Great suction, not silent

Installed in our new home. Chose this as open plan living and hated noise of smeg slim Jim in my previous house. Unit is powerful and efficient. Halogen lighting excellent. Noise level lower than previous smeg range hod but certainly not silent - still have to turn tv up when range hood operating.
Lighting, sleek look, and powerful suction. Great that cooking odours ducted outside house and not ino roof space.
Not quite as noisy.

Hi, are you still happy with your rangehood? Yes, performs well, easy to clean, and hidden away nicely in our very sleek kitchen.I had this undermount installed a few weeks ago and I am extremely impressed. I have to agree with the other review the lighting is excellent in my kitchen. I love cooking so a silent rangehood is really important to me and this Schweigen Undermount is very silent, love it! would recommend to anyone


my kitchen has had a cheap canopy in there for a couple of years...sounds like a vacuum cleaner.
installed this with the help of a cabinet maker friend and i am very very happy.
its quiet and powerful, everything you want from a rangehood.
very quiet!!!!

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Are you still happy with the rangehood? I am researching to buy a new rangehood and I'm finding it difficult to find a clear winner.

Questions & Answers

We plan placing the unit into an existing chimney flue as it will replace a 25 year old Bosch 900 mm unit. The Bosch has the motor inside the unit & simply sends the extraction straight up the chimney. Do I really need an external motor given that most of the existing noise from the Bosch is muffled & tends to rise up the old chimney flue?
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We are looking to purchase a Schweigen undermount (silent) rangehood with 1600 external motor. Some of the comment said it is noisy at high setting. some said it is quiet. Would someone help us help. Is it quiet or noisy?
4 answers
We have had this for a year now and it is the best extraction fan we’ve ever had anywhere. It’s definitely load OUTSIDE the house where the motor is. Inside the house, you literally don’t notice it’s even running on the lowest speeds. When it is on max speed, you can hear that it is on, but it is most certainly not loud. For example, if I’m using the wok, the sound of the gas hon and the sizzling in the wok is pretty much all you hear in the kitchen.I do know that the more expensive schweigen range are very silent but it also depends on how you install the unit. If you install the exhaust on the roof it’s less noisy but this will come with an extra cost I suppose. We just went with the cheaper version as we were trying to keep our kitchen under minimal cost. In my opinion if you are going to be living in your forever home and you can afford it spend the extra $$ and go with the top of the range schweigen rangehood and have it installed correctly the noise will be almost silent and the extraction on these fans are superb. Be sure the rangehood covers your entire cooktop otherwise your above cabinets will be splattered with grease spots and you will be forever cleaning them. The filters come out on these rangehoods and go directly in the dishwasher. They are definitely worth the investment if you purchase correctly. Most retailers that stock these units will have them working on display so you can see how they function and how silent they can be. I believe you need to pay extra for the roof installation parts etc so ask plenty questions when buying one so you understand what you are up for in costs. Don’t compromise however the schweigens are the best on the market.Thank you for the answers

for those of you who are happy with the low level of noise, may I ask which model number you have? I'm looking at the 900mm model either HN9UM (Harvey Norman exclusive) or GG-901 (Good Guys exclusive). Extraction is great at 1080m3/hr but worried about the noise as the range hood will be vented straight out the wall behind it. Not sure if it's going to be noisy. It's for a granny flat which has open plan dining/kitchen/living. thanks for your help!
6 answers
Hi Su. We got the UM1170-9S. Pretty powerful and very little noise inside even on top speed.If you're outside the house with the fan on 5 there is a fair bit of noise (but can't be heard inside. Like you, the motor is on the outside wall right behind the rangehood) but at speeds 1,2 and 3 the noise outside is pretty negligible.Hope this helps! MattHi Su, Looking at this too but as the moror is NOT remote from the rangehood, expect it to be noisy. It's a trade off - price & extraction v noise. The remote units are crazy expensive but hey, I'd love one.Hello Su. I don't have the answer for you but I too am looking to buy the HN9UM Harvery Norman exclusive. As your question was in May, could I ask you if you did buy that model? If so, how have you found it? Regards, Marie


900 Undermount
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