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Sebo Automatic X4 / X5

Sebo Automatic X4 / X5

X4 and X5
5.0 from 14 reviews

Very powerful

Bought an x4, not cheap but the best cleaner I've ever had,It's a bit heavy but good exercise using it,the house looks and smells much cleaner,the price is justified as it will last a long time

Purchased in January 2019 for $1,000.00.

Build Quality
Value for Money
Ease of Use
Cleaning & Maintenance
Noise Level
Product is used: Weekly
Pet OwnerNo
Floor Type Carpet, Linoleum and Tiles

most reliable and easiest to maintain

HEPA filter, great for my allergies and cleans up cat hairs no problem. Quiet and easy to push around. Extension pole (extra purchase) very handy for cobwebs. Solid German design, hasn't changed over the years. Service pack with easy to use replacement parts, simple to maintain and very reliable and robust, no fiddly bits to break or fall off. Good height, clean lines and suction as good as ever - had ours now nearly 10 years! Good to see Sebo is more easily available to buy in Australia. Great machine.

Date PurchasedJun 2008

Best cleaner I’ve ever had! Cleans the best the easiest to use & maintain!!

Best cleaner I’ve ever had!
Suction is terrific I can go from carpet to Lino to tiles all without touching anything to adjust & suction remains fantastic! I can detach the hose pipe take it off to do corners, window tracks
,curtains, couches, computer keyboards, things up the wall& ceiling even! Always good suction!

Date PurchasedMay 2008

Brilliant Brilliant Brilliant

Well all I can say is this - The best vacuum unit I have owned, used, since the 1950's, and I can assure I have owned and used a lot of vacuum cleaners, this unit is the bee's knees. Buy one people, you will not be sorry.
Love it. Love it. Love it. Love it. Love it.

Date PurchasedApr 2017

So good I bought two

The performance of this vacuum is second to none. I clean a large house with mainly hard floors which have rugs and one carpeted room. The brush changes automatically for each floor type. The attached hose makes cleaning hard to get to areas a doddle and attachments are also carried with the machine. I foolishly gave away my X1 a few years ago and have struggled to use a cylinder cleaner since. I have just bought my new Sebo and am in love again. My old machine is now 20 years old and is at my son's house as works every bit a well as the new one.

Date PurchasedJul 2017

Don't Think About It Just Buy It !

I needed to update my carpet, so I purchased the latest technology expensive thick pile (sugar cane fibre ? ), but I soon found out that my Valet system could not work on it, and every other top brand vacuum cleaner I tried had the same problem, the suction made it impossible to move the head unless you were Mr Universe. In a panic I was told by the sales people to buy X cleaner and turn down the suction, how useless is that, big fail ! ..... I then came across the Sebo X4 on the internet by accident, and thought this might have some merit, so I rang Sebo direct for a rep to come out and do a demonstration. When he set it up I used it and could not believe this was the answer to my prayers, the head automatically adjusted from hard tiles to this thick plush carpet instantly and no problems anymore ! .....It may not be the quietest cleaner on the market but it's brilliance far outweighs that issue, it's suction is great because the computer works out what the best running height is for the agitator and will hold that position until it needs to adjust. The quality plastic seems to be far better than a famous named cleaner that creaks and groans when you use it, the motor has been going strong and consistent for the last 2 years, although my only complaint is that I find the pull out extension arm works well but is a little difficult to use as the upright stance can topple the Sebo over if you are not careful, and be aware that you need to purchase spare dust bags and if like me you don't like continually changing power points, then just get an extension cord, problem solved ! The cleaner is very easy to pull apart to do detailed maintenance, everything is precise fitting which is excellent ...... I was so impressed that I bought it on the spot, and also suggested that Sebo approach Harvey Norman, as Harvey Norman had no answer for this new carpet they sell, and couldn't offer a vacuum cleaner to the many customers that had the same problem as me ! ...... I was in Harvey Norman and guess what they now sell Sebo ! dah-dah.

Date PurchasedJul 2015

Don't buy anything else

With three cats pet hair and footprints on the carpet was a fact of life. I had previously purchased expensive vacs specifically designed for pet fur and was resigned to having to put up with them forever. Then a friend got a Sebo and I looked into them ending up with the X4 in my price range. Fantastic machine! After first clean I did a carpet wash and hardly any pet hair in the dirty water tray. It adjusts itself to the floor type and has rubber edging around the head to avoid damage. The bags last forever and you don't need to replace filters etc until you have filled 10. It is a bit noisy because it's powerful but small price to pay for the clean. I can't tecommend this brand highly enough.

Practically perfect vacuum

My house is over 3 levels, with 5 people, a cat and a dog. I'm a long term Dyson customer, and I've been happy so far with their products. I've owned their uprights, their cylinders and their cordless vacs. I currently own a Dyson V8 and a Cinetic Big Ball.

I saw this vacuum at a friends house, and was instantly amazed. So I bought one for myself.

I have had it now at home for a few days, and it has far exceeded my expectations. First thing you notice when getting it out of the box is how well made it is. Other vacuums feel plasticy, where as this feels like it was built to last. Strong plastics and metal. Can't go wrong. It's easy to put together, took me 5 minutes max.

The second thing you notice is how quite it is. For a vacuum with a power brush and such high suction, it's very tolerable. The automatic height adjustment is cool, and it's easy to push and manoeuvre on carpet and tiles.

But the most important part is how well it cleans. It picked up pet hair so easily, and where there was bits of cereal on the carpet, I could see them vibrate as I approached. It left the carpet looking brilliant. After I finished, I had a look in the bag, and it was full of dirt and hair. It has picked up so much on carpet which had been vacuumed that morning with a bagless. It's also nice not to have to empty out a dusty cylinder each time you vacuum, these bags are huge!

My next purchase will be the turbo brush and the extension hose so I can do my stairs and car easily.

There's a reason the top hotels, and I read even Buckingham Palace, use these vacuums! Brilliant.

Date PurchasedJan 2017

Has been a great vacuum

This has been a great vacuum to-date. Bought in 2012 after reading reviews from vacshop.com.au it's coped admirably with hair from two Jack Russells! The exhaust cover has recently snapped off and is currently taped down, but other than that it's running fine. I typically shop around for the best price on bags and filters and good deals for Aus customers can often be found in the UK on eBay.

Date PurchasedJan 2012

Best for family, asthma, allergy

We have had two Sebo vacuums, a pull along for the unit which was great cleaning the car as well. Now we are in a house we have the upright. I love that it helps keep my asthma/allergies manageable. Also it seems quiet compared to other vacuums, I even put the vacuum brush over my dogs fur once and he didn't mind lol
Excellent for cleaner carpets and air
German made (I try buying Aussie made when I can)

Best Vacuum cleaner I've ever had, 7 years old and still perfect

Superb suction, light weight and easy to manoever. seldom clogs but easy to unblock if it does. It's very tough. You can move from carpet to tiles or wooden floors without pause and the machine will self-adjust. It spent weeks at sea and 3 months in a container at Fremantle docs and still performed perfectly.Easy to change bags and filters.

Worth the money

This upright vacuum (X5) works over any surface and simply adjusts as it goes along. The rotating brush and vacuum picks up everything. The bags are large and easy to change. The unit comes apart for transport or storage (?) and is very well designed. German quality! I use it commercially and use a demo filter to demonstrate how much it picks up after the carpet has been vacuumed with a conventional, professional vacuum. People are amazed. It has a fitting for corners and an upholstery brush which is mounted on the barrel and is removed and replaced easily. The filtration system has to be seen to be believed.
Buy it, you won't be sorry.
Efficient, well made, well designed and it just works!


It is a TRUE HYGIENIC VACUUM CLEANER, bagless machines claim to be asthma recommended but they arent! SEBO offer a full allergy and asthma vacuum cleaner from pick up to disposal of debris. I cannot recommend a SEBO Vacuum Cleaner more. Onboard tooling is flush to the machine so they dont fall off or stored in a bag. The power head picks up every piece of animal and human hair, it's fantastic to use on the bathroom floors. I's get my carpets professionally cleaned and the operator used and recommended a SEBO, hey if it can handle them bashing it about in their vans, it can handle me and my kids at home!
Can be used on both carpet and hard floor, superb filtration, never breaks down, lightweight, truly hygienic vacuum cleaner


This really is a fantastic vacuum. My husbands family had one in the UK and bought one for us when we got married. I am so glad they were available in Australia. Your house will just radiate clean when you've finished vacuuming and it never breaks down.
it's so light to handle and never loses suction. Disposing of the debris is ultra hygienic great for my eczema - no wiping down or washing containers.

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Just wanted to update my post We recently installed Harvey Norman's Smartstrand Gentle Essence carpet and I know many of you have had trouble finding a vacuum but MY SEBO X4 works!

Questions & Answers

Hi, Is this Sebo vacuum cleaner compatible to Australia eg electric motor and wiring, plug adaptor, and warranty, where can I buy one? regards vic
2 answers
Yes. Bought it at OZ Cleaning Supplies Dandenong,victoriaThe SEBO Australia range of vacuum cleaners is available online at www.sebo.com.au


Automatic X4Automatic X5
Cord Length12m12m
Price (RRP)$899$960
Bin Capacity5.3L5.3L
HEPA Filter YesYes
Release dateMar 2008Mar 2008

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