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Senco Fusion F-15 / F-16S

Senco Fusion F-15 / F-16S

FN65DA and FN65RHS
2.0 from 14 reviews

1/2 functional

When it works it works great, but it only fires about 1/2 the time or less. Pull trigger nothing happens pull 50 times and shake it maybe it will fire 7 nails then quit again. I would never buy another one from senco. If it was this bad it should have never been sold and I bought the one in a red bag.

Date PurchasedMay 2010

Take it off the market

This gun is a piece off crap
Since buying it had replaced nose piece twice ,batteries twice and a drive pin assembly.
Could have bought at least two guns for the money I have outlaid.
Has spent more time in repair shop and toolbox because of all its faults

Date PurchasedNov 2012

Burn your $100.00 notes at least you can get warm.

HEAP of junk have bought 6 guns over the last 3 years 4 are unrepairable or a cost to repair over $600.00. These guns would only do an average of may be 50 nails a day. If you do not take the battery out of the first couple i bought it would burn out the circuit board. Was rectified on the newer red case guns.

Date PurchasedNov 2014

senco F15 failed and not covered by warranty

Bought the F15 nail gun from a supplier in the States and initially very impressed. However, after only less than three hours use and two jobs its dead. Drive pin is stuck out and will not retract fully. UK dealers will not honour Senco warranty as was bought in the States and to repair it will cost 100s. My mistake for thinking an international company would stand behind its products. Honestly it has hardly been used never dropped and only senco brads used. My advice, if you are brave enough to buy it make sure you dont import one from the states as you will need the warranty!!

Date PurchasedJul 2016

complete let down

The drive pin stuck out after only three strips of nails. Took it back to tool supplier and they told me they could not replace it because it is senco's policy to repair not replace. The authorised repairer could not get the drive pin back in and sent it back to senco . After a week without the gun and reduced earnings I got the gun back. I am really reluctant to use the gun incase the same thing happens again, and after the tool repair guy got the gun back telling me that is the only free drive pin unit I will get under warranty. If it happens again it will cost in excess of $400.00 dollars for a new drive pin unit. I was totally flabbergasted at this news and wish I hadn't bought the gun.
I had previously used Paslode gas guns and never had any problems. I needed the senco because it fires the "D" brads and the site I was working on said I needed a gun to fire the 'D' brads. What a let down.
Looks like I have to move to a site where I can used my trusty paslode.

November 7th 2016 Update: Another breakdown

After writing an earlier review about the Senco Fusion I am in despair yet again.
After getting my gun back after the firing pin stuck out I started using my paslode gun again. Unfortunately, I was told da brads had to be used due to cost. So, reluctantly, I started using the senco again. After about 4 weeks use the nails were not being punched under the surface of the timber. After inspecting the tool I found the end of the drive pin was broken.
I returned the tool for repair again, it's not even 6 months old.
I started using the senco air bradder, which has been in storage for a few years now. This gun used to and still does a good job. The whole idea of the fusion is to replace these, so no hoses or compressor.
The gun has been away for three weeks now and it still has not been returned.
I really want my money back, but I was told by the company I bought it off senco do not do refunds.
What an absolute nightmare

Date PurchasedAug 2016

Senco fusion

Very handy tool because it has no air hose. Only problem I have had from day one is the screws on the magazine come undone even on the lightest setting. Fixed this with loktite and cut a slot in the screws so I can use a screw driver to tighten in the future.

Paid for itself 10 fold

To those who have had a bad experience. I pity you dudes. Nothing is more frustrating than a bad return on investment. You had your reciepts. You just didn't have the smarts to get a refund.
I have had this gun in my kitchen for near on 4 years. Broke a pin just out of warranty. The fellas at senco repair fix it up new, no charge. I will be buying another when and if this thing dies.

Broken drive pin after less than 10 clips of Senco DA 32 mm brads.

Pin not just broke at the tip but half way on flat bit. Guys. Brand New gun, first time on job. Senco. I have had great experience with your Airguns, but this is a bit way below my expectations.
Not to leave out. Battery short and charger no good. Hearing lots of issues.
Senco you have let us tradies down big time with this tool.

Terrible gun

I've had my fusion nailer for 3 years. it went in to the shop after about 1,000 nails. It failed completely after 4,000 nails. Sent it to Senco for 6 weeks. Got it back. 200 nails later another part failed. Catastrophic. Senco has told me it is not worth repair cost.

Total Waste Of Money

Purchased thus unit for my part-time work, first set of batteries were replaced because they were faulty. The unit was hardly used and went to use it again after a couple of years and batteries would not charge. Went back to service company and they advised the batteries would not take a charge and as the manufacturer up graded the size of the batteries because the original were to small. I would need to buy a new charger and batteries at a cost of $650.00. What a rip off. Wrote to Senco in USA and they have not had the decency to reply.

Fantastic, reliable! Best nail gun out!

Purchased in October last year 12 tools for my fit out team. We have saved so much money with no fuel cells needed. Reliability is excellent! Only issue we had was when we purchased a cheap box of DA brads which were not Senco, however Senco brand brads are available in almost every hardware store. On 3 tools which we used much more that others the cylinder needed replacing which we were expecting however the cost still outweighs fuel cells and being locked into buying Paslode brads and fuel cells which are so expensive!!

this is a waste of money

I am upset after 2 year my senco fusion F-15 stop firing, what a waste of money
senco Australia would not reply to my message.

Not Happy.

18 months down the track the gearbox has gone. $450 to fix. Other tradie mates had bought them and have had similar issues with the tool breaking down close to the end of the warrantee period. The concept is good but the repair costs are astronomical. Would not recommend it to anyone.
When it worked it worked well.
Expensive to buy and to repair.

Good gun but repair costs astronomical

Purchased this gun in 2010 used it to fire less than 2 boxes of 50mm nails(6000nails) which it did with no problem, like all nail guns works best in pine/softwood.Trouble started when fixing flooring (rosewood) to tallowood joists handled job with 50mm nails wouldn't drive 63mm full depth. Then stopped working as a result of a twisted driver pin.Gun was sent to Airco for repair - quoted cost for new driver pin was $540.00 yes $540.00.How can senco/airco justify such an unbelievable charge - 75% of original purchase price?
Portability and came with two Li batteries
Repair cost ripoff

Questions & Answers

My senco fusion FN65DA fires on bump mode but is erratic on single fire, any thoughts?
1 answer
The mechanism or Cog behind the drive pin is either out of sync or broken you’ll have to take it in to be repaired

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