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Sids and Kids Red Nose

Sids and Kids Red Nose

Flushable, Scented, Travel and Unscented
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I'm a convert!

I used to use Curash wipes all the time as they were price effective as well as seemingly good for their skin however I've used them personally on myself and they sting so can't imagine my little one less them any better! He's never complained with the red nose and I find that the larger wipes and bigger pack size means they go on longer! Only annoying thing is that they're not really available to buy.

Only $0.03 per wipe, no parabens and ethically sourced.

Approved by the Forest Stewardship Council Australia. Not expensive. No parabens. Not too wet and not too dry. Tough enough to wipe multiple times without disintegrating. This promotes SIDS safety as well. I got my first pack from the hospital and after trying Huggies, Aldi, Curash, J&J, Gaia, and Wotnot, this is still the best value for money and quality.

Best wipes

I got this from the hospital so it's the first baby wipes I ever used. I also tried Huggies,Curash, BigW brand wipes afterwards but I have to say Red nose is the best. Not too wet nor dry. The right size and easy to pull out. I will definitely buy it again.

Best wipes I have ever used

These wipes are excellent. My sister recommended them to me and I haven't used anything else since.Thick, not too wet, really easily removed from the packet. Australian product and some money goes to sids and kids. I have found nappy rash has improved with using these wipes. I got my first order with a promotion where I received a beautiful plum sleeping bag - can't get better than that!
Thick, not too wet, easily removed, Australian product, good for nappy rash

Regular purchase

I purchase these wipes in bulk direct from Aussie Wipes. However, I have seen that Big W now sell the single jumbo packs. Cheaper than the well known brands and by far the best quality. Their site has a standard $9 shipping. So the more you buy the more you save. They also do promotions approx every 6 months or so where you receive a bonus gift, so sign up to their newsletter. I have received a Plum sleeping bag and lately a pack of Blue Hippo personalised labels. I purchased my last order on Saturday and they for delivered noon Monday. I will buy these wipes for as long as I require baby wipes.
Quality wipe, inexpensive, perfect amount of moisture, plastic click lid, money donated to SIDS.

Ethical, sustainable, good quality and Made in Australia

Thick, economical, Australian made and owned using FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) approved materials that respect the environment and help raise vital funds for sudden infant death syndrome. Along with the ethical values behind the brand the wipes are also thick and very gentle on baby's skin. The wipes were ordered online and delivered right to my doorstep! Perfect for busy mums!
Thick, inexpensive, gentle, Australian Made

Great wipes and supporting a great cause!

You will be surprised how good these wipes are! They are easy to remove from the package and don't feel too wet. Not just that but they are made right here in Kilsyth, Melbourne VIC (no I don't work for the company). Do yourself a favour, don't just read my review, buy them and see for yourself.........
Soft, not overly damp and is supporting an Australian Manufacturer and a wonderful charity.
My three year old uses them like they're going out of fashion....

Questions & Answers

Do these leave any sort of residue (or scent) on the skin after using them? Thanks :)
1 answer
Hi Ande, No they don't. I still use this brand of wipes only on both my kids and soon to be number 3, they tend to have good specials if you sign up to their website, I purchased another shipment this week 2 cartons for the price of 3. I have used the perfumed variety also but much prefer the unscented. Hope that helps! Cheers, Erin

Are these wipes cruelty free?
1 answer
I'm sorry I'm not sure. You may need to contact Aussie Wipes directly.

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