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Tom Tooshies Baby Wipes

Tom Tooshies Baby Wipes

5.0 from 23 reviews

Gentle natural wipes

These are my favourite wipes. They are gentle and dont contain harsh chemicals or irritants. They are strong and thick and dont tear easily which makes it easier to wipe babies clean. They are a little pricey, but you can get a bulk pack from Chemist Warehouse and sometimes the 4 pack is on sale at Coles.

Purchased in May 2019 at Chemist Warehouse Online Store.

Best baby wipes available

I've tried just about every brand of baby wipes on the market, having had 6 children.
These are the best I've tried, very gentle and non-irritating. They are thick, strong and cleanse well.
A bonus is that they're easy to pull out of the pack one at a time.
They are expensive but I usually buy them in bulk when on sale. I used to buy Gaia wipes but these were a substitute in my click and collect grocery order and I've kept buying them as I feel they are better quality.

Purchased in January 2019 at Woolworths for $5.00.

The best wipes

These are the best wipes I’ve ever used, I’ve tried so many wipes on the market and these ones are easy to pull out the packet, thick enough and don’t break & natural and most of all don’t leave my babies bum red and sore looking! I can’t rave about these enough, would recommend to anyone!

Our favourite wipes!

Been searching high and low for a natural baby wipes for our baby who has very sensitive skin, and this is the best we have found so far! It’s generous sized, not too wet nor too dry. It’s also lightly scented, and the smell is pleasant! The plastic seal is relatively firm, and it seals perfectly. Also it’s easily available at the major supermarkets.

Gentle on baby and the environment

A soft scent, textured and durable, they truly are a great quality wipe. Easily available from my local coles and Woolworths, I stock up every grocery shop. They are packaged well and seal well, keeping them moist and fresh in the packaging which is important to me. There is nothing worse than reaching for the packet to find they are dried out or not moist enough to do the job!

The best baby wipes!!

Great baby wipes, probably the best one we have used yet. Would recommend every parent who are after a good set of wipes to stop from baby rashes! It doesn't smell bad, the organic smell and feel make it easy to wipe and cleans it up really well. A must have!

No issues at all.

No issues with these at all.

The previous brand we were using changed their formulation to something that had a terrible smell and a soapy texture, so I was looking for a new brand that didn't have those.

These do have a slight scent, but it's not unpleasant and is easy to get used to. There's no soapy feeling, no weird residue left on the skin, they've been soft and gentle.

Gentle and durable.

We have been using these wipes for a number of months now, and have been left impressed with the reduction in our son's nappy rash. Love the organic goodness in these wipes and the fact they are biodegradable. Highly recommended to new parents who are seeking wipes that are devoid of nasties.

Best wipes we have used!

After trying a few different brands of wipes, We love these on our newborn as they are Fragrance free, biodegradable, don’t rip or tear when pulling them out the packet and we no longer have nappy rash! Woohoo! They are the best wipes for us and our newborns little tooshie!


These wipes are the best! I switched to Tooshies after trying other brands that all gave bub a rash and noticed a difference almost straight away. They are a bit more expensive than some other brands but definitely worth the extra money. They smell great, they are thick, a great eco product and bubs has no more irritated skin. LOVE!

The best wipes!

My favorite baby wipes. Cheaper wipes gave bub a nasty rash but tooshies never have and actually helped go clear her rash up. Personally, I love the natural, citrusy smell (from essential oils not artificial fragrance) but I know some people prefer to be totally unscented so this could br a turn off. The wipe themselves are very strong and a good size. They are a bit more pricey but worth it for my little ones bum!

The best !

I have tried so many different wipe brands and nothing compares to this ! I noticed the difference straight away as soon as i went from tooshies to something else and then back to tooshies ! So good for baby sensitive skin and i can't wait to try the nappies

Great product for sensitive little bubbas

I love these wipes!!! They smell great, are thick and don't irritate our babies skin (who is super sensitive). No nasties to worry about and a really good eco product. I also suffered from chemical reactions myself using conventional brands but so far haven't had any issues with Tooshies. Yes they a little on the pricey side but totally worth every dollar.

10/10 Planet-friendly Wipes

I have found that most eco-wipes are quite thin and you need a few to tackle the clean up, however, Tooshies are the exception! These wipes are textured are are really thick - Hubby is even down to one or two wipes per nappy change (that's how I knew we were on to a winner!) They smell divine, they are made from plant-based products, they're organic, sustainable and have no nasties like parabens & alcohol. What else can I say - 100% recommend to those who want to make friends with the planet.

Our Top Pick for wipes

So soothing on little bottoms. Apart from being biodegradable they are lovely and textured and have no nasties (parabens,alcohol etc) so it doesn't worry is when she grabs one and pops it in her mouth! They are also fragrance free but have the lovely aroma of rose geranium oil and are not tested on animals.

They have our tick of approval!

Amazing wipes

These are the most amazing wipes! We love Tooshies wipes because they are thick, super soft and hold their moisture. They are made with plant based materials, organic ingredients and have the most amazing light fragrance of chamomile. They are hypoallergenic so gentle on little bottoms and on the planet.

The BEST Eco option

My husband and I value making the smallest environmental footprint raising our bub, and these baby wipes are the best option for this - bamboo and biodegradable. So grateful they're gentle on bub and also Mummy's hands (we both have dry and sensitive skin!). Such a pleasure to use the product also because the scent is mild and of course natural. A perfect multi purpose option too - not just for wiping little tooshies that's for sure.

I couldn't be thankful enough for finding these wipes!

I'm a kind of person who loves to give credit where it's due, I only ever leave reviews if I LOVE a product.
I'm also the type to try nearly every brand of a product available.
I have to say that I have never been more impressed or happy with a product then these tooshies wipes by Tom organic!
I still remember what I thought about the first wipe I pulled from a packet.
The texture!!! So so Soft
Then when I wiped I couldn't believe how strong they were! It didn't tear and it was so pliable making it easy to get into the creases.

Their scent is amazing. Iv learnt that they arnt fragranced! They are scented with rose geranium oil!
After all this I can't believe you can have a 100% disposable and compostable wipe and be so good!
Once you try these you will never go back!
They are excellent value for money!

Gentle on little bottoms and the planet!

These wipes are great for our daughters sensitive skin as they are alcohol, phenol, phalate & paraben free. Plus they are made from sustainable plant-based materials meaning they are 100% biodegradable/compostable which is just awesome! They smell great with a naturally derived aroma, are soft & sturdy at the same time and are very reasonably priced for the quality of the product!

Tooshies by TOM are tops!

I'd previously used other TOM organic products so as soon as I saw these on the shelf I was a convert from other wipes I had been using. There's SO much to love about these wipes - but best of all is I know they are safe to use on my bub's bottom, face, hands and anywhere else that needs a wipe or clean up! With NO nasties there's no hesitation in using them all over. The textured cloth removes all those bits that stick to bottoms and faces and the aroma from the rose geranium oil leaves everything smelling so fresh and lovely! And when they've done their job knowing that they are 100% biodegradable makes me feel like I'm doing my little bit for the environment. Great work Tooshies by TOM, you're tops!

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Can I use these wipes on my baby hands and face? Thanks
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Do these leave any sort of residue (or scent) on the skin after using them?
1 answer
Yes they leave a scent for a little while but I've had no issues with any residue.

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