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Joonya Eco Wipes

Joonya Eco Wipes

4.8 from 93 reviews

I Love these wipes!

I tried these wipes after a friend suggested them & I was not disappointed at all. They were easy to grab out of the packet, thick and the fact that they eco friendly is just great. I also love that they can be delivered straight to my door.

Purchased in November 2018.

Eco-friendly wipes!!!

I love that these wipes are non toxic, eco friendly, do not have that weird wipe smell and are delivered straight to my door! The packaging is ultra trendy too!

Purchased in February 2019 for $20.00.

Pretty good wipes

We tried several other brands and I Joonya to be pretty good. However, my wife does complain that it can be hard to pull out at times. Otherwise, pretty good.

Purchased in January 2019 for $20.00.

These are amazing! Can’t live without them!

I love Joonya Eco Baby wipes! I love that they are non toxic, eco friendly and are delivered straight to my door with no fuss! Highly recommend these baby wipes!

Purchased in January 2019 for $69.00.

Excellent quality wipes

Best wipes in the market ever! Excellent quality with just the right amount of moisture and soft texture; and I love that they are eco friendly too! Would certainly recommend it.

Purchased in January 2019.

Better than water wipes

This great product was recommended by a friend. The wipes are gentle with an impressive list of ingredients and environmentally friendly. Price is fairly reasonable, especially in comparison with some of the water wipes. Really happy with them!

Purchased in January 2019.

The best!!!

My baby loves them!!! I have tried so many other brands and I must say Joonya is the best out of all. Joonya is amazing...free from nasty smell, soft, good quality an so on. The price is reasonable affordable. You can buy in bulk and have it delivered for free! HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!!

Best we’ve ever used.

My baby has really sensitive skin and these wipes are so gentle. No frangrance to add to the issues and I feel confident recommending them to friends. I’ve recently put a basket together for a new mum with all of my “favourite things”. I felt like Oprah! Also, the packaging looks really cute in the nursery when I’m stocked up.

Great Eco Wipes

These wipes have an excellent ingredients list, smell pleasant and have on trend packaging. Where these wipes fall short is that when you pull out one wipe you actually get 2 or 3 as they don’t separate easily. Definitely tricky when changing a nappy and using one hand to get out a wet wipe! If the manufacturer would fix this one design flaw these wipes would be my daily go to choice.

Love that it's natural, otherwise nothing outstanding

Wipes are nice enough and I like the natural ingredients. I'm not sure how I feel about the refund if you post reviews. I have issues with too many wipes coming out when you pull out one wipe which wastes a few wipes in the pack. Otherwise like that they are pretty thick and not scented. I would buy them again but they haven't stood out enough to exclusively buy them.

Purchased in November 2018.

So gentle!

I was using Curash wipes before and wanted something more natural as my baby has quite sensitive skin so I tried Joonya - these wipes are amazing! They are so gentle on my LO’s skin and has reduced redness, plus they smell amazing and they don’t leave the skin feeling sticky like other brands do. They are not too expensive either. Great product I will be buying more!

Verified purchase

Can't wait for my order to arrive after lots and lots of research joonya wipes are the most cost effective and ecofriendly wipes! I was spend double what the joonya wipes cost for "natural wipes" that after researching weren't actually that natural nor biodegradable :( plus they last for 12months

Great Product!

For the last 2 weeks we have been using Joonya wipes. My son is prone to nappy rash and these have been excellent! No problems at all. The quality is great - the wipes are strong and have the right amount of wetness for getting the job done! Will be continuing to use!

Excellent wipes and eco friendly

Wipes are eco friendly and work well. Think and moist enough to get the job done.

It is sometimes hard to get out of the packaging as they don't seprate easily.

Cost is more than supermarket wipes, but purchased in bulk the costs are fairly equal. I'll be buying more!

Excellent aesthetics & ethos, good functionality

+ Non-perfumed and non-reactive with my son's sensitive eczema prone skin.
+ Dispenses wipes just one at a time (most of the time)
- Neg from husband (so take with a grain of salt): they don't contain enough synthetic ingredients to make wiping off big poos an easy task (I have seen him use 10 wipes in a messy scenario)

Although I do like these wipes and the idea behind it, realistically if I was less lazy and cared more about the environment than my convenience I would use non-disposable washable wet wipes. Also it's not clear whether the product will biodegrade in anaerobic landfills, so to me, this is moot selling point and not a reason for me to pay a premium price. I also don't have the space in my small house to shelve 24 packs away (I probably go through a pack a month due to my son being at daycare most days), but totally understand bulk shipping is needed for the business model to work.

Great wipes

These are now my wipes of choice, great value. Previously I was using waterwipes but they came out in clumps - Joonya wipes are thick and mostly come out of the packet one by one. I like the resealable closure. Only improvement is that they could be a little more moist.

Perfect wipes for newborn baby

Love the texture and size of Joonya wipes. It is soft for my newborn baby and moisture enough to clean poops. The wipes are perfect but the packaging still needs to be improved. Sometimes it is a bit hard to separate two wipes. And the way to get the wipes out is not convenient as the packaging is soft (other brands have the same problem). Maybe Joonya can figure it out in the future? Hope an innovated packaging can make the wipes real perfect!

Love them!

Purchasing eco-friendly products is very important to me, so I was on the hunt for some biodegradable wipes that weren't filled with chemicals. I was really impressed with all the ingredients, as well as the cost, ordering options and quick delivery time. I've been using them on my 2 week old since birth and am really happy with them, I only need to use one wipe each time, she hasn't had any skin irritation from them and they do the job during nappy changes!

Love it

Bought this after hearing positive reviews from my friends. Have been using it myself and it does not irritate skin and the smell is quite pleasant! Will have to wait for bubs to arrive before I can determine if they are suitable for him but I can't see why it would not be! Will definitely buy again.

Perfect wipes

I love the wipes. great wipes! Nice packaging and great ordering system. I checked out the ingredients and love how there is nothing nasty. I can manage to just use one wipe each nappy change so it’s not that expensive comparing to some cheaper brand but u need to use more than one wipe to get the job done

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Questions & Answers

What wipes would you compare these to? I currently use Thank You brand and Tooshies by Toms which I like both.
1 answer
I haven't tried the Toms but have used Huggies water wipes and Red nose original. The Joonya are considerably better.

Do these leave any sort of residue (or scent) on the skin after using them? Thanks :)
2 answers
Hey, I have not detected any residue or scent on my baby's skin after using them. Obviously there is going to be something there, but its not offensive to me.No,i don't feel any residue - it feels just like a moist towel / tissue. As for scent on the skin - none. there's a hint of something but barely noticable unlike naty or ecoriginals.

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