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Sirius SL906-L 520 / SL906-L 850

Sirius SL906-L 520 / SL906-L 850

SL906-L 520 and SL906-L 850
4.7 from 33 reviews

Yet to install but was definitely best in store.

While I'm yet to install this range hood I can honestly recommend that anyone interested in a quite extractor should take a look at this unit. I know my opinion only holds so much weight as I'm yet to live with the appliance but we didn't hesitate to purchase it based on the in-store demonstration and I encourage others to check it out. I'm certain that it will perform fantastically.

Date PurchasedDec 2018

Powerful and good looking

I needed real suction for our new kitchen as I make lots of stir fries and soups- this product is super efficient and also looks sleek and tidy - fits discretely under our cabinets. The motor for this is outside so very minimal noise from the fan. It is easy to clean - am really happy with my purchase.

Date PurchasedAug 2018

To be installed soon Kitchen replacement

Salesman at Harvey Norman showed us performance of other range hoods. This one was one of the quietest but is designed to perform with induction hot plates. Not many range hoods are suited to induction hotplates due to induction rain. I can also wash the vents in the dishwasher to keep them clean. Have seen great reviews on this product and it will be installed soon in our new kitchen.

Date PurchasedJul 2018

Powerful - Well Built - Great LED

Have just purchased this range hood. We have had many range hoods over the years in our kitchens and with most I was always disappointed with their ability to extract the air. Not so with the Sirius SL906. For its size the air it pulls through is very good. Very quite on the lowest setting and still reasonable on higher settings considering the volume of air moving through.

The LED light bar is awesome. Daylight intensity that provides an even coverage over the cooking surface.

The unit looks to be well built and give confidence it will stand the test of time.

One area where there could be improvement is the installation instructions. These are terrible at best. Please do everybody a favour and re-work the installation instructions into something useful.

Date PurchasedJul 2018

Love the ease of Cleaning

Just purchased this product after looking at and comparing other similar products we were sold on this one because of the ease of cleaning and maintaining the product.It also looked great and was very functional.The price was also very competitive and the promotional cash back offer was also very appealing

Date PurchasedJun 2018

Can't wait to use it

Have seen great reviews on this product and went out and purchased it. It is about to be installed in our new home. Love the bright LED light on it and the fact that I can wash the vents in the dishwasher to keep the clean. Compared to other range hoods out there I am exceptionally happy I chose this one.

Date PurchasedOct 2017

Awesome looking, great product!

I love the fact I can clean vents in the dishwasher, and the lovely chrome finish. I also like the single strip lighting rather than the spot lights in other range hoods on the market, it lights up the whole cooking area without dark and light areas. I would recommend this product.

Date PurchasedMay 2018

Really great product

Bought this on a retail sales person recommendation and couldn't be happier. The free upgrade to the double motor didn't hurt either. Really gets the job done and is nice and quiet which suits our needs. The light feature and the removable baffles are an excellent design feature that we really like.

Date PurchasedMar 2018

Great rangehood - effective, quiet and easy to clean

I love it - it's so effective as an exhaust, even with all cooktop burners being used at once. It removes all fatty frying steam really effectively, the cabinets above my cooktop are remaining clean and non greasy. So long as you remember use the correct setting to match the amount of exhaust required. I'm also really happy about how quiet it is compared to the crap rangehoods I've had in the past. The highest setting is obviously louder but really powerful and great for wok frying etc. I like the light which I use all the time. The buttons are very easy to access and use. I love the button that lets the fan remain on for 10mins and then turn off automatically. I like the look of the baffles, and the fact that they are really easy to wipe clean, and remove and wash, and I wash them by hand in the sink (no dishwasher for me!).
I've had it for two years so far. Will definitely get this type again if I move.

Date PurchasedNov 2015

Great rangehood and does what it designed to do very well

Being undermount it gives clean lines to our new kitchen. Unit vented outside which keeps most of cooking smells out of the house. Works very well and controls very easy to use. Noisy on highest setting which I use when cooking a stir fry but the cooking sounds are noisy too for the 10minutes this takes. Good led light. Haven’t cleaned as yet but is due this month on our experience to date I definitely recommend this make and model.

Date PurchasedMay 2017
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Hi Lyndalls, thanks for your review. We appreciate your positive feedback about your Sirius SL906-L 520 and we’re glad to hear that you’re enjoying your appliance so far. If you have any future queries, please do not hesitate to contact us on 1300 762 219. Kind regards, Sirius Brand.

Quality and class

The Sirius SL906-L520 has added class to my newly renovated kitchen. A lot of thought went into my choice of rangehood . The LED light, easy clean baffle filters which are excellent for induction cooktops, quality stainless steel and the long warranty. Definately worth the money. Would recommend this everyone.

Date PurchasedAug 2017

Good product, quiet, good quality

Good quality product, you pay for what you get - quality. Looks good, efficient, good lighting and easy to clean. Not the cheapest rangehood but definitely the best. Needs extra ducting and some standard clips to complete the package and to be eligble for the extended warrantee. Overall very happy.

Date PurchasedAug 2017

Good performance, lousy instructions

This range hood is nice, quiet and efficient, however there are a few areas for improvement:

1. The user manual/ installation instructions are atrocious. The wiring diagram for the SEM 1 model completely ignores the earth -it's not even shown! The manual actually says the unit "must not be earthed", despite the wiring harness from the motor being supplied with an earth wire. When you ring Ariston technical support, they confirm that actually you do need to earth the unit using a screw that is not supplied. If you followed the poorly interpreted installation instructions, you could end up with an electrified range hood and ineffective electrical safety circuit. I wonder how many units have been installed in this manner and are an accident waiting to happen?
2. There are three manuals - one for the duct, one for the unit, and one for the motor. Each is equally confusing, poorly written and missing information. For example, the user is left to determine how to affix the plastic non-return butterfly duct transition on top of the undermount unit, with gaps left at front and back that require silicone. The duct flashing instruction is incomplete and does not detail how to fold the corners of the flashing under the tiles to prevent wind and rain ingress. Luckily I have done this before once or twice! The ducting kit only comes with two band clamps when four are needed. But for some reason they provide a 125-150mm adaptor which you don't require!
3. The screws at the back of the unit are very very difficult to access. The screws at the front of the unit can deform the stainless steel facing if done up too tightly, and the countersinking provided is not sufficient for the screw heads to sit flush.

Our unit was supplied with damaged buttons. Thankfully this was repaired under warranty. It is hard to see how the damage occured after leaving the factory, since the packaging is some of the best I have ever seen! The box has triple or quadruple cardboard layers and foam. And it was an undamaged box.

All up, I am hoping that the operation of the unit is far more trouble-free than the installation!

On the plus side, the LED light is excellent, the unit is quiet and provides good clearance of cooking fumes, and looks pretty good.

Overall I give the range hood 4 1/2 stars for operation and aesthetics, 2 stars for ease of installation (which would be improved by better instructions and better factory quality assurance).

Someone from Ariston really should address the wiring diagram and manual.

Date PurchasedApr 2017

Very efficient but noisy

Installed unit over induction cooktop in newly renovated kitchen. Recommended by salesperson to reduce cooking odours in small townhouse, and be quiet. It is efficient whilst cooking, but is so noisy we cannot leave on to fully eliminate odours whilst we eat (despite purchasing the recommended ducting and vent kit).

Date PurchasedDec 2016

So glad the salesperson suggested this unit!!

We had done a lot of research on appliances for our kitchen reno and narrowed the range hood down to either the inboard or outboard motor version another local brand (S*******n). After discussing with my installer the merits of both models he was hard pressed to justify the extra costs for the outboard motor version. I approached Harvey Norman for a price on these units and they also suggested the SL906-L 850 which they did a killer price on. When I compared the Sirius against my previous choice the decision was a no brainer even with it being about $200 more expensive. Quieter running (based on comparison in store), timer delay facility, better LED lights, commercial grade baffle filters and superior style, looks and finish. Even the way the unit is packaged displays Sirius quality and attention to detail. I just can't find anything I don't like with this product!
Looking forward to getting the unit installed when the new kitchen is ready. I know I won't be disappointed.

Date PurchasedApr 2017
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Update.. Now installed, looks and works great.


The Sirius SL906-L850 has added a streamlined finish to my newly renovated kitchen. Great consideration went into my choice of rangehood. The LED light, easy clean baffle filters which are excellent for induction cooktops, quality stainless steel and the long warranty. I am very pleased with my purchase and highly recommend this rangehood.

Date PurchasedMar 2017

Quality and looks great

SIRIUS SL906-L850 - The stainless steel grill with no greasy filters to clean won me over when purchasing this undermount rangehood. You just pop the stainless steel grills in the dishwasher. I compared other brands relating to power/suction and quality material and the additional great appearance, for me this was a great choice, so much so I bought a 2nd one SIRIUS SL906-L520R for my butler's pantry to compliment the one in the kitchen.

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Thanks for the great review, Gemini. We appreciate your positive feedback. Kind regards, Sirius Brand.

Excellent performance

Replaced another well known brand with this one. Very quiet operation works perfectly with my 90cm stove with tempanyaki plate. Would highly recommend.
Harvey Norman at Domayne great to deal with! Staff were well informed patient & happy to demonstrate. it was an easy decision when comparing with other brands.

Date PurchasedSep 2016

Induction Compatible

I Had trouble finding something that was meant to work with an induction cooktop, believe me, not all types do. I have my hopes set that this will with the reviews give. I feel that the noise level is a bit high though, but figured if it worked it was going to be worth the compromise. Guess what... it actually works and i would definitely recommend; very happy.

Date PurchasedDec 2016

As quiet and efficient as promised.

I did a large amount of research before purchasing a rangehood as we cook daily for a big family and our kitchen is open plan and part of a bigger living space. It was important to me that the rangehood I chose extracted strongly and quietly. Ours sits above a 6 burner 90cm gas cooktop, has an onboard motor and is ducted to the exterior of our house, approx 1.5 m away.
So far, I am very happy with my choice. It extracts extremely efficiently even on the lowest levels - I can see the steam disappearing towards the baffles and there are no residual garlic etc smells in the living space - and it is very very quiet. As other reviewers have mentioned, it is noisier on the highest suction setting but you would need to use this rarely if at all, as it extracts so efficiently on the lower settings. The LED light is far better than I had expected, so good in fact that we have decided not to put strip lighting under the cupboards above, as we had planned to do. The other factor I was keen on was longevity, fingers crossed it won't disappoint in this regard.

Date PurchasedAug 2016

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Questions & Answers

I have been happy with my Sirius SL906-L520 rangehood and have had it for 3years and 5 months. A couple of days ago it started making a terrible noise, I rang Sirius service centre they said it was out of warranty as this is 3 years. I have had a service call and they said I need a new motor! I am very upset about this as I hardly use it and was hoping with the amount of money I paid for it, that it would last me years. It is pretty poor to have the motor go in this unit as I have hardly used it, it was sold to me saying what a high quality and strong unit it was. Is there any way it could be covered by warranty?
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Hi, Was the rangehood installed with Sirius Ducting? Or did the installer use the ducting already in the ceiling, or a different duct brand?I did buy the Sirius ducting but the installer could not use it as it would not bend enough to be vented out to our side wall in the kitchen. Sirius ducting looked like it could only used if venting straight up to the roof which did not suit our kitchen design. I was able to return the ducting and get a refund.Hi, Could you please send through some photos of your ducting set up? We just want to get an idea of the installation so we can see if that had anything to do with the motor issue. Regards

I have Sirius 85cm undermount L906-L850. I've had it for two years. I periodically put the filters in the dishwasher. Three questions: 1) Is any other cleaning of the unit required? 2) The spec sheet says that there is a clean filter indicator. Can you tell me where it is located? 3) I've read about cleaning an oil tank. Is there such a thing? If so, where is it? Thank you, Deborah Brown
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Hi Deborah, 1) The other cleaning you can do is occasionally wipe down the control panel and around the sides where there may be some build-up. Sometimes the inside of the rangehood can get some build-up so it might be good to wipe that down occasionally with warm water and a cloth. 2) The 'clean filter indicator' is when all the button lights on the control panel flash at once. There is no problem if you are cleaning your filter before the indicator can go off. 3) There is no oil tank on this unit, and that could possibly be a carry over from another manual. As long as you are cleaning the filter in the dishwasher and wiping down the other parts then you should be fine. If you have any more questions just let me know. Thanks RegardsThank you for your very prompt and helpful response. You have answered all my questions. Much appreciated. Deb

Hi there We have installed a 520 mm under mounted rangehood in our new kitchen, with external mounted motor. Sirius ducting has been used (about 1m + right angle bend to motor mounted on exterior wall). It is MUCH noisier than the demonstration model at Harvey Norman, from where we purchased it, even on the lowest speed. We specifically went for the external mounted motor (at considerable extra cost) because of the demonstrated performance at HN andthe good reviews on line. The excessive noise appears to be coming from the air passing through the grill, not the ducting or motor. Noise does vary with fan speed (ie it's very very noisy on higher speeds). I wonder if there's a problem with the VSD on the motor, so the lowest speed is actually higher than it should be. I've spoken with HN and they've sent a technician to look at it. The tech could find no fault and advised "they say these rangehoods are super quiet but they're not really that quiet". I'm pretty disappointed to be honest, and would very much appreciate the manufacturer's view on all this. Thanks
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We recommend a minimum 2 metre distance from the rangehood to the motor so as to move the noise away from the kitchen area. Other factors with the install could be be flaps above the duct connector are blocked/jammed, or the duct itself damaged or blocked. It is difficult to determine the noise issue without seeing or hearing the rangehood but sometimes the demo model can seem a lot quieter due to the different environment and noise level in the store. RegardsHi, yes our rangehood is louder than what we saw at Harvey Norman. My wife only occasionally uses the top speed. The specification say the external motor should be at least 3 meters from the rangehood. Ours is roof mounted. Also check if you have good suction on the rangehood because it is hard to connect the duct to the motor, if not connected probably it will be noisier. Hope this helps.


SL906-L 520SL906-L 850
Price (RRP)$1299$1499
Release dateJul 2013Jul 2013

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