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Sistema Twist n Sip Tea Travel Cup

Sistema Twist n Sip Tea Travel Cup

2.8 from 13 reviews

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Not the best

I have had my travel cup for two months now. Despite disassembling and washing in the dishwasher after each use, it retains the coffee smell. I find the lid quite tricky to assemble and disassemble despite lining up the markers as shown in the instructions. The coffee does not seem to stay hot for very long and the sipper part dribbles a bit when I drink. I have not had a problem with the lid leaking as I ensure the bumps line up to seal when twisting the lid closed. I will not be continuing to use this cup and will look for a different one. I paid $10 for it at Woolworths.

Can’t & won’t live without one. Fantastic product.

I travel over 100km one way every day to get to work & never leave home without it, I even take it with me on weekends when I travel. I have purchased 3 large ones & a small one & have had them for many years. I have never had any problems with them leaking or spilling, I found them to be the best travel mug on the market & like that it doesn’t taste like metal. I have given 2 of mine to friends because they couldn’t find the large ones in stores & I’m looking for more large one to replace them. I definitely recommend these large mugs & also the small one if you don’t want much to drink.

Do not buy this cup!

I don’t understand why the owners of Countdown supermarkets in NZ stock products from Sistema. There are hundreds of reviews on the internet from unhappy customers. I am now one of them after burning myself after my coffee leaked out of the bottle. Went home and tested it with water. It still leaked and I had the lid closed correctly. This product is labelled as safe for a hot drink. It is not as the liquid goes everywhere. This product is dangerous. I had hot coffee spill all over me and the lid was on properly. Countdown STOP stocking these awful products.

Spills and leaks!

Isnt there any QA done on this product? It spills even if it's locked and more when youre drinking. The coffee that stays within the lid will leak and will spill on you when you start to lift it to your mouth. The shape of the spout is also not ideal for hot drinks!


Love it. Kept my coffee hot for a fair while. Doesnt spit hot fluid at me when I open it after pressure has built. the lid is quite nifty. I have used many non spill cups that have had difficult lids to clean due to the seal. After buying i realized that this was very unhygienic........ until i noticed that the lid are 2 pieces and can be taken apart


Make sure you twist the lid far enough so the little bump goes into the notch then it absolutely does not leak, easy to clean...I've been using mine a lot and it's been great, my mum thought hers leaked and was useless until I showed her how it sealed properly. Now she loves it.

Worst travel mug ever

Absolutely can't find anything positive to say about this product.Do not recommend you even think about purchasing this cup if you dont want to wear your drink or have it leak over you.

Easy to clean

This is a great cup; Stylish and easy to clean.
At first it seems difficult to take the lid apart to clean properly.
However, if you look carefully at the lid there is a line on the top section and on the bottom section.
Align the two lines and pull and wriggle slightly. The two pieces come apart.
After cleaning, they snap back together easily.
Really, I was about to throw it away until I found that you can actually pull it apart to clean easily.
Very cleverly designed!

Serious product fail

I would like to be more generous about this product, but I can't. All I wanted was a simple container that I could drink coffee from when travelling. With technology so advanced as it is now, I would think that designing a product that cleans easily and maintains it's seal for more than just a few uses, would be well within reach. Sadly, this product worked well for about 3-4 uses then started to leak, badly. I could not find the source of the leak and could not fix it. I won't be buying anything that looks like this again.

Can't clean lid properly!

To begin with, this cup was great, but after a few uses the drink gets trapped in the lid and numerous cleans in the dishwasher won't get the liquid out. This is unhygienic and the cup gets smelly. Won't buy again.


I love this cup and have no problem with any of the design. I put my tea in the diffuser and take it to work. At tea break all I have to do is pour the hot water in. I will b buying another for my daughter.

A poor attempt at a travel cup

The Sistema "Twist 'n' Sip Tea" cup is a travel cup - namely a cup with a screw-on lid, which has a sipper hole in it, to allow you to sip a hot beverage while driving, and that prevents you pouring scalding liquid down your chest when you slam the brakes on, for example.

A got this a Coles supermarket, and it was quite pricey ($13?). There was also a coffee version - the tea version is a bit smaller, but has a basket that hangs down inside the cup into which the tea leaves can be placed. It is a snazzy and colourful design, which seduced me. The cup seems a sensible design at first look; it has a double walled base, which means the outer cup stays cool, so your fingers don't get burned. It has a lid, which screws tightly onto the base, stopping hot tea from spilling out. It has a twist top, which can be positioned either with a sipper hole open, or moved 90 degrees, so the sipper hole is closed. There is also an extended lip, at the "open" hole, so you can tell without looking that your lips are in the right place to get some tea. It is nicely sized to fit into the cup holders of a car.

In practice, it does not work very well. The first few times, it dribbled hot tea down my neck, and I thought it was a complete waste of time. But upon close examination, I realised that the twist top must be twisted extra hard, to firmly engage with the inner holes, or to close it off completely. So twisting it to its end position, where it feels to be engaging with the inner sipper hole, or with a closure bung, is not sufficient; instead you must push it past that position and jam it in place at the extreme end of its track. Then it will block, or more happily, dispense tea without it pouring out of the other joins in the lid. The problem with this, is that you cant apply this force with one hand, you need both. And you need to hold the lid in place while twisting as the force to get the twist top to the right place is greater than needed to screw lid on to the cup - meaning it is easy to unscrew the entire lid if you don't take care. These gymnastics aren't easy to do when driving, or doing this beforehand defeats the purpose of having a travel cup. Also, the sipper hole is a bit small - though that may be sensible if you want to make sure not to pour hot teas everywhere. The tea basket has too large holes letting some small teas leaves into the cup, blocking the sipper outlet, and the basket closure is easily dislodged, opening it and letting all the tea leaves roam around the rest of the cup. The complicated top assembly is hard to clean as well, and does not seem to come apart for washing or drying (that I can see).

There are simpler and cheaper cups available that work just as well for combining driving and hot tea drinking, and this cup is not worth the high cost nor the inherent difficulties in its use.

Questions & Answers

Is this available coles kalgoorlie 6430 would like the tea cup?
1 answer
Dunno, you could ring them or maybe look online? Woolies might have it too.

I have two twist and sip coffee cups they both leek while drinking how can I solve this problem?
2 answers
May I suggest you do as I did and throw them out. Too much of risk of injury waiting to happen should they spill on you with hot coffee...ouch!Mum thought that do until I showed her that you need to get the little notch under lid to line with hole..just make sure it’s twisted all the way shut...she was not twisting it shut enough and thought she was doing it right..it just goes to the end if you look at the cup well you can see the bump.

where can I buy the twist n sip coffee cup?
1 answer
I bought it from Coles Supermarket

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