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Skin Physics Advance Superlift Neck Lifting & Firming Cream

Skin Physics Advance Superlift Neck Lifting & Firming Cream

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Saggy Neck

Have just started to use this wonderful cream. I am 70 but still hoping that there will be some reduction of the saggy neck skin. If anyone out there (same age) has this problem please advise if continual use actually works

No changes in my skin

No changes on my skin I have been using it for about 6 months +have not found any difference to to my skin and was using the product twice a day

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Hi Gisella, Sorry to hear that you didn't get the results that you wanted from this product. If you would like some assistance on choosing the right product for your skin type, please get in touch with one of our representatives on 1300757858 & we will help you find a suitable product.

Great product with a nice texture. I notice a difference when I don't use it however would love to

The skin is tighter, firmer and well moisturized. I also like the fact that it isnt heavily perfumed which means it doesn't interfere with your perfume. When not using this product you notice a difference and it is the best I have tried currently on the market. Suggestion - include one with an SPF for summer.

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Good to hear Wendy.That's exactly the results we want our customers to get ,so I'm overjoyed your satisfied.Thank you for your lovely suggestion, i will most certainly pass that on for you :) We love getting feedback like this from our customers so thank you! Skin Physics x

Brilliant neck cream

I have used super lift neck firming cream for quite some time now and I am totally satisfied with it, I have had a thyroidectomy which is known for leaving a saggy neck especially around the scar area, almost from the first use of the cream I noticed a difference, I absolutely recommend this product.

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I'm delighted for you that our product can help you in this way :) Thank you for your kind recommendation we appreciate it so much. Have a good day Donna. Skin Physics x

Mature Crepey neck this is your Saviour!

From the first application skin is definitely firmer and no longer creepy. Product delivers on all promises I would never be without this as part of my standard routine now.

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Thank you Sherelle :) Glad you have got the results you wanted from our SUPERLIFT Neck cream.Nothing makes us happier knowing our customers are satisfied. Have a lovely day. Skin Physics x

It does help

Skin was firmer, Looked smoother. I love this product, I realised how good it worked after I hadn’t used it, I noticed more lines, once using it again my neck looks so much better.

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Glad to see that you noticed the difference,even more so when you stopped .Its such a great product to target the ageing signs of the neck.Glad you love it just as much as we do here at Skin Physics . Thank you. Skin Physics x

It's a must try

I was a little sceptical at first as creams promise this and that and after the initial what i call "skin shock" when you use a new product that your skin isn't immune too the skin shock wears off, and you find out that that miricle cream is no better than what you're already using ... so now you have another product that hasn't lived up to the hype! Well it won't be the case here, this product does what it says and your neck and decollete area's will not only look great but feel so smooth and that's just after 1 use. With continued use just watch the transformation and you'll be amazed. Thank you Skin Physics

Wow Meagan this is my favorite review ever! We cant thank you enough for your positive and honest feedback.I'm glad you have truly seen how fantastic a product our SUPERLIFT Neck cream is .THANK YOU for being such a great customer! Thanks again for this amazing review. Skin Physics x.

A happy Camper!!

I have been using this product for approx 2 years, & have noticed the firming and toning benefits. I will continue applying it day & night to address these issues & prevent further skin ageing

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Thank you for bring such a loyal customer for 2 years Gillian.That's just amazing. Thanks for taking the time out to write your review. Have a lovey day. Skin Physics x

Doesn’t seem to improve existing wrinkles

Haven’t noticed many new wrinkles but the old ones don’t seem to have improved much. I have used the product every morning so expected to see a little more benefit

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Hey Sue Sorry to hear that you have not seen or gotten the results that you wanted from this product.If you would like some assistance on choosing the right product for you to help you reach your goals,please get in touch with one of our representatives on 1300757858 who will happily help you. Thank you Skin Physics x


Love it can't be without it did not have any reaction to it have been using it for years it has helped with wrinkles on my neck my skin feels softer would certainly recommend this product

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I'm the same Joy i bring mine everywhere with me as i cannot be without it! It really is just a great product and who doesn't want softer skin :) Glad you love it. Thanks for your review. Skin Physics x

It does exactly what the product says

My skin was starting to show the usual signs of aging. The leathering look has gone and my neck is much firmer. I use it morning and night. The times I don’t use my skin looses it firmness. It doesn’t cover my age spots, but still love!

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Excellent news :) Delighted for you that our SUPERLIFT Neck cream has given you the results you wanted.Just keep using it and hopefully it will help over time with your age spots. Thank you. Skin Physics x

It's made a huge difference to my neck and cleavage

The redness on my cleavage has disappeared, my neck is firmer. I'm 54 and if you saw me you wouldn't know i was that old. It's amazing cream. Love it

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Wow this is amazing!I bet you look fantastic Maria.Glad you love it just as much as we do. Thanks for taking the time to give us your lovely feedback. Skin Physics x

Love my skinphysics advance cream

I have no scaring but some age spots which it did not help.love this product use it daily I can see a difference in the firmness of my neck love the freshness of this cream

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Glad you have got results using the SUPERLIFT Neck Cream Statia :) It really is such a great product so I'm glad you love it . Thank you. Skin Physics x

A wonderful product.

Since I started using this product I have noticed my skin under my chin is much firmer with the disappearance of my double chin. I love the buttery creamy texture.

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Nothing makes us happier knowing our customers are getting results with our products.Delighted for you Christina. Thanks for your review :) Enjoy your day. Skin Physics x

It is very creamy - I love skin physics

I have dry skin from radiation so I have found it good - I actually use it all over face and love the new mask I also love the night cream

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Thanks for your lovely review.Glad you love the products Robyn. Skin Physics x

Love this product

Loved everything about this product - the consistency is just right, not too heavy, absorbs well and hydrates the skin. I am in my 50's and trying not to age too fast. I have only used the one jar so far but see no reason to not continue. Fabulous product.

Good for skin in poor condition

I have never looked after my skin. Im now in my 50's and a lifetime of sun worshipping and smoking is showing on my face and neck. The neck lift actually works! I did cancel the automatic re-send as I don't like that. I sent them an email to do it, and they confirmed in a day or so that they had cancelled. But I will be going back for more when my first order runs out. Genuinely good product.

Beware NZ Customers !!

If you are purchasing from this company as NZ customer and currency you will be charged much more than Australians The currency difference is totally out of line !!!!!

Not such a good product very drying no visible change

Bad customer service.

Bought this product a few months ago. Didn't like it was very thick on your skin and didn't see any improvements.
I've tried for days now to contact skin physics customer service and no response or reply. Send several emails.
One thing that's real bad is that one u order the product once the automatically send you a new batch 2-3 months later without your approval.

Not happy about that.

Never re order the product and was shipped to me plus money was taking out of my account straight away.

Not happy at all.

Bad customer service and that's how they get money for you. Taking money out of your account without your authorisation.

I love it

I've used a number of skin physics products before but i really like this range. its deeply hydrating and has good lifting and skin tightening product. most of all the value is great especially when you add up all the free gifts

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What is the price of the Skin Physics Superlift neck and décolleté creme?
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Wot is in the product
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Hi Yvonne. I couldn't tell you really as I just use it, not make it. If you look up the product on the manufacturer's website you might find the answer. I can just vouch for the results. My skin was seriously neglected and it's very effective for skin in bad condition. I am also very allergic to many skin products, but not this one. Good luck!


Advance Superlift Neck Lifting & Firming Cream
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