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Skin Physics Dragon's Blood Facial Sculpting Gel

Skin Physics Dragon's Blood Facial Sculpting Gel

3.4 from 95 reviews

Love it

I have softer Smoother skin..all my friends say skin looks good..not sure if scaring beta cos of dragons blood..i had no bad reactions..i tell everyone about it..

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I bet your skin look fantastic Jackie. Dragons Blood has great healing properties, so keep using it morning and night and hopefully over time it will help with your scaring. Thank you for your lovely review, have a great evening. Skin Physics x

love it dont want to change to anything else

I noticed within days my face looked smoother and fewer lines around my eyes, also seems to plump up my cheeks! I love this product and will continue to use it. Thanks.

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Glad to hear you have received great results using our Dragon's Blood Gel :) Thank for your review, we will look forward to hearing from you in the future. Thank you Skin Physics x

Total package

Skin feels totally moist & hydrated
Fabulous product but wish it was more affordable. Budget often dictates what I can buy.
Became addicted to this on a special buy but have not seen a special deal for ages!

Thanks for your feedback Carmel.May i ask if you have heard of our Beauty Club?It offers huge savings so please get in touch with us and one of our representatives will explain it to you .If of course its not something your interested din we will be happy to offer you a special discount. Look forward to hearing from you soon. Skin Physics xThought I was a member ! Definitely interested C

Been using dragon blood forays about 8 years I love it I used to get it sent to me every month I wa

I have been using Dragon blood for 8 years I used to get it sent to me once a month I watch to see if you have on special otherwise I buy at Priceline I am 73 years old my skin has improved I have no reaction to the cream I also use night cream I can't live without it thank you

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Thank you for your review Lorraine and for being such a loyal customer.8 years is just astounding!Thank you! Skin Physics x

Best product i have tried this far since relocating to Perth 11 years ago. Into my 4th jar and still

Helps with better absorption of both day n night cream. Gives an overall glow to my skin when I use it with the rest of dragon blood's range products. I actually stop using foundation!

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This is amazing ! Thanks for this lovely review of our Dragons Blood Janet. Glad you have found a product you love . Have a great weekend, Skin Physics x

An excellent product backed by good service.

I am thrilled with Dragon's Blood Facial Sculpting Gel. I have been using this product for approximately two years & the difference in the texture & feel of my skin has been fantastic. At night I use Dragon's Blood Ultra Plumping Night Cream. Over the years I have used many other facial products from other companies & their is no comparison. I have received many compliments from my husband & friends on my skin since using these products. I definately would not change as long as the quality of the products remain consistent.

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Wow such an amazing review Janis thank you kindly! We only ever want to deliver top quality products to our customers so i can assure you it will always be this way :) We hope you have a great day. Thanks again :) Skin Physics x

Spa in a jar

The gel has the most amazing cooling effect after washing your face. My skin is super soft and I just love how good it works on me. I apply the gel before my day and night creams and the combination result is amazing.

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Hi Yolanda, Thank you for your lovely feedback :)

Beautiful product especially for sensitive skin

Skin was soft and reduced redness. Even used it on my elbows and ears to avoid flaking in colder months . No reaction what so ever. Introduce a few of my friends to the product a couple of years ago.

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Thank for the tip Jenette i must certainly give this a try as i suffer with dry skin with the weather changing constant. Thank you! Skin Physics

I Love Dragons Blood

It leaves my skin feeling soft and refreshed. I find a lot of products are too heavy for my skin and I start to get blemishes But not with dragons blood.

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Dragons Blood is so light and silky. It absorbs so well into the skin. It's why its my all time favourite too :) Thanks for your feedback Judith Skin Physics x

This is the best staff I have

I can see my eyes are lifted firmed. and face is lifted too and also brightening and firming. Neck lift is fantastic. I will keep use them and happy to introducing to my friends.

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Thank you Ying for your lovely recommendations :) Glad you are getting results.There really is no better feeling is there! Thank you for your review Skin Physics x

Fantastic product

Been using this since I was 48, I am now 56. My skin is lovely and soft, very hydrated and smooth with vey minimal lines and wrinkles.
I am often told I dont look my age.
Great product that absorbs quickly into your skin, love it!

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Wow this is absolutely amazing for being such a dedicated Skin Physics customer for this length Karen. We only want to deliver the best products for our customers and this clearly shows. Going by your picture, you look great for 56! Amazing. Thank you again :)

Excellent product without having to sell the house.

Although I did have reasonable skin, Dragons Blood did make a difference without the huge price tag. Really do like the product.. Dragons Blood products is suitable for mature aged skin.

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Thank you Pamela :) Delighted for you that you have seen results using Dragons Blood. Have a lovely day Skin Physics x

Amazing cream plumes and decreasesee wrinkles

It plumped my skin and helped with fine lines. Had been using it for a year or so. Tried some other brands not as good as this product. Time to orider some more

Thank you Karen glad you have seen results using Dragons Blood. We have some great offers on some of our packs at the moment. If you need assistance on placing an order get in touch we will be happy to help. Thank you Skin PhysicsThank you would like to order cannot get through!!Hi Karen Unfortunately we were closed as it was a bank holiday in NSW.please call us today and we will be happy to help. Thank you x

Feels good on

No it hasn't really helped with my aging skin, wrinkles, lines etc but it does feel nice on my face and neck and isn't greasy after using. Thankyou very much

September 24th 2018 Update: does feel good on.

This is actually a good product it hasn't helped my wrinkles but highly doubt anything out there in my price range would but it does feel good on and non greasy.

May i ask how long you have been using the product for Bev? If you would like some help choosing a product that will give you the results you want from your skin care please get in touch we will be happy to help you. Glad you love it otherwise! Thank you for your feedback hopefully hear from you soon :) Skin PhysicsThis is 2nd time I've used this time has been approx 3mths..

I like the instant hydration

I have used this product for a number of years now and find it to give me More hydration and feel nice and cooling , I will definitely be continuing with using it.

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Thanks for being a loyal customer of ours Lee :) We honestly cant thank you enough and we will look forward to hearing from you soon :) Skin Physics x

Love it

Love it as do my married girls - I also use it on my hubby who finds it very soothing - I put it on his face at night he is quite spoiled. I use it every evening and more often in the warmer months

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Lucky hubby getting pampered but of course there's no better product to use :) Yes I find it so cooling to use when the sun is out also! Glad you both love it. Thank you for the review Dinah. Skin Physics

Love this product!!

This moisturiser soaks into the skin very quickly leaving the skin feeling nice and soft. I had an age spot on my face and after using this moisturiser for a few months the age spot disappeared.

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Wow this is excellent news! Glad it has cleared away for you. Our product has many benefits so I'm glad you have seen results using it. Thank you Skin Physics x

Love this product , it delivers excellent results

L have used Dragons Blood Facial Sculpting Gel for 3 years after cleansing each night it softens deep wrinkles and diminishes fine lines with constant use and leaves my skin soft .L haven't experienced any negative reactions.

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Thanks for being such a loyal customer of ours Lisa. Delighted for you that our product has worked wonders for you :) Have a lovely day and thanks for your review. Skin Physics x

This is a great product

I noticed my skin was softer smoother and my redness is now much less overall my skin has also balanced out not as greasy just fresh and clean I will continue using it

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Thank you Maria.You have been a great customer for some time with us so thanks for sticking with us. Glad you love Dragons Blood as much as we do and that you are getting the results you wanted :) Enjoy your day Skin Physics x

Best skin care product ever, love it

It is really moisturising and it really does feel like a second skin layer when you put it on. Very soothing and cooling as well. I think it would be beneficial on almost all skin types.

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Your absolutely right Janet. It's great for all skin types especially sensitive or stressed skin. Thanks for your lovely review :) Skin Physics x

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Please kindly tell me your phone contact number? My Name is Lyn Wright and i have been using Dragons Blood Gel for many years now I NEED TO ORDER MORE , i LOVE THE PRODUCT AND DONT HAVE MUCH LEFT sO IF YOU GIVE ME A CONTACT NUMBER I CAN BOOK IN MY Dragons Blood gel order tomorrow Thank you Lyn Wright
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Is this safe to use when pregnant?
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Just like how much the price for Skin Physics Dragons Blood Gel
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Hello Annie, Dragon's blood sculpting gel is available in $69 on our website or at Priceline stores. However we do have some specials available on our website. Full range of Dragon's blood is on 30% discount : https://skinphysics.com.au/collections/skincare/products/dragons-blood-maximum-results-pack Thanks SkinPhysics

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