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Of all the products in the Smeg retro range, the dishwasher is by far the most impressive, it ticks all of the boxes......Super Quiet, efficient, innovative dish draws, easy to clean, and hands down the best looking washer on the market......The wash quality is as good as I have seen....A genuine Miele killer.

Date PurchasedJun 2018

Esthetic super quiet dish washer

We installed the Victoria range of SMEG appliances in our new kitchen which was completed in November 2016. We have been completely happy with the beautiful look of this range and their functionality. The washing machine is used once every five days as there are only two of us in the home. It is easy to programme the setting needed and once started it silently and efficiently washes the crockery and the dishes. We are extremely satisfied with how well the machine cleans the baking dishes - removing all the heavy baked on remaining food. Highly recommended

Date PurchasedSep 2016

Is it on? Yes ,Yes it is .

We have been using this now for 3 months ,(we did a 50s style kitchen reno )as well as other appliances in this range and we could not be happier . I will start this review the same way I have started as the others it is very pretty . It is wonderfully quiet we have a 10 month old so that is important to us ,Cleans the dishes and glass better than we do by hand ,stainless pots come out like, wow ! I have never been a dishwasher man but I am now .Can not comment on longevity yet but will keep you updated ,I hope this helps you

Date PurchasedDec 2016
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Update,still great, use it most days only don’t use it if we don’t have enough to fill it , very quiet, converts to the dishwasher

Thrilled every time I use it!

We've had this little beauty for just over a year now and while expensive, it is a joy.
Looks beautiful, is extremely quiet, has plenty of wash cycles to choose from.
It doesn't dry the best on the cycle I like but that's been the same with an LG and Bosch that we've had before, so doesn't bother me.
I just love using it, the sound of the door closing and the hidden buttons are very cool.
Sure you can get just as good cheaper but this has the style I wanted and I just love it!!

Date PurchasedJun 2015

$2500 lasted 3 years ?

Paid $2500 for this dishwasher and after 3 years it stopped . A technition charged $150 to come to our house and said it is the main power board and will cost at least $600 to fix . We used over$10000 worth of SMEG appliances for our new kitchen and now we are a worried . Not happy.

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I would like to thank Steve from SMEG who contacted me and helped us with this issue . Great product and great service.

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Price (RRP) $2490$2490$2490$2490$2650
Water Rating4.5stars4.5stars4.5stars4.5stars4.5stars
Energy Rating3.5stars3.5stars3.5stars3.5stars3.5stars
Release dateFeb 2012Feb 2012Feb 2012
Replaced bySmeg Red (DWIFABR-1)Smeg Cream (DWIFABP-1)

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