Best Built-in Dishwashers

Washing dishes doesn’t have to be a drag when you have a dishwasher that bears the brunt of the work for you. A built-in dishwasher (also known as an integrated dishwasher) can be an even sleeker dishwashing solution, and with a wide selection of features to choose from, cleaning your dirty crockery has never been easier - or looked so good. Continue Reading...

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Bosch Serie 6 Built-in Dishwashers

Bosch Serie 6 Built-in Dishwashers

 · includes 11 listings
4.1 from 41 reviews

Bosch has brought along its A game with the Serie 6 Built-in Dishwashers, a range that boasts energy efficiency, self-cleaning, and a flexible internal layout features, to name a few.

Price (RRP) $1,399.00 to $1,799.00

Price from $1,479.00 Bing Lee

  • Produces spotless dishes

  • Easy to use

  • Fits plenty of dishes

  • Very quiet

  • Simple to clean

  • Build Quality
    4.4 (27)
  • Value for Money
    4.0 (28)
  • Ease of Use
    4.7 (27)
  • Cleaning & Maintenance
    4.4 (26)
  • Noise Level
    4.3 (29)
  • Internal Layout
    4.3 (26)
  • FeaturesChild Lock, Eco Mode/Wash, Half-Load Option, Time Remaining Display, Self Cleaning, Height-Adjustable Upper Rack, Cutlery Rack, Internal Light and Foldable Racks
  • Number of Place Settings 11, 14 and 15
  • Water Rating4 star(s) and 5 star(s)
  • Water Consumption10.9 to 12 L/wash
  • Energy Rating3.5 star(s) and 4 star(s)
  • Energy Consumption205 to 235 kWh per year
  • Control Panel Position Front and Top
  • Maximum Noise Level44 db to 46 db
  • Number of Programs6
  • Colour / FinishBlack Stainless Steel, Stainless Steel and White
  • Height Adjustment 60 mm
Bosch Serie 8 Built-in Dishwashers

Bosch Serie 8 Built-in Dishwashers

 · includes 6 listings
4.1 from 39 reviews

If you’re looking for a sleek, efficient dishwasher that leaves your dishes spotless and comes with a wide range of features, the Bosch Serie 8 Built-in Dishwashers may be worth putting to the test.

Price (RRP) $2,199.00 to $2,799.00

Price $2,075.00 Bing Lee

  • Leaves dishes sparkling clean

  • Low noise level

  • Large load capacity

  • Simple to operate

  • Build Quality
    4.1 (16)
  • Value for Money
    3.6 (15)
  • Ease of Use
    4.5 (14)
  • Cleaning & Maintenance
    4.4 (14)
  • Noise Level
    4.6 (14)
  • Internal Layout
    4.3 (14)
  • FeaturesChild Lock, Eco Mode/Wash, Half-Load Option, Time Remaining Display, Self Cleaning, Height-Adjustable Upper Rack, Cutlery Rack, Internal Light and Foldable Racks
  • Number of Place Settings 15
  • Water Rating5 star(s)
  • Water Consumption12 L/wash
  • Energy Rating4 star(s) and 4.5 star(s)
  • Energy Consumption205 to 235 kWh per year
  • Control Panel Position Front and Top
  • Maximum Noise Level42 db
  • Number of Programs6 to 8
  • Colour / FinishBlack and Stainless Steel
  • Height Adjustment 60 mm
Miele G 6722 SCU
4.2 from 11 reviews

Latest review: Purchased the dishwasher just over three years ago and all of a sudden it died, no lights on, dead. Did all the normal checks, still no results. Attempted to book a service call from the Miele web

Price (RRP) $2,399.00

  • Build Quality
    4.8 (5)
  • Value for Money
    3.8 (5)
  • Ease of Use
    4.6 (5)
  • Cleaning & Maintenance
    3.8 (5)
  • Noise Level
    4.8 (5)
  • Internal Layout
    4.8 (5)
  • FeaturesCutlery Rack, Eco Mode/Wash, Foldable Racks, Half-Load Option and Time Remaining Display
  • Water Rating5 star(s)
  • Water Consumption11.4 L/wash
  • Energy Rating4.5 star(s)
  • Energy Consumption192 kWh per year
  • Control Panel Position Front
  • Number of Programs9
  • Colour / FinishCleanSteel
  • Dimensions 805 x 598 x 570 mm
  • Height Adjustment 65 mm
Smeg DWAU6315X
2.9 from 29 reviews

The Smeg DWAU6315X is a dishwasher that will leave your dishes in pristine shape, but it’s best to see what has already been said about its drying capabilities and load capacity before taking the plunge to buy one.

Price (RRP) $2,050.00

Asko DBI654IB

Asko DBI654IB

 · includes 2 listings
2.6 from 12 reviews

If you’re interested in adding a Scandinavian touch to your kitchen, then the Asko DBI654IB might be worth giving a go. It’s a quiet machine that will get the job done, but does that mean you’ll like it?

Price (RRP) $2,099.00 to $2,199.00

Price from $2,199.00 Bing Lee

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Neff S525T80D0A
5.0 from 3 reviews

Latest review: This is my fourth dishwasher and is miles ahead of any other I've owned. Easy to pack, super quiet and it dries plastic containers perfectly. I thought I'd hate the cutlery tray because it looked

Price (RRP) $2,399.00

Siemens iQ500 Fully-integrated SN657X01MA

If you’re after discreet dishwashing, then the Siemens iQ500 Fully-integrated SN657X01MA has much to offer - it’s water and energy efficient and leaves your dishes looking immaculate.

Price (RRP) $2,099.00

AEG ProClean with ComfortLift FFE83800PM

Latest review: This dishwasher cleans well with dishes coming out sparkling (in comparison to my previous 2 dishwashers that were used with exactly the same dishwasher tablets) The ComfortLift feature is brilliant

Price (RRP) $2,399.00

Ikea Lagan
5.0 from 1 review

Latest review: After having a Delongi for less than a year (very poor performance), we got the low end dishwasher with our new Ikea kitchen. Excellent, cleans and dries like it should. PS. After a year the front

Price (RRP) $599.00

Ikea Hygienisk
5.0 from 1 review

Latest review: All good no issues at all, works great highly recommended is does not clog or leave dishes dirty, very quiet use it about twice a day, uses low water consumption and power, I always give scrape

Price (RRP) $999.00

Siemens iQ700 Semi-integrated SX578S01TA

Latest review: A perfect dishwasher with plenty of space and stacking options. Enough cleaning options to choose from and dishes are clean and well dried The tall tub is fit for all the dishes we have. Extremely

Price (RRP) $2,799.00

Domain DW45
4.8 from 4 reviews

Latest review: Very happy with this compact slimline dishwasher. I did have a warranty issue and Domain Appliances service team were very helpful in getting this issue fixed with a minimum of fuss. I highly

Price (RRP) $549.00



 · includes 6 listings
4.4 from 5 reviews

Latest review: Of all the products in the Smeg retro range, the dishwasher is by far the most impressive, it ticks all of the boxes......Super Quiet, efficient, innovative dish draws, easy to clean, and hands down

Miele G 6827 SCi XXL
4.0 from 3 reviews

Latest review: I got this to match my other Miele kitchen appliances that I bought for a kitchen reno a few years ago. I had been waiting for my ancient (other brand, so old it was actually made in Australia)

Price (RRP) $2,999.00

Miele G 4980

Miele G 4980

 · includes 2 listings
4.0 from 2 reviews

Latest review: Always wanted a Miele dishwasher and finally bought one for our new kitchen but have been disappointed. Dishes don’t dry well at all and always come out with a mist of water on them. Wish I’d stuck to

Price (RRP) $1,899.00 to $1,999.00

Miele G 4203

Miele G 4203

 · includes 5 listings
3.7 from 106 reviews

Latest review: We bought this dishwaher in Jan 2017. Has never washed forks and knives really clean. We are pensioners and only use it at weekends when family are here. The big problem is the error issues, We

Price (RRP) $1,399.00 to $1,699.00

Miele G 4930

Miele G 4930

 · includes 9 listings
3.6 from 49 reviews

Latest review: I had to wait weeks to get this dishwasher after purchacing it at the Perth Miele Store in Dec 19. It's not yet out of warrantee and I had three error messages, F17, F19 and now F70. All have had to

Price (RRP) $1,399.00 to $1,899.00

Price $1,499.00 Bing Lee

Miele G 6727

Miele G 6727

 · includes 3 listings
3.4 from 9 reviews

Latest review: I’m absolutely thrilled with this dishwasher. The size alone is amazing. You can fit so much in that you can’t with regular dishwashers. They should all be this size. You really notice it when you’re

Price (RRP) $2,599.00 to $2,799.00

Miele G 6620

Miele G 6620

 · includes 3 listings
3.3 from 39 reviews

Latest review: I purchased the G6620 model dishwasher in November 2018, its now March 2021 and the F 79 fault appeared 4 months out of warranty. I am now in contact with Domayne to try and get the dishwasher

Price (RRP) $1,899.00 to $2,099.00

Asko DBI243IB.S.AU
3.3 from 4 reviews

Latest review: I was a bit suspicious to buy it as most of the reviews seems to be towards negative for this machine, but I went ahead as it looks a lot better than the competition and I could have bigger items

Price (RRP) $1,499.00

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What is the difference between a built-in dishwasher and a freestanding dishwasher?

Young woman loading a built-in dishwasher at home

A lot of thought should be put into choosing the right dishwasher for your home. While there are plenty of dishwasher types to choose from, built-in dishwashers and freestanding dishwashers are the most sought after, so here are the differences between the two.

Built-in dishwashers, as the name suggests, must be built into your kitchen. They don’t have a front cover, letting you add your own to match your kitchen cabinetry - usually a carpenter or cabinetmaker is needed for this.

If you’re getting a built-in dishwasher, you can choose between semi-integration and full integration. A semi-integrated dishwasher has the controls visible on the exterior of the front panel, whereas a fully integrated dishwasher conceals the control panel inside the front panel - so you’ll only know it’s a dishwasher when it’s open. This can give your kitchen a more minimalist look.

Freestanding dishwashers conversely don’t need to be built into your kitchen - they can be placed anywhere with a water connection and a suitable drainage option.

Built-in dishwashers


  • Customisable. You can make your dishwasher blend in completely with your kitchen cabinetry and make it look more streamlined.
  • Often have more advanced features. They usually have more advanced features than freestanding dishwashers, such as multiple spray arms and special wash cycles (although great features are still found in most freestanding dishwashers).
  • Larger, and therefore holds more dishes. They usually hold between 12 and 14 standard place settings (a freestanding dishwasher holds about 8).


  • Trickier and more expensive to install. You’ll likely need to fork out more money to buy it, and have a specialist install it.
  • They're (semi-)permanent. While it’s not necessarily a shortcoming if you own your own home and are looking for a permanent fixture, for many people, the permanence of built-ins make them a difficult purchase, as they’ll more than likely be left behind when you move. .

Freestanding dishwashers


  • Easy to install. They can go anywhere with a water connection and drainage option, so long as they fit, and don’t need professional installation.
  • Cheaper. As a whole, including installation costs, they’re cheaper than their built-in counterparts.
  • Versatile. They can be disconnected and taken with you from home to home.


  • Not customisable. You can’t match it to your cabinetry or hide the fact that it’s a dishwasher - although this isn’t a drawback for everyone.
  • Smaller dish capacity. They hold less dishes than a built-in dishwasher, however if you’re in a smaller household (or just eat a lot of take out), you won’t necessarily need the extra space. .

Factors to consider when buying a built-in dishwasher

If you think a built-in dishwasher is the most suitable dishwasher type for your kitchen, then there are plenty of factors to consider before you head off to buy your new appliance.


  • Eco Mode: This will wash your dishes with less water at a lower temperature, making it a great option to have handy when you don’t need to do heavy-duty washing.
  • Cutlery rack: While they tend to take up more space than a cutlery basket, cutlery racks can make sorting dirty cutlery easier, and also reduce the risk of you accidentally stabbing yourself with a knife when you reach into the dishwasher.
  • Time management: A delayed start option also means you can set it to wash at a convenient time for you, without you needing to be there. A time remaining display also lets you easily see when your dishes will be ready and plan accordingly.
  • Height-adjustable upper rack: An adjustable upper basket gives you flexibility when loading your dishes, letting you easily slot everything into its place.
  • Foldable racks: Foldable racks can be a huge advantage when washing pots and pans, as they let you adjust the layout of your dishwasher to suit your needs.
  • Half-load option: If you don’t put in the same amount of dishes each wash, consider getting a dishwasher with a half-load option that uses less energy and water, saving you money and reducing its environmental impact.
  • Child lock: Child-safe door locks, control panel locks and detergent dispenser locks will keep your child safely out of harm’s way. If you use dishwasher tablets, you should also keep them well hidden as kids often mistake them for lollies.
  • Self cleaning: Dishwashers have filters that can get clogged up with food particles if you don’t regularly clean them, but if you invest in one with a self-cleaning filter, the dishwasher will do the hard work for you.
  • Internal light: An interior light makes it easier to see your load.

Water and energy usage

Water and energy efficiency should be considered when choosing a built-in dishwasher - for your power and water bills but also for those looking to minimise their carbon footprint.

Australia’s Water Efficiency Labelling Scheme (WELS) gives each dishwasher a rating based on the water needed for a single cycle - these are the star ratings you’ll see on dishwashers you see in store. Aim for a higher star rating to reduce ongoing costs - most modern dishwashers in Australia have a 4.5 or 5 star rating. Figuring out energy efficiency is similar, as it also follows a star rating system.


While a standard dishwasher size is usually 60cm wide and 60cm deep, built-in dishwashers sizes often run larger. If you don’t know the dimensions of the space for your dishwasher, it’s time to whip out your measuring tape and figure it out - there’s no use researching the features of a certain dishwasher if it won’t even fit in your kitchen. Triple check your measurements so you don’t waste your time or money.

If you find that built-in dishwasher dimensions don’t really suit your kitchen, you may want to consider instead opting for a benchtop dishwasher or a slimline dishwasher, the narrowest of which have a width of around 45cm. Dishwashers can still be integrated and compact, such as drawer dishwashers, which slide out at waist height from your kitchen cabinetry, making them a smaller and more ergonomic alternative.

Build quality

With built-in dishwashers, you can determine some aspects of the build quality by choosing durable kitchen cabinets to encase the mechanics of your machine. As is the case with other dishwashers, the components of built-in dishwashers are mostly made of steel and plastic, and their control panels will most likely be stainless steel.

Going in store and seeing for yourself how sturdy your dishwasher will be is a good place to start. Products on the shop floor will have had to withstand general wear and tear, which can be handy for you to see what your dishwasher might look like over time. Check for things like a machine’s robustness, whether or not the control buttons are flimsy, and how resilient the interior elements are.

Ease of use

While some people may find a certain dishwasher easy to use, others may have difficulty operating it. Consider your own personal preferences and how you’ll use the machine - such as how you like to load dishes and how you clean your dishwasher.

While having all the latest features may sound appealing, consider the possibility that it may take a while before you learn how to use all of them.

Cleaning and maintenance

Because built-in dishwashers are integrated into your kitchen, you luckily won’t have to worry about cleaning underneath and the sides of your dishwasher as you would with freestanding ones. You can also clean the control panel as you would the rest of your cabinets.

Ask a salesperson or consult a product manual to find out the recommended way to clean the built-in dishwasher you’re considering buying - this could include finding out recommended dishwasher cleaners, dishwasher salts, and also practical cleaning tips.

You should consider how easy it is to implement the cleaning practices needed to keep your machine spick and span.

Some of these are:

  • Daily: scraping large food pieces into the bin, using good quality detergent
  • Weekly: cleaning your filter and dishwasher seals
  • Monthly: filling the rinse aid dispenser
  • Annually: checking spray arms, running the empty dishwasher on its hottest cycle

Some machines (such as Bosch dishwashers), are also fitted with a self-diagnosis system that will tell you what the problem is in the case of a fault - this can eliminate the need to call someone for repairs.

Noise level

It’s a good idea to check the noise level of a built-in dishwasher before you purchase it - either by reading the manufacturer’s product description or reading consumer reviews. If you live in any high-density area, such as an apartment, this will be an important consideration to make, not just for your own sake, but also for your neighbours.

Load capacity

The capacity of a dishwasher is measured by how many place settings it can wash in a single cycle. Usually integrated dishwashers have a capacity of 14 place settings, but sometimes you can find larger ones. A good way to figure out how many place settings is ideal for you is to jot down how many and what kind of dishes you use in a day.

Generally, a household of 1-2 people will need 6-9 place settings, 3-4 person households will need 9-12, and 5 people or more will need 12+ place settings.

If you have a large household but think you can get away with a small dishwasher, consider the possibility that running a smaller one twice daily may cost you more to run than running a larger dishwasher once a day.

Internal layout

Most people have dishes of different types and sizes, making the internal layout of your dishwasher important. You’ll need a dishwasher that can accommodate the largest saucepans and the smallest cooking utensils simultaneously.

If you have lots of large or unusually shaped cookware, then look into dishwashers that offer you flexibility - such as the ability to move around internal elements to create the space you need. Handy tip - bring your crockery into the store to make sure it fits.


Built-in dishwashers can cost anywhere from $550 to upwards of $4000 (excluding installation costs). Dishwashers with low energy and water efficiency may cost less upfront, but you’ll likely end up racking up bigger power and water bills, making them more expensive in the long run.

Wrapping up

Don’t rush into buying a dishwasher. Resisting the temptation of a cheap dishwasher at a dishwasher sale can be difficult, but unless you’ve considered all the factors that will help you find the most suitable one for your home and kitchen, then it’ll save you a huge headache. A built-in dishwasher can be an expensive purchase to make, but if you use it often and it makes your life easier, then it’s worth every cent.