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Asko D5436
Latest review: Absolutely terrible. Would not recommend, been mucked around with warranty, did not receive replacement. Dishwasher was "fixed", still does not dissolve powder or heat up. Leaves dishes dirty and

Asko D5456SS / D5456WH
Latest review: Unit won't start, program button work but won't turn on, tried turning system off and restacking the dishes changing the settings the system will not start. Not even a pre wash. Has anyone had this

Bosch SMU88TS03A
Latest review: After our last dishwasher (Bosch, lasted about 8-10 years) we decided we would stick with them as they do dishwashers so well. So far so good. We really like this machine, love that you can adjust

Asko D5424
Latest review: 1. Solid machine that washes well. Just test how rigid the door is. Only scrape the stuck food scraps however it cleans well. 2, Pity about the electrostatic start/stop buttons which are

Miele G 4930
Latest review: Best dishwasher I have ever owned. I scrape the food of before placing plates in. The inside space is amazing & I can easily use even when I have all of my family over, which will be 7 people.

Smeg DWA6314X / DWA6314W / DWA6314B
Latest review: Great dishwasher, returned a previous cheaper one that was underperfoming for this one and its turned out to be great. Paid $300 over my budget though. It cleans very well as long as everything is

Asko D5646SS
Latest review: We bought this when we built a house and ever since we've been happily using. Never have any problems at all to date. Very quiet, does a great job. I found it easier to load the dishes, cups and

Smeg DWAU6315X
Latest review: The functionality of this dishwasher is pretty good but unfortunately that's about it. Firstly the contents don't dry properly so i'm having to unpack and leave them on the bench to dry once the

Stirling (Aldi) Integrated W60B2A411B
Latest review: Even when new, it never washed dishes very well. I would often find washing powder on glassware (tried multiple brands of powder) and some things just not being washed much at all. Sometimes it

Asko D5546FI / D5546XXLFI
Latest review: Bought a new dishwasher and have problems with the control board,because of moisture the panels don't work properly.Very poor. The dishwasher does not even start and it's only 3 years old. Surely

Smeg DWAU6214X
Latest review: Smeg dishwasher was included in Metricon package. Overall does a very good clean. I agree that i needs a short 45 minute wash. The way i get around this is start on ECO mode, for 28 minutes (using

AEG F99705IM0P
Latest review: We are very happy with this model for several reasons: cleans well, extremely quiet, intuitive control functions, efficient and looks great with the in built cabinet door. However, we need to become

Bosch SMU66MS01A
Latest review: We have had a Meile DW for about 8years now and it has died(well short of 20years suggested). It was a reasonable DW appart from three service calls early in its life but for $2k I expected

Neff Fully Integrated S51N53X4EU / S52P69X0EU
Latest review: This integrated unit blends into the cabinetry. There are whole host of buttons but we tend to leave it on the auto wash feature. Very economical on water. Very good at cleaning. Occasionally we have

Ikea lagan
Latest review: After having a Delongi for less than a year (very poor performance), we got the low end dishwasher with our new Ikea kitchen. Excellent, cleans and dries like it

Bosch SMU66MS02A
Latest review: We sold our Miele with our previous house and had the misfortune of having a Fisher & Paykel in the house we purchased. Thank goodness I had the oppurtunity to dispose of that and get a replacement.

Miele G 6827 SCi
Latest review: This Miele dishwasher is the best I’ve ever seen, and it’s mine! I’m totally thrilled with it every time I use it. It’s a breeze to use once you learn the different settings and it’s easy to custom

Miele G 4263
Latest review: Cannot fault this dishwasher. It cleans beautifully, is quiet as a mouse, it has a setting for everything and is extremely easy to operate. You can adjust the height of the baskets to cater for

Bosch SMU88TS04A
Latest review: This review is about the Bosch SMU88TS04A which we have recently taken delivery of. We got an excellent deal and paid $1,404-00 delivered to our kitchen from Appliances Online the day after we

Indesit DFP58M94A/ANX
Latest review: I bought this machine new and have had it for a few months. It is super quiet. Quieter than a high end Bosch at only 42 decibels. And a fraction of the price plus has full stainless interior. ( some

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