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Smirnoff Ice Double Black

Smirnoff Ice Double Black

4.6 from 8 reviews


Favourite drink I love the taste I don't drink often but when I do this is the drink for me

one of the finest drinks

tried this drink after long hard day at work very refreshing and thirst quenching with a kick gets highest possible score from me cheers

Very nice, refreshing and strong!

These drinks are nice for people that want to get drunk really quickly whilst drinking something tasty. The bottle has a nice design - I like the black colour, the taste is like lemonade you can barely taste the alcohol. But even for an oldie like me, these go down well. I enjoy these over Smirnoff Red, they're a bit pricey though

light and bubbly

perfect for first time drinkers or people who don't like the taste of alcohol but like to get drunk. this stuff taste like sprite. such a delightful bubbly drink with a sweet citrus taste. you can barley taste the alcohol in this stuff.

Very nice drink

I'm not much of an alcohol drinker as I don't really like the taste, but these drinks are really nice. They taste like alcoholic lemonade. I also really like the packaging of the bottles. They are a bit expensive but I rarely drink so they're a nice treat when I feel like a drink.
alcohol taste is not too strong,lemon flavour

Smirnoff Ice Double Black

Definitely cans are better value, but its always nicer to drink from bottle inside all good, nice drop when you don't want quantity just quality. I agree with Embabe94 double blacks are my favorite drink where ever I go. We are lucky country have such a wide choice of refreshing drinks.
Very Smooth
They do have an end


Double blacks are my favorite drink! They taste amazing! They're not a strong alcoholic taste which is good and they get you pretty drunk after a few cans
They're good for there price, a 4 pk is usually 18bucks,

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Definitely cans are better value, inside all good, nice drop when you don't want quantity just quality.


It is a great drink but it can be quite expensive in some places. You can buy it on special from some bottle shops. The drink has a vibrant citrus flavor with an intense vodka flavor. A great drink to buy for parties or BBQ. Even drinking at home after work. It can be expensive in comparison to other 'ready to drink' beverages but it does have a higher percentage of alcohol in the drink.
A nice refreshing citrus drink, higher quality vodka
Very sweet, expensive in pubs (I have paid $12.50 for 1 bottle in the city)It is 1.9 standard drinks

Questions & Answers

how many double black cans will it take to get drunk?
No answers

Smirnoff Ice Double Black tastes similar to Red Square. Does it have the same side effects ie. increased heart rate, sleep deprivation, etc. as Red Square? And what are the ingredients of Double Black?
2 answers
Mate, all the alcohol you take down gives yu that feeling!! So as long as you enjoy it, take it and forget about people's review!What are the ingredient


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