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Vodka Cruiser

Vodka Cruiser

3.4 from 15 reviews

Sunny Orange Passionfruit is the best

I still miss Breezers but the Vodka Cruiser Sunny Orange Passionfruit is nearly as good. Tastes great & is very refreshing on a hot day. It can be hard to find but I found it at local Star Liquor.

Ewww taste like rotten watermelon

I thought I would try the Watermelon flavoured cruiser for a change but on first taste I was reminded of the same smell that rotten watermelon gives off, now I wish I had not wasted my money on 2 packs of them.

New flavours are gross!

The new flavours are all bad except for orange. Bring back the originals for good - listen to your customers!

Love them

It's a great ladies drink with fruity flavours that are best enjoyed in a party with my girlfriends. I love to drink them at the right ice cold temperature as the other flavours tend to be bland and tastes like medicine when they are not chilled to the right temperature. Overall it is still a great vodka cocktail when you don't have the time or the knowledge in mixing spirits.

Older are better

The older flavours are so much nicer, but they are still ok. Would rather a rusky now. Not my fav

bring it back to bottle shops

Please bring back Vodka Carnivale to the bottleshops in Adelaide Austraila nice refreshment flavour for summer miss this drink taste so good .

Devastated and upset

I really loved the old cruisers and only got to try a few of them, although the new ones are ok they are not as good as the old favourites not happy they have changed and I know it probably will never go back to the old ones but just putting it out there they were 100 times better up your game !

Tastes like mould

The pineapple and lime n strawberry flower taste like mould. It's so weird it makes me feel sick. Most of the newer flavours have this issue.

New Pineapple Vodka Cruisers

They do not taste as nice as the original recipe- PLEASE CHANGE THEM BACK Lots of my friends have also commented that they no longer buy them and have had to buy other brands. This has made me quite sad as I used to look forward to my four pack of Pineapple Cruisers at the end of a hard weeks work now I am disappointed!

They now taste like spew


They are great for summer parties etc. They also come in a wide variety of flavours (in which some colour your lips and tongue) It would be good it they sold a vatiety in a carton instead of buying a carton of one flavour! Very easy to drink as they taste like cordial. I wait until they come on special two packs for $20 as they can be a little pricey otherwise. The passionfruit flavour is very nice!
Great taste, very refreshing summer drink by the pool!
Can be a little too sweet, i personally pefer the sugar free cruisers.


Vodka Cruisers are a good drink as they are often of special so they can be quite cheap. I love the variety of flavours as I dont like to drink the same flavour every time. Great to share with friends and swap flavours. They are easy to take to BBQ's or partys or to drink while out as they are avaliable at most venues.
Vodka Cruisers are a great drink, lots of different flavours avaliable, avaliable at all bottle shops, good price especially when on special
They can be very sweet tasting and full of sugar so not that good for you


Vodka Cruisers are a great drink, but not if you drink too many. Nearly all the flavours are nice, though some of them colour your mouth. Although they are a very refreshing drink, I wouldn't recommend drinking more than a few at a time.
Vodka cruisers are great, there are so many delicious flavours and they are a very refreshing drink. they are widely available at every bottle shop and are often on special, so are fairly cheap.
They are very sweet, if you drink a few it can be a very sickly sweet. they are also full of sugar. The darker colours, colour your mouth (blue, purple, red)


They are a nice girly drink and are readily available. I find you can drink them easily as they are very sweet, so this can lead to over drinking and becoming very intoxicated. They have been around for a long time so they are a trusted drink. They have nice flavours and are always bringing out new flavours.
They are nice and sweet. They come in a variety of flavours. Can be well priced when they are on special. Readily available and a well known brand and product.
They don't taste like alcohol, so you can drink too many of them.


Vodka Cruisers have been around for many years now and continue to be one of the preferred pre-mixed alcohols. They are light and have many flavours to choose from, making them convenient for times when you do not want to mix your own drinks. They are good sometimes drinks, especially in summer.
These are light and convenient for summer BBQ's or friend's parties, as they are relatively inexpensive to pick up a 4 pack and go. No mixing required. Lots of flavours available makes them extra appealing.
They are very gassy and can cause you to bloat after a couple, much like soft drink.


Vodka cruisers are great for taking to a BBQ in summer or to parties. I even drink them when I am at home. The are fairly cheap even with the alcopop tax. They are convient, the taste is sugary, But they do have a sugar free range which I prefer. You don't need to mix it with anything. Overall a good drink to take with you.
a nice flavour, sweet, does not taste like alcohol. Cheap to pick up a 4 pack and take them with you. Easy to find on special.
Tastes like lolliwater, encourages teen drinking as there is not a strong alcohol taste like other drinks

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I don't know where to start. I have been a loyal customer for years, buying one slab of raspberry cruiser blacks a week. I stayed with you whilst you drop from 7% to 6.5% Alcohol.I stayed when you changed the raspberry flavour. I even stayed with your recent price increase. But what an absolute joke now, not only have you changed back the flavour but you drop from 330ml to 275ml and charge me an extra $5 a slab, for 1100ml less. You can shove your cruisers. Your customers are worth nothing to you... I can't tell you how upset I am. Thanks heaps... For nothing.

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Why don't thy sell Pom Pom cruisers anymore? very devastated ?
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Bring back the pom pom..


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