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Pental Softly

Pental Softly

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Just terrible

Spent over $7 on this at coles thinking more money equals more results.

Washed 3 scarves according to directions. Scarves came out only half clean (half of the scarf smelt like it hadn't been cleaned at all) and had an overpowering smell.

Tried a second was straight away to perhaps finish cleaning the rest and the strong product smell was still there and remained the next day even when left on a clothes airer.

Complete waste of money, did not do as promised. See next review on Earth's Choice to see what I had to do to resolve my smelly scarves

Specially created by the CSIRO what more could you want?

I have always used Softly for my woollens because the CSIRO actually developed the formula specially for washing woollens. I use half quantities in a front loader I am sure there used to be instructions for front loaders but now the pack says don't use but I haven't had any bad experiences. The smell is nostalgic and the feel is soft.

Best for Poodles too

Since Softly was designed for washing wool I tried using it to wash the hair/wool of my two poodles. regardless of slight differences in their wool (the wool of one poodle was very fine and curly while the other was coarse and prone to tangling or forming knots). Whereas expensive dog washes over 10 years consistently resulted in dry tangle prone wool, washing with Softly resulted in the best result, with soft curly hair/wool and tangle free long strands of the poodle wool. The knot free difference was most noticeable on the legs of the poodles which get damp running through grass etc. I hope Pental do not change the original CSIRO formula for Softly.


This is definately the best woo wash brand out there. I think its fairly priced as you don't use too much and it lasts for ages. Would prefer if it didn't smell so much like eucalyptus - but it's bearable as it is. I use cold water and Softly for all my hand washing and find it cleans well and is gentle.
Softly is great for hand washing and your woollens - scent is bearable and it's very delicate on your clothes. Softly is easy to rinse out of the clothes too. some other wool wash brands I have tried take forever to rinse the soap out after washing.
none that I can think of.


I love this product. My mum bought me this to use when i had my daughter, to wash all her baby clothes in to give that extra care you want with a newborn. That was the first experience i had with this particular brand, and at first i wondered what she had bought me as the packaging looked a bit out of date but as soon as i smelt the clothing and my baby girl wearing them i loved it. The clothes always came out perfectly clean and looked as though they were really cared for clothes. i always use this product now, for any clothing that needs that little bit extra care and attention and it reminds me of when my daughter was a baby.
Love this product - it smells gorgeous and washes clothes that need that little bit extra care peefectly.
The packaging is out of date


I find I have no problems what so ever with the performance of Softly. I have complete faith that it will wash properly everytime. It is very gentle on my clothes. It washes out well on the slow spin, short wash cycle. The smell is very delicate and is no way over powering which I have found in some other woolen detergents. It is one of the priciest detergents in this range though, but then, I am not using it all the time anyway.
Washes my woolens and delicates well. Lovely smell. Easy to use packaging.
It suds up enormously that I find my laundry drain covered in a mountain of bubbles. It's a bit pricy.

Great product

This is a great product for people who have a lot of woolens and also who prefer to wash there bras and knickers by hand instead of putting in with the normal washing. I have to say though i did buy this as my wife had a lovely jumper that she insisted be washed with a special product so i bought this and it was rather pricey. I also have to agree with another post that the packaging is very much out of date and does need bringing into the millennium some time soon. The product did work but i don't intend on buying it again just to wash the one item but good like i say if you have a few items to wash with it.

Definitely Delicate

I love this product and I use it for all my delicates - even some that say 'Dry Clean Only'. I use half of what they recommend in my front loader and the clothes come out perfect. They also smell yummy too. I only use it on my woolens and delicates and have had my bottle for over 6 months - you really do not need alot of this product. Less is more.
I love the smell and it really is delicate just like it says. It doesn't leave any marks on your clothing whether you hand wash or machine wash.
Some may baulk at the price but as I said I have had my bottle for over 6 months and I where wool and silk all year round.

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i just realised that on the bottle it says NOT suitable for front loaders! but i have been using it without problems with my Bosch front loader for the past 4 years. i just use about 1/2 a capful as usually my woollen/delicate loads are quite light.


This is a good product to use with products that need some extra attention in the wash like linen and woollen items. While it looks at first glance to be quite and old fashioned product, it does do the job it says it will and I have not had any complaints about it. It is great for people with sensitive skins as well. Does not leave any residue.
A good product for products that need a different kind of wash such as fine linens and woollen items. You can normally always find this product in the supermarket. Works well.
None really.


This is a very mild product that is great for people with sensitive skin as it leaves clothes smelling fresh and feeling nice. You do not need to use much of the product each time and it does the job well, even in cold water.
A good product to have in the laundry cupboard if you need something specifically for woollen products. It definitely leaves clothes feeling soft and nice and has a very mild smell that is in no way overpowering. You only need to use a little bit of this each time and it never stains clothes.
It is more expensive than many other products that do the same thing.


I use Softly for all my hand washing. The instructions say warm water, but I use cold water most of the time and it works wonderfully.

I have sensitive skin and a lot of cleaners will irritate my skin, but I can use Softly safely without gloves.

You don't need to use a lot to get the job done, so a bottle can last awhile.

Unlike the other reviewers, I don't love the scent of Softly. It's not bad, but it is not something I would choose. I wish they offered an alternate scent like vanilla.
Cleans really well. Gentle on clothes and skin. Leaves clothes soft.
No choice in scents. The label design -- that woman staring out at you gets old fast.


Whenever I go to buy wool wash, at first I always go for the cheaper one, but then I think of that gorgeous smell of Softly, and can't resist buying it. This product works very well and the smell is long lasting, it brings back so many memories of when I was a child. The packaging though - still brings back memories, it is the same picture from back in the 80's, lol. Hasn't changed one bit, I would suggest maybe a new girl on the cover of it!!
The Smell of it
the price


When my baby was first born, I initially bought Softly to wash all his clothes. It has a wonderful, soft smell. It makes the clothes really soft and is great for sensitive skin. I tried using it on my woollens as well and it performed really well. This is a great product and I would continue buying it if it were not for the price. It got a bit expensive after a while. For special items of clothing that would need special care, I don't hesitate in buying and using Softly.
It smells wonderful, great for baby's sensitive skin
Price is expensive

Questions & Answers

can i use Softly in tepid water to hand wash lambswool still attached to the pelt? Many thanks.
2 answers
I don't see why not though it's probably better to double check with the pental products hotline which can be found on the bottle or contact telephone directly assistance - alternatively you can Google their hotline numberAnother option you have is to contact the company that made the lambs wool item and ask them as usually products like that are usually directed towards the special woolens and delicates clothes washing liquids and / or clothes fabricsofteners r

Who are the retailers?
3 answers
Woolworths and IGA stores sell "Softly". Coles Stores in my area at least, do not sell "Softly", preferring to sell another product for washing woolens. I have not tested the brands sold by Coles.Thank you! My Coles also doesn't carry it, and it is very good; am shifting to WoolworthsYeah > I used to do shopping at Coles though more at Woolworths nowadays and I'm pretty sure I've seen this product in laundry needs isle

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