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Worst electronic purchase ever & poor aftercare.

Purchased this in 2015. When I got around to needing and using it, about 6 months later, I was so disappointed to find this audio system is not user friendly at all. If you enjoy watching "PLEASE WAIT" flash on the screen whenever you push any button and have the patience of a saint your request may work within 40 seconds to 4 minutes. Yes, it takes that long to do anything on this stereo. It also has a constantly flashing wifi symbol, which you can turn off by pushing two buttons simultaneously, but then you have to go back an turn the bass back on as this is one of the buttons you need to press, (the other is bluetooth). Every single time you turn this unit on you will have to turn this highly annoying wifi flashing light off or stick black tape over the top of it. So we have waited, we have pressed 4 buttons just to turn the thing on, now let's do something with it. I needed this type of unit to play CDs. Sorry folks, but this is a hit and miss affair. Sometimes it will not play brand new CDs and old ones? Forget it, this unit will be flashing PLEASE WAIT for ages. (Nice that it has manners though.) The sound is good and can be played loud without any distortion.

I tried to return the stereo because I need it to play CDs for work.
Store I purchased it from says, "No, you had 1 month to return it. Contact Sony."
I contact Sony, "Travel 1 hour away and have a technician look at it."
Me: "No. Too far. Any closer?" (Seriously? I live in a major city.)
Sony: "No."
Me: "Not happy. Not buying Sony again as product is useless and I looked up reviews and aftercare is terrible."
Sony: "Escalated the case to higher level of support."
Me: Hopeful.
Sony: "We can offer you 40% discount for new Sony home audio unit."
Me: "Insulted. I don't want two rubbish Sony units. Not buying Sony again."

If you are thinking of purchasing anything from Sony, look up reviews for yourself. Aftercare is a big factor for my next purchase, both store and manufacturer. It is true, like so many others, I sadly will never by another Sony product.

Date PurchasedDec 2015

zero customer support - stuck with a brick

While we were very happy with the performance of this unit, it has failed completely after 2 1/2 years. The error message is not listed in the trouble-shooting section of the manual, and nothing works, not even the power button. Sony's supposed support staff hand-balled us to our local 'service agent', who isn't familiar with the model and won't even look at it without paying a fee up-front. Good Guys were equally unhelpful - it seems that both Sony and the Good Guys consider it unreasonable to expect a product to last even three years now. Won't buy Sony again.

Date PurchasedFeb 2015

no problems

i noticed many reviews stating the unit is slow and always displays a "please wait" screen, mine doesnt? if i press the cd tray eject, it ejects instantly. the sound is fine, yes it lacks deep bass, but this is a compact hifi, not a full dj home party system. the digital radio, bluebooth, usb and wireless functionality are great.

Date PurchasedJan 2015

Gee, always the bad experiences write a review

How often do you see products with bad reviews and few good reviews? We have this unit and have been using for months. Its a lovely unit for the simple user wanting nice sound. The kids hook up easily their Bluetooth devices and stream their music, controling playlists and volume. Dont be put off by those who have had a bad experience, because everyone knows thar unfortunately some units can be a lemon. In our case, the unit is a keeper and worth the money.

Date PurchasedNov 2016

A good sound

For such a small (100 w) system it really sounds good. Only draw back is the speaker wires are too short (which I had to change). Compact and easy to fit in small places (office, den, etc.) the sound fills the room well and most stereo stations are picked up with your auto scan.

Advertised Features don't work

The music streaming feature does not work on this player. Have been in contact with Sony support for 3 months and they have not even suggested a fix, they just seemed to drop the issue. Terrible support from Sony Australia.

On the plus side the DAB radio has excellent reception. Ultimately there are far cheaper options out there and the only reason we went for this was the internet streaming.

Came with an intermittent fault. Do not expect any warranty support from Sony

The hifi came with a fault where it turns off intermittently. I first raised the issue with Sony customer support 7 months ago and have been riding the most frustrating merry go round since.
The hifi has been to the service center twice. The second time it came back heavily scratched.
I have escalated the issue 4 times since by sending a video of the fault. Each time I call they have no record of the last time I escalated the issue or sent the video. I am told the issue will be escalated again and I will be contacted in 24hrs. I never get contacted.
I am at the point where I feel my only option is to throw it in the bin

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