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Sony HX400

Sony HX400

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Recurring error e:62:10 - broken after less than 3 years

I have been a proud owner of a SONY DSC-HX400V for 2.5 years; period during which the device worked without problems. During that period, the DSC-HX400V has been very versatile, pleasant to use, the long zoom is very nice for animal or nature photos at great distance, the LCD repositionable is a plus. Drawbacks are some slowness to take multiple pictures, a high grain when light is lower or with higher zooms. However, suddenly, although I have taken much care of the camera, a blinking error message "E:62:10" appeared just after the camera was turned on, and continued to blink continuously on the screen for the entire period of use. I found the meaning of the error message at https://www.sony.com.au/electronics/support/articles/00008857: this is a generic error with the stabilization system. Then the high zoom pictures are blurred and even in the viewfinder there is a shake.
What was not my surprise to find out via a simple search of the error message on the Internet (google E:62:10 or on YouTube) that it is a known recurring problem that (very) many users are facing just after the expiration of the warranty, and this with several models of SONY cameras. Many forums are filled with similar messages in all languages, with endless lists of answers from desperate users who all share the same problem.
I have listed so far more than 300 forums, each forum lists dozens of users with the same problem! I found on Amazon the testimony of a company that simultaneously bought a dozen devices and more than half of which revealed the error E:62:10! Another user bought 2 HX300 and 1 HX400V, all with the error E:62:10. Another user bought 2 HX400V ... both with the same error code. The problem is so well known that some have even developed a whole Internet business based on this phenomenon! In communities, these messages were viewed by more than 130,000 people.
There is a procedure that allows to operate the stabilizer again, unfortunately it must be repeated each time the device is turned on. See https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S53D3EfDVk0.
After posting my testimonial on SONY forums, I was advised to call the technical support ... and like all other users, I only received standard copy/pasted messages referring to the expiration of the warranty and refusing to take into account the hidden defect manifestly present given the number of cases listed. The repair costs mentioned in most forums vary between 300 € and 400 €, in most cases a cost roughly equivalent to the initial purchase cost of the device. And SONY is quick to add that under the terms and conditions of the warranty, SONY can not guarantee the availability of spare parts for a product out of warranty.
If you decide to buy this type of device, then take into account the fact that you will have to depreciate the totality of its cost of purchase over the 2 years of legal warranty ... !!
Read the full story on http://sony-e-62-10.tk/. I hope my experience will serve other users.

Purchased for $370.00.

The Sony DSC-HX400V is a great camera with many great features

My previous camera was an 18 Zoom and wow, how technology has changed since then. This camera has a 50 zoom and the stabilisation is very impressive and the manual or motor zooming is smooth. The extensive features on this camera are great, including a really cool zeiss vario sonnar T lens, shooting modes, scene selections, picture effects and auto macro. The wifi features are also impressive with the ability to download extra sony apps to the camera and also to easily transfer pics directly from the camera to your smartphone or tablet. The remote control app. feature is also amazing with the ability to use your smart phone as the remote control. The mp4 and AVCHD video options are also great. I have spent many hours exploring the many amazing and varied features and I would highly recommend this camera because it is user friendly and easy to use.

I have had this camera for nearly 2 years now and still find it to be amazing and problem free. The fact that you can go on line to Sony with your camera and update and download programs is great. Before I purchased this camera I used to update around every 2 years, but I am so happy with this one that I have not had to look for a better camera.I have now had the camera for 4 years and it is continued to be amazing...that is until about a month ago when suddenly without warning up came the dreaded Sony error code E-62-10 which has to do with the cameras stabilisation. I found that suddenly when using the 50 Zoom it would not stabilise when zooming out and it was hard to focus. On contacting Sony they said I would have to send it to Infinet Service Solutions. On contacting this company I was told it would cost $167.40 up front to send it back and look at the camera. All repairs would then be on top of that amount of $167.40 and could end up costing more than the original cost of the camera! I now no longer recommend this camera as without warranty any repairs could cost more than the camera itself.

When it's good its very good, but when it's bad ...

Never has a single product had such a split personality - sometimes you will love this camera (5 star) then two minutes later you are forced to reach for another camera because the HX400 refuses to take a shot

On a good day (5 star)
Fantastic lens - Good aperture at low zooms for great portraits right out to 50x zoom allowing you to capture brilliant wildlife shots
The image stabilisation works very well allowing handheld shots even at high zoom
The zoom can be controlled by rotating the lens barrel (just like an SLR)
Switching the lens barrel to manual focus often worked quite well (when the camera refused to focus automatically)
Electronic viewfinder with automatic eye detection (viewfinder turns on automatically as you raise the camera to your face)
Despite a small battery it supported several 100 shots from each charge
For travelling the battery charger is built into the camera - no need to carry a separate charger
The Android remote app is fantastic for uploading images from the camera directly to your phone/tablet (no need to be connected to a WiFi network)

On a bad day (1 star)
While the zoom is on the lens barrel is motorised - It is certainly not instantaneous and can sometimes lag behind the rotation by up to a second (the Fuji ultra zoom camera is instantaneous)
Some shots are only good for 6x4's - yes the images are so grainy that they can't be printed any larger
Multi-spot focussing is very easily confused. Even single spot focussing often took several partial button presses to convince the camera what you wanted to photograph
Despite promises that the Android App supports remote control of the camera - it doesn't
The multi-shot mode is useless - when you press the shutter button it shots 10 frames a second but when you release the button the camera "processes" the shots and can't be used for up to 30 seconds (the Fuji ultra-zoom provides an option to not process when you have missed the action)
The user manual provides no guidance on how to use the features of this camera (e.g. does this camera have a macro mode?)

As a wildlife camera the lens is very versatile, the camera is light and "relatively" compact.
You might assume it would be easy to recommend - but it is all those photographs that were missed because the camera refused to focus or were too grainy that mean it only rates 3 stars

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Price (RRP)$699
Optical Zoom50x
Video QualityFull HD

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