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Spartans Gym and Fitness Arena

Spartans Gym and Fitness Arena

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This is the dirties GYM ever

It is a very unhealthy GYM
Fans are full of dust
Some of the equipment seats are torn, screw are missing
Every thing is dirty
Bathroom ceilings are full of thick mould
Toilets are dirty and stink
equipment are not clean and the place is simply the worst dirties GYM I have ever seen!

Good gym

The staff at Spartans are helpful and friendly. I really enjoy working out here. The equipment is good too and there is a wide range of classes. It's a good gym to join if you live in the area. They sometimes have a 7 day free trial which is worth doing so you can check it out before committing longer term.

1st Real Gym

This is the first real Gym I have ever joined. Others have been more like studio type pay as you go places and usually expensive. Spartans is great. Huge gym, great classes plenty of equipment and cheap as. Has apparently recently been taken over by new owners and the staff are always friendly. You can do anything from classes to basic fitness to body building, its all there and at around $400 a year you wont beat it. An extra 1 off charge of around $50 gets you 24hr access too!

fantastic gym

Spartans is probably one of the best gyms I have ever trained at. The equipment is incredibly effective, despite the fact that the machines are old and worn. This is a real gym and caters for everyone- beginners to hardcore.
I drive 30mins each way to train at Spartans because I'm guaranteed an awesome session every time.
I wish I lived closer to this gym... I'd b there everyday!
equipment, atmosphere

Happy now.

I've come back to Spartans Gym after many years away and was pleasantly surprised. Years ago the place was dark and unwelcoming. It felt a bit intimidating and seemed to only be there for weightlifters. That's why I left. Now they have new owners and the staff are friendly. The place is huge and seems to have something for everyone. They still cater to weightlifters and, from the snippets of conversations I hear, they seem pretty focused and working hard. There seem to be separate areas for this group and they can train to whatever levels they need without distraction. I'm happy about that too because I can't compete with their obvious fitness so I can concentrate on going at my own pace without feeling that I should be training at their level of competence. That can be a problem at some gyms where some trainers push too hard. That's one of the things that I'm relieved about. I've left other gyms before because I felt that I was being pushed too hard and kept feeling embarrassed that I couldn't keep up. Here, the staff still make you work hard but to your own level and I'm grateful for that. There is a really good mixture of young people and older people as well, with separate dedicated areas for women. I've been to the aerobics class and I've really enjoyed this. The instructor seems to be able to keep an eye on everyone, even coming over sometimes to help someone who appears to be struggling with a particular move. I'm not a fitness fanatic. I'm a more mature age woman and I'm there for health reasons. Even though I'm older, I find the younger members are really encouraging. My equipment of choice is the treadmill but there are so many other machines in the place and, with so many to choose from and so many people using them, the place has a real buzz about it and is so different from before. I went to a supermarket the other day and had an unexpected experience. Another gym had a few representatives outside trying to give away passes to entice new members. I was approached and said that I belonged to another gym but I didn't mention its name. Of course they were curious to know where I was going so I told them that I was a member at Spartans. One of them suddenly got quite excited and said, " I work at this place but I train at Spartans." I found that very funny.
The variety, the feel of the place and the interaction with the staff.
They had a few problems with the cooling system over summer and that made it a bit uncomfortable but they were fixing that.

New Renos, New Staff, New Look !!!

I've been a member for a year now, and being female and mum to 3 kids, the atmosphere has changed immensely and is now very welcoming to females of any age. This is now a great gym for ladies of any age, lots of room, plenty of machines, even a dedicated ladies gym room now! My children have also signed up recently after noticing my results and how much I enjoy the gym. The staff and PT's vary in age and gender and compliment all members! Some of the new renovations include airconditioning, new cycle room, new exercise room and classes, new ladies gym. New running track as well! Great work Spartans!!
Great facilities, and lots of new staff who are extremely friendly and happy to assist!

Still great, but frustrating

New owners seem intent on turning the place into another genesis, and have shortened the running track enough to make it useless for sprints. Perhaps losing its soul a bit, used to be a 'no frills come and do the work place' with a personal vibe rather than a flashy marketing 'i wanna sell you stuff' vibe. However the best bits are still there, a great weights selection and the core highly experienced staff remain, new cooling towers have been installed which will be excellent for summer. A real pity about the running track though, that was part of the reason why i drive past 7 gyms to work out at spartans, but if youre looking for somewhere to work out where you dont have to queue for equippment, spartans is still the best choice in the area hands down.
Great weights selection, pro-body builders on staff, lots of space and equippment, good membership rates
running track chopped in half

Change staff and I and many others will be back!!!

Was a member at spartans for 8 years, because I am the type of trainer who likes to go in and do my own thing and have training experience it was great. Had my own routines went in got it done went out.

But for the unfamiliar trainer I would stay well away from Spartans.
The staff are uninterested and uninviting. Its like this massive chore for them to help you out at all or even just scan your membership card,
So,so cold!
But as I said you get over that if your there with a mind set of getting in there and training hard.

The vast amount of gym equipment is great but unfortunately the attitude and dis-interest of the staff would understandably make those who are just starting or appreciate some good customer service shy away.

Basically if you want to be left alone, you have experience or someone with gym experience who can help you and at a good rate with a wide variety of gym equipment head to Spartans.

If you feel you need that extra push and guidance with an atmosphere encompassed with helpful people and great customer service do not go to Spartans............I repeat "Do not go to Spartans If this is what your looking for or need.

For my personal experience it gets 3 because it was fine for what I needed and when your in a hurry its great to not be disturbed.

I would recommended it to my male friends who have a similar demeanor but not female or for the elderly.

basically if they changed most of the staff it would get a 5.
Equipment, Hours, Rate.
Customer Service, Staff, Bathrooms, extreme heat in summer.

Best gym in the East for weight lifters

OK so first up I've been a member with Spartans Kilsyth for 7 years now!

I’m writing this review from a male’s perspective. So for people who are looking for a gym to pick up girls or the likes this probably isn't the best gym for you as there aren’t many girls that train here. However, it could work out if you’re of the opposite sex for obvious reasons :P.

Now to the review:
Weights - 5 stars:
I have been around to a number of gyms such as Genesis, Goodlife, Croydon Leaisure and Spartans beats them hands down when it comes to properly designed machines, free weights variety and just the sheer amount of equipment and space. In general you will not have to wait your turn to use equipment. All at such a cheap price (somewhere around $465 for 14 months at the moment).

Cardio - 3 stars:
They have enough cardio equipment to supplement a good weights routine. But if you’re someone who is more interested in cardio than lifting weights and wants to attend fitness classes, etc this probably isn’t the best gym for you. They don’t have a dedicated room as most gyms do for classes and to be honest their classes aren’t that great in comparison to what other gyms offer from what I’ve seen.

Summary - Average of 5 stars:
This gym can’t be beat for someone looking to get into weight lifting and cardio. But if you’re just all about cardio then look elsewhere!
Plenty of choice in free weights/machines/cable equipment. Never crowded. Friendly staff
Could use more cardio equipment. To be a more all round gym would need a dedicated room for classes.

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As an update to my post above... In recent times Spartans has changed management and had a facelift. There are now 2 dedicated rooms, where a heap of classes are run. They have boxing, cycle, zumba, yoga, tabata, etc, Also, there's a lot more cardio equipment available now as well. So, I'd have to increase my rating on this aspect to 5 stars. There is also a women's only room that has been built... Inside, not a man will be found. In fact I have no clue what is in there??? Another thing: Thanks to all the renovations, classes and a new women's section. The club has started to even out numbers between the two genders which is great to see. Unfortunately, the downside to all the good things above is that a lot of new members have signed up and it gets EXTREMELY busy during 4-6pm on weekdays. All things considered, I really don't think you could find a better balanced gym in the eastern suburbs for the current price of about $1 day. For a once off extra payment of $50 you can get a 24hr membership. Even if you don't get it, there is a brilliant loophole: Once you've scanned in, you're in, so you can stay beyond normal operating hours until you've finished your workout.


Been a member for just over 6 months and love it, would never leave now, the place has been done up a lot and is apparently still getting done up and theres so much equipment, good hours, can always get on anything you want, great family atmosphere and membership rates are the cheapest i've seen!
Great quality equipment and lots of equipment, helpful friendly staff who know what they're talking about.
Bit hot in summer but actually feels good to train in real open air!

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