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Speed Queen AWNE92

Speed Queen AWNE92

4.5 from 12 reviews

A happy and consistent maid for our clothes.

Bought 3 years ago
Hasn't skipped a beat
Commercial grade
Long lasting
She's a workhorse and happy slave to our weekly, often daily watching piles.
The touchpad can be finicky at times
Touchpad did stop at one point, but this was repaired quickly and haven't had a problem since.
My sister recently stayed at our home and commented that she missed using our machine, it is that good.

Build Quality
Value for Money
Ease of Use
Cleaning & Maintenance
Noise Level

Businesses with Integrity

Prior to 2 years of constant use, our Speed Queen was an absolute write off. We then contacted the original store that we had purchased from, Harvey Norman Everton Park and spoke to the owner Craig. On our behalf, Craig contacted Mark from Speed Queen. Mark completely replaced our machine at no charge. I would highly recommend any consumers to purchase from these two companies/men (mentioned above). They are men who have shown great integrity, old fashioned service and guarantees their products.

Date PurchasedJul 2018

Replacement Speedqueen after 20 years, 1 year into it's life.

Went for the Second SQ after the old Kleenmaid leaked right on the 20 year mark (gearbox was noisy and timer dodgy) which considering it had moved house several time and only ever had one service for a broken belt was pretty good. Especially given the baby clothes, nappies and then Uniforms and teenage sports gear .

One year it is clear that it is essentially the same machine with the electronic panel being the difference. I went that way for the timed start to take advantage of Solar power during the day. Only complaint is that you cannot leave the lid up and fill it. Appreciate it is nanny state regulations but I would pay money to be able to disable that particular feature.
As for others opinion, a close friend saw it in action shortly after I bought it and will be buying one when his Samsung Front loader (which he reckons does not leave clothes smelling "washed") dies. He liked it as it cleans and is built like a tank. As for me, I do not expect to buy a new Speed Queen until after I'm dead.

Purchased in March 2018.

Build Quality
Value for Money
Ease of Use
Cleaning & Maintenance

Easy to use washing machine

This is a great washing machine, easy to use for everyone in the family. It has short and long cycles to suit your needs and cleans clothes professionally. The staff at Speed Queen were very helpful and emailed me specifications to ensure it was exactly what I wanted. Thanks!! We love the machine and are very happy with its capabilities.

Date PurchasedSep 2017
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Hi Shaz, We love that you are happy with your new SQ washer and remember if you ever need any information or help in the future just call us on 1300washer.

Not Happy

Do any of the people praising this machine actually check what's going on in their machine. The wash cycle isn't long enough in my view so I have to re start the machine in order to get a longer wash. If you check the rinse water during the rinse cycle (lift the lid and look) there are still suds there, so I have to put it on an extra rinse cycle (towels are the worst sometimes needing 3 rinses). Yes I use 1/4 of recommended wash liquid and yes I have had technicians here thinking that suds in the rinse water is acceptable. All in all this was a dud purchase as it wastes electricity, water and time...Not Happy

Date PurchasedMay 2015
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Hi Mrs C, We are concerned that your washer is not meeting your expectations. The model you have purchased conforms with the very rigorous standards for wash/rinse/spin that all brand of domestic washers must attain to achieve the Wels certification. Apart from the control panel it's design is identical to all of our previous models and is the same that is used in far more demanding commercial laundries world wide. I can only think that your machine is faulty or there is some other operational issue, either way I ask you to contact Speed Queen asap. I have sent you private message via product review with my contact details or you can contact your state Speed Queen office on 1300washer.

Well built, cleans well, fast washing machine

I spent a large amount of time reading reviews and debating with friends and relatives the merits of spending $2,500 on a Speed Queen washing machine.

In summary: It was worth it, and I would not hesitate to buy this again.

If you're reading this then you've probably done your research and already know about the multitude of praise this machine garners on the internet.

I am comparing this to an 8 year old F&P 5kg top loader my parents own

- Built like a tank. Weighs 90kg and does not vibrate when washing
- Fast. Quick cycle takes 32 minutes, meaning I can come home late from work, toss a load on and hang it out before going to sleep
- Cleans well - no issues with cleanliness of clothes, they smell cleaner too.
- Spins clothes relatively dry. Have never owned a front loader to compare this to but clothes are drier compared to the old FP
- Controls are easy to use - no confusing menus like a Miele front loader

- Lint problem is real. Lack of lint filter means I have to be more careful about throwing new clothes/towels in with the wash. I bought 10 new pairs of socks which were thrown into a normal load which made lint come out over EVERYTHING. This was on my 2nd use of the machine and I was worried I had wasted my money. Speed Queen customer support said that the "Australian version has larger holes to allow lint to drain through" - not in my experience. However, after being more careful with sorting washing (e.g. washing towels/new clothes separately from standard loads) this problem seems to be solved.
- Poor energy efficiency - As this is a top loader it draws hot water straight from the tap. Not an issue for us as we do cold water washes, which brings its energy usage roughly in line with a front loader
- Poor water efficiency - most washes are done on medium loads instead of extra large (on which it was rated) which again brings down the water usage

Overall very happy with the Speed Queen, with the caveat that we have to be more careful about sorting clothes rather than throwing everything into the wash.

Date PurchasedJan 2017

Great washer.

Very pleased with our new Speed Queen washing machine. Clothes are nice and clean and love the many options available to us. Fast and efficient. These machines are built to last and go the distant. Have been the owners of Kleenmaid and Maytag machines before purchasing our new Speed Queen. Would recommend these machines to everyone. Happy washing

Date PurchasedFeb 2017


I am so annoyed with myself for being sucked in to buying this lint machine! Nearly $3000 & all of our clothes are covered in fluff. I wish I'd researched better & realised that there is no lint fliter on this. How is this even possible on such an expensive machine?!
It's also very loud, but that's the least of the problems. How hard is it to just get a machine that washes clothes without fuss (and fluff!) & lasts longer that a few years?!
I've also noticed that it sometimes requires me to press the on/off button a couple of times before it turns on.
I wouldn't recommend this machine.

Date PurchasedJun 2016
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Hi Lisa, You can see by the reviews left by other Speed Queen users that for the most part they are very happy with their purchases. Please contact asap on 1300 927 437 and we attend to any issue you may have.

Solid, well built. Get's the job done!

Bought a Speed Queen AWNE92 on the advice of an older gentleman who had his (different model)for about 25 years. I'm impressed by how solidly this thing is built. Purchased over phone with a call the SQ office, was quickly processed and despatched and installed next day. It is definitely pricey, hoping to have it last for the next 25 years. Made in USA.

Now to find a solid and well built air con unit that will last 25 years.

Date PurchasedAug 2016

Best customer service EVER

I bought this unit as it was the "best" on the market. Unfortunately my unit had a couple of issues. With the help of the State Manager all was rectified and a new machine was given to me and the other to be tested. Hoping all will be good now. Can't fault the customer service. If only all companies were as good as Speed Queen. 10/10.

Best top loader!

Have recently splurged on this top loader after being sick of previous unreliable Simpson top loader & VERY happy so far. If it stands the test of time I will happily review it again in the future. I love that it is so quick & efficient. I have 4 kids, hubby, 2 fluffy, mud loving dogs, & 2 cats. That translates to lots of dirty washing. Great wash every time. It did a king sized comforter today no probs. Lots of my friends have front loaders & love them because they are so gentle on clothes. I would have gone with the speed queen front loader as it has a quick cycle of 24minutes (I think!?) but it was out of my price range. That said, the gentle cycle on this top loader is just that! I've done my woollens & silks & they've emerged clean and in great shape.
I noticed the star ratings aren't as good as you get with some other machines but I only use cold water so I'm thinking that will even things out somewhat.
The only quibble I could pick is that it sounds a bit louder than my last machine & it doesn't beep when the load is finished- but that is being very picky. I would definitely recommend this machine. I think it will be worth the hefty price tag if it gives a consistently great wash for years to come.

Very Happy

Our old Maytag did us for 25 years so we wanted another sturdy washer. The Speed Queen does everything it is meant to do, it is very sturdy and well finished, commercial quality. We generate a lot of washing in our family so quality is important. We bought this one from Harvey Norman, it has touch controls that allow any combination of functions/settings. Expensive initially but will I'm sure it save you $$$ in the long run. Love it!

Questions & Answers

I’m thinking of buying a speed queen washer; I’m not sure whether to go front loader or top loader? Analog controls or digital panel? Any thoughts welcome please!
1 answer
I would go top load personally, as I have a family of 5 and like to put as much in as possible and I find the top loader allows me to do this. I have a digital control panel and have had no problems with this at all. Good Luck!

I have this washer for 7 months. Recently, when I poured liquid bleach into the dispener, some of the bleach leaked directly into the washer basket. This occured on repeated loads. I contacted Speed Queen and they suggested having an authorized repair person check the machine. I contacted my seller who connected me with the local authorized repair. The repairman said the machine needed to be leveled and was surprised that the installers didn't provide me with the "Wrench for the leveling legs" that comes with the machine. (I checked the installation instructions and there is no such wrench provided!). Then he proceeded to put a folded up piece of cardboard under the front left leg and assured me that this would fix the problem. Next load, I pour bleach into the dispenser and some of it flows into the tub! The problem isn't fixed. Anyboday have a similar issue and find a solution?
2 answers
Hi Busby, I am very sorry to hear you are having issues with your SQ, please contact me directly so that I can them sorted asap. I will send you PM with my contact details.Hi Busby, Please contact SQ on 0297482155 and ask for the retail sales manager.

Just wondering if a King size duvet could be washed in this machine? Also will it heat the water if required? Also from the pictures there appears to not be a water level setting. Is this automatic in this model? Rowan.
1 answer
Hi Rowan, The AWNE92 will fit a king size duvet or doona but the item is far to big for the washing machine to wash it successfully. Because the item is so big the machine will not be able to turn over during the wash cycle to effectively clean it. I don't believe there is any top load washer available commercial or domestic that can wash an item of this size. there are many machines that will wet a king size duvet but they will not wash it properly. The AWNE92 does not have built in heater but it does have 4 selectable water levels. Many thanks for your question.


Speed Queen AWNE92
CategoryTop Loading Washing Machines
Price (RRP) $2,895
Capacity8.5 kg
Household Size 3-4 people
FeaturesAuto Balancing and Door/Lid Lock (Child-proof)
Energy Rating1 star(s)
Water Rating3 star(s)
Drum MaterialStainless Steel
Colour / Finish White
Dimensions 1092 x 650 x 711 mm
Max Spin Speed 710 rpm
Number of Wash Cycles10
Temperature Settings 4
Weight89 kg
Open Lid Height 1,295 mm
Manufacturer Warranty5 year(s)

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