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Spinifex Premium Gazebo

Spinifex Premium Gazebo

2.4 from 16 reviews

Pathetic in the rain.

Had the gazebo up for 1 night, unfortunately it seemed like it can't even handle a single nights worth of rain. Leaked all night, everything is soaked. Pathetic. Don't waste your money.

Purchased in April 2019 for $130.00.

replacement canopy

Bought the deluxe heavy duty 3.6x 3.6 on special of course after last gazebo collapsed from water pooling. while the frame is sturdier the canopy is not extra tough. Still water pooled but the thing is I had it stored under house in garage (3-4 YEARS OLD VERY LIMITED USE) but it has deteriorated to extent that hold down straps broke when erected.
Anaconda do not sell spare parts. No replacement canopies for them so frame is a throw away.
Won't be buying anything from them in the future or spinifex.

Purchased in March 2015.

Worst Gazebo and service from anaconda

Bought gazebo 2 weeks ago, was up for 4 days over a spa pool behind a house, had 15mm of rain overnight and collapsed, was told had it set up as a permanent structure and no warranty, So if you want to go camping for a week don't buy

Purchased in January 2019 at Anaconda for $149.00.

Spinifex Gazebo

Poorly designed, used twice as per instructions frame snapped, legs gave away, flimsy design not suitable for the purpose. definitely no recommended

Let me spin you a tale

So I bought this, plus the walls and sleeping add-on, and just finished an event down in Boddington W.A. There was winds, and storms, rain, thunder, the lot. Tents collapsing, shelters tumbling....all except mine. This wonderful thing took EVERYTHING and laughed at it. The walls zip together, by the way. AMAZING. The worst that happened was a tiny bit of weather forcing its way under the walls, no real biggie. 10/10 recommend.

Warning: do not buy this product as it’s extremely hazardous

The frame of this product is structurally unsafe. I was unlucky enough to have had my car under this gazebo when the frame failed and it has severely damaged the paintwork on my car. There was no pooled water or anything on the canopy and If I or any other person was under it when it failed it could have caused serious injuries.
This gazebo is definitely not structurally safe for Australian conditions as the product states.

3 Tries The Charm

In the past year I have invested in 3 different brands of gazebo. The first had insufficient anchors and became an oversized kite. The second, complete with 'anti-pooling tech', filled with water, split and wrecked my outdoor table which was underneath. So, not to be put off the idea of a shelter being able to do it's job, I bought a 6x3 Spinifex gazebo on special at Anaconda. Over the past few days Bendigo has experienced mid to high 30* temps, torrential rain and strong winds and the gazebo has taken it all. Bravo. Can only guess that those with problems didn't erect it properly.

Avoid spinifex gazebo from anaconda

I bought the Spinifex gazebo left it overnight in the rain. Water pooled in the canopy & the entire frame bent and snapped. I went to Anaconda as I have only had this for 4 months so it is has a 12 month warranty. They won't honour the warranty as I left it overnight. Avoid this product, I was just lucky no one was under it as there would have been an injury otherwise. This is Anacondas own brand.

Spinifex Premium II Gazebo Grey 4.5 x 3 m

Had a cheap colemans shelter from Bunnings lasted 3-5 years. sun/wind and rain. got thrashed, did well. Thought I would try the spinifex. First time I used it, water pooled and struts snapped and bent. In their description it said make for Australian conditions. warranty doesn't cover it. Crap excuse from manager and staff. never buying from Anaconda again. made a $250 mistake

Poor quality, with poor after sale services.

Bought it only for two years from Anaconda. Used about 4-5 times. The canopy torn while a strong wind and lost a screw. Went to Anaconda ask to buy a replacement canopy and screw. They don't sell parts. It is finished, Don't buy cheap. It cost more. Anaconda need to improve their after sale services.

Excellent 6mtr gazebo

This is my first gazebo & so pleased with it . Went camping in rainy & windy weather at Easter & did not pool or leak . I bought walls as well . Kept all the weather out .

Good shade ,quick set up!

Had this product 4 years now it's been to Steep Point 3 times , held up well in strong winds , I would buy another .


Works well in summer but if you have 1-2 of rain it pools , sags, and the material starts to rip. You have to continuously push the gazebo up with something to get rid of the pooled water. Refund please. Sure it was a discounted price at anaconda but think twice

Poor quality

Poor quality gazebo used max 4 times & had rain on holiday (no wind) & whole frame collapsed. Purchased for shelter as you do with a gazebo only to be told its not covered under warranty. All top bent & struts broken because water pooled on top & we were told we should have been watching it what a joke. Unless you constantly watch it & pack it up every time pathetic

Weak cant handle water

Pops up well - took high wind and rain - Its OKGazebos like these are designed to be portable and easy to carry around so they don't put a lot of roof structure in them. The manufacturer (Oztrail) usually puts a warning on the box or inside the bag telling customers not to leave them up in heavy or constant rain as the canopy can fill with water and collapse the unit and if it's left in heavy rain it may void the warranty.

Not happy

Although the frame is well made and easy to put up ( with at least 3 people as the instructions state) the quality of the canopy doesn't match the metal frame. The last time I used it it got left up overnight and it rained. The rain pooled on the canopy and when I tried to release the fasteners to drain the water the fabric tore. It ended up with quite a large rip. Be forewarned that although this gazebo comes with a 2 year warranty the canopy isn't covered by the warranty. You can't buy a replacement ( according to the sales person at Anaconda) you have to buy the whole thing again. So after spending $244 for what I thought originally was a well made quality gazebo for camping etc, I used it only 4 times and its now useless.
Sturdy well made one piece frame
Inferior quality canopy that can't be bought separately according to the salesperson at Anaconda Townsville.

The Spinifex 3m x 3m Premium Gazebo is made by Oztrail and the Oztrail Deluxe Canopy will fit the gazebo. With any of these Portable Instant Fold Gazebos once water starts to pool in the canopy it's more then likely the frame or canopy will collapse as it's not designed to carry that much weight. The material used is "water-repellent" so will withstand a light shower but they shouldn't be left up in constant rain. It would be a 5 star product with a stronger canopy. Its still sitting in the shed. Maybe one day I'll get around to covering it with shadecloth, which would be a much better solution. Unless you are prepared to pack it up every time you use it , buyer beware! On the occasion that I mentioned in my original review it had been used for a party, and after a late night we had no idea that it might pour with rain before we got a chance to take it down.As one reviewer pointed out, the whole point of the gazebo is to provide shelter! This is rather like an umbrella manufacturer telling you that the umbrella is waterproof, but not made to withstand rain.

Perfect Shelter!

I have used this gazebo for campings and BBQ gathering. Bought this in 2010 from Anaconda at a sale price $130, and the RRP is $360! So, I think it's good bargain for an excellent product! What a steal! :-)
I regret for not buying 2 sets of this gazebo.
Sturdy and stable, can withstand rain and strong wind (when we camped at Budgewoi and Windang Beach), easy to set-up, and big size. The canopy and frame are built from excellent quality materials, unlike other cheap gazebos! Came in a bag and have wheels for easy transportation.
None. Perfect product for outdoor.

Questions & Answers

does the 4.5x3 metre solid wall fit a 4.5x3 metre premium (not premium 11) spinafex gazebo
No answers

Have just purchased a Spinifex 3m x 3m anti-pooling gazebo plus 2 walls. They do not seem to jell. There are no velcro pads on the roof component of the gazebo to line up with the velcro on the walls. Can you help? Tony [number removed]
No answers

anyone know where i can get a replacement canopy?
1 answer
Try theshadecentre.com.au in Brisbane. They do post and have the heavy duty canopies.

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