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Sportop R700 Plus

Sportop R700 Plus

4.0 from 2 reviews

Not easy to program

While I have owned this rower for 6 years, I have always had issues making changes to the programs. Now for some reason it won't count the number of times I row and I can't seem to get any help with it. While it has worked great, I have given up trying to fix it and just count in my head.

Perfect Rower For price and value

It's only a few times I buy something and I am 100% happy with it. This rower is one of those things. The tension is perfect, The handle is comfortable and I have been using it religiously for the last two weeks and I can tell it will last.

The reason I am writing this review is that there was nothing on it in AUS so I thought this will help.

Questions & Answers

I have just bought this rower and don’t have an instruction manual for it. It worked perfectly when I looked at it prior to purchasing and since getting it home I turn it on and it doesn’t load the screen up, it comes up with err4. How do I fix this?
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Dave, anytime I have an issue I have to Google it! That is why this rower is so frustrating. I plan on calling the manufacturer to get some answers as to why mine no longer counts the rows I've done. It is a rower after all. I hope I get answers because I really do like it and have taken it apart to move twice. Good luck. Sorry I couldn't be of any more help.

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