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Stihl RMA 370

Stihl RMA 370

MPN: RMA-370
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Wonderful for the price!

After buying multiple brands over the years, Stihl definitely wins in the battery and reliability although I haven't had it for too long. Charging is quite quick and is very efficient for small yards. Probably wouldn't be powerful enough for very large yards but is decent enough. It is smooth when using but needs its blade sharpened sometimes. Would definitely recommend! Isn't exceptionally loud either. Normal noise.

Date PurchasedJan 2018

Worth buying

I am pleased with this lawn mower. good for small yards only. Struggle a little with sir Walter if you let it grow too long and the blade is blunt. The best thing to do is sharpen the blade very sharp and I have never had a problem even when I let the grass grow longer than I wish

Date PurchasedJun 2015

Can't go wrong

I bought both Ego and a shtil set battery tools. From personal experience Shtil is far batter on battery life and lasting time. And mower is much lighter. Charging tooks about 0.5 hours but the battery itself can last at least 45 min (AP300, not the minimum one). Strongly recommend.

Date PurchasedNov 2016

works efficiently

Hi everyone. I bought a new house 2 months ago and now it time to mowing. I found this model very powerful. noise is normal. It has a good wheel very smooth. handle is in a good high for me as I do not need to bend myself to do the job.

Date PurchasedMay 2017

Even cut and handles great

After tree damage by an ice storm necessitated my purchase of a Stihl battery powered chain saw, I was so impressed by its performance and ease of use, I purchased several other Stihl battery powered devices (edger, hedge trimmer, and fantastic blower). I also purchased the 370 mower. WOW - I'm 69 and can easily lift the whole mower with one finger, even with the battery installed. The light weight should not be taken to mean cheap materials. After two years of use my mower is still as good as new. I have a little more than a half acre which requires at least two charges. I bought an extra battery and the faster charger so that I can swap batteries and keep going. This is very useful since I switch out to using the other battery compatible devices without any down time for charging. Since have a larger lawn I am ordering the now available 21 inch mower. It should reduce my mowing time. I really can't say enough good things about my mower. It cuts evenly and even a weakling can maneuver it with ease. Highly recommend it.

Date PurchasedApr 2015

Why didn't I buy one years ago

We have quite a large lawn and the sales guy recommended buying the larger model, but the 370 was the one that had been highly recommended to me. So glad I went with it. If the lawn isn't too long it does the whole lot on one charge and it is so light and easy to use. If it is very long it does about 2/3 on one charge, but only it takes about an hour to recharge. If the grass is not too long I don't bother using the catcher and the clippings just seem to disappear. I absolutely love it and so far there are no negatives.

Date PurchasedSep 2016

A great alternative to petrol.

Bought this mower when my old petrol Victa finally gave out. It's a very good machine that can handle a regular lawn easily, medium grass is also not a problem. Wouldn't want to have very long grass though, as the charge lasts only about half an hour when you're really battling as I found out when I was helping a friend out. If you are looking for a light to medium mower, I highly recommend this machine. Handling is excellent, the machine is light but doesn't feel cheap. There charge time for the battery is 3 hrs. It's not the cheapest by a long shot, but the battery and charger work for all other Stihl battery operated products. Very happy with this purchase.

Date PurchasedAug 2016

Just buy it.

I read this review site as part of my research.
I needed a lightweight, compact, easy to clean and use lawn mover for the small area of grass I have.
Did the research and bought one. I would highly recommend this mower.
I also decided to add a hedge trimmer and whipper snipper. All use the same battery and I recommend you get the larger batter. It lasts longer. You do not need the fast charger as the regular charger works fine.
My neighbor can no longer use a petrol mower ( cant use the starter due to heart problems). He uses mine now.

The best

Just the best so good it mowed the lawn as good as my petrol mower mowed for 30 minutes. I'd highly recommend it. It would be excellent for a town house easy to pick up and move around also to load into a Vehicle. Easy to store saves space . Happy as jan

Great mower - even for a 70 year old - I have now had this great mower for well over 12 months and s

I bought a major brand cordless mower at a Stihl Dealer because it was considerably cheaper for the initial outlay. Later, I did end up buying a battery because I bought a Stihl line trimmer. I was so happy with this, plus I was sick of waiting 24-48 hours for the other one to charge up, I bit the bullet and bought the Stihl mower as well. Oh, why didn't I buy it in the first place. The staff at the Stihl shop did try to gently convince me but I went by cost. I have the standard 1/4 acre block, which sometimes gets away from me when I am away from my house - looking after grand-children. This Stihl mower ploughs through calf high grass beautifully. I love it - much easier to use, lighter and quicker and goes closer to edges. As I use both mowers I can compare. The Stihl is way, way out in front. I don't think the grass will ever get out of control again. The 70 minute turn around is fantastic when compared to 24-48 hours. I am about to turn 70 and find this my new favourite gardening tool.

November 5th 2016 update: Great mower - even for a 70 plus year old

I have now had this great mower for well over 12 months as I am nearing 71 and still find it does such a great job - wouldn't be without it. Easy to use, quick turn around to charge. What I am finding over the spring where the grass is growing so quickly, I use my stihl, then use the other well known brand, put that on the charger an usually by that time and after a cuppa, the stihl is ready to go again. Highly recommend this mower.

Date PurchasedMay 2014

Great little mower

I've been running this mower for about a year and a half and very happy with it.
A few tips and tricks:
-mow regularly with a mulching kit. Grass over 100mm tends to draw the battery down quickly and reduces the area you can cover. An unintended benefit of regular moving is a big reduction in flowering weeds. They don't get to reseed.
-a sharp blade helps to cut more on a charge
-it's super light, so it tends to float on couch. The grass can thatch at different heights, making the lawn 'lumpy'. I dethatch in early autumn and sew some rye to keep the lawn green over winter.
-another unintended benefit, my wife will push this mower :)

Excellent mower for the small, neat lawn

This cordless mower is light and easy to use, with excellent build-quality. The battery pack provides around half an hour of run time under average conditions, and also fits the grass trimmer and other Stihl outdoor tools. The electric motor is quiet: it won't disturb the neighbours or need ear protection for you. There is ample power for cutting a lawn with light-medium growth as fast as you would wish to push the mower. You shouldn't try this mower on knee-high grass, or a building site with stones, concrete fragments or timber scraps: this will damage the cutting blades and be beyond its power capability. In short, while it doesn't have the grunt of a typical 5 horsepower petrol mower, it is more than adequate to keep up with a regularly-maintained lawn, and is a pleasure to use. Some care is needed in the "care and feeding" of lithium battery packs. Unlike most battery technologies, these are best left in a state of partial charge (30-40% on the built-in monitor gauge) between uses. All in all, this is a revolutionary product, a pleasure to use. And you finish mowing with only the sweet smell of freshly-cut grass to linger, instead of the oil and petrol stink of a conventional mower.

Small Wonder

This mower amazes me. Stihl hit a home run with this one. Why would anyone want to mess with a cord or gas for a normal size lawn. More powerful than expected. Run time on the AP 180 battery is enough to mow two average size lawns. It doesn't bog down in heavy grass. The catcher is easy to remove and empty, even tells you when it's full. Mowing the lawn is fun again. So light weight you can pick it up and store it on a shelf.
Not a complaint. Excellent piece of equipment.

Stihl RMA 370

This mower simply works ... and I didn't have to plough though days and days of sales misinformation to find a good lawnmower.

Battery power is a game changer, like the Tesla Model S. Congratulations Stihl for making it work well.
So light and easy to use that my wife enjoys using it ... true story!

Product lives up to Brand promise (works well, low maintenance, a desirable asset, no misleading advertising)
Product lives up to Brand promise (works well, low maintenance, a desirable asset)

Why aren't more people using this amazing mower?

This mower makes me look forward to actually mowing (which I normally hate!). I am a 38 year old male in great health and have 200 square meters at the back and 150 at the front (good sized) and this baby does all that no worries. I suppose the answer to my title would be because most Stihl dealers (not Stihl themselves) try and convince you that petrol is the way to go - maybe 10 years ago - and that this Stihl RMA 370 is only for tiny courtyards... So not true! Does not help either with our macho stigma in Australia and that this mower does look toyish, but man does it cut!

My back yard is a little on an upward slope with thick couch grass. I used to mow it with a Honda petrol. Was a good mower, but just not practical. It was very heavy, very noisy, very stinky and took me twice as long... Yes, you heard me. Example; My 200 square meter back used to take 1 hr with the Honda petrol, now it takes only 30 minutes. Crazy good! Did I tell you that I love this mower? It cuts my mowing time in half, here is why; It is extremely light weight (15kg with battery), and with the combination of its high power you can almost run with it and still get a good cut.

My first cut was a true test. 30cm high damp grass and I had very little troubles cutting it on its #2 setting (which is a 3 normally). In some of the very thick damper parts it slowed down (never stopping), but picked back up in speed instantly. By the way, it is not recommended for use in wet grass. I just wanted to test it. Since then, though it has not slowed down once on dry grass. The RMA 370 has such a close cut, too that it makes line trimming much less. You can literally pick up the mower and put it in small garden areas to mow. That I could never have done with the petrol mower!

I was tempted to buy the Worx 24 volt which had a 40 cm cutting circle and a $300 price tag (including the retro style battery). What put me off the Worx, though was its battery. It needs constant charging and sometimes they are duds on delivery, making it a pain to replace. All the evidence, though said that the Stihl outperformed all the other battery mowers out there and with only a 37 cm cutting width. I am glad I paid the extra and got the Stihl.

I also love how quiet this gem is. No fumes. No cables, and no emptying heavy grass clippings, cause the Stihl RMA 370 cuts grass so fine and blows it evenly around (the blower rocks!) that you would be insane not to mulch, which is a first for me. I also got the mulching kit ($69 worth it). It has a new double blade which cuts even finer and a blocker to trap the clippings so it cuts them even smaller. Now the grass looks even better, is far healthier and has much much less weeds! Even more time saved. The recommended mulching level is a 3, but it seems to be fine on 2 (I like the 2's hight). The lower RPMs of the RMA 370 also browns off far less grass compared to the higher RPMs of petrol mowers. Another plus. It comes with very sharp metal blades, too, while many battery mowers come with only plasic, or blunt metal blades.

The grass catcher that mine came with was a little warped to begin with making it not lock shut properly and the hight setting lever's higher settings (4, 5, 6) at first were very hard to set. But over a short time the catcher warped back to normal and the higher settings are now looser (will never use them anyway). It comes with 7 hight settings; S, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6.

I have had it for 3 months now and have been mowing once every 10 days or so for mulching purposes. Normally this amount of mowing would be a major pain, but with the cutting time halved and the ease of use it does not bother me at all.

I purchased two batteries also (recommended for larger areas). One is an AP 160 which lasts about 25 min (mower) and cost $200 and the other is the AP 180 which lasts about 30 min and cost me $250. These added costs also almost stopped me purchasing the Stihl. But with my other Stihl cordless buys; the FSA 65 line trimmer and the MSA 200c Chainsaw (both awesome!), it makes it all much better value, using the same batteries on all three tools. My next purchace is the BGA 85 Cordless Blower for $299. The batteries are very long lasting, too. After 500 charges they still retain 80% charge. Should get 10 years worth of charging. I also bought the quick charger for $99. It cuts the 100% charge time from 210 min to 70 min. Great! I can mow the whole front and back in 50 min (350 square m) with 2.5 charges (two batteries full, + one more charge). Glad I bought the extra battery. So, even though I spent $1019 in total for the mower and all its accessories (got a $50 discount) I am extremely satisfied. Definitley got what I paid for with this purchase, and some.

Highly recommended, especially for people with a solar PV system like us,
Powerful. Super light = super fast mowing. Blows cut grass out. Very efficient. Mulcher is extremely good. No petrol. Extremely quiet. Starts straight away. Very little servicing.
Expensive with the needed battery & charger (Mower $449 + $250 AP180 lithium-ion battery + $50 charger), but worth every $!

Brilliant lawn mower

I purchased this lawn mower about 18 months ago and I cannot fault it. No need to use the catcher as it cuts the grass clippings so fine they just fall straight into the lawn as I mow. This saves time having to empty the catcher and it also feeds the lawn. I can mow my entire lawn including nature strip (corner block) and still have approx 20% battery charge left. The battery only takes just over 30 minutes to recharge using the fast charger. I have the mower set to the minimum height recommended for mulching, this is a bit higher than what most Australians cut their lawn but the health and quality of my grass has improved dramatically! I originally decided to buy this mower because of illness and I could not manage a zip start anymore.
Instant start, no need to use a catcher, no fumes and no more trips to the petrol station

Questions & Answers

Does much grass escape from the catcher? I have just watched a YouTube video on this mower & the catcher appeared to have holes in it. I have allergies & am hoping not much grass can escape through the holes. Thanks
No answers

Does it cut very thick sir walter grass?
No answers

After reading all the great reviews Where can I buy this stihl lawnmower from ?
1 answer
I bought mine from Pittwater Mowers in Terrey Hills, Sydney.


Stihl RMA 370
CategoryBattery Lawn Mowers
Price (RRP) $449
Cutting Deck MaterialPlastic
Manufacturer Warranty2 year(s)

Visit official website - Download manual
  • MPN: RMA-370

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