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Stokke Care

Stokke Care

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I love having a tall change table!

There are a number of design features that make this table so wonderful. The first being its height - no more backpain from bending down to lift little bub off a low table. Secondly, it's forward facing and not sideways which makes changing so much easier and I feel safer since there's minimal risk that he could roll off. Thirdly, the design with the draws and side shelves/baskets mean that everything is in reach and easy to grab so you never have to leave bub on the table. Lastly, it looks beautiful in the nursery.

Awesome change table

This is really sturdy, a great height and has lots of room/storage. I bought ours second hand so it's about 5 years old now and is still in perfect condition. My only negative on it is that they need to provide a waterproof cover to fit the mattress. I ended up buying a bassinet waterproof sheet to go over it.

Perfect functionality with a bit of style!

We bought this table a we liked the look of it and we thought it came with castors. After initially being disappointed by the lack of castors (pre-2010 model only) we now love this table and have not felt the need to move it around the house. The height is great and our son seems to love being on the change table so it's clearly comfortable for him too.

The design works very well with room for creams, baby oil, wipes in the side trays and heaps of room for nappies, chuck cloths etc in the two drawers. We also use the towel rails on the side for a hand towel and our baby's bath towel. We are using modern cloth nappies and this design works really well for our huge nappy stash in a way that no other change table we looked at could have.

The only thing we do to modify the table is that we have put a wipe down change mat on top of the soft one that comes with the table. As we have a newborn who is prone to wee and or poo as soon as his nappy is off, we quickly found we were changing the cover very frequently, so a wipe down surface works well for us at this stage. As our son gets a bit older, I suspect we won't need this.
Aesthetic appeal, side trays and big deep drawers
Nothing in particular

Best change table available - have two!! Love it.

Absolutely perfect height and design. Both my hubby and I have back/ neck problems and this is the only change table that doesn't exacerbate these - it's the right height, width, and the storage containers on either side are also height adjustable so everything is exactly at your individual arms reach.
Looks great and lasts and lasts and lasts...
Size, height, adjustability
Nothing - love it so much we have two - one for each child

Great for tall people to save your back

We bought this table for the height but the draws and side holders are so useful. Its easy to put together and flat packs. The height for the top shelf (baby change mat) is adjustable too which I think is a great idea. We are yet to use it for its other purposes (table etc) so I cant comment on that.
Height, multipurpose, storage great for all the baby needs.
Cost, draws are deep so organising and finding clothes & items can be difficult.

Another fabulous design

Finally, a change table that doesn't break your back! The height of this table was the main reason we went for it. The added 10cm are definitely worth the extra cost. The width and depth of top are fabulous feature too, our son is now 15m old and still happy and comfortable being changed on this.
It does take up room but I don't think it is more than other change tables, and there is lots of storage too. We didn't get the baskets so the shelf clutter can look a little messy sometimes, and be attractive for little fingers... But to be honest that doesn't really bother us and he's learning to put things back too. I'd definitely recommend this to anyone tall. My husband and I are both 5'10 and couldn't be without it.
Height of table. Sturdy design. Lovely colour. Wipe down mat.
Can't wheel through doorways needs taking apart


This product was my one absolute splurge but I have to say it was money well spent. It is such a feature in the nursery, the quality is sensational, the comfort level for both mother and baby outstanding. I have to add that one of its best features is the storage areas. Everything is at hand, in fact there is too much room underneath!!! I even use the horizontal side bars to hang bibs!!
the fact that it's so easy and painless to interact with my baby on this change table.
it was the most expensive item in the nursery!!!


I spent the first 15 weeks of my sons life changing him on a very low bed (read very, very sore back!) while my partner couldn't agree on any change table as they were all too low for him (6 foot +). We both liked and agreed on the Stokke but not the price. It came to the point that I couldn't cope any longer and I managed to find a store with damaged stock (a very slight scratch) who gave me a wonderful discount. If price isn't a problem this is a wonderful change table, and I would thoroughly recommend the large changing area.
The adjustable height and the fact it can be used in the future as a desk etc.
The price.


Overall I am very happy with my Stokke change table. I have used "normal" change tables, of both the plastic/vinyl and wooden varieties at friends houses, and nothing compares to the functionality/stability of the Stokke.
Height adjustable, stylish, very roomy, plenty of space for baby and all the paraphernalia that goes with for changing and some. Many colour choices enable you to co-ordinate with other nursery furniture. Handy side buckets are great for nappies, wipes and lotions. Has wheels (lockable) so you can move it about. Can be used as shelves or desk when no-longer required as a change table.
Price is expensive, however I bought from the distributor when they had a demonstrator floor-stock clearance so I got a significant discount. Limited to Stokke covers for changing mat due to unusual shape (these are tumble dry-able). Large footprint, takes up a bit of room.


Stokke is a wonderful brand with a main focus on child bonding and interaction. The height of the changer is designed specifically for this, the height gives you more of an opportunity to interact with your child and bond without bending or breaking your back.
Wonderful design exception of the space that it can take up in a small nursery - easily fits through doors though and wheels easily.
The area size of the changing area is alot larger than others making it easier for bigger babies and toddlers that aren't yet toilet trained to be changed.
The versatility of this product is the only thing that i can justify the $1100.00 price tag with, after it is no longer needed as a changer it can be converted into a TV unit by lowering the top and also into a desk with an additional piece.
The plastic trays attached on the sides make it easier to have everything close by and not need to bend down and look on the lower shelf for items such as powder and cream etc, the stokke changer also comes with the fabric baskets underneath wich are large enough to store all spare nappies and products or towels etc.
Overall if price is not an issue the stokke range is a great one! the height of all of their products enables easy interaction especially for the taller parents another plus is that is above stomach height so that if a cesarean was necessary or chosen you are less likely to get accidently kicked by your little treasure and also reducing the need to bend down wich is often painful.

All in all a great purchase if price is justified.
Height, versitility, aesthetically pleasing, more unique than standard changers
Price, takes up a fair amount of space in a small nursery


Looks great and we have the cot which is magic. Nothing but problems with the change table though. the first one was split across one of the pieces of wood. It took 2 weeks to get another ordered in from the supplier to Chatswood babies Galore even though the supplier is also based in Chatswood.

The second one had a piece of plastic which locks the wheel in broken so you couldn't put the wheel in correctly. Now the plastic bit is an improvement so it isn't there on newer models but I only found this out after so we thought it was faulty.

So we spoke direct to the suppliers directly who were very friendly and replaced it very quickly. The latest one wouldn't bscrew together properly but we have yet to sort this out as I think that the suppliers thought we were doing it wrong. After 3 goes I think we have got it down pat.
The idea
The fact that we got 3 faulty ones

Questions & Answers

I bought this table second hand and it's thr older version and missing one of the side containers. Is there any way I can get a replacement container, and mattress? Thanks.
2 answers
I believe the accessories are sold separately - but maybe only for recent models. See the Stokke website for stockists (http://www.stokke.com/en-au/w/accessories/159900.html; http://www.stokke.com/en-au/w/accessories/159700.html)I'm sure Stokke would be able to assist with this, otherwise international sites of eBay may have them.


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