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Sunbeam Belle-Aqua KE7110

Sunbeam Belle-Aqua KE7110

MPNs: KE7110 and KE7110TA4540
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    Meets my needs


    nothing special about this little kettle, it does what it is supposed to do.
    I don't find the water level indicator placement a problem at all, however - it is crucial to hold the handle in the centre because any lower and the pinky finger might get burnt (as I found out).

    Date PurchasedJan 2019
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    Customer C.Sunbeam

    Hi KissMiss. thanks for the great review. Please be careful with your 'pinky-placement' as the body is made out of stainless steel so it will get quite hot!



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    Water window is this kettle's 'Achilles heel'


    Sensible size and good performance. Lasted three years. Had to throw it out after noticing bottom third of clear plastic water level gauge was full of cracks. Looking from the inside it was apparent the plastic employed for the window had deteriorated due to heat stress. I would rather have no window in a kettle than one which posed a health or safety risk.

    Date PurchasedOct 2015


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    Small and light


    Bought this kettle after reading many positive reviews about it. So far happy with it, as it is light, easy to clean, quick to boil and more quiet than my previous kettle. The negative things are the cord is so short, the water level is a bit hard to see and the outside of the kettle is very hot (there are a few times that I accidentally touch it) so has to be really careful not to burn your fingers/hands.

    Date PurchasedAug 2018
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    Customer C.Sunbeam

    Thanks for the great review HDF. Stainless steel will get hotter than your traditional plastic kettles so we always recommend to use the handle.


    RelaxingPMQMid North Coast, NSW

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    Perfect Size for 1 or 2 persons, saves time, money and electricity.

    Date PurchasedJul 2018



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    A truly sensible kettle

    Date PurchasedAug 2016


    joyRichmond-Tweed, NSW

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    Its quiet , Its fast, its easy to keep clean and looks good , and it dosnt heat more water than i need for a couple of cups of tea.
    You might find it annoying that you have to refill it regularly but I think that is a bonus that you are not reboiling water you dont use over and over again for a cup of tea . If you are one or two people you should give away your big pot and buy one of these unobrusive little kettles sunbeam please make a little toaster for the folks that have little kitchens .

    Date PurchasedMay 2017



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    Design flaws


    We've had Sunbeam kettles for decades. When one wears out we just get another. No drama. This one however raised more than eyebrows.

    The water level window is obscured by your hand when holding the jug to fill it. So if you want to do your bit and minimise water and energy waste this isn't the kettle for you.

    The stainless body warms up quickly to the point where you can easily burn a stray finger. 500 ml of water is enough to do it.

    My hands are XL. Smaller hands might be OK.

    Date PurchasedApr 2017



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    Repeatedly turns itself off


    We bought the Sunbeam Belle-Aqua kettle having used one briefly on holiday without issue. Although only one litre capacity, it was relatively quiet and quick to boil.
    From the very first use however our new kettle would turn itself off repeatedly meaning we had to keep watch and turn it on several times each time it was needed. We had no choice but to return it for a refund.
    Perhaps just unlucky with that particular kettle, but have replaced it with a different brand.

    Date PurchasedMar 2017

    AlisonCrib Point

    Perfect size for small kitchen and arthritis in hands


    I am just about to buy one for my mum she struggles with big kettles and to
    heavy for Arthritic
    hands I wish alot more applicances were small like this one.
    Perfect for slide on camper with very limited space happy with the time it takes to boil Im Happy

    Date PurchasedJan 2013


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    It worked ok until that 13th month , then water everywhere.... would never touch this brand again!!!


    Initially it was ideal for my situation & seamed of reasonable quality... just out of 12month warranty & overnight it started leaking , near enough fully empty within 2 minutes. Water clearly seeping thru between sides of clear plastic level gauge fixture & main metal body. Paid $50.00 ( it is a small kettle ) ...& she's trash material by the 13th month... call me cynical but I'd say these products are timed to collapse / break down just beyond their replacement warranted period... whether it's the sealing membrane , a switch or other terminal fault -I have zero faith that this manufacturer wanted this product to continue beyond 15-18 months -so well done 13 months & it's a throw away !!


    GizzyduckSouth East Queensland, QLD

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    Nice little kettle


    Kettle is only 1L capacity... Which is perfect for me as I have bilateral tennis elbow. Fast to heat.. Noise level not bad... Cord length adequate (storage under kettle). Easy to clean...
    Main complaint is that you can't see the water level...too dark & it is under the handle. Probably needs to be on the side in a lighter color material.
    Other problem the the on/off switch is on the handle (just where you need to put your thumb to comfortably lift it) so I am constantly turning it on.
    There is no OFF switch...you just need to tilt the jug slightly off the base to switch it off....no problem.

    Love this little beauty


    I love this kettle. I have a muscle wasting condition that limits the weight I can lift so I litre is ideal. The only complaint is that the lid does not shut firmly and over time it lifts and allows too much steam out which then the shut off mechanism stops working. It is the only 1 litre kettle on the market that I have been able to find.
    Good size great weight
    Lid wont stay down



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    Does it's job


    I bought this online and I was a little surprised at how small it was. The main thing I am unhappy with is that the poweer cord is so short. Our kitchen bench power outlets sit a little high I guess beven though I always thought it was standard and it just barely reaches. It is small though so I can leave it out on bench and it doesn't over clutter. At the end of the day, it does it's job of boiling water. Don't really need a bigger one for 2 adults.
    Space saver
    Power cord is short


    We bought this kettle at Walmart for about $50.00 2 years ago, now it's leaking where you see the filler lines. The plastic sealers have shrunk letting water out. I feel it didn't serve us very long, so I won't bought another one.

    John Smith
    John Smith

    The cord is not short, it goes for a about a meter. It is tucked under the powerbase, you just have to pull it out.

    I miss it so…


    My second Belle kettle has just died, I am looking to replace it again, with the same. I just love the temperature control feature as we have people in our family who drink black tea/coffee and don't like the water so hot. It's quiet, quick, attractive and not over priced. What's not to love?
    Temperature control

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    Our kettle leaks below the spout & around the bottom which is very dangerous, a replacement or money back would be appreciated thanks

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    Customer CareSunbeam

    Hello Pamja,
    Sorry for the inconvenience, if you can please return it to your retailer they will be able to replace that for you on the spot. All Sunbeam products come with a 12 month replacement warranty.

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