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Sunbeam Cordless Filter KE2350

Sunbeam Cordless Filter KE2350

3.4 from 23 reviews

Great except the inside turns black after several months.

Why does the walls of the kettle turn black after a few months using Penrith city water? What can I do about it? Light weight,boils quickly and has a handy flip top for easy refilling! Always used this exact type of kettle for 14 years! Looks nice on the kitchen counter because it is white and affordable.

Date PurchasedNov 2010

Fantastic kettle

I have been using this kettle for 4 months and have no problems using it. The cordless feature is a great plus for the price. The build quality and auto cut off feature are good at this price point. It has helped me a lot by saving time and not to worry about overheating and power wastage. Overall it is a nice little appliance.

Date PurchasedNov 2017

Excellent product

I have used this kettle for several years, and have never had any problem with it. The price was low, but it is all quality. I also like that it is not too heavy to hold. Being an elderly person, I find that some kitchen utensils can be too heavy for me.

Date PurchasedJun 2012

Best kettle we've owned

We've had this kettle for about 7 years. It's has only just now started to die on us. I'm really sad about having to replace it, because although it doesn't look trendy, it was a fantastic kettle. I hope I can still find it at the shops. Fingers crossed we can!

Date PurchasedAug 2007
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Hi Tina, Thank you for your great feedback on the Sunbeam KE2350! If you require any further advise or information on the unit, please don't hesitate to give our Customer Care Team a call on 1300 881 861 and one of our representatives will be more than happy to assist. Kind Regards Sunbeam

Short life

We have had this kettle about eighteen months and it has just died. The level widow could be clearer, its blue and a bit hard to see through. I cant remember the previous brand bit it was a cheapie and lasted years. We bought sunbeam thinking it was a good brand but eighteen months??? Wont be back

about average

Bought the sunbeam hot water kettle from David Jones store in wollongong as I liked the fact that the back fits in so it kept working for a while boiling water quickly and efficiently though as it being plastic I was worried about plastic getting into the mug / I would recommend this sunbeam plastic electric water kettle as a cheap and reliable kettle

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It worked for years this kettle / now I am wondering if someone like me could still buy one

Good Value

Love the pouring spout no drips or splashes. Only thing I don't like about it is the lid. It doesn't shut smoothly.

Easy to use and very good value

Boils quickly, light to hold, easy to seat on the element base, and an economical purchase. Had an earlier model than this one which lasted over 15 years. This newer version serves the purpose very well and looks smart too. Excess cord can be tucked away out of sight too.
Light weight; size; easy to manage; easy to clean; white body looks fresh; water indicator; good price

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Hi Fairlady, we really apprecite your feed back.

Sunbeam Model KE2350

3 Kettles bought since January 2012
Each kettle has tripped the Fuses
Have tested the power point with other appliances and found no problem with them
K Mart have been unable to provide any information as to why the kettles malfunction
Have checked all fuses in Meter Box and found to be working OK

Am definitely buying another

I was extremely happy with my Sunbeam Cordless Filter (Model KE2350) - now only just defunct, but had many years of troublefree use from it.

My extended family and I have honestly never had any problems with any Sunbeam electrical appliance we've bought over several decades, and all products have lasted many years, some still working perfectly after 30+ years (above and beyond most people's expectations)! Consequently, we have no hesitation in recommending and continuing to buy Sunbeam products (where applicable, as and when required, and we have heard very similar comments from several other Sunbeam owners over the years).
Totally reliable, 3-way Safety System (automatically switches off after boiling, cut-out for boil-dry protection, shut-down in case of overheating), cordless power base with cord storage facility, inexpensive, fast-boil element, doesn't leak, no rust or corrosion, quieter than several other brands, hinged lid opens wide, full-length water gauge, easily placed on and removed from base, stainless steel mesh filter never falls in or out but easy to remove and replace, no insects can enter spout, large capacity, illuminated on and off switch, comfortable handle, very easy to keep clean, and I personally like the appearance.
Absolutely nothing (the only design improvement I would suggest, if any, is a water gauge on both sides), but this is a constructive not negative comment.


My Sunbeam Cordless Filter Kettle model KE2350 was good when it was working
but 2 weeks out of warranty and a faded receipt no one wants to know. This is my second Sunbeam in three years. Purchased for the three Way Safety System displayed on the box. Have now purchased an overseas brand.
3 Way Safety System which switched off after boiling, cuts out for boils dry protection and shuts down in case of overheating.
2 weeks out of warranty kettle starts tripping my RCD switch at each use. Without a receipt Sunbeam CS stated my kettle was 3 months out of warranty going by the date stamp on the bottom of the kettle, which made about 4 weeks of the warranty before the product was manufactured..


This kettle is built like a Sunbeam product should be. The plastic is
rich in colour and shows no sign of leaking at the water window after a few
weeks of use that unfortunately plagues the Quantum models. The little orange
water ball is included in this latest production run after being left out of the last batch of kettles. On price, performance and features this kettle is a winner!
Stainless steel element, light and easy to handle.
Holds a good deal of water with fast quiet boil.
Pours the boiling water very accurately with no drips.
Can be purchased for as low as $19 at Kmart sometimes.
It is also available at supermarkets.
Lid is stiff to close down but doesn't really need to
be opened often as you can fill via the large spout.


Very efficient for both large and small quantities of water when needed. Light and easy to use and with no cords can be carried to wherever it is needed. I like the fact that you can easily boil a small amount of water, being able to see the measure on the side, no wasted electricity or time boiling too much.
Boils quickly and good for just a small amount of water when needed for one or two cups.
The top is a bit fiddly to clean properly


this is the cheapest kettle i have owned and works BETTER than the stainless steel expensive ones. does leak a little bit but keep the water 3/4 full and shouldn't have a problem. once kettle turns off, it pings after 5 minutes and we have no idea why
can leak

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I recently purchased this kettle and have noticed the ping sound too. I have sent a query to Sunbeam Customer Service to see if I can get an answer. I can find nothing about this sound on the box, in the booklet or the sunbeam site. Will post here if I find out anything.


I contacted Sunbeam re this kettle, and though it had only been used for 12 weeks and began short-circuiting the whole house, it had been bought on "standby" and was JUST OUT of warranty. WARNING - don't purchase any electrical items to stow away "just in case the old one stops working" as this will mean its warranty is ticking away sitting in the box not being used!
Design and lightweight. Cheap - can be bought in supermarkets.
Stopped working after 3 months with loving care!


This has been a very cheap kettle to own and does boil quite quickly while being not too noisy at the same time. These kettles do tend to last for quite some time and are easy to keep clean and look nice in most kitchens. The only issue I have had is that the water does not heat up as hot as I would like. Other than that, I have had no problems with it.
Very affordable, easy to clean, found most places. Has a long shelf life if looked after.
Does not heat up water as hot as I would like.


Lasted about 3 years. I disassembled the unit to see what had failed and found the element was open circuit. The element was slightly blackened so it is likely it was overheated at some stage. This is probably a user error of accidently running it when below the minimum water level so may not have been a fault of the manufacturer. There is good reason why the user guide recommends against this.

Replaced the unit with the similar Sunbeam Quantum. The new unit has improved on some of the minor niggles of the old unit.
Relatively inexpensive. Light and easy to handle
Lid a little difficult to open. Steam can exit from near the on/off switch if over full.


This kettle lasted three or four years and ran well till it started leaking from the water guage window at the bottom. I've since bought a stainless steel one that lasted only two years, and have now gone back to Sunbeam. Why don't kettles last long any more? Compared to others, three or four years with this one wasn't bad.
Holds a good lot of water.
Occassionally spluttered a bit from the spout when full and boiling.


I've had this kettle for 6 - 7 years and it continues to work perfectly.
It has a great water indicator window to show you how much water is in the kettle.
It also has a removable filter on the inside lip.
Sometimes the ball floater on the water indicator does tend to get stuck sometimes but that easily fixed by topping up a bit of water to get it moving again.
Like any other kettle, I wouldn't recommend that you turn it on while empty as you risk burning out the element. This kettle makes a hollow sound when it heats up if there is no water inside. Overall I am really please with this kettle.
The best kettle I've ever had. Large cup capacity, reliable and efficient.
Great price.


Never again... cheaper to burn out saucepans on the gas range. Sunbeam's response to the failure of 2 kettles in their 13 months was in a word "pathetic"....
I am now looking for better quality in other brans.. no more Sunbeam products for me... They have them manufactured in China for the lowest cost and/or quality available and expect to sell them with a popular brand name. TA TA Sunbeam!
Clean lines and economical purchase price.
Have had 2 of these units fail in their 13th month... just outside of warranty!

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What type of element does the Sunbeam KE2350 1.8L kettle have in it??
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KE2350 has a 2400 watt element


Cordless Filter KE2350
Price (RRP)$29.95
Release dateNov 2006

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