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Sunbeam FoodSaver VS4300

Sunbeam FoodSaver VS4300

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Very poor quality. Broke after less than a year of infrequent use.

Pretty typical of Sunbeam's poor quality control. I probably went through less than 30 bags over the course of a year before the sealer element failed. For close to $100 you should expect much better than this.

While the force required to operate the button mechanism is awkward and excessive, that is not the issue - the unit pulls and holds a vacuum, but never actually seals the bag.

Date PurchasedJun 2017
Hi srjh82 and sorry to hear of the issues you have had with your VS4300. Judging by your date of purchase, this unit is still within warranty. So bring it back to the store of purchase with your receipt for a replacement or call Sunbeam customer care directly on 1300 881 861.The unit failed within 12 months, but it's now just outside that period after I was able to confirm it was a defective unit and find the purchase details. I'm still pursuing a claim under the Competition and Consumer Act, but from the looks of things I'll be waiting a very long time for a response.Hi srjh82. Sunbeam would be more than happy to assist you outside of the manufacturing warranty period. Please call our customer care team with your proof of purchase and they will assist!


Worked a bit early days but now won’t seal at all!! We don’t even bother with the vacuum seal anymore. Not sure how they can see such crap. Makes me so angry because this heap of crap wan’t cheap either. Don’t waste your money, this thing is really bad. Thr

Date PurchasedNov 2017

Rubbish and only good for landfill

This machine has had little use because it won’t vacuum or seal. Waste of my hard earned money and does anyone one know of a good replacement that works. We produce a lot of our own fruit and like to store it safely. Something that is not too expensive preferably.

Date PurchasedFeb 2017

Eventually worked it out!

Was ready to give a 1 star having tried for half an hour to make it work. Then read JuneeVee review - yes it DOES have to have the plastic positioned properly and yes, you DO have to press quite hard on both sides of the machine, making sure you hear the "click" on each side. I was only getting a click on one side and took A LOT of strength to get the second click. Then it worked!!

Date PurchasedDec 2017

Only one place this needs to be and that is in the bin

Giving this product a 1 star rating is overkill. I was given my first as a gift lasted 14 months I stupidly purchased another and it died after 16 months. Sunbeam you obviously are aware that this product is [sorry to be so blunt] CRAP,but you choose to ignore these reviews.
Sent an email directly to Sunbeam 2 weeks ago and still waiting for a response,
The next one I buy will be a Dometic.

Date PurchasedAug 2016

Like all Sunbeam Products(had several) it's rubbish didn't work and instructions stupid....

Doesn't work. Troubleshoot is a riddle.....what a load of garbage it is like all Sunbeam products junk. Was a present. Instruction book leaves you guessing how to use it and if it's a scientific project for the user to read the manufacturer mind on his creation so you know how use it. cannot provide proof of purchase unless last year's Christmas card is ok!!!!!!!!!

Date PurchasedDec 2016

If all else fails, follow the instructions...

I've seen a number of complaints here that this machine is difficult to use, or doesn't work properly. If my folks hadn't already owned one, and told me how to use it correctly, I would have been put off buying one. I'm so glad I went ahead - it's great! All you need to do is read and follow the instructions properly. I can see why people might have problems - yes, it DOES have to have the plastic positioned properly, depending on whether you are sealing a length of the roll to make a bag, or sealing the top once the food is already in it. And yes, you DO have to press quite hard on both sides of the machine, making sure you hear the "click" on each side (might be a problem when I'm old and arthritic, that would be the only negative point). I love it, and I've used it to seal bulk-buy meats and home-made butter for freezing; dehydrated herbs, fruits and vegetables for long shelf life; home made cheese for maturing. It's great to re-seal packets of nuts and so on (though rarely potato chips - no leftovers there!) Although this is a fairly basic model, I'm really happy with it. It's small and light, easy to store, easy to wipe clean, and it does the job perfectly when you know how to use it properly.

Date PurchasedJun 2017

Love it.

Bought mine a week ago. At first l couldn't get it to work, but then l got someone who has one show me how to use it. Have not had any problems at all with it. What l was doing wrong was not taking the plastic bar out of the vacuum tray. You do need to push fairly hard on the sides as well.

Date PurchasedSep 2017

Best thing i ever brought

After reading a few reviews I can't believe the negativity I have had the sunbeam vac sealer for over six years and every year I vacuum over fifty kilos of Italian sausages and have never had a problem because you must use it properly when I first got it I was shown how to use it by a friend helping me to make my sausages she had one and knew by experience that you must use it properly I vacuum seal my Italian cheese as I buy half a wheel of cheese my sausages stay vacuumed for for about nearly twelve months no problems as all the negative reviews are having same issues I think they need someone who is experienced to show them how TO use the machine correctly.

Date PurchasedApr 2004

Works just fine.

InitiallyI was concerned with all the negative reviews about this unit. Having used it during the weekend and the last few days, I must say my concerns were unfounded. Took it out of the box, read the instructions and it worked first time and every time. The unit comes complete with a roll of bag, plus 5 pre-made bags. So far I haven't had to purchase any bags yet. It even sealed opened bags of potato chips.

One thing that I've noticed is it is important to press and hold down firmly on BOTH sides of the machine to get it started - this is clearly explained in the instructions.

Date PurchasedAug 2017

So far, so good.

First of all, I didn't think the machine worked at all. I followed the instructions and nothing happened. Then I realised there had to be enough pressure to press the switch on both sides (you hear a small click as each side engages) THEN it worked perfectly. But first, I dried off the bag seal area according to other reviewers. Seal was good, now into the Sunbeam sous vide cooker :)

Date PurchasedAug 2017

Waste of time, food and money!!

Bought this thought we can reduce the amount of food we waste. Wasted more food after got this. Bags won't seal properly. Noisy. Contacted Sunbeam, the person told me the bag won't seal right if there's moisture. FFS, there is a drip tray for the machine itself. The veg won't even last a few day in the bag. The bag blow up after a few days. Waste of money and time!!!! Worst thing I ever bought. Should have done my research. Will try to return the product as I got the receipt and still under warranty.

Date PurchasedDec 2016

My first one lasted 20 bags did not have a receipt so they would not refund

Because I had purchased additional rolls of bags I am now on my second one so far after 20 odd bags it is still working ( I do have the receipt ) I believe the problem is the seals but you cannot get replacements for this model
After I use this one I make sure that the seals arte all dry and I paper towel between seals

Date PurchasedApr 2017

Won't turn on out of box

I have just unboxed the Sunbeal Foodsaver Unrban Series and it doesn't turn on. So can't be used. Bought at David Jones today. May 2017. Will be a major effort to get back there and return.

Date PurchasedMay 2017

THE BIGGEST heap of junk.

This product is probably the worst product on the market.
It doesn't vacuum properly, leaving the bag full of air.
I've got $300 of meat on the counter waiting to be sealed and this piece of junk isn't working.
This is my first replacement, I'll be getting a refund tomorrow.

Date PurchasedJan 2017

Does not turn on

Just bought this today, plugged it in and it does not turn on at all.
After reading all the reviews I will not be getting another sunbeam product.
If only I had of researched before hand than I would have read all these terrible comments.
Plus your Facebook page does not allow customers to review you, convenient because you would not have a rating at all.

Date PurchasedMar 2017

sunbeam 4200 food saver

been nothing but trouble after a few uses, sucks but doesent seal long enough to complete seal, tried everything being a handyman able to test veriest things to no avail its very little use not more than 24 times no wonder after reading the various reviews ill never buy another sunbeam product as long as i live, put that in your pipe and smoke it sunbeam. steve

Date PurchasedJun 2015

So angry!

Got this as a Christmas present so no receipt! Plug it in and it doesn't work!!!!!!!! I am so angry right now. These are very expensive and now it can't be returned!!!! You better have a solution for me Sunbeam because this is highway robbery!! Says it has a warranty but I don't have a receipt!!

Date PurchasedDec 2016

Overkill with the oversuck

If anyone else has this problem,I would be interested to hear. When I vacuum eg vanilla biscuits, it sucks so much that the biscuits break. Just purchase the VS4300, it vacuumed out the liquid from cake. Am I doing something wrong, there is no instruction booklet..I only wanted to keep the biscuits fresher for longer.

Date PurchasedDec 2016
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Overkill with oversuck...ok I am learning,forgive me Sunbeam,but this machine is working very well and now I can use canister for biscuits and freeze softer foods. I am loving the potential this machine has...storing and saving costs with no wasting. +++

Save yourself the hassle and money

Brought my sunbeam back in July and figured because of Christmas it would be perfect!, couldn't have been any further from perfect if it actually did work... vaccum doesn't work... bags leak... works if and when it wants to and for maybe 3 bags and that is it, would love to just get my money back and you can have your crap product

Date PurchasedJul 2016

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Hi, I have VS6100 food saver. It was working perfectly for the first 6 weeks now today it has developed a problem where the vacuum pump won't switch off and seal. The pump just keeps running. If I hit the seal button it lets in air and then seals. It is not vacuuming the air out and maintaining pressure, switching off the pump and sealing. I have tried multiple bags .. I have cleaned the gaskets and the vacuum channel... I have made sure the bags are lying perfectly flat and are positioned perfectly in the middle of the vacuum channel and the channel is free of obstructions. Any other ideas why it has stoped working as it should ? Cheers
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Hi adamrussell1979, Thank you for your question. We can also suggest ensuring the 'rough' side of the bag/roll is on the under side directly on the sealing strip and that the gap from the food level to the edge of the bag is 7-10 cms. If this does not resolve, and your VS6100 was purchased withing the last 12 mths- please return it to the store.Hi, Thanks for the extra tips. Unfortunately they did not work, I will take it back to the store. Cheers

Why is it not sealing Very disappointed with it less than a year old? Green light comes on some times some times only red light comes on
1 answer
Hi Bev Muir, I would like you to give our Customer Care Team a call so they can go through some troubleshooting with you. You can reach them on 1300 881 861...

I have a foodsaver V6100, after a few problems with canisters sealing because the adaptor very easily pops off, I now have the problem thant once the dimple depresses the sealer doesnt always turn off and I have to press the seal button to avoid the machine from running too long, and wait for the light to go out, why is this please, or is there a problem with the vacuum sealer?
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Hi JanP. It may be that you haven't closed the canister lid entirely and there is a slight gap somewhere allowing air into the canister. The unit won't stop vacuuming until there is no air left to extract.


FoodSaver VS4300
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