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Sunbeam Gelateria GL8200

Sunbeam Gelateria GL8200

2.3 from 58 reviews

It's pretty spiffy for an icecream maker

It technically produces gelato not icecream due to the lack of overrun. What I love is the built in air compressor unlike manual ice cream makers this means you don't have to freeze the machine for 24 hours prior but i have had better textured ice cream using the manual ones. The paddle doesn't quite get the sides and bottom of the metal tin which means it builds up (would be better if it was able to scrape down) and the paddle and lid top are plastic which are flimsy as mine has a small crack in it. It works best if the mixture being churned is thinner rather than too thick but overall it's fun to use to make a variety of iced treats.

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Hi Anita, Thanks for you great feedback. We no longer manufacture these but agree- they are a great product. Kind Regards, Sunbeam

dud does not do what it is made for!!!

The paddle does not turn once the ice cream starts to freeze around the edges of the bucket. I gave up after the 2nd attempt & it has remained in the cupboard for a very long time . About to get rid of it.... very interesting to read others reviews.

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Hi KateH, Just thinking, is the consistency maybe a little too thick? Not sure why it would do this. You can always give the team a call to troubleshoot on 1300 881 861...

I know why it rates so poorly - shame on you Sunbeam!

I have had my machine for a long time, and like others here put it aside because of the issues that are again talked about here in these pages. I decided to want to make Ice cream again - and to revisit the GL8200. The motor unit is actually typical in power of all similar and cheaper ice cream machines - including the $20 dollar cheapie I bought from Kmart. The rating is a typical 12Watts, but is geared down to produce a lot of torque and low Revolutions per minute for the task of churning the ice cream. Mine, like others here was always really noisy, (more so than the Cheepie above) and unable to do the job of churning, and since the warranty had long expired - I decided to find out why, I dismantled the motor unit, and delved into the gearbox - I was a little surprised at what I found, i.e. they forgot to install a steel shaft for one of the gears - this means that as the motor load increased the gear would be pushed against the housing and grind its heart out - I was feeling really smug and happy with myself having found an easy solution - i.e. fit a 38mm x 3 mm stainless steel shaft - reassembled it but it did not run at all - so dismantled again to see what was wrong - Now the shame on Sunbeam - I found that the gear was poorly made - eccentric shaft hole - and with the shaft installed, it would bind completely, and never be able to rotate - so it seems that their inventive way of solving the problem (instead of getting the gear re-made accurately - a 5 cent part at best) they just left the shaft out completely - this allowed the crooked gear to rotate (at least a little). Now to be honest - it might not have been Sunbeam in Australia that left that part out - I am confident that Sunbeam would have had this machine made O/S but the Sunbeam technicians and engineers in Australia could not have been unaware of this faulty part - even if they hoped only a few people would have received the faulty appliances - they should have been upfront and recalled them. I used to only buy Sunbeam products due to their reputation - not any more - I have lost my faith. I hope to attach photos and a short video showing some of what I mentioned above. So in short - there is a very logical and simple reason why this ice cream maker has so many poor reviews.

Purchased in December 2014.

Hi ozfossil, Thank you for taking the time to provide your feedback for the GL8200. We do take feedback seriously and apologise for the issues experienced. This will be passed on to our design and technical teams.Your Welcome, I am inspired to rebuild this Ice Cream maker, and will consider making this information available to all other GL8200 owners - although the work involved from what I can determine will require a lathe and skill to machine the offending gear with a larger, centered shaft hole, sleeve it and then hope that it will become the machine it was promised to be. The reason why I have the desire to persevere is that the compressor refrigeration seems to work exceptionally well (I measured the temperature after 20 minutes running of less than - 30 deg C - every bit as good as my freezer) so other than the gearbox issue above and perhaps the paddle itself - there is no reason it won't become one of my favorite appliances. Sunbeam could, if it had the desire to repair some of the damage in reputation with me and perhaps some others is to supply a simple kit (comprising of a shaft and accurately manufactured gear wheel - the instructions and resultant fix is easy - I would be happy to create an instructional video showing the simple steps and posting it here and on YouTube) And I can imagine you may not wish to do that as it could be viewed as admitting a manufacturing fault - but just in case - an idea.


Easy to use.Easy to clean.Easy on the eyes.Easy to follow recipe booklet.Easy to love.
Fortunately I have a large counter space in my kitchen because its size is conducive to permanent display .failing which you would not use it often because of the issue to pull it out from the depths of a drawer or cupboard.Absence does make your heart colder.No issue with noise which I find in the usual range. N problems with anything to date.I would use it on average once a month.

Date PurchasedDec 2011
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Thanks for the great review Marion!!

Works great, very noisy

Had my machine 13yrs, probably only made 20 batches of ice-cream, so it hasn't paid for itself yet by any means. Just getting into it as strawberries are so cheap at the moment, and came across this site looking to see if other people had the same noise issue. Seems that they do. I measure mine at 77dBA@1m, which is about the sound level of a typical vaccuum cleaner. The compressor is reasonably quiet, the problem is the gears in the lid that turn the paddle. The sound is grating too, I put the unit in the garage when it is running so I don't hear it so much.

Other people have complained that the unit doesn't chill well. I haven't found that to be a problem at all, with mixing continuing until the icecream is so thick that the paddle can't turn. While people have complained about the paddle being plastic, my observation is that it needs to be flexible to allow the lid to be opened once the ice cream has thickened. I think you do need to keep a watch on it though, once the ice cream gets so thick that the paddle can't turn, there would be a lot of stress on the paddle and drivetrain that could lead to part failure fairly quickly. Trust me, with the noise of it, it's hard not to know when the paddle starts to struggle.

I'm happy with how the unit works apart from the noise. If it was quiet I would give it 5 stars.

Date PurchasedApr 2005

noisy but great

I have made hundreds of batches of ice cream with my GL8200 it works well but is very loud unfortunatly?? It freezes fantastic!!!! the latch that holds the churning motor on is broken but doesn't effect the performance of the machine which surprised me?? I would rate it 3/5 stars

Date PurchasedJan 2012
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Hi rob, fantastic that you are making ice cream and enjoying it. The compressor can be noisy but hopefully the result is worth it!

Pride of place on the rubbish bin

Pity there is a no star option. Complete waste of money, sides freeze, paddle unable to mix - it's supposed to mix icecream...but it can't. Don't waste your money buy anything else. We have a cheaper, older Breville machine - less than half the price of this expensive piece of junk - that works better.

Date PurchasedMay 2014

Apparently it's not supposed to make ice cream

So, for years I have tried all sorts of recipes for making ice cream (from the booklet as well as from different recipe books. All I get is the same consistency as I put in. It does not cool enough to even get some sort of spoonable texture. I called Sunbeam to discuss and was told by the person answering the call that this machine is not supposed to freeze but just to mix the mixture! I wonder why am I using this machine for mixing when I have a great stand mixer :) I did ask if she knew what she was talking about and we basically had an argument on the phone where she assured me that the Gelateria is only for mixing, and after that's done I need to put the sauce in the freezer where it will freeze. I am still waiting for her supervisor to call me back...
I do understand that it most likely will not freeze the mixture solid, but I am expecting it to be a spoonable consistency. This is why I believe I have a faulty unit but didn't get anywhere with Sunbeam.

Date PurchasedApr 2013

Great for making a milkshake

No matter which of the supplied recipes I use, ice cream will not thicken more than a thin milkshake consistency... I follow every direction to the letter too...so dissapointed. Considering the $300+ price tag, it feels like a real rip off... I wish I had purchased a cheaper option as reviewers of other brands seem to be happy with their results. Guess it pays to read reviews BEFORE purchasing.

Date PurchasedMar 2016

Purchased it broken but easy fix

Makes ice cream and sorbets fast! Having much fun with this unit.
Purchased unit 2nd hand and broken but easy fix as I found it's the side of the output shaft into which the paddle is connected to which breaks off.
TO FIX: unscrew 3 screws in mixer head. Plastic-weld the broken piece back onto shaft (use soldering iron). I also removed the 3 gearbox screws, re-spread around the existing blue grease, and screwed back on the gear box cover. Then screw back on mixer cover.
The broken plastic shaft piece allowed the paddle rod to jammed easily. This overloaded the motor's current protection override, preventing the paddle from rotating.

Now I stick to recipes but as a precaution, am using half of every ingredient to see if repair breaks again. If not will up the ingredients.

Date PurchasedFeb 2017

Its the little things they don't get right

This model has a problem with the plastic housing for the paddle which is fragile and now broken - as per other comments below. We also have a problem with the bucket, which is aluminium not stainless steel (not a great idea when you use salt water underneath to stop it freezing in) and now has holes in it. Also the handle mountings have broken so we have to pull it out with pliers. For such an expensive machine Sunbeam has skimped on the 'little things' that would make this a worthwhile investment lasting more than 1 summer. Our engine is still doing well (compared to the previous model that died on us!)
Maybe we (with other commentators below) can add all our bits together to make 1 complete machine ... haha

Date PurchasedAug 2015

Have to give ONE star because I can't give less!!!

On our second one in a 3 year period. First one stopped working at the motor (made horrible grinding noise) and the second one makes very good custard - but that is where it stops. My left arm is now huge from churning the ice cream for christmas!!!

To sum this product up in one word - SHITHOUSE!!!!!

Date PurchasedDec 2013

Sunbeam Gelateria GL8200

Our ice cream maker is 2 years old and the paddle no longer works due to poor design. The paddle is plastic and inserts in a plastic housing that is part of the rotating mechanism. As ice cream chills, the pressure on the paddle increases. My paddle now stops about 5 minutes into the 20-25 minute chilling cycle. I thought I would be able to replace the part but evidently not. This is extremely poor for a machine that costed over $250.

Date PurchasedNov 2014

Current model, no spare parts. BEWARE!

Current model ice cream maker. Paddle motor assembly is made of fragile plastic. Plastic has broken because of poor design and side stresses from paddle rotation. New paddle motor assembly not available from factory. If you are lucky, it will break BEFORE the 12 month warranty expires. Unfortunately ours was older than 12 months so we are stuck with a dud.

Date PurchasedMar 2015

Another sucker attracted by the Sunbeam name but disappointed by the shoddy paddle mechanism.

I have just come off the phone from Sunbeam to find out if they have done anything about improving the paddle mechanism. The freezer part is excellent, but the paddle mechanism is a toy. A coworker and I have the same machine and both have the same problem. Sunbeam have done nothing to produce an improved mechanism and there is no stock of replacement mechanisms, with none coming in the future. What a disappointment

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Hi Dosdown, I do apologise for the issues you encountered with one of our Sunbeam products. Your feedback is much appreciated and will be passed onto the product team. Kind Regards Sunbeam

Paddle Motor not working

I have the same problem as many people here. The chiller and timer still works fine but I am long out of warranty. However, the paddle motor is not working and I guess there is no opportunity for replacement these days? I would like to persevere but not sure if Sunbeam are still making these motors

Wouldn't buy this machine again

This is an update to my original review written a few years ago. My original machine lasted less than six weeks before the motor running the paddle wore out. It was replaced under warranty by the good guys. Fortunately i bought an extended warranty on the replacement because the second one lasted about 2 years before the motor running the paddle failed again. Lucky for me the good guys no longer stocked this machine so they gave me a store credit as a replacement and I bought myself a new vacuum cleaner instead.

the maddle motor is completely inadequate for the job. Don't waste your money!

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Dear SimoneC, Thank you for your feedback. We are sorry to hear about the experience you've had with your GL8200, all feedback is passed onto the relevant departments. Kind Regards Sunbeam

A disappointing buy

After trying several of the recipes in the instruction booklet to no success, I tried using the Gelateria using various recipes, techniques and advice from multiple sources - all attempts churned out ice-hard ice-cream that couldn't be eaten. After several attempts, the paddle motor completely stopped working. An expensive and very disappointing buy.

Very Weak Motor

I have had a couple of reasonable results but overall I have problems with the motor strength.
The motor regularly stops while the icecream etc is still very soft. (supposed to be indicator that it is ready but far from it)! I then have to disconnect the motor and turn the stirrer blade by hand for 5 minutes or more.

My Gelateria has only been used about 8-9 times over 4 year period or so. The reason for little use is because results were not good unless finishing by hand which defeats the purpose of an automatic icecream/Gelato maker.
I keep persevering every so often but because I can't find receipts etc and anyway I doubt if it would be covered now despite little use.

Surprised it is still being sold

We purchased the GL8200 Ice Cream Maker about 10 years ago. Worked well for a few months then started having problems with the paddle drive (similar to all the other review complaints). We persevered by finishing off by hand and putting in the freezer. The refrigeration side still works well. We now use intermittantly. I though Sunbeam wound have sorted out the paddle drive by now. Sonething more heavy duty. It sounds like the gears are plastic and wear quickly. The parts list show the paddle drive as "no longer available". My surprise is that the machine is still being sold (by the dates of ther latest reviews) and that the 10 year old design problem hasn't been addressed. Not a good look Sunbeam.

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Questions & Answers

Hi, I have had my Gelateria for quite a few years now so it is out of warranty but it has only been used a total of 3 times. Last time we used it the machine did not cool the ice cream at all, just wondering how to fix this? Quite disappointed after only using it 3 times and wanting to use it more regularly now, especially for the price paid.
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Hi Maddi, sometimes things need regular usage for switches and the like internally to be kept operational, and a good first step is to listen for the compressor in the unit to start - this will be audible and you can also feel the vibrations - if no cooling occurs at all, and you hear the compressor running - it could be either a gas charge issue - i.e. the refrigerant gas has leaked out (not that common for a low use device) or if there is a little cooling but not cold enough to freeze anything, if that is your finding then it may not be economical to repair - these have a fan (I think) inside that could have stopped working (that fan blows warm air out of the appliance) - lubricating oil can just gum up like glue inside the bearings of the fan (common if not used for a long time) - this would be an easy fix for anyone handy with a screwdriver and some fine manual dexterity.Hi Maddi C, Thank you for contacting Sunbeam. Did you put the teaspoon of salt and water under the bottom of the canister? This assists in the freezing process. Kind Regards, SunbeamHi, yes I did and allowed extra time for it to cool before adding the custard but it never cooled

My Gelateria bowl/bucket has corroded over time and would like to buy a replacement. Where can it be purchased from, as I have searched everywhere
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Hi Angela V, as this product has been discontinued for some time, we no longer have the replacement part. Maybe try searching online on places such as ebay or Gumtree or type into Google the code GL82101That is highly unacceptable to provide a top of the range product, so when someone purchases "the best" product on the market, and then discontinue making a replacement part which is often faulty! I am thoroughly pissed off to say the least. So now a perfectly good machine has been made redundant and need to be thrown out!! This is EXACTLY what is wrong with our world today! Our parents generation would buy something which would last them a life time! And this generation, we are forced to live in a disposable world!!!! In effect, in equivalent, you have sold me a top of the range car, with no option to replace a single tyre when it's worn out! Your company is disgraceful!!

I have used my machine 5 times and when the ice cream starts to become firm the blade stops turning and will not move Mixture is still soft in centre but around the edge of the cyclinder 2mm it is set to ice cream texture. I am very disappointed in this product when it cost so much. Why is this happening?
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From our experience this is as good as it gets. The machine will slow down the more you use it until it just won't turn anymore. It is a disappointing product indeed.Hi Dixie, you may not have seen my review of the GL8200 - might be hidden for a reason ! but this is the link if every you wanted to revisit the appliance or get it working https://www.productreview.com.au/reviews/b9e1dbf3-18f2-4ada-9a7a-b3e47c7e0a37


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