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Suzuki DT40

Suzuki DT40

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Doesn't miss a beat

Now 7 years old, my DT40 hasn't missed a beat. Serviced every two years just fill it up and go. Quicksilver oil has worked fine. My DT40 starts first time on cold starts at the ramp, just give it revs and choke. Not the most fuel efficient or quiet motor but it is a two-stoke and a good option if you are after something cost-effective and reliable. Saying that tho, I would always recommend a 4-stroke over a two stroke especially at 40HP and above due to efficiency and convenience with refuelling.

Date PurchasedSep 2013

Maintain and be rewarded

Had some teething trouble with this old bird, poor maintence by previous owners the cause.

Keep the fuel fresh and clean, use fuel stabilizer and quality two stroke. Clean your fuel filter regularly and check for debris and water in it. Clean your carb out thoroughly. Remove the carb, float bowl, float, fuel inlet valve, lower main jet, top idle jet and air screw. Blast it out with compressed air. Check the small holes on the jets for debris - the usual cause of idle problems.

Reassemble with the air screw 1.75 turns out and use the idle screw to get revs right. Mess about with small adjustments whilst the motor is running.

Renew plugs regularly and keep leads clean and sprayed with water repellant.

Keep gear oil clean and watch for any sign of creamyness - water getting into oil. Change oil seal if this happens.

Oh yes, and always make sure it is pumping water. Flush engine with fresh water after use if its going to be laid up. The stainless steel pump housing makes that a bit less of an issue, bit its good to keep things sweet.

I reckon it is one of the simplest, hard working, heavy duty engines around and easily puts my 15' cathedral hull seahog on the plane at one third throttle with 3 people in. I dont see the point in running at full throttle as that just uses the juice up too quick. It is very economical run just on the plane.
Inexpensive, easy maintenance
lack of web info

Questions & Answers

I’ve had great difficulty downloading a manual for a dt40 04005 - 410028. Suzuki website stops loading and boats.net doesn’t seem to have that model listed.
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Hey i have 2016 suzuki 40hp fourstroke it keeps breaking down untill i pump fuel pump have replace all fuel lines. Any ideas?
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Why does my suzuki 15 hp 2stroke outbourd moter run roughly with new fuel
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Assuming you are using the correct ratio, and you've cleaned your carb out thoroughly, then it's possible you are getting contaminated fuel. Some fuel has bioethanol in it, which can absorb water from the air or the tanks in which it is kept. A gallon of fuel can absorb up to four teaspoons of water in suspension. It's a major problem for boaters. Your local chandlers should have fuel treatments that can handle small amounts of water, they also stabilise your fuel. Any more than that and you need a water separator, but I would concentrate on making sure your fuel is clean. Mae sure the additive is ethanol (E10) compatible. If the problem is not water, test your compression on each cylinder

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