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Suzuki V-Strom 1000

Suzuki V-Strom 1000

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Way better than I expected

I was originally planning to buy an R1200GS , but took one for a long test ride and could really not see what the journalists were on about. It just didn't do anything for me.
Next plan was to try the Africa Twin. Also took it for a test ride but a bit bland and too much like a dirt bike for me.
The same dealer also sold Suzuki and he suggested I give the V Strom 1000 XT a try.
Wow. That was more like it. As a road bike it was way ahead of the Beemer and Honda. I didn't try them off-road as I don't use the bike off-road, so I can't comment on off-road performance.
My riding is mainly on really crap country roads and the V Strom is ideal for eating up big distances in comfort.
I have now travelled just on 10,000 km and still love the bike.

Purchased in August 2018.

Build Quality
Value for Money
Cleaning & Maintenance
Noise Level
Acceleration / Power
Fuel Efficiency
Gear Shifting

Very disappointing

I have been riding Suzuki's for 25 years. I have experienced multiple issues with this bike from day 1, the dealer in Wollongong is no better and was returned from the first service with oil leaks, I now have 2000klm on this bike and it yellow for a reason! Suzukis customer care is a joke. Im regretting buying this bike and should have spent extra on a KTM 1290R or BMW

Purchased in August 2018 for $17,990.00.

Build Quality
Value for Money
Cleaning & Maintenance
Noise Level
Mileage 2,000 km
Acceleration / Power
Fuel Efficiency
Gear Shifting

a great bike, spend a few dollars an awesome bike

9/2011 model, First, 2 teeth extra on the rear sprocket made a huge difference, so much easier to ride. Partner loves the large seat and the good suspension, and the top box. I up dated the engine using information from Holeshot in the USA, different pipes, air filter box modified/K&N filter and an ECU up graded, it is quick!!, Pirelli Scropion Rally tyres are great, on both dirt and tar

Date PurchasedJun 2014

Don't buy the BMW. Buy this instead.

If you're looking at this bike there's a good chance you'e also considering the BMW 1200 GS.
A warning: When you drop your bike (you will, don't kid yourself) the BMW will land on the valve cover and split it open. You will NOT be able to ride the bike home. There have been many instances where people have the factory engine guards and still split the valve covers open. The guard just folds over under all that weight.

Date PurchasedJan 2018

Excellent package - 2017 Suzuki V Strom 1000 XT

Took out the V Strom for a ride as it's one of the bikes I'm considering. Also in the mix is the new Ninja 1000, Tracer 900 and Multistrada 950. I've ridden the 2015 Tracer of these bikes and the 2016 Ninja 1000 but not the Ducati.
I'm looking for a road bike that is comfortable to ride and still has some good performance in the curves and straight lines. There is some other contenders that suits this but these are the bikes I can see myself with.

Ok, straight of the bat the V Strom is a cracker bike.

Metro/city riding;

It's very well suited here. It's narrow and has high mirrors so its great for filtering. The mirrors are the best of any bike in terms of what you can see. The height you sit also gives you a great view down the road and this would no doubt assist in other road users seeing you from the front, rear and sides.

I personally like the V Strom dash. Sure there is better out there but one thing I really like on a bike is being able to check my speed/revs/gear by just moving my eyes and not my head. All good for the V Strom here.
Clutch action is light and the bike assists you with some revs if you don't give it enough, preventing stalling. The throttle is precise and easy to control and once you put a slip on exhaust, you should be heard as well as seen.

I'm 179cm and the bike is right on the limit for feet down control. I can't quite flat foot it but I'm comfortable on the balls of my feet. I'm fine with it but if the bike was any taller I'd need to change the seat.
The suspension is excellent over pot holes and road imperfections. It always felt settled and connected to the road.
Weight and issue? No. Though I look at the wet weight of a bike I don't put a lot of importance in it. Well make bikes will wear their weight well and this is certainly the case with the V Strom.

Hills riding;

I'm mid 40's and I don't ride like I stole it. Sure I like to give it a blip here and there but only when I'm sure it's safe and there's no speed cameras around!
It took me 10 minutes on the bike to get used to the handling. You do have to be a little more positive with your counter steering to lean it over but it's by no means laborious. I don't want to overstate this because it tips in well, just not like the Tracer or the Ninja 1000 but not that much different.
Once into the corner this thing holds it's line superbly. It's so stable and planted and fills you with confidence. Mid corner bumps are no issue for the very well set up suspension. I really loved the suspension on this bike.

It's actually really hard to be in the wrong gear. Even when I was a gear too high the bike just pulled like a tractor. The torque on this bike is brilliant and there's plenty of HP as well. The bikes power numbers aren't as sexy as the other bikes but it was not an issue at all. Heaps of punch and pull, put a big smile on my face.

Engine breaking is the best of the bikes I've ridden so far and with the slipper clutch you can use the engine to break with confidence. At higher revs in particular the engine breaking is very strong and I wasn't expecting it the first time but appreciated it's power once I knew it was coming.

Freeway/highway riding;

This is where a bike with a decent wet weight is important. Both the Ninja and the V Strom are excellent here and this was the Tracers biggest weak point in stock form. I digress a little but the Tracers seat and windscreen are poor and cruising at Freeway speeds it was uncomfortable. In fairness however these are fixable and the Tracers only real negatives as it's also a great bike.

Back on the V Strom, the adjustable screen is easy to use by just a push on the fly. I put it in the highest setting and it worked well. The bike protects most of your body well, only my shoulders could feel the wind but it wasn't an issue.
There were no bad vibrations, the most could be felt in the seat but no issue just an observation. On the seat it's good but after an hour I felt very minor discomfort but nothing like the Tracers. Don't get me wrong it's a good seat but I think I had high expectations after riding the V Strom 650.

Once again the engine pulled from 6th to overtake when necessary, just a lovely engine. While I'm on the engine one of the real positives for this bike is the engine has a strong and long track record for reliability, low maintenance and low cost. I think sometimes reviews overlook that sort of thing in favour for the new sexy toy on the block. The strom also sounds decent with the stock pipe but it would be the first thing I change. The bike is ok on fuel economy, not brilliant nor poor.

One thing I haven't addressed yet is the brakes. OK they are ****ing brilliant. I was even happy with the rear which is usually rubbish on most bikes. The front brakes are the best on any bike I've ridden. The feel is excellent, the power is excellent and the control is excellent. On top of this is has the motion track brake system. I'll let you read the Suzuki spiel about that but basically it's cornering ABS with a little rear wheel braking added in when appropriate. I had one di**head start to pull out in front of me and I grabbed a handful of brake and the bike responded beautifully. Pulled me up quick and in control, still leaving me time to give the driver a friendly gesture!

As you can tell I think the V Strom is seriously good. If Suzuki made the non XT with a 17 inch front rim I reckon it would be near on perfect. i.e. same wheel set up as the Tracer, Versys 1000 etc. As it is it's still very good, I just think a 17 inch front wheel would make it turn in that much better and if you combined that with a 180 rear tyre it would be delicious.

For me the V Strom and the Ninja's advanced cornering ABS is a big draw card as all the bikes have traction control. This is what the Ducati and Yamaha don't as yet have. I'm sure they both will in time but I'm not sure I want to wait that long. Where all 3 other bikes are better is agility in the corners but the V Strom isn't far enough behind to make me not seriously think about it as I really loved every other aspect of the bike.

The V Strom doesn't get anywhere near the amount of praise it deserves imo. Even if your only half considering it, like I was, go and ride it and be really impressed.

- Excellent brakes, just fantastic with advanced electronics
- Excellent compliant and stable suspension
- Lovely torquey engine with traction control
- Excellent ergos and excellent view from the mirrors
- Slipper and assist clutch works a treat
- Tyres give good grip
- Could turn in to corners better but not a deal breaker
- Excellent track record for reliability and cost

I'm not an ex-racer, I'm just a regular bloke who loves all motorcycles. I've been riding road bikes for 11 years with some dirt bike experience prior to that.
Thanks for reading and I hope you got something out of it.
Stay safe,

Date PurchasedJan 2018

Great bike when you sort it out.

I've got a 2012 DL1000 (the last of the old shape) I did a lot of research & didn't hear of any negatives...I realise now I wasn't asking the right questions. Bought the bike with 10,500 km & was very happy with the all round package. Did my first big trip and while travelling through Brisbane in 4th with just a little throttle it would occasional feel like it was cutting out - very disconcerting whilst trying to negotiate traffic, saw a Suzuki dealer & thought I'd ask some questions.....They had no idea but were happy to have a look at it tomorrow....lucky for me I was short of time as I'm sure it would have been a waste of $$. Left the city & all was good again. This issue slowly got worse & now started back firing in the same conditions,did my own research & found it's a common fault caused by too lean a fuel mixture ,The solution is a Dyna jet fuel controller for $350 from the states....sad when you consider how long they have been making these bikes. Some also suffer from vibes from 2500 to 4000 rpm( known as clutch chudder) also fixable for $$. Apart from this it has great power & handles well & is really solid in the worst of weather conditions ! The screen causes a fair bit of buffeting but raising & spacing it out 12mm improved it a lot. Great bike & value especially if your prepared to sort out what Suzuki wasn't able too.
P.S .have done an additional 12,000km since owning it.

Date PurchasedAug 2016

Great all-round bike. Good on and off road.

Bought the new DL1000A model. Very comfortable & predictable bike and performs well. Had to spend a few bucks on basic accessories after the initial purchase (centre stand, heated grips, top box and a radiator guard) to finish it off. I have gone away on weekend rides and find the DL is great on the highway or gravel roads. I looked at similar bikes before I bought the DL (Honda & Kawa) and the Suzuki seemed to be the best value for money and had ABS and traction control as standard. Very happy with my purchase and highly recommend this model.

Date PurchasedApr 2016

Great bike , shame about Suzuki's customer service

Purchased DL1000 new in 2009 . Now done 130,000 km Overall a very good bike . Some spare parts way overpriced eg fuel pump almost $1000 footpeg $160. Issue with voltage regulator eventually replaced under warranty ( after being stranded more the 1000km from home twice !)Fuel economy is reasonable generally 350km for 17 lt
Not happy about a warranty claim for fuel pump being denied due to water in the tank and I refused to be robbed by suzuki for the pump.
Fuel pump was cleaned by a friend and is still going strong 90,000 km later

Great Legs. Shame about the Face

Bought the DL1000 brand new after being bikeless for about 9 months. Previous bike was a Suzuki SV1000. TBH I regret selling that bike. Anyway I bought a 2011 model late in 2012. Got an unbelievable deal. Have to admit it is the ugliest bike I've ever owned & also the first Adventure bike. Colour was black.
Optioned it up with a Givi screen & top box, heated grips, centre stand, crask bars & bash plate, pannier frames & soft textile saddle bags. The hard case saddle bags are more useful but they make the bike "fuglier" than it already was. Also changed pipes to get a meatier sound. In addition changed air filter. Negligible performance increase.
Handled very well especially in tight twisty roads eg Oxley Hway & the roads around Khancoban & Cabramurra.
Good mileage
Big fuel tank
Great range. Up to 400kms on a tank load if cruising.
Gentle on tyres in comparison to my XJR1300
Good wind protection
Because of seat height visibilty is far superior to other bikes
Great value for money
The aesthetics. Plain ugly
Extremely thirsty when pushed
The brakes lacked initial bite.
Extremely practical tourer. Good handling and wind protection made it an inexpensive touring bike. Unbelievable value. Shame about the looks.
Would I recommend to a friend? Yes I would
Would I ever buy another Adventure bike? Most likely not. Why? Trouble dismounting cos of seat height. Often got a cramp in right hammie. LOL. Am 183 cms & 65 years old. Traded it in on a Victory Hammer S

really comfortable great all rounder

I've had this bike just over 1 year, and taken it down the east coast of Australia. It just goes all day without a care in the world. All of my riding has been on the black stuff, so i can't comment on it's off-road ability.
It's easy to service, has heaps of ground clearance, and you can stand up on the pegs while you ride if you need to stretch your legs for 5 mins.

It's a lot cheaper than it's sports touring alternatives.
Great for long rides, and also a bit of fun to fang around the twisties.. this bike isnt' superb at any 1 thing... but it does most things "pretty well" versatile
Also, has a nice gearbox setup.

Only problem i can think of is the wind buffeting off the screen. Anything over 80Km/h, and it feels like someone is gently tapping your head around in the wind.. Try an after market screen, (some are better than others. Do your research) it's the angle or shape or something, but it needs some work. Also depends on your height, etc..
versatile, cheap, reliable, comfortable, torquey
wind buffeting from the screen. Even after market screens suffer from this.. Needs more research. No bells or whistles from factory.

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i have a 2002 mod with 182.000 kms, only work done to it cam chain and tensures at 165.000,put a cee bee screen on it and flatter bars


I love this bike so far. I test rode many in the lead up to buying and came close to buying others, but when I sat down with my criteria, firstly something that would do many things and meet a variety of user challenges, nothing else came close for the dollars. I put a top box on, ($150- pre-delivery) and my first thousand k's comprises of three long run-in rides. The bike opens up beautifully now that it's not restricted to 4,500 rpm. It has phenomenal engine braking. I'm guessing with aftermarket mufflers it would sound fantastic. It is very involving to ride, it takes real subtlety to ride smoothly (still working on that) so it's not like a straight four. At the end of my test ride I didn't take any convincing from the dealer, the demo bike had done it's job, and I just get fonder and fonder of this bike.
The engine is superb, the muted V Twin rumble. Handling is surprisingly good, very nimble for a large, tall bike. Two up braking doesn't seem so sharp, but it always stops in time (so far!) and then again the bike is still very new. (just clocked up 1000 k's) And it's a good looking bike, gets comments at bike stops and cafes, people all seem to have heard good things about them! Justifiably so.
Nothing yet. As a caution though, it is a tall bike. I'm six feet tall (181cm) and it's a comfortable reach to the ground on the flat, but if the ground's sloping away care is needed. Oh, I did just think of a dislike - no centre stand and as an option it's about $360- plus fitting. Seems to be a trend to put out bikes without centre stands, I can understand it on track bikes, but not on a roadie and certainly not on something that's designed to do all roads and presumably will go on roads where a puncture is more likely.


A fabulour bike. comfortable, a good set of long legs for touring, and a great engine. Handles competently, and even the worst weather won't phase it.
since writing my previous review soon after I bought my V Strom I have clocked up 46,000 klm, 20K of these in a round Australia trip. Aside from wear and tear things you'd expect it performed beautifully. I had it fully loaded up, soft panniers, dry sacks tied over each pannier, a top box, a plastic crate behind me loaded up with cooking gear, food, tent, and a tank bag. I could never part with this bike now, not after the trip and the way it looked after me!
Don't try sand on a DL1000, it's too top heavy, although with a big reduction in tyre pressures it will plug along on anything less than a moderate uphill grade. But trust me, if you lay it over, you better hope you had your weeties... And in hot weather, with poor outback fuel, if you push it along it will get thirsty!

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I have owned the original dl 650,then a dl 1000,then a new dl 650,(current,which I loved,but I missed the power of the big one,so,i am again back on a new dl 1000 l2,the red one,loving it as I knew I would,but waiting for the new concept one to be released.Atop product,great handling,economical,comfy,and a packhorse to tour with.Tons of ability and room to load up.Love it heaps.

Questions & Answers

Hi. I`ve had a DL1000 2011 for years and get pretty frustrated with the missing and coughing of the engine at low revs in the first 5 gears .does not seem to happen in top. Has anyone got a solution to this problem apart from fitting a Dyna jet fuel controller which comes from USA? Other than that I love the bike. Cheers Bill.
2 answers
Hi Bill, yes you will need a fuel controller of some type, I got mine through Holeshot in the US {google it} and then had it dyno tuned.Thanks very much Claus,do you know anything about the clutch shudder some DLs have?

I have a new V-strom 1000. Im 6ft 7 and i have the higher shield fitted but still im getting the wind banging at by helmet. Has any one found a solution to this problem? Ive not had this issue on any other bike. Considering fitting the stock one and just cutting it down to protect the instrument panel from the weather.
4 answers
Grahame. Dont think fitting the stock screen will help. I fitted the "tall" GIVI screen & set it to the lowest height. Worked a treat for me but i'm only a "midget". I'm only 6 footGrahame I bought a 650DL ABS (2011 last of the first series). It had the tallest Givi touring screen (fitted to the standard screen bracket) but the buffeting starting at 80K was really horrible. A lot of it was waves of negative pressure against my helmet i.e., ride in the rain and any water on your helmet gets sucked of your visor and smashes into the back of the screen!...weird to watch. There was an adjustment for height (3 positions) but it made no difference (I'm 5'11" but I sit fairly tall b/c I have short legs and the original owner fitted bar risers which make you sit higher). First I fitted a MADSTAD bracket from motorradgarage WA (online) which gives you easy adjustment for both height and angle. It got rid of 95% of the problem with the screen as low as possible and on the most laid back angle. What I am aiming for is for my eye level to be about 3 inches higher than the top of the screen. What completely fixed the buffeting was to add an x-creen to sit on top of the touring screen (i.e., the d-model x-creen which has double joints giving adjustment for height and angle) it works perfectly--I have height and angle adjustment on both the touring screen (via the Madstad) and the x-creen. To be honest I actually prefer clean air of a naked bike but this latest setup is a pretty good next best thing to clean air. So I can duck behind the screen if I need to and if I want to be behind the screen for a whole ride (because of insects or rain) I can quickly adjust the screens up to give me more protection. My only gripe with the x-creen is it had some scratches in the screen--not in the middle of the screen thank god. Apart from the scratches the x-creen is beautifully clear and well made and so I would guess that someone had it out before me and scratched it; so if you get one (I got mine from my local Yamaha/Triumph dealer) get it out on the shop counter and hold it up to bright sunlight before you accept delivery. I also got an x-creen adapter mounting clamp which allows you to fit the x-creen without drilling holes in your screen--for about $50 extra it was worth it I reckon. Hope this helps...Cheers Rob (from Mildura)i own a 2018 dl 1000. im only about 175cm. ditched the screen altogether. way less noise. no helmet bob or buffeting. very happy. clean air. i got oversized high bars. brings u back from the cockpit. ditch the mirrors n go smaller or bar ends. stock mirrors contribute to turbulance.

Looking at a low k 2012 to do some touring with the wife( for some reason she whinges about the KLR seat) will she be happy or should I just upgrade the ear plugs ?
2 answers
The Vstrom is a bigger more comfortable bike but also a lot heavier . I would try an Airhawk seat first. Happy Wife Happy Life ! JCIMO I prefer a bigger motor for two up riding. In addition the VStrom comes with twin front discs. Have ridden the KLR and it is a fantastic bike for the price, I still prefer the Suzuki 1000. Oddly enough I found the KLR's seat height a bit daunting and I'm 183 cms. In fact, the one down side to adventure bikes is their seat height. Mounting and dismounting is awkward which is why I went back to a cruiser. There's a thought. Why not buy a cruiser? Torquey V Twin, low seat height and a plethora of models and accessories. BTW still get the ear plugs. LMAO


Suzuki V-Strom 1000
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Engine Capacity996
Release dateMay 2007

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