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Agreed Value nowhere near market value

When I was submitting a claim for my stolen motorcycle, I was shocked to see that the Agreed Value on my policy had dropped $2000 upon the first 12 month renewal, despite my premiums not changing. The agreed value is significantly less than market value, but I was not given the option for market value as the bike was under finance. Apparently this is because the finance company assumes that market depreciation could cause the loan security to be at risk.
My bike was recovered, but unfortunately the damage caused has meant that it is a total loss. My bike was only 18 months old, low kilometers, and in perfect condition prior to the theft.
After taking out the excess ($500 basic plus $250 theft), having to pay out the rest of the policy, and the gap on the loan, I am left significantly out of pocket. The offender was caught red handed, but Swann advised that they cannot go after them, and that I should seek restitution through the court process.
I have another bike insured with Swann, but after this episode I am considering switching to another provider.

Value for Money
Customer Service
Insurance TypeComprehensive
Plan covers drivers under 25No
Claim MadeYes
Claim Resolution Time2-4 weeks
Claim DateMarch 2019
Claim ApprovedYes

So disheartened.

I was so upset with the way I was not able to ask questions, and explain myself for breast cancer reasons my finance payment were amended.which are now all up to date as the loan was varied as soon as I spoke to my finance company who were so compassionate and willing to help.
But the woman at swann shot me down like I was diagnosed again, so stressful and horrible to deal with.
Have submitted a dispute hopefully it might turn out better.

Value for Money
Customer Service
Insurance TypeComprehensive
Plan covers drivers under 25Yes
Car ModelHolden Astra AH
Claim MadeYes
Claim Resolution Time<1 week
Claim DateFebruary 2019
Claim ApprovedYes
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Hi Lorraine, our sincerest apologies if a Swann staff member made you feel like you couldn't explain your situation - we would never want any of our customers to feel like this. We'd love a chance to follow this up with the team, I'll be in touch via private message to gather more information. Kind Regards, Lynda - Swann Insurance

This was going to be a 1 Star review.

Negative part first.
[Name Removed] claims contact. Terrible attitude. Proceeded to explain that the mirror on a car, is not... NOT part of the vehicle. Context, Lane Filtering, 4WD, Tyres moved onto the line and caused me to swerve to avoid colliding with her resulting in me clipping the side of another cars bumper. Once her tyres are on the line, every part of the vehicle extending passed that Tyre is over the dividing line. She lied in her version, and Swann haven't investigated stating simply that, I'm liable.

If I have to cop it, I will. No argument. So long as a reasonable explanation as to why is provided. I even said I'll accept, tough crap, it's the way it goes. No, instead, I get [name removed] who attempted to crap his way out of the poor investigation. I called him on it and instead of being reasonable simply jumped to, “I am not going to argue with you about this.”

I grabbed a few details and called back. A female colleague answered. Once I said [name removed] name, someone on their end ended the call.

I had to call a different department and speak to a Supervisor (not to be named at present) who was extremely helpful and was dumbfounded that [name removed] said the mirror was not part of the car.

Currently awaiting a response and reply for this mess. Review will be updated pending the situation.

[name removed] need to be removed from their positions immediately. Once were talking about legal liability, you cant have the space for someone that has absolutely no idea what the law is regarding the incident.
With such arrogance, he single handedly made himself look useles and brought the name of Swann into question. He should be mopping floors, not answering calls.

The one saving grace was the Supervisor who is currently looking into the matter, otherwise, I'd have 1 starred this review.

P.S. There are photos of everything showing the positions of all vehicles.

Insurance claim madeYes

Don't use them

I was with swann insurance for my ninja 1000. I was taken out by a teenager ending with 2 days in hospital and the bike written off. The police report stated that I was not at fault but swann insurance still withheld the premium ( from memory $450) and never gave it back. I sorely attest found out that if I was with racq my insurance would have been around $400 cheaper and they have 24/7 customer help unlike SI.
Just don't use them. Worst insurance experience possible for top dollar

Insurance claim madeYes
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Hi Liam, sorry to hear you are unsatisfied with your claim experience through Swann, we never like to hear that. Usually when we don't return your insurance premium following a claim it's because we have fulfilled our contract to pay out your claim (total loss) - in these cases you need to pay the 12 month premium (your insurance term). We'd be happy to look into your claim further for you, we will be in touch via private message requesting information such as your claim number. Kind Regards, Lynda - Swann Insurance

beware gap cover claim !

We purchased gap cover for extra $975 on a $9000 motocross bike as a recommended by dealership with fire and theft policy also in 2014. Bike stolen this November, so we lodged a claim with Swann. @ separate claims, 1 for fire and theft policy and separate gap policy claim. Sounded great. If you still owe finance, they will pay it out. Right ? Wrong ! It actually only covers any amount between the current agreed value of the bike ($5242) and the residual on loan. So, soon as you owe less than the agreed value, the policy is worthless within a short period of time. And as they pay out the finance from your agreed value on theft policy, all we are getting is the theft policy agreed value less payout figure of $1508, less $725 basic excess and another $250 excess for theft. Doesn't leave much for your pocket. AND, twice they have left the payout figure lapse and have had to ask for new figure. Now we have made another loan payment and as well as having to payout our policy to JUNE 2019. Good news is, if they catch the one who stole it in the future, they will get the $975 excess of him and we can claim it back. Would love to see how that goes, as I am sure the thief will be dying to hand over the cash.

Insurance claim madeYes
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Hi Greg, thanks for getting in touch with us and sorry to hear you are not happy with your GAP policy coverage. We would love the chance to look into your claim/policy further, I'll inbox you shortly asking for your details. Hopefully we can sort this out for you. Kind Regards. Lynda - Swann Insurance

couldn't be happier

Just a little over 2 months ago now my spyder can-am caught fire while I was riding it. It was by far the most terrifying experience I have experienced in my life. From the very first phone call I made to Swann to receiving my cheque in the mail the service I received from Swann was amazing. I couldn't speak more highly of the staff in the Claims department, friendly, helpful, and caring. 10 out of 10 to Swann

Insurance claim madeYes
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What wonderful feedback for us to share with our team! Thank you for taking the time to post your 5 star review, we really appreciate it. We always love to hear how our service made a difference at such a vulnerable time. Thanks again! Kind Regards, Lynda - Swann Insurance.


After having a serious accident and my mental health being not well Swan insurance and Tac both made a very big difference in my life Both worked very well with me and Swan done every thing to make me happy Brought a tear to my eyes just how much they responded and made ever effect to see I was happy I guarantee Swan Insurance to be the best

Insurance claim madeYes
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Hi Chapo, WOW what amazing feedback. So happy to hear you felt like Swann were there for you at such a vulnerable time. We will certainly pass your great feedback to our Claim team. Thank you for taking the time to write your review, we really appreciate it. Kind Regards, Lynda - Swann Insurance

Motorcycle Accident Claims John a Legend

I Recently had an accident where I bumped into the back of a friends Harley Davidson...to see his beautiful Harley go over in front of me was like in slow motion...the damage was substantial to what was a great looking biker to see it badly messed up !!...Gladly my mate was ok !!..But what do you say to your mate when you have caused carnage to his pride n joy !!...I couldn't say anything....I was just speechless...anyway have always had Swann insurance but have never made a. claim in 30 years of riding...
You hear of these insurance nightmares on tv etc..but I was given a Claims officer named JOHN......(LEGEND) ..he took my statement and took care of the rest. of the process...organising assessors etc and approval of repairs to my mates baby(bike)....again left speechless but in a GREAT way...Nice to see customer loyalty and Excellent Customer Service..A rarity nowadays!!
Thanks Swann and a huge thanks to John
PS...hoping my insurance policy premiums and excess don't go up !!

Insurance claim madeYes
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Hi Thumpa, thanks for your 5 out of 5 review - it's great to hear we exceeded your expectations when it came to making a claim! We hope your mate is happy with the repairs to his baby (bike) and is back on the road again. We will also pass on your feedback to John. Thanks again, Swann Insurance

Check your excess on your policy!!

After my partner had an accident I logged on to see what the excess would be it said $400 and then all of a sudden they say its $475 and had been since October. Dodgy as they do not send you a copy of your new policy and are utterly rude to deal with. Make sure you ask for them to send you an updated policy showing your excess etc so you will have a leg to stand on when they try and jack the prices! Its only $75 yes but its the principal I didn't dream up $400!

Insurance claim madeYes
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Hi Ke11ie, thanks for getting in touch with us. We would like to look into this for you however in order to check your policy details we need some further information. We will send you a private message, could you please respond with your policy and contact number? Once we have these details we can check where the confusion around the excess amount has occurred/ Kind Regards, Swann Insurance

Great Service.

Got T-boned by a Tarago whilst riding through a roundabout last year, Swann was very helpful. They always returned my calls and kept me up to date on the progress of my claim. Pay out was fast and hassle free will certainly get Swann to insure my next bike.

Insurance claim madeYes
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Hi Phil, thanks so much for your positive comment, we really appreciate your feedback and love hearing from happy customers. Kind Regards, Swann Insurance

Worst company to deal with

Paid top dollar for the policy thinking this company will be easy dealt with. my bike was stolen, been 4 weeks since claim has been put through, approved by total loss team 2 weeks ago and still waiting for the replacement or a call to say when or what step they are at! Would not recommend and will never use in the future!

Insurance claim madeYes

Excellent Service, Quick Easy to deal with, Fast Pay Out.

I have my first major accident in 25 years of riding, I rang Swann from Hospital they were very helpful,They look after every thing, even advised me that I was covered for safety and personal wear. The Bike was written off.
Pay out was quick and efficient. I will be definitely using then in the future.

Insurance claim madeYes


My policy was great value at first especially when i signed up and asked for protection for my gear which i found out later wasn't covered. When i hit a dead wombat and came off meaning no one else involved i made a claim and my excess they sent the bill for is over DOUBLE!!!!

Insurance claim madeYes


I've called to request a simple statement of all my payments for the last financial year.

It took me 15min only to get connected to someone, although I've been a policy holder for the last 8 years. It then took another 30min for the representative to be able to understand how to generate the requested statement. A simple document listing my payments. It then took 10min for them to send email with the attached document requested.

Overall, I was on the phone with them for 50min!!

Their online customer dashboard never works.

What can I say, you guys leave me no options but cancelling my policy.

Insurance claim madeNo

Rude thieves

I was with them for 6 years. Never made a claim with them. I recently sold my bike and rang them to close/cancel my policy with them. The girl on the phone just laughed when she said that swann pay back the remaining money paid on the policy. That had been taken from my account 2 days before. A week later they have no done it at all. They love to take money but don't like giving it back and will OPENLY insult you. Swann treat people like crap, yet are completely confused why their reputation is going down the toilet. I would NEVER recommend swann to any MC rider period.

Insurance claim madeNo


This is the first i am writing a review as they are just really bad. My bike got vandalised and I had a comprehensive insurance with them but couldn't claim any money. They said its my own fault and will not honor the claim. My mechanics have testified it but still no resolution. Crap insurance, waste of money.

Insurance claim madeNo

Swann looked after me - I'm now a loyal customer

I had a motorcycle accident a couple months back and was hospitalised. I called Swann Insurance and they were extremely helpful, courteous, and took care of everything for me.

They arranged for the bike to be examined and assessed at the police vehicle pound, gave a reasonable value assessment, organised for it to be transferred, and once written off, they organised for the rego plates to be returned to the Dept of Transport. I was kept well informed throughout the process and had to do very little.

Their premiums were reasonable and their online quoting/renewal process is seamless.

They have me as a loyal customer (once I get another bike of course!).

Insurance claim madeYes

I honestly wish I could give it a Negative Five Star

I had a motorcycle accident because of a wet surface slip at a round about (possibility of oil on the road). I have video evidence proving that there was no law broken and approached the round about in a safe manner. Safe speed and small lean angle, yet somehow the bike washed out from under me.
I immediately contacted Swann about this and was hit with a huge excess that was not initially agreed on.
It's called a special excess because of my car driving history. Nothing to do with motorbikes yet somehow the excess applies for me because I've had a suspension in the past which I recall do telling Swann as I was signing up through the phone.

There have been people that hit Kangaroos and have had their special excess waived off by Swann insurance because it was not their fault. I can understand the difficulty of determining who was at fault but I had a video and it was provided with proof.

Original excess was agreed on $1200 and after making the claim they requested for a FULL driving history record which they should've done in the beginning and smacked me with a WHOPPING $3200. I might as well fix the bike myself.

An excess should be done properly and agreed upon once, it's basically cheating if you change it midway after I make the claim. It seems like Swann changed it because they received my claim and quote so decided to up the excess to compensate for the losses.

SWANN insurance is the most unfair company. Once you make agreement you should stand by it till the end not change it.
I was advised by a member of Swann Insurance that the special waiver could be waived as explained, people have hit kangaroos. She explained in my scenario with the video footage provided to a senior manager so they could overlook it. Unfortunately the manager declined the waiver as there is nobody to blame yet they couldn't blame the rider that hit the Kangaroo.
No Laws were broken.

The company is a bait. Easy to sign you up, they give you the pros not the cons so usually people get smacked with the unexpected.
Forget about Swann paying out to help you, they will do anything possible to prevent that even if it was not your fault and the accident could not be prevented.

For people looking for insurance I suggest you to STAY AWAY.
It is not worth the hassle.

When it comes down to really doing the job, they'll delay and take their time. I have a friend of mine that has been waiting for them to respond to an incident that happened a year ago, for months hes called them and yet have they called him back with an answer.

Save your money elsewhere, Swann Insurance maybe cheap but they're there's always a catch.

I have uploaded the "NEW" quote they gave me after I made the claim, as you can see there's the special excess that I have to pay on top of my normal excess.

Genuine crap!

Like most riders say "Swann USED to be good."

Insurance claim madeYes

6 weeks to pay out a claim and still counting! They are fast to switch the blame to me..

Still waiting on payout. The bike was written off 4 weeks ago and they are waiting on finance payout. One would think they would follow up after a week but no they just say it’s my finance that’s holding them up.. yet took them 3-4 weeks to send off the request! Have been telling everyone I know with bikes to stay well clear of them and with some luck this will help.

Insurance claim madeYes

1 happy customer

My motorbike was stolen on a Saturday. I reported the theft to Swann insurance on Monday.
One week after making the claim, the money was in my bank account.
No hassles, no fuss and great service!

Thank you Swann Insurance!

Insurance claim madeYes

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Questions & Answers

Can you get back your excess back if those involved with the theft of you motor bike are Caught and charged?
3 answers
Hi Mafia, apologies for the delay. In regards to the refund of your excess on a theft Claim, we can refund the excess if the offender has been charged and convicted of the offence. Hope this helps, please let us know if you need any further information. Kind Regards, Lynda - Swann InsuranceI was advised that this is not the case, as the FOI act does not allow for disclosure of the offenders name, even once convicted. My bikes thief was caught red handed, but unfortunately the damage he'd already caused was enough to make it a total loss. I am out of pocket roughly $1300 after my insurance payout (that's another story), and I have been informed that the only way I can recover this expense is to seek restitution through the courts.Thanks, I am out a similar amount, and also forgot that my glasses, balaclava and other stuff were in the top box! Will never use swan again! As I should not have to pay the theft excess if caught!

Does the comprehensive policy cover anywhere be who rides my bike?
1 answer
Hi Boo, thanks for getting in touch with us. You are covered for anyone with a valid motorcycle license who rides your bike unless you have a named rider discount applied to your policy (meaning only the insured, mechanic or repairer can ride your motorcycle). Depending on the rider, there may be additional excesses that apply in the event of a claim, for example if they are under the age of 25 an age excess would be applied in addition to your basic excess. You can easily check additional excess that may apply in our PDS (which can be found on our website) or by calling us on 13RIDE (137433). If you'd like us to contact you, simply inbox us your name and contact number and we'll be in touch. Hope this helps with your query, please let us know if you'd like further information. Kind Regards, Lynda - Swann Insurance.

I was hitting by a car when I ride my mt07 last Friday. I’ve already lodged a claim online and also got the claim number from the guy who was hitting me. This morning I received a email from Swann Insurance. They told me that they arranged someone instructed to inspect and authorise repairs to my bike. And I need to pay $500 to the repairer? I’m the victim in this accident! Is this normal?
2 answers
Hi Bear, thanks for getting in touch with us. We would like to look into this for you however in order to check your policy details we need some further information. Can you please send us a private message with your policy and contact number? Once we have these details we can get back to you. Regards, Swann Insurance.Get back to me? Liar! I’ve sent several email and you guys never reply me! Can you explain what’s going on?

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