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Swisse Sensitive Vitamin E

Swisse Sensitive Vitamin E

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Smell like plastic , did not help sensitive skin issues , eg, dry ,itchy

Its Smell like plastic , it did not help sensitive skin issues , eg, dry ,itchy , cooling effect , pain while skin broken even very sticky . I use it as hand cream but my daughter complaint the smell as well

Probably the best product I've used so far

I love this product. I was given this moisturiser by a friend and over a couple of weeks it has completely changed my skin for the better. Smoother and softer without it feeling greasy or heavy and even helped with the pimple scaring and redness I had as well. Most likely the best product I've used, will definitely be continuing to use it.

very good for my skin

I am very impressed with the Swisse Vitamin E it nourish my skin very well it seems to be as good as the expensive creams I have bought in the past and it is extremely affordable I will continue using this cream and swisse products very impressed

Nourishing, perfect for sensitive skin

I was looking for a moisturiser that was a bit richer than the one I had been using which would also soothe my itchy sensitive skin. This moisturiser is fantastic, natural and soothes my skin beautifully without being greasy. So glad I tried it. I was surprised at the list of quality ingredients for the price.
All natural, inexpensive, really works, soothes, no added fragrance.

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Is this good for combo skin?
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Yes I only use this product I have used Swisse Sensitive Cream for a long time now, I use it on my face it feels nourished smooth and nice using the cream I will continue to use the cream for a long time to come.


Sensitive Vitamin E
Price (RRP) $14.95
Skin TypeSensitive
Day/Night UsageDay

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