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Swisse Ultiboost Mood

Swisse Ultiboost Mood

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Makes differences in my daily brain cognitive activities

My name is Ayase , I have come across that the past years I have carried unresolved anxiety , minor depression and psychosis . It came clear about me that I've had these signs of the symptoms of showed up . Then after things got worst and I was having a hard time to understand what was happening to me , I decided to try this Supplement .

Yes , there are other says like you can get other Vit B , other supplement and get better etc . But as one person suffering from so much psychological pain , one thing they need is to believe in themselves again of what they are sure for . Doubting them , isn't gonna help . So I check this supplements with my pharmaceutical friend if it contains any harmful substance or addictive stuff and he said no . After taking for the first few weeks , I remember having to fall asleep so easily . So I decided to listen to my body as probably what it needs after going through so much inside . then I decided to keep taking for a week later , I noticed there is speed difference in my thoughts process , some of them were scary and some were strong , some were my trying to tell myself it was just a thought . Incredibly I started to notice more of myself trying to talk re assure myself that the things that came across my mind were an illusion and more and more clear to me , it was the brain activity that is part of me who is confidence in re assure me things are good and that nothing to be fear about .

A week turns into months , I have observed my brain power increasingly more confidence and less fear inside of my head . Reality doesn't seem so hard anymore and knowing that there's always something you can do to handle hard situation . I must say , I have recommended to 3 of my girlfriends that are too having similar symptoms and it changes / changed their behaviour when they are handle difficult moments in their life . One of my friend that is working with Singapore Airlines was having a hard time handling personal and work life , after taking two weeks of these supplements , she stared to be able to think for herself more , and that she told me she was asking more days off now and I see her much cheerful these days .

Nothing strong or beautiful to come easy , time will only allow the sight to those who put patients in themselves and then it will be easy to see it in others . I know depression is hard thing to do and if you let it consume you , be sure it will and it's gonna be harder to crawl back up . So be patients for those who needs time , let me pick themselves while you watch from over the side . Inspire yourself and other shall follow . Giving a support doesn't mean to filled their cups and treat someone like a baby . be to nurture and show them that they got what is taken to handle situation and they think they can't .

Nothing but love .

mood swings eased but don't like the side effects

mood swings eased but started bad dreams restless sleep heart issues and bladder issues increased. I stopped taking them and hope to be feeling better soon. since I stopped taking them I have had no more bad dreams bladder issues have improved and sleeping better.

worked extremely well for me

I am really impressed with this product. I have tried several prescription anti depressant medications and they had little effect on my moods, and the side effects left me tired, lethargic and with stomach problems.
I have no side effects with Swisse mood tablets and I feel very good most of the time. Occasionally I experience tiredness and lack of motivation, but those days are rare.

Not effective

Took these for my constant depression and anxiety and felt no difference ( 4 weeks) really disappointed tried the natures way Perika on Iherb and feeling better within first week already


I have been on them for five months do notice abit better but can anyone tell me if they get heart burn coz iam thinking could it be the tablets oh yes I have noticed my heart jumping abit more I have that issue anyway but more so

Be Careful If You Have Existing Issues!

Overall I did get a sense of calm from this, though I had a side affect of bad sleep, increased blood pressure and heart palpitations. I stopped taking this (with no other medications variables) and these symptoms subsided then stopped over the next 2 days.

Really fantastic

I got them for my partner coz he is really moody but he wouldn't take them. I was feeling a bit down one day due to PMS so I took two and I felt a million times better. That was 2 years ago. Since then I take 1 nearly every day. I strongly recommend them. Wouldn't be with out them now :)

nightmares too

I came onto this site looking to see if anyone else experienced this side affect. I started taking the Swisse Moods at the same time as I had a muscular issue with my neck and was taking voltaren for the pain in my neck. I had horrible nightmares, so stopped the swisse until my neck was better, thinking it was a combiation of the two. My neck is fine so have gone back on the Swisse Moods and am still having the nitmares, though not as scarey. Does anyone know if this eases as your body adjusts to the tablets.

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Follow up on above post. I stopped taking this product and switched to the SLEEP product instead. Sleeping beautifully with no nightmares, very heavy sleep if I take 2, so usually only have 1 and I am finally not waking every hour from 3am onwards.


This has definitely worked for me, suffer from Anxiety and tried lots of things. Been on these tablets for few months now and feel great. I do notice a difference if I ever forget to take it over a few days so it must be working.


Swisse mood tablets have changed my life, ive transformed from a moody teenager with no sense of where im going in life and a sense of helplessness and worthlessness to a happy bright and motivated teenager! the difference is outstanding

Yep, they work for me

I started taking these because I was feeling really depressed and unhappy. I have been having two a day for three months now and they definitely working for me. They do take a couple of weeks to start working. However I notice my mood drop quite quickly if I forget to take them for a day or two.

I have been taking swisse mood pills and everytime i take them i have the worst dreams they feel so

I think they are a good product but not good for me as they have made my dreams so scary I have never had this before they make me feel better during the day but as soon as I fall asleep I start to dream and I no I am but I get so scared when I wake up I feel like it's going to be real and I just start to cry I would like to no if this has happened to anyone else please
It helped my mood during the day
I was afraid to go to sleep

Happier each day

I started taking these not long before giving up cigarettes on the off chance it would help my anxiety, and I think they did actually help me a lot. I feel a lot more motivated when taking these although it does seem to take about a week of taking them to feel the effect. Well worth a try.
helped me with anxiety when quiting smoking.


I thought this was fantastic, i take two a day and feel great.
It just seems to really work for me and i feel as though i can get through the day easily enough.
the price was good as i expected to pay a decent price for something that works.
inexpensive, works

I've just started taking them but I'm suffering insomnia each night since. Did you experience this?I have just started taking them too and I have to say that I am very impressed with how I am feeling, the tense feeling ( jaw clenching ) etc has really settled right down but I have been having trouble sleeping as well, I am only taking one a day at the moment and have not been game to up the dose re the sleeping problems. Do you know if you can take these while pregnant?? It doesnt say anything on the container.

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Does ultiboost Mood tablets interact with bit B12, ashwagandha, alpha lipoic acid or Lyrica?
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Do they affect birth control pills?
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I suffer from anxiety and depression And my Dr has just put me on Pristiq 50mg tablets But still suffer from horrible mood swings Can suisse mood tablets help me live a normal mood swing free life?
1 answer
I took pristiq for a few years. Came off it Jan 2016 initially felt better for coming off it but not calm. Started taking HRT about 4 months ago but still struggled, in addition to the HRT I started taking Mood a few weeks ago i finally feel much much happier and in control. Have appropriate emotions and anxiety. Not so up and down or snappy with my loved ones.


Swisse Ultiboost Mood
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