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Swisse Organic Spirulina

Swisse Organic Spirulina

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Read the label

I found spirulina's benefits online and so bought this a couple of weeks ago and started taking. I have only been taking this for two weeks so the real benefits are still to be proven. However, note here that when i read the label, the key ingredient is stated Chlorella instead of Spirulina. To my understanding, they are not the same. To me, this is just a supplement so I'm not overly concerned. But for those who are specifically after Spirulina, better be aware of this.

It was good.

It makes me really energetic but I have some digestive problems. Maybe it is better to take just one per day.
I heard about that from my friends & they have the same problem.

I am taking this along with the chloropyll syrup

I feel great taking the two together. i have noticed about 2 kg weight loss which was not my reason for taking them but ill add that in. I haven't changed my diet or physical life so i can only put it down to adding spirulina. Because i have been on chlorophyll for over a year.
I began taking chlorophyll last year and was so amazed with it i decided to add spirulina.
I absolutely hate the smell of both and gag a lot especially with the syrup.

Just seems to keep me healthy and energized.

I have a thyroid problem and on medication for the rest of my life. I was advised by my new doctor to try Spirulina a year ago and see how I go. I have been able to halve my medication since 2 months after being on Spirulina. Its been a year now and I feel great. I am afraid to stop taking it in case I go backwards again, because it takes a long time to recoup lost ground. Thumbs up for me.

Swisse Spirulina +1

I love spirulina, but the smell and taste is dreadful so it's good they have the tablet supplements available! I've had great results so far. My skin is glowing, I've lost weight so the signs of blood cleaning seem to be working. I'm not a vegetarian, but I don't always eat much so this helps with energy boosting throughout the day. I take 2 in the morning and another in the arvo. I take only 3 since I think 4 might be slightly too much and I'm only 20 years old so my health isn't too bad at this point. I also give one tablet to my dog (14 year old Jack Russell) a day and it's helped with her cataract and allergies. Quality product and great price :)


All spirulina can cause digestive upsets in some. It gives me diarrhea. However for some it is fine. This product is quite strong. It was very cleansing and I take once a week as a sort of clean out. I feel quite good. Just be aware that your body might react this way.

Stomach Cramps

I started taking the Swisse Organic Spirulina tablets to help me start to get back some energy and to help my body feel good on the inside and I also started walking again to get healthy. At first i felt fine taking them I started taking one in the morning and one at night you can take up to 4 daily. They smelt horrible but washed them down with lots of water and the after taste was not so bad. I started to get bad indigestion after a few weeks but kept taking them and put it down to food or drink I was eating. But then the pain was so bad, really bad cramps like food poisoning I felt so bad I stopped taking them because I felt ill and hate taking tablets of any kind especially when I'm sick, I didn't know it was the tablets making me feel ill. I then started taking them after a few days when I felt better, then the cramps started again, so once again I stopped taking them waited two days then proeeded to take them again. The cramps started after one tablet so I stopped altogether and have felt fine ever since. I'm not going to take the rest of them as I felt that bad I couldn't eat or go about my day, I feel a bit let down and will stick to taking a multi vitamin instead.

It gave me horrible stomach cramps

Tastes disgusting.

I've been drinking ready made spirulina drinks for years, i.e Simply Squeezed & Charlies in NZ and Emma & Toms in Australia, and bought some powder to make my own. As soon as I opened the bottle I knew this brand would be disgusting, and no matter how little I use, and what I try and disguise it in, it is the most horrible vile fishy taste imaginable. I know all spirulina can't be this disgusting or there would be a trace taste or odour in the refridgerated drinks.

Taste and smell is vile.

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Is this product without the heavy metals?
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I too ask the same question... where is it grown? The answer is nowhere to be found, so I wonder why...something stinks here. I gave this product the thumbs up here, but now I will stop taking it because I found info that most spirulina comes from China, India, and I think Taiwan, where it is heavily effected by poisonous heavy metals and pollution. The sources say it can have adverse effects on users. So now I buy an Australian brand from Darwin, promising its purity. What have they got to hide when they refuse to nominate the origin of these tablets?
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Why have Woolworths taken it off their shelves?


Swisse Organic Spirulina
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Release dateFeb 2012

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