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Swisse Ultiboost Vitamin D / Calcium + Vitamin D

Swisse Ultiboost Vitamin D / Calcium + Vitamin D

Calcium + Vitamin D and Vitamin D
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Great Vitamin D

I just had a full check-up of my health. I have found that Vitamin D was slightly below the average. But it was better than last year result. My GP suggested that Vitamin D and Calcium supplement would help me to improve Vitamin D. As I have a dark skin, the melanin blocks a natural Vitamin D from the sun particularly in wintertime. I have been using this supplement over a year. Swisse is only one of two brands I always trust (another brand is Blackmore). However, I was asked to continue intaking Vitamin D and other vitamins and minerals from our natural food and diet rather than relying on only supplements.
I am happy with the results. The combination of having healthy diet, a regular exercise, and supplements would benefit our body better than relying on one thing alone. Taking Vitamin D takes time to see a real results but worth a try though.

Purchased in August 2019 at Chemist Warehouse Online Store for $14.99.

Effective Within More than a month

An End to Tooth Cavities

I am 55 and was advised to begin taking a vitamin D and calcium supplement to combat the risk of osteoporosis in later life. I also read that vitamin D is beneficial for reducing tooth decay. All my life I have suffered from tooth decay despite diligent brushing after meals and incidents of tooth decay can skyrocket during later years to a level not seen since adolescence . I have now been taking Swisse vitamin D/Calcium supplement for 2 years and have not had a single cavity - not one. My vitamin D levels are at their recommended amount but I had no idea this supplement would be so effective for dental health. I'm amazed this supplement is not more commonly recommended for dental health - or maybe not. It would mean dentists lose too much business!


I require Vitamin D daily due to my oestoporosis diagnosis at the age of 50. I have used another brand previously for several years and all my monthly blood tests have been in the correct range for calcium levels. When I saw the Swisse brand on sale, I was keen to try it. The brand has also been endorsed by athletes and sporting competitions. So, I was extremely disappointed after spending a considerable amount of money for the large bottle of Swisse Vit D, to be told by my GP after my next routine blood test that my calcium levels had dropped to below a recommended level. In fact, they were so low now, that I had to go back to my old brand and start taking 2000iu daily instead of 1000iu. Very disappointing!

Smoother skin!

Purchased Swisse Vitamin d3 as it was on special and recently had Vit D level checked and am in the low range. Have taken 1 x 1000iu tablet per day for the past 3 weeks. Easy to swallow, no aftertaste plus added side benefit of smoother skin. Have not taken anything else or changed diet in any way so can only put this bonus down to the Vit D3. My hair is also slightly less oily so maybe this product is affecting or balancing sebum production. Either way am going to continue using this product.
Price, easy to take small capsule
Nothing so far

Trusted product

I was advised to take an additional Vit D supplement (as well has my multivite which contains it) due to the type of Arthritis i have, i purchased this because i have used other Swisse products before and it is a trusted name, and didn't fail to impress! easy to swallow capsules, no offending odour or reflux, well priced (some places have it on special) and it is Vit D3 which is easier absorbed by the body than synthetic d2 in some products, also my hair and nails have become stronger which is a nice side effect!
Relaible brand, easy to swallow

Questions & Answers

Hi I am taking Swisse calcium and vitamin d combined. I have One question. Does this tablet can cause lose motions and excessive hunger in older people aged 64
1 answer
Technically it shouldn’t because it doesn’t affect brain function. If you’re worried about any symptoms I would see your GP.


Swisse Ultiboost Vitamin DSwisse Ultiboost Calcium + Vitamin D
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TargetsBones, Joints & Muscle and Immunity, Cold & FluBones, Joints & Muscle and Immunity, Cold & Flu
Release dateFeb 2012Feb 2012

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