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Tampax Regular / Super

Tampax Regular / Super

Regular and Super
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These are awful! The applicator doesn't fully insert them so they end up half out? Plus they dont stay in. They start to slide out after a few hours. The cotton material doesnt seem to have any coating on it so if you try to remove it before saturated it catches on the vaginal walls and pulls!! Ouuuuchhhh not to mention like other tampons are sleek and rigid these are too long and floppy. Useless all round.


I normally buy a supermarket own brand. Tampax are useless in comparison, I may as well not even use one of their products as I end up leaking after about 30 minutes!

Virgins can use tampax

My daughter used a tampon for the first time to go swimming , after half an hour she tried to remove it , it got stuck to her hymen which then had me taking my daughter to the hospital and having it surgically removed! On the packaging it says “ virgin can use them” it was the most traumatic time for all of us and still on tampax packaging it says “ virgins can use them” even on the bigger tampans! This is outrageous and I know from a certain webpage that there has been a number of girls that this has happened too. I am filing a law suit against tampax and I will fight them all the way to get compensation for my 16 year old daughter for the trauma she went through ! Tpax are saying that they have done nothing wrong with their product? Well yes you have otherwise this wouldn’t happen! So I am asking for all the young ladies that this happened too , to come forward and we will fight this together because this is going to happen to another young lady” a virgin” and they will try and get away with it

New style

I have just used the new style.. Does not go high enough... When I sneeze it falls out
Does not fit well.. Have used for years but the worst... It's very embarrassing and makes me want to not use again

It falls out!!

I have used Tampax since I was 13...20 years later I am sourcing a new brand because whoever re-designed these tampons has never used them. The cardboard ones were perfect. Stayed in place, no leakage...the new ones?
Seriously...they are literally falling out.
I'm getting this very uncomfortable feeling and when I use the bathroom it's protruding. (Sorry for the graphic details) however this is a clean one I'm referring to. So, so disappointed. Bye bye Tampax xx

Worst applicator ever

For a well known brand, this is really bad quality. The cardboard applicator does not slide at all. When wearing the tampon does not feel comfortable. I would never buy or recommend these. I'm back to my old brand for sure !

The worst ever

Thought to give these a try worst mistake ever, i used these before going out to dinner the tampon leaked in about an hour ,hubby saved the day by lending me his iacket had to leave the restaurant ashamed due to the spill out on the chair the manager was understanding but I am never going to use these again. Dont falsely advertise that there is a skirt on the tampon to save from leaking . Dont ever use these


I bought 2 whole cases, yes cases of these on Groupon, and they are the most ghastly tampons on the market. My teenage daughter usually uses another brand without problem, but saw these on groupon and thought I'd give them a go. She phoned me from school the first day she used them, complaining about how painful they were, and I told her to toughen up. She refuses to wear them. I thought I may as well use them rather than throw them out, and she's bloody right! They hurt like hell both going in and coming out (especially coming out) ... I've used tampons for 25 years yet nothing has ever hurt like these do ! I feel like an fool for buying so many, but did not expect they would be unusable .... Will never buy these again !
Price on groupon
Sooooo painful ... Feels like sandpaper coming out

Used for almost 15 years

I first used this product when I was in early high school. I used other regular tampons but they never seem to feel comfortable. They are a little expensive but the applicator is quite good and means everything is much more clean. Sometimes I have issues with the cardboard applicator going soggy if I have been swimming or just out of the shower.
Most times easy to use, appicator quite good and much more hygienic than regular tampons.
Cardboard applicator goes soggy if considerably wet after swimming/shower. More expensive than regular tampons.

Tampax cardboard applicator tampons

The tampax cardboard applicator tampons are really good. Some people say that cardboard tampons can be scratchy and hurt but when I tried the tampacx cardboard applicator it didn't hurt and went straight in. When I pulled it out after and hour just to see and try and judge what time I need to change it wasn't even full but it just slipped out it was really really easy!! WORTH IT!!!! TRY RHEM OUT!!!!
I like that the tampon itself had no fuzzys and the tampin applicator was smooth and was just amazing (;


A great product especially for beginner users. They are easy to inset due to the applicator and easy also to remove. Different sizes available and they do absorb the fow well.
This is one of the only tampons i can find that actually have an applicator.
They are more expensive than other products.


I remember getting these for when i first started using tampons. These made it so easy and great for young girls struggling to work out how to 'use them'.

I also found they are cleaner. You don't have to touch 'down there' and get 'dirty' hands. So good for people with hygen concerns.

I dont' use them any more but i reconmend them for all young beginners to make it easier on them. I remember not being able to go the pool when i was on my monthies until i found these! Saved me having to explain to the boys why i couldn't swim :\
Very hygenic, easy to use, great for first timers, easy to open, great support, no mess on you or your hands eww
Larger than normal size ones - so larger storage & packaging in your handbag.

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