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Tasman Eco Capri

Tasman Eco Capri

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Strong Paint Fumes

Unbelievable paint fumes in baby product. Opened the pack for three weeks, it was still strong paint fumes. I was in the same bedroom for 1 hour and felt headache and numbness was in my apex of tongue. Don't buy it.

Purchased in June 2019 at Baby Bunting for $398.00.

Bad smell even after three month

Cannot believe this is a nearly $500 cot. We leave it in our living room, which is more than 30m2, still have bad paint smell after three month unpacking. what terrible paint do they apply to this cot! How can we put our newborn baby in a cot like this! Looks good, but not eco friendly.

Purchased in March 2019 at Baby Bunting.

Side drop down railings has missing screws ..

I attached the cot to my bed so the drop down railing was not fixed together as we were ci sleeping. After 4 months when we tried to put together the drop side railing , we noticed it was missing a screw on both sides. My husband put it together without the missing screw and it looked sturdy. After few uses and dropping the railings.. now I can’t use it properly.
Very bad choice on my part.

This cot is dangerous!!!

I have found the cot to be extremely dangerous as my baby has been able to chew the paint and bits of the wood off the railing and head board. This has also resulted in my baby getting a cut lip. I contacted the company and they did not care or accept that the product is faulty. I would never recommend or buy from them again.

matching mattress has bad quality

regret buying!bought it fr baby bunting with the inner spring mattress . And only used for 4 mths,both side of the mattress turned yellow already even though had mattress protector on,wrote to customer service but got no reply. really concern about the material used in the mattress,should have chose boori instead

Nice looking cot

Bought this in a package with the changetable in dark wood colour. Nice looking cot but horrible to put together. The side is a slide down one and I can't seem to get it to do it. It has chips taken out of the wood already just from putting it together.
It looks nice but wouldn't get the brand again.
Nice dark wood look, can convert to toddler bed and lounge
Hard to assemble, easily marked and chipped, slide down side is not sliding

excellent customer service

I have been so happy with this company - I was having trouble with the company I bought the goods from and they were ignoring my complaints. I eventually decided to contact tasman eco directly and they could not have been more helpful in rectifying my problem with the change table that was sent to me. Bub is still on the way so I have not used the cot yet but it looks good and stable. I am very happy.
inexpensive, safe, and excellent customer service


After looking and comparing all the different ranges, we found the Tasman range and loved the design of the Capri Cot and its quiet side rail function. The sales assistant mentioned Tasman had the best after sale service of all the brands. We called Tasman for some advice and it was a pleasure to receive such great customer service.
Excellent value for money.
Great design and easy to use side rail.
Converts to a toddler bed.
Excellent after sale service.

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My issue is with fitting a mattress. The mattress it came with (Tasman Eco innerspring) is 131cm by 174cm. The length fits snug, but there are big gaps on the sides. My initial measurement was 5cm (2.5 each side), but i just re-measured and it is more like 4-4.5cm. The SIDS website says no more than 2.5cm (it actually doesn't say each side or total. I might call them). When i rang Tasman Eco they said Australian Standards is 4.5cm max. But i can fit my whole hand down either side, and i have just read on a forum (essential baby) where someones baby did get their arm stuck down the side! (I am waiting for Tasman Eco to call me back, they want to send a guy around to check. Although i'm not sure what they can do, they don't make bigger mattresses, apart from possibly a 75cm latex one. There are 76cm mattresses available - Grotime and Love and Care (130cm length). Boori - 78cm are 1cm to long at 132cm. Besides this mattress issue the cot seems ok! The drop down railing is a bit stiff, but manageable.


We were going to buy the Tuscany cot, but this was offered to us for approx $200 cheaper so was such great value for money we had to buy it. We have been using for approx four months and it's been great so far - no problems. Feels very safe and sturdy . converts to a junior bed later on. also has two heights for the base. It looks great I would recommend it.
Great looking cot, really nice smooth finish on the paint.
Feels very stable.
Easy to put together.
Great value for money. We paid $550 for cot and tasman eco mattress.
I have none so far.

Great quality wood, nice design

I loved the Boori range and size but could not afford the price tag, so when this was shown to us we snapped it up. It was half the price of a boori cot, yet similar in design, same size (as i have the boori mattress) as a boori cot and same in quality. I find the cot to be more spacious and will get more out of it as it is larger and will be more useful as bubs grows as opposed to a standard cot that will not last as long.
Down sides are that i find the side rail not easy to drop and you will need to spend more on a mattress as its not a standard size cot.
Inexpensive, nice design, quality.
Hard to drop side rail, need a bigger mattress which is more expensive

Stylish meets sturdy!

We purchased a Tasman Eco cot after researching a number of cots. Our decision ultimately took into account our desire for style, safety and cost efficiency.
Easy to assemble - my husband was able to assemble this by himself! Great value for money.

Impressed with service

I purchased one of these cots two years ago and admittedly had trouble with the drop side for quite some time. Of course while my husband was overseas the side completely broke and with a 31 weeks pregnant belly turning it around wasn't an option, so i had to prop it up on a basket and call customer service. I called on the Monday, I was contacted by a serviceman on the Wednesday and he was there Friday. I was completely impressed, he said they had changed the design of the little pins and replaced mine with these. He also replaced the whole side because of the little chips that the previous pins had caused. I cant commend the customer service highly enough.
Basic design and with a working side it is easy to use.
Just the unfortunate trouble we had with the drop side but now all fixed :)

Don't walk away from this cot - run!

Unfortunately I purchased two of these cots for my twins. The drop sides are so bad that in less than 18 months they have broken 4 times. The first time they needed repair was after less than 3 months use!

The drop sides on both cots are totally busted and I have had to turn the drop sides to the walls so that my babies don't fall out of bed!

At first the service from the company was excellent but I have now been trying to get both cots fixed for over 2 months without success. Repeated phone calls have only yeilded "we'll get onto our local repairman and get back to you"

Total waste of money.

Poorly built, bad quality, poor design - breaks too easily through normal usage.

Not recommended!!!!

After only a few months using it, i found out the wood around where the screws are damaged. I contacted Tasman Eco customer service and when someone came to inspect the cot, i was told i overscrewed it. This does not seem to be a valid reason to me. I have Kingparrot baby furniture and the quality is definitely so much better. I regret buying this cot so much. Even though it's cheap, you dont expect to pay few hundred dollars only to find out the cot quality is getting worse after only a few months of using it. I only had it for 4 months when the wood around the screw started to break.
I guess you get what you pay for. We bought it on special but if i knew the quality and the after sales customer service is this bad, i would not go near it at all.

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I am donating Capri Cot to Foster Care agency but had misplaced the bolts etc.I rang Tasman Eco and explained situation.Was informes kit cost fifty dollars plus ten for postage.I asked could they do it cheaper or even donate them because of circumstances.Was told no assistance possible as they had to cover their costs and are not open to an act of charity.Regards Cornelia
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