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Tasman Eco Tuscany

Tasman Eco Tuscany

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Terrible quality and customer service

The paint on my 2 and a half year old cot has cracked in numerous places and is peeling off. There was no other damage yet the company has said this is a wear and tear issue. The cot has been stored carefully and well maintained so this is not the case. I asked the company if the matching under draw fits under the Palermo cot. I was told yes in am email and went to buy this cot so i can continue to use the draws. Luckily I saw the display model and there is no way it will fit. I am now steering clear of this company.

Good cot but not easy to set up

This is a good cot once set up but it does not fir through a doorway and is very difficult to put together with just one person. Although i do like this cot i would not recommend it to anyone. We also have the Tasman eco mattress but with the latex top was lumpy and the springs could be felt when laying on it.

Tasman Cot and Dresser

Worst bloody furniture I have ever bought.
I have a white cot and dresser which is marked all over from touching it. The cot was all marked before my son had ever slept in it. I had a Tasman Eco Technician come out and he explained that it was a faulty batch and he had seen it before and that head office will call to discuss an exchange or refund. I didn't hear anything I had to contact them. To be told that it's a cleaning issue. I had to laugh a cleaning issue the technician came out he even marked the cot with his nail. I have taken Tasman to fair trading and If nothing happens, I will then be taking it to tribunal. I'm sick of spending good money on poor quality stuff. My son is only 5 months and all his furniture looks like I got it from the side of the road.

Looks can be deceiving!!!

Bought the Tuscany cot, drawers and toy box in latte, looked beautiful in the shop (baby bunting) excitement was short lived.
Upon delivery, unpacking the drawers a huge scratch was discovered, contacted Tasman they left a $200 voucher at Baby Bunting for us, put the cot together and the cot scratched so easily I was gutted, new baby not arrived and the furniture was ruined, so upset.
So baby arrives and in the first 6 months it is scratch to hell, and let's face it my son hasn't started scraping it yet. How the hell can these expensive nursery furniture be up to housing a baby let alone a toddler. Contacted Tasman again in November 2013, then Dec 201still waiting for them to get back to me!!! I really wish I had bought Boori.
Looked nice in the store
Scratched all over

Bad customer service

We purchased one of the Tasman Cots and are extremely unhappy with their mattress size and feel base of cot needs to be made another 20mm wider. The gap space is ridiculous. I can get a full hand down the side. When l phoned the owner he really had no interest in helping me. Should have gone boori. Its also very soft and dense as othets have mentioned.

Love love love it

Wr bought the Tuscany for the look of solid legs etc. had an issue with front panel gettin stuck when moving up and down. Front panel ended up splitting. Bubs baby shop swapped it for us. After a little modification in the tracks that allow it to go up and down made it perfect.
Design, colour.
Soft and dents easy


I was impressed with this in the store, looked great and the price seemed fair compared to Boori. After taking it out the box I was surprised to see it was made in China, the marketing seemed to paint a picture of an Australian made product. "Tasman Eco - Australian designed". Truth is there's nothing about this which is Tasman, Eco or made in Australia. It was tricky piecing it together, the front panel doesn't work properly and although the company have been very helpful on the phone and are sending a new part, I still have a product which is badly scratched because the initial instructions were wrong. It's also worth mentioning that I have since found out that Boori, King Parrot and Sunbury are all made in China now too. How sad that no one is manufacturing in Australia?
Felt solid, looked good, much cheaper than Boori and a like
Made in China, wrong instructions in box, complicated assembly, poor fittings

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Yeah I've been to babiesRus today and asked where Tasman eco baby cot is made, the store person said she didn't know and wasn't keen on finding out. The only products made in Australia or nz will say so on the label, all others will b made in Asian countries. But I guess the important thing is safety and reliablity of the products

Nothing but wonderfu

I bought this cot for my first child. I was delighted with how strong and sturdy it was. It looks very stylish and would go with any decor. I have never had any problems with the side coming down or scratches/dints. I had 2 in cots at the same time, but when my 2nd child's brand new cot's side was playing up I sold it and gave him the tasman eco. I just sold the cot with much sadness as both my babies used it. It was in great condition when I sold it and the buyer was very happy!
Strong solid construction, easy to use side

Absolutely terrible

Bought the cot brand new in the colour mocha, when assembling cot scratches and dints all though the timber, main safety lock screw was missing and could not be assembled. When I contacted Tasman they did not react kept palming the complaint of to a sub contractor in Queensland. 2 weeks of me ringing and still no result. Tasman did not do anything to help us with this problem the best they could do is replace it on there next shipment to queensland. This doesnt help when you need it urgently so your baby can use it. Strongly do not recommend this product. If you were like us and tossing up between boori and tasman, go for boori we wish we did.
Design looks good
Over priced, bad customer service, missing parts and damaged product.

Great Product, excellent company!!

It is a very good baby cot! We had a couple problems that were mostly caused by our daughter. We rang the company (Tasman Eco) and they helped us and supported us in our minor matters quickly and professionally! We would recommend them to anyone and would buy from them again! Their cots are a good prices too!! Thanks Tasman Eco!
Quality, good price, and quick professional assistance when needed! Not treated like a number!!


Great looking cot but thats about it! I have already had a replacement after the cot gate got stuck down and my son jumped out at 11months old. Now I'm having problems getting the gate down! It marks very easy and he has bitten all across the top ( which I know isn't the company's fault!)
it looks nice and the change table has been fantastic. The company were helpful but it took 6weeks for something to be done about my problem.
Completely unreliable and its just doesn't come anywhere my expectations and Im not one to usually complain. So I'm very disappointed :-(

perfect first bed for your baby

When I was shopping for my baby's cot the first one to catch my eye was the tasman eco- tuscany in mocha. It's such a beautiful looking cot, that comes at a really affordable price and a free interspring mattress.
The base is adjustable so it can be at either bassinet height or standard cot height. The side rail is easy to move up and down, only needing one hand and little bump with your hip or knee.
It comes in a range of colours and there are many other pieces of furniture to match.
If you're looking for a stylish cot at a really affordable price you can't beat tasman eco.
everything! free mattress, great service from the company, affordable.
nothing but love for this item.

Love it!

I love this cot for my son! I was only interested in buying a solid looking cot when I was pregnant with my son, I didn't want to buy a flimsy looking cot. I love that my son will be able to use the cot for quite some time, as it converts to a toddler bed.
Very easy to put together, very reliable


Our toddler has bitten holes in the drop side of the cot and I contacted the company to ask about a replacement side (too late for teething rails!) and a replacement estimate was about 80 dollars! Very reasonable and great customer service! I love this cot and am 100% happy with it. We even bought the change table to match...
sturdy, stylish and good value for money. It is big and made of real wood unlike most of its competitors. It changes to a toddler/day bed so caters for a child for up to 3-4 years. We bought the mocha, and it looks so grand and stylish in the nursery.


We have loved this cot almost from first sight. It is reasonably priced for a sturdy cot. We shook every cot we came across and this was the only one (aside from the very expensive boori range) that didn't even flinch with our shake test. We have the two drop model (they now come as a single drop) and it feels much more sturdier than the one drop model (not sure if you can still buy the double drop). My husband is now a pro a putting the cot up and down form all the moving we have done and it is still holding together as well as when we bought it. Love this cot!
Cheap, well made, sturdy, stylish
Baby has chewed holes all over the side and it had been difficult to find a chew rail for it.


Really happy with the purchase! If I had my time again I wouldn't have switched. Although, we also bought the change table, which I used once then ended up using a spare bed. Now it serves as a storage shelf.
Super solid, stylish look that matches the rest of our house
Sensational customer service - I lost some hardware bits to convert the cot to a junior bed and before I could complete a full sentence the bloke on the phone had offered to send the bits for free!
I didn't find it hard to put together. Single handed job (with the help of some telephone books to hold up the cot).
When you slide the gate up it makes a pretty solid click, which can wake a sensitive baby. It takes some practice to master, or alternatively a small stool to avoid the need to slide the gate down.


LOVE LOVE LOVE this cot. Has to be my absolute favorite baby product purchase. Looking forward to using it with subsequent children. Would absolutely recommend the cot!
A beautiful, sturdy cot. Once we got used to the mechinism to drop the side- very easy. Love the fact that we could lower the base when our daughter was a little older.
Not very easy to put together. The directions aren't very clear.

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Tasman Eco Tuscany
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