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Tefal Filtra Pro FR406860

Tefal Filtra Pro FR406860

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Great Deep Fryer for the price

This is a great product. The sides do get a little warm, but not melt your skin warm. It has a filter, which is just a strainer at the bottom. You take out the heating element, then lift the "filter" and all the nasties come out. Keeps the oil fairly clean. Cooks really well, though so far I have only done chips. Good size but I am not sure it will fit more than one schnitzel at a time - will have to wait until I try it. The timer was loud enough to hear over a TV at a reasonable volume. Would certainly recommend it, unless you want to pay more for something professional.

Purchased in April 2019 at Harvey Norman Physical Store for $125.00.

Good unit, does the job

I'm pretty happy with this fryer overall.

As someone mentioned below, the construction is on the cheap side but for the price what do you expect.

Unlike some negative reviews below, I didn't have any problems with the unit getting up to temperature. The unit heats the oil quickly (much faster than a pot of oil on a stove). I set the dial to 180C and measured the oil with my Thermapen once the heating light went off. It was either dead on 180C or off by a few degrees at most, and held the temperature steady.

My only gripe would be that the heating element is higher off the bottom off the frying bin than it ideally could be, meaning the frying basket sits somewhat high in the bin. As a result you need quite a lot of oil to effectively fry - maybe around 3L minimum if you want to fry a decent amount of food.

Aside from these minor flaws, it's a good unit and I'm happy with my purchase.

Date PurchasedNov 2018


This is the first deep fryer I've owned but I'm extremely happy with it!
Easy to clean, easy to empty and not too big to transport.
My only issue is that the timer could be a little louder as you can't hear it over the bubbling oil, otherwise great!
I also love how compact the unit is!

Date PurchasedFeb 2018

Just ok

Metal finishing is poor - rough edges - doesn't appear to have been de-burred at all.
Timer is cheap to the touch, and is very quiet when it alarms - can hardly hear it above the frying/cooking sound!
But it fries decently. Oil level (markings in the side faces) doesn't quite appear adequate. Disassembles easily for cleaning. Just ok.

Date PurchasedSep 2018

Money well spent. Tefal you’ve done it again.

Bought this item for my mother in law as a replacement to her old double deep fryer. This is a perfect deep fryer for a family. The bonus of the large basket, the slimness of the casing and a extra bonus it stays clean. The added benefit of keeping your oil clean is a bonus too. Though you need to lift the element you just simply lift the crumb catching tray, empty and of you go again. This helps in prolonging the life of oil. It also helps that it is a 4 litre so you can fry a good amount of food. The only downfall would be when lifting the basket to rest upon lip, the prongs of the basket need a little wiggling so you may be able to rest properly. Tefal needed to have had the prongs slightly wider as this would making resting the basket easier to use. Also, there is no off/on button. Using the temperature knob identifies if on or not, but her dual fryer was the same. For an older lady, she loves the ease of use and being able to clean oil on a regular basis without having to transfer oil from one container to the other. Do recommend this item for those who enjoy the use of deep fryers.

Date PurchasedFeb 2018

Crispy and delicious

Very pleased with this purchase. Makes life easy and is a pleasure to clean. The food is crisp and crunchy and well cooked through. It uses a bit of oil but that's to be expected for a deep fryer.. We put it next to the range hood to keep the moisture and smell away from the rest of the house. Would recommend this for you

Date PurchasedFeb 2018

Does the job

The appliance does the job ok, but I have to have another thermometer to keep check of the temperature because the real temp of the oil varies between 15 and 20 degrees below what the read out is showing, this can be quite a nuisance. I also find the basket sits too high in the oil which limits cooking quantity, otherwise it's ok. Presents nice and price was ok.

Date PurchasedJun 2017

Good for the cost!

Deep fries both savoury and sweet things beautifully. Have done chips, potatoes, dim sims, and donuts....and they have all cooked beautifully. Doesn't filter quite like I expected it to. The filter piece does catch big pieces of food, but smaller bits float & fall to the bottom. I have had the Tefal deep fryer with the filter and oil container at the bottom, and think it is probably a better unit!

Date PurchasedAug 2017

Good but a couple of small flaws

The tefal filtra pro holds 4 litres of oil and heats up to temperature quickly.

The temperature dial is fairly accurate and the timer is basic but functional.

When in use the lids sits on the fryer to contain splatter and most steam from the frying food is vented through a special filter, the filter is just a stainless steel mesh with no absorbent properties or charcoal filter for the smell.
I recommend placing the unit as near as possible to your kitchen extractor or your kitchen will soon smell like the local chippy.

The other minor issue is that condensation will form under the lid, so care should be taken when removing the lid that it doesn't fall into the fryer.

The filter sits in the bottom of the fryer and when lifted up pulls any floating bits out of the oil, pretty basic but will catch all but the finest of crumbs.

Overall pretty happy with the item.

Date PurchasedJun 2017

Handy When Needed

Had this for a few weeks now tried chicken wings firstup wow so nice, had to throw some chips in came out nice and crunchy. not sure about the neg comments about heat mine is hitting the mark no problem, love fried food in winter (in moderation) so handy this will be for a snack.

Date PurchasedApr 2017

Does the job

We bought this to fry home-cut chips and donuts, and it works beautifully on both. My only negative feedback is the Instruction manual is not very good (has pictures instead of text, so it leaves room for misinterpretation), and the timer alarm is too soft. We learnt more about how to use it from the Tefal website

Date PurchasedDec 2016

not happy

Our chips just layed in the oil and soaked it up. We checked the oil with our thermometer and it got to 160 at best. NOT HAPPY. Want our deep fryer to reach 190. This one says it does but doesn't. Took it back and got a refund after a lot of hassle.

Date PurchasedOct 2016

Not hot enough

Like others we purchased it to make crispy chips but it only heats to 160 as tested, OK for other cooking but would not recommend for chip lovers, will now have to buy another as chips are the kids faves, pity I can't return if for not hitting the tempretures it says it can

Date PurchasedNov 2015
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Hello. Thank you for your review of the Tefal Deep Fryer FR4068. We are sorry to hear you aren't completely satisfied with the machine. The maximum temperature for the machine is 190 degrees. If you wanted to contact our customer care team on 1300 307 824 or via email (productreview@groupeseb.com) we can discuss the issue further. If we can be of any assistance in the future please don't hesitate to contact us. Thank you – Tefal Australia facebook.com/TefalAustralia.

Does not filter...

I purchased this unit because of the apparent filter system. The mesh only grabs large chunks anything smaller falls straight through and defeats the higher price purpose of having a fryer with a filter. Extremely disappointed. The unit is large and sturdy but it does not do what its name description and clear oil images on the box says it will do. A marketing rort.

Thermostat indicated temperature is totally inaccurate.

Thermostat turned the fryer off when set at 160° but the actual temperature tested with a digital thermometer was 140°.

I then set the dial to the maximum which is supposed to be 190° but the actual temperature tested with a digital thermometer was 160°.

Therefore.. soggy chips.

And my only purpose in buying a deep fryer was to make crisp and crunchy home fried chips.

Best Deep Fryer I've ever owned!

Chosen Xmas gift... I love the way it can be taken apart so it can be cleaned easily, some parts can go in the dishwasher! It even has a crumb catching tray so they dont sink to the bottom and discolour the oil making it last longer. The depth of the bucket is deeper than others which is great so not to overflow the oil. The timer can be set for as long as you like. The basket sits easily on the edge for easy draining of oil to get the chips out cleanly. Very safe to use and the cord can be stored on bracket at back of fryer. No trouble at all after using it 4 times already!

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Hi Dvynanjl, Thank you for such a fantastic review of the Tefal FR4068. We are so happy to hear that this is the best deep fryer you have ever owned. Enjoy cooking with this appliance! If we can ever be of any assistance please don't hesitate to contact us. Thank you. – Tefal Australia facebook.com/TefalAustralia

thermostat not accurate

Cleaning system is useful to get rid of big particles. The size is good and the metrial easy to clean.
The main disappointment is that the thermostat is not accurate (140degrees is only 120) and the fryer can't get to the max temperature. I achieved 175-180degrees max. Critical to make good french fries.

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Hi Linovano, Thank you for your review of the Tefal Filtra Deep Fryer. We would love to see if we can assist with the temperature issue you are experiencing. Could you please send us your Contact Details via email to productreview@groupeseb.com and one of our Customer service Team Members will be in touch to discuss this further. Thank you. – Tefal Australia facebook.com/TefalAustralia

Good fryer

I totally agree with Beebeegee review and they have said much I was going to. I have owned this fryer now for six months and use every now and then. It is of a good size and frys well. The Sieve sits under the heating element so this needs to be taken out ( must be cold) and this creates some mess (drips of the oil), but the main disappointment is that it only sieves larger particles of food and finer particles are left behind. The oil is cleaner but not totally clean.

3 months use

we only got 3 months use before thermostat blew. back to Harvey norman for a new one again,it was a good fryer to use,hope it's a one off thing that happeed.

Updated Deep Fryer Works Well

The FR4068 is a traditional 4L deep fryer but includes a clever filtering sieve that takes most of the artifacts out of the cooking oil without making a mess. Use reflects a commercial fryer and the volume of oil is a plus in that it maintains its heat when food is added, but a minus because you have to buy that much oil. It does chips well in the basket, and fish or chicken not in the basket to ease the cleanup. It has a timer on the heating control unit, a Very Poor place because if you want to reset it or turn it off your hand would go through the hot exhaust steam and be burned. You only try that once. The timer disables itself after a few pings, and in fairness there is no better place to put a timer that would be in sight. The timer does not turn the unit off.

For cleanup the parts include the basket, sieve, oil tank insert, and cover, all dishwasher safe. The shapes and sizes can be unwieldy in the dishwasher. One has to take care not to make a mess while removing the sieve part as it sits underneath the heating element. The outer metal shell is easy to wipe down but feels thin. The heating element unit needs to be wiped by hand. The handle on the sieve assembly protrudes to make the footprint larger than necessary. If one stores oil in the unit between uses, the basket needs to be stored separately or left immersed in the oil.

Overall, happy with the unit.

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Filtra Pro FR406860
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