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Tefal Oleoclean Pro FR804060

Tefal Oleoclean Pro FR804060

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3.7 from 21 reviews

Wish i didn't have this

I agree with SuzP i cannot get my chips nice and crisp and crunchy no matter what type of oil i purchase. I have a air fryer which cooks better than this. My husband bought it for me!!!!! say no more

Purchased in May 2019.

Fit for purpose

Works well, wish it got hotter and had a better heat up time once food went in. Oil cleaning is OK, only paid an additional $10 for the feature vs the similar breville without. Wouldn't justify much more than that. Also a big unit comparatively, may not be worth the extra storage space for some.

Purchased in April 2019.

It was good while it lasted, edit: still great!

I deep fry food very rarely and do have an old (still working) Sunbeam deep fryer, but the fact that this will filter your oil was what tempted me to buy it,
Especially as I don't use it often, I have trouble storing the oil. (even though it advises to keep it in a cool place, not in the fridge I have made room for it in the fridge and it has been happily sitting in there). The the last time I used it (and the second time, ever) was in March. It worked as advertised, I was very happy. I filtered the oil and stored it in the fridge, and cleaned the rest. Cleaned it by hand as most bits are too large for the dishwasher (that was a bit of a disappointment)
So, I dragged it out for Christmas. It worked fine. I then left it for the oil to cool down and turned it to automatic filtering before I went to bed.
This morning I discovered that the oil was still there, it didn't drain. I tried everything I can think of, took the plastic container out and poked at the drain with my finger - the oil started draining, but as soon as I let go, it stopped
As you can imagine, I am not happy! Sure, I can drain the oil into something else, but the only reason I bought this was for the filtration!
The warranty is out, so looking forward to a fight with Tefal
P.S. I should really cancel the above, but, in the interest of full disclosure AND to possibly avoid the same mistake by someone else...
This morning, I carted the contraption into the laundry, in readiness to upend the oil into a saucepan. As I lifted out the inside pan, a decided to study the mechanism, to see if I could see what caused it to malfunction. I noticed that the switch that changes over to auto filtering, has a little lever inside. I then wondered how could that possibly engage the drain, when the drain is on the opposite end? Talk about a light bulb moment! When I reassembled it after I washed it after the last use, I noticed a little flap thing on the inside, which I presumed had something to do with the motor, so put it on that end, which happens to be where the drain is. I now realise that it is probably for the basket to hook on somehow.
How embarrassment! Changed it over, put the oil container back in, turned it to auto filter and voilà!

Date PurchasedNov 2017

Sorry I wasted my money!!

I have been cooking oven baked chips for years & after purchasing a Tefal Deep Fryer I will continue to do so! Why did I waste my money? ? Not only on the fryer but on 3 different types of oil, every variety of potato including frozen chips. Not once did we we get a lovely crisp chip with a fluffy centre. Last night I again cooked my chips in the oven with just a light spray of oil & they were delish! Anyone out there want a deep fryer as I'm giving it away!

Date PurchasedMay 2018

Only easy to clean if you have a dishwasher and can wait at least 4hrs - apparently

I haven't had a deep fryer for years now and decided to get one that labels itself as easy to clean. Now I remember why I gave my old fryer away.

For something that considers itself easy to clean, you may as well add the cost of a dishwasher or the cost of operating your dishwasher, as well as extra 4hrs waiting for the oil to be cooled down enough to be filtered.

Firstly you need to factor in approx 4hrs for the oil to cool down enough to drain down the filter. The gunk is caked onto the deep fryer as it would in most other fryers. So I soaked and washed all the parts in the sink since we don't use dishwashers. By the time everything is done, well it's 11:45pm.

Now I have a pretty massive oil tank that is still too warm for the fridge. Though aparently refrigeration isn't compulsory, it kinda feels like, what's the point? I could have just as easily filtered the oil in my trusty oil filter jug and pour it into the bottle the oil came in. This giant oil tank takes up too much fridge space, I would prefer to empty the oil back into the 1ltr or 2ltr oil bottles it came in.

The 2nd time I used the fryer, I decided to skip using their filtration system and pour out the oil through a jug filter and save it in an oil bottle rather than the oil tank under the machine. I then boiled out the remaining mess and cleaned the fryer. This time I got everything cleaned by 9:30pm.. so in other words I paid premium price for a filtration system that I am better off not using.

Needs :
Backlit panel for the count down timer (ridiculous that there is no backlight or any digital function for the price paid, the height of the fryer resulted from the oils tank makes the LCD panel almost impossible to read with or without shining a light to it)
A green light to indicate the oil is ready. (Counter intuitive red light to indicate heating, and the red light turns off when temperature is reached, so you are confused between whether the fryer is even switched on or ready)
An actual temperature gauge would go a long way.

In hindsight sight, I Should have bought the Breville Smart Fryer... Cos this Tefal is just poorly designed and impractical

Date PurchasedMar 2018

Disappointed, has 2 significant flaws

My first issue relates to the Oil straining ability, when compared to a "regular" style deep fryer, to empty the oil and clean the unit, it is in fact more time consuming than my previous deep fryer. The reason is, yes it will drain and strain the oil, but your are then left with still having to clean the bowl but now I have to also spend more time cleaning around the strainer valve and screen to remove the grunge. I have drained twice now, and I can grunge under the screen above the valve yet I can't get at it without dismantling this component which the manual does not mention so I assume this is NOT a step the manufacturer allows. In short, it is just as quick (and easier) to simply empty the dirty oil into a container, clean a unit without the strainer function, then empty the oil back into the fryer using muslin or a fine strainer.

The second issue is it is shallower then my previous conventional deep fryer, for small items it is fine, but for something like chicken wings or large fish fillets etc, I have found it is much shallower than my previous deep fryer making it more time consuming, as you must turn larger items to ensure they cook evenly. I was surprised when I first filled it to the MAX line and noticed how little oil there was sitting above the bottom of the basket. I now add oil above the MAX line which means I now also must watch the fryer when cooking large food items to ensure there is no accidental overflow. This also means when I drain it, I have to ladel out some oil so that the oil tray at bottom does not overflow.

All up I think the design was done by a marketing team and not by people that actually understand effective cooking techniques. I have owned it for just over 2 months and I am already considering replacing it.

I suggest on future models TEFAL should make it deeper and also allow easy removal of the wire strainer to allow cleaning out any grunge that accumulates underneath.

Date PurchasedDec 2017

Excellent deep fryer Best on the market

Best deep fryer on the market , Should’ve bought one ages ago , Easy to clean love the oil filtration and storage system , Going to buy an extra oil box for different oil . It’s worth the price compared to the cheaper and or well known brands if you want an easy clean and oil filtration system

Date PurchasedDec 2017
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9 months now and still going well never had a problem with cooking or cleaning , These people who give it a low rating and complain either don't read instructions for cooking and leave the oil in too long before cleaning , I never have grunge in the filter system or have to scrub it to clean it , I let it empty over night then clean it the next day ready to use and it takes me about 20 mins to clean and dry it ready to use

Absolutely getting the fried fix fixed!

We have had the Tefal Oleoclean Pro for about a month now and have used it every other week (or try to make an excuse to fry something). Before buying this, I was contemplating a cheap $60 fryer but after reading the other reviews from the others who have bought it, I was pretty sold. Like one of the other users, I reckon there should be a green light to show users when the oil is ready (as the red light turning off to indicate the oil is heated isn't really intuitive and can also be hard to see in bright areas) and the red light to indicate the oil being heated.

We used to cook our fries in the air fryer but am using the deep fryer instead as it taste so much better being bathed in oil. We noticed that some batters do leave more sediments and we have been experimenting with different batters and found a Korean batter that works a treat with the food we like to fry. We keep the frying temperature at 180 degrees and the food has come out amazing. Last weekend, we found frozen soft shell crabs and decided to give it a go... it came out amazing so we reckon another 3 months, we would have recouped the cost of this deep fryer by cooking ourselves instead of eating out.

We absolutely love how easy it is to clean by just having the oil drip into the container and then removing the basket and oil tray with no mess. I've not put it in a dishwasher as I just rinse it to remove excess batter and the sediment from the oil tray. This was one of my earlier hesitations of buying a cheap $60 deep fryer so this $160 was well spent. The only criticism about this deep fryer is the bulk as it's slightly larger so make sure you check the space you have to keep it is large enough.

Date PurchasedOct 2017

Excellent deep fryer

We recently bought a Tefal Oleoclean Pro deep fryer from The God Guys and are thrilled with ti. It filters the oil into a tank which sits in the bottom of the unit. The cooker has a timer and a digital thermostat which works well and it holds 4 litres of oil. It is not particularly cheap, but well worth it. The retail price is $279. We find that it cooks perfectly with the settings as set out in the user book which is written in any language one would wish for. Would highly recommend this unit to anyone wanting a cooker which filters the oil to keep it clean.

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I had the price wrong, it should have been $179. It is still giving us excellent results. Graham Johnson.

Needs a Red and Green light

I love deep fryers and this one is by far the most user friendly. Simple on/off button and temperature gauge. I don't like the new ones with pictures of chicken, fish, chips, etc. I like numbers. The only problem is the light goes off when the fryer is ready which is fine except you can't know that it's still one and many of us has made the mistake of forgetting to turn it off. That's probably why some of the other users have blown theirs up. My son made a great suggestion. Have a green light on when it's ready and the red when it's heating. That way we know the machine is on.

Date PurchasedMay 2017

Great fryer with problems

We've had the last 3 versions of this fryer and all have been great, with one common problem. The lid is not dishwasher safe, the aluminium filter screen disintegrates in the dishwasher!
We sent a query to Tefal online and they didn't respond.
It's the only complaint about this device, so If we don't want splashes of hot oil spraying out of the now vacant filter opening, we'll have to buy a fourth

Date PurchasedAug 2014

Love the filter.

Best fryer I've had obviously because of the filter option which honestly I find saves u money in the long run because u won't throw out your oil as often also it's built with good quality & all the part are dishwasher friendly except the element but you just wipe it down.

Date PurchasedJan 2017

First fryer we've owned; very happy.

Easy to use, clean - no mess, just a little fuss (my fault). cleaning/ oil storage system worked as described. Lots of information/instructions included. I thought our fryer was DOA however I missed the power switch on the side of the control unit, despite it being described in the manual. Once I found the switch and made sure the control unit was seated fully down (it seems to have a hidden safety interlock switch to stop the unit turning on when its not in the fryer) we were away. Firm albeit light construction and dishwasher washable. We bought this fryer after using a different fryer at a friends house. Our friend remarked that he would prefer a self cleaning system next time. I'm very happy with this fryer both in cooking and oil management terms. Worth a look if you're after this type of fryer.

Date PurchasedAug 2016
Hi Shane. Thank you for your great review on the Tefal Deep Fryer FR8040. We are so happy to hear how pleased you are with the product. We are glad you find the machine so easy to use and clean. If we can be of any assistance in the future please don't hesitate to contact us. Thank you – Tefal Australia facebook.com/TefalAustralia.Update Dec-18. Usage = 1-3 times per month since new. Fryer is still in use with no problems. No concerns with heating element or cooking performance. The digital timer works but the beep/alarm is too quite and the screen is hard to read at a distance. We stopped washing the basket in the dishwasher as this seemed to promote minor rusting on the basket. Since returning to hand washing the rust has ceased. Still a five star product IMO. I'd buy again.

Same problem

Bought this unit from Harvey Norman on the 23/8/2014, used it infrequently, let's say 20 times, since then to Deep fry chips or squid. Went to use it on Saturday, no luck. Did what it said and pressed the reset button, Nothing. Gotta buy something else or go back to frying in the pan.

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Hi Billmur, Thank you for your review of the Tefal FR8040. Sorry to hear that your appliance has stopped working just shy of the 2 year mark. We would love to assist you in getting your product back up and working again, so you can get back to your Chips & Squid. So we can assist can you please email your contact details to productreview@groupeseb.com and one of our Customer Service Team Members will be in touch. Thank You - Tefal Australia

Best Deep Fryer

We don't eat a lot of fried food but occasionally we will and this fryer is the bomb! I love the fact that once it has been used I can filter the oil back into the container and wash everything! So the oil is not left sitting in the fryer....brilliant

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Hi Shani! Thank you for your fantastic review of the Tefal FR8040 deep fryer. We are so happy to hear you enjoy the oil filtration feature! It is very convenient to have. If we can ever be of any assistance please don't hesitate to contact us. Thank you – Tefal Australia facebook.com/TefalAustralia.

worked for while then blew up

While it worked it was excellent. I only used it once every few weeks, after having it for 18 months it has blown up. of course just after the warranty has finished. I would have thought should last longer than this. Fairly hopeless, only thing to do now is buy a new one, quite annoying.

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Hello. Thank you for your review of the deep fryer. We are very sorry to hear about your experience with the product and would like to assist you further with this matter. Please forward your receipt details and your contact information to productreview@groupeseb.com. Thank you – Tefal Australia facebook.com/TefalAustralia.

It didn't work

I was very excited to buy a Tefal Oleoclean Pro FR804060 yesterday afternoon from Harvey Norman. I took it home to cook my dinner and just like recent reviewer itib76, it did not work. I waited and tried the reset button but nothing happened. I ended up using my big saucepan instead. My family and I were very disappointed.

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Hello Cill75. Thank you for your review of the Deep Fryer. We are sorry to hear about your experience with the product. Please forward on your contact details to productreview@groupeseb.com so we can assist you with this issue further. Thank you – Tefal Australia facebook.com/TefalAustralia.

don't buy it

I bought Tefal FR8040 Oleoclean Pro from Harvey Norman Loganholme on monday I got it home I set it up but the put the Oil in and turned it on I turned it on 180° waited for at least half an hour nothing happened and no light then I did the reset button and waited for another half an hour still nothing as brand-new straight from the box the only thing I did like about it drain the oil into the blue box so the part works at least all the other fryer I had worked the first time
very disappointed

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Hi itib76, Thank you for your review of the Tefal Oleoclean Deep Fryer. We are very sorry to hear how disappointed you were with the product and the issues that you experienced. We would love to contact you to discuss this further, Could you please send your contact details to productreview@groupeseb.com and one of our Customer Service Team Members will contact you. Thank you – Tefal Australia facebook.com/TefalAustralia

nice product, grow love daily

love fried food, but hate cleaning work, also dislike possible messy job of storing the used cooking oil afterwards. Now everything is much easier. We can enjoy the crispy food, and leave the dirty job to dishwasher and drain the cooked oil into a nice container by one click. just love it

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Hi Lee, Thank you for your review of the Tefal Oleoclean. Its great to hear that you are loving this Tefal appliance and no more dirty work is required. Please don't hesitate to contact us if you ever require any assistance. Thank you. – Tefal Australia facebook.com/TefalAustralia

Excellent fryer - cleans the oil!

I bought this fryer hesitantly because the thought of deep frying food really put my off (however the urge for fresh hot churros won me over!). May I say this machine is awesome! It fries food quickly and evenly and when I place the fried food on paper towel there is hardly any oil left on the towels which is great. The feature I love the most is that when you're done frying you flick a switch and it will drain and filter the oil into a container which is stored underneath the machine. Another BIG plus for me is that every part (except for the element/power source) can go in the dishwasher!! Needless to say we use this quite often and I am impressed every time - I would highly recommend!

Hi Susysunset, Thank you for such a wonderful review of the Tefal Oleoclean Deep Fryer. We are glad that you are loving all the benefits this deep fryer offers and your recommendation to others to purchase this wonderful appliance. If we can ever be of any assistance please don't hesitate to contact us. Thank you – Tefal Australia facebook.com/TefalAustralia.You're welcome! Thankyou for making such a well thought out product!

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My mum have a Tefal model F36-c, when she turn it on there is a beeping sound and 02 is on the display. It's relatively new as she don't use it (for a longtime now) u have clean it myself to make sure nothing is dirty and the noise is still there when I plugged it back in. Can someone advise what the problem could be? Thanks in advance Steve
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i need a new heating element and timer for my tefal deep fryer model no 804060 were to buy and how much
1 answer
I think you need to get in touch with Tefal, to find out if they sell them or where they send their repairs, and you may be able to buy from them

is the basket made of stainless steel. if not what is it made of
1 answer
I thought I've answered this already: I am not sure, but presume so, as the manual says: All the parts (except the control unit) are dishwasher safe. Sorry, can't fish it out ATM to have a look to say if there is a mark on the basket saying what it is, as I have a bulging disk ATM :-( I presume you could phone them and they would tell you Actually, just Googled... https://www.tefal.com.au/Cooking-appliances/Fryers/Oleoclean-Pro-FR8040/p/7211001657 Bowl coating Stainless steel


Oleoclean Pro FR804060
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