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Tefal Fresh Express

Carrot cake made easy!

I must admit I have only used this for carrots, sweet potato and cheese as yet. All came out very well and I am pleased with this product. Saves an enormous amount of time (particularly with carrots and sweet potato) as I enjoy making cakes with these veggies.

Purchased in March 2012.

Favourite appliance

I have small children and do a LOT of grating to hide veggies in things like fried rice, bolognaise, pesto etc. this appliance is amazing and I use it almost every day. So simple and well made. Easy to put together/take apart and clean. Blades still sharp after very heavy usage over years. I would definitely recommend.

Purchased in January 2010.

Easy to clean

I bought this product to complement a super blender thingy because that product doesn't grate or slice stuff. I was planning to ditch my food processor. The Fresh Express is perfect for grating things like zucchini, carrots and tasty cheese in volumes you would not want to be managing by hand. It is nowhere near as powerful as a proper food processor so it is slower. You do have to cut pieces to fit the chute as well, but you have to do that for most food processors too. However, it is also heaps smaller to store and much easier to clean than a food processor. The chute and blades clean up easily in the sink without any need to scrub small pieces and I let them air-dry. One con for me is that I struggle to get the blade locked in to the machine and it sometimes falls out but once I get it going, this never happens. I kept the food processor just in case I ever felt the need to do super-fast, super-powerful grating or slicing. I have never bothered to get it out since I bought the Fresh Express in 2012 because the clean-up isn't worth the extra power. I guess it depends on what volume you are handling.

Date PurchasedOct 2012

Beautiful design - does not work

Slow and food gets stuck between the blades and the clear plastic shoot. Really can only shred carrots badly. Other foods forget it. Do not buy do not buy do not buy

Date PurchasedDec 2012

Very good thingie for the kitchen! I do not regret having it at all!

Hello! My name is Kate. I live in Bulgaria. Here we have a great variety of cheese, organic vegetables and such, but they are not sold pre-sliced, or the price is higher than for the whole piece.
And I love eating pasta and salads. :D
I got my Tefal Fresh Max MB810 from e-mag and I am quite addicted to it.
It grates almost everything I push through with almost no effort and is perfect for making quick sandwiches and salads, pasta, pizza, nuts and chocolate. I am happy that I have it.

Hello Kate. Thank you for your great review of the Tefal Fresh Express Max. We are so happy to hear that you are able to get some great outcomes from the machine with little to no effort. If we can ever be of any assistance please don't hesitate to contact us. Thank you – Tefal Australia facebook.com/TefalAustralia.Hello, Tefal! I actually live on another continent and only registered here to share my excitement of having this wonderful kitchen appliance! I just LOVE cooking since I got it. Indeed, it has to be cleaned after use, but cooking time actually becomes shorter because I just cut everything, put it to start cooking and then while it is already in the oven/pan/ etc. I just wash the used parts for 3 minutes. All this endless cuttig and slicing, cut fingers and ruined manicure is now in history! My only regret is that I can not find the curly - potato - slicer- cone anywhere in my country. I am now searching for it in the online shops, but not all of them ship to Bulgaria. Best regards from my sunny kitchen to all tefal people!

Wonderful invention.

I hate hand grating which is why I absolutely love this machine. It is so fast and easy to use, no more grated fingers! You really need to do a bit of chopping though so that it doesn't jam, then you don't have any trouble. Be kind to it and it will do a good job.

Hi Sally, Thank you for your wonderful review of the Tefal Fresh Express Max! We are so happy to hear that you are loving this appliance and there will be no more grated fingers in your household! If we can ever be of any assistance please don't hesitate to contact us Thank you – Tefal Australia facebook.com/TefalAustraliaThat's ok, I am "Gratefull" (excuse the pun) for the invention. I liked this machine so much I bought one for one of my sisters for her birthday and she loves it also. :)

Fast & Easy

This was given as a gift & they love it. Simple & easy to use & clean. I have had mine since they first came out & now have given 3 as gifts.

I love this little machine!

I am surprised by all the negative reviews. I love this little machine! I use it a lot and I have never experienced any of the problems listed in the negative reviews. I particularly like it for egg salad and grating cheese. I can put through 12 boiled eggs in just 2 to 3 minutes. Tonight I grated a 900-gram block of cheese in about 5 minutes. I divide it into small sandwich bags and freeze it for future use. I have also used it for grating carrots, cabbage, zucchini, onions, etc. The clean up is very easy and I just store it right on my counter top; it’s small enough that it doesn’t get in the way. I did view the video on youtube and I fear that has probably put many people off. It’s too bad someone who didn’t know how to use the product made the video. He did a good job on making it look bad. I had to laugh at his bumbling and fumbling. Common sense would dictate that you shouldn’t try to jam a whole potato or onion into the shute. I think he would have a hard time with scissors!

Not worth the hassle

this machine struggles with most foods - grater seems to have got very blunt after just a few uses. chute size also very limiting. overall very disappointed as it initially seemed like a useful appliance.

Not up to par

I bought this machine and only used it a couple of times as it was not good enough. The motor is not powerful enough to grate the cheese properly. It is ok for grating carrots and apple, but I found as soon as the product I was grating got small it would lodge itself between the blade and outer, and get stuck. Not happy with this product, am giving it away.

My favourite kitchen appliance...

love the machine. had it for about 2 months so far and not any issues. grates cheese really well, like colby or tasty. haven't tried with hard cheeses yet but can't see why that would be a problem. have also grated carrot, and sliced cucumbers. did a great job with both, no issues. i've read some of the other reviews on here and am a little surprised. things like cheese does get in between the chute and the grater but it really isn't a big deal as it doesn't stop the machine from working, just have to use a tiny bit more force when pulling the grater out for cleaning...but it's really not a problem. as for pushing the food item down the shoot, i've never had to use much force. overall a great product. love it and would recommend it.


I love my Tefal Fresh Express so much I bought a second one for my daughter. It is so quick and easy to set up, not much washing up either. Grates veges, cheeses beautifully with little time and effort. I would highly recommend this machine and never regret this purchase as I do some of the more expensive and useless machines that sit unused in my appliance cupboard.

Wrost kitchen appliance.. Don't deserve any star

It is very disappointing that it didn't dice any vegetables properly . All the vegetables stuck in the blades and stopped working.Its just a waste of time and money . i was expecting so much but was let down.

Don't waste your time or money.

I bought this appliance to make my own coleslaw and to chop veggies for my salads. It looked fantastic, loved the funky design and colours. That's where my positivity about this product ends.

Please, if you're considering buying the Fresh Express Max, don't. It's the most useless, wasteful product I've ever had the misfortune of using.

The only thing I grated successfully was a carrot. Everything else was destroyed. It turned an apple to pulp, cheese is half grated and then the remainder gets stuck between the blade and the outer cone, and the same happened to beetroot. It did slice cucumber and apple, but it was uneven and looked horrible and a third got stuck in the blades.

The cutting parts are completely blunt, they don't grate, they mash, and pulverise. You spend most of your time cleaning the the stuck food out of the blades and attachments. You have to push really hard to get it to cut.

I returned this garbage to the store I bought it from the next day.

It's an abomination. Please don't waste your time.

For very limited application.

At first It was a nice looking piece of kitchen equipment. Never seen a company offering this type of an electric food grater/shredder. But in the end the machine could not handle the job properly. It can shred some types of vegetables, like carrots and beetroots.
At the moment a removable part is in the sink not sure how will I remove a shredding piece from it. Apples mashed and stuck inside clinging both tight together.
Maybe I should put it in the bowl of water and wait till apples rot and get slimy...
Good idea
Bad realization

Most disappointing kitchen appliance I have ever bought

The food constantly gets caught/wound around the blades and clogs up at the bottom of the shute. What should have taken me 5 to 10 minutes to grate carrot, cabbage and onion for coleslaw took more like half an hour, plus the mess to clean up was awful. The shute is tiny, may as well just do the job by hand and the motor didn't seem to cope, it got hot and smelled like burning even after short bursts of use. The amount of pressure to push the small amounts of food down the shute was phenomenal, while trying to hold down the power button as well. My carpal tunnel syndrome sure had a major flare up that day!! Wish I could take it back but the packaging got thrown away.

Not my best friend in the kitchen

The dicer cone?? More like the mangler! Even with soft things like cucumber it didn't dice them it mangled them! As for the grating cones when your using them it builds up inside the cone it struggles with hard things like potato. Also you have to constantly hold the power button down, the only good thing is it's easy to setup. I had high hopes for this machine but was let down.
easy setup
not enough power, doesn't dice, have to hold the button down constantly

Perfect cheese grater

I bought this with the intention to use mainly for cheese and carrot grating. So far Ive been happy with the result. I love the finer cheese grater fitting, even more so than the standard fitting. Washing up is very quick and easy, however I throw mine in the dishwasher. I don't know if I will use all the attachments but it does come with a recipe book that I hope to use and get some other idea's from at a later date.
Very easy to put together and pull apart. Also the variety of attachments. For the price its pretty good
motor can be a bit slow going at times, but I guess that all depends on the pressure and drag the food creates, just dont force the food too much

Your milage may vary.

We bought a Food Processor some time ago to carry out the food preparation jobs in the kitchen. It sits in the cupboard rarely used. Setting up is a chore in itself; the clean up after is a lengthy and annoying hand job.

I spotted the Tefal somewhere for about $69. It was so new I couldn’t find any reviews or detailed information but I bought one anyway. After some years use I can tell a little about our experience.

Designed in France (presumably) because it is stamped “Made in France.” It is made from a strong “plastic” type material and all three working pieces can be placed in the dishwasher (top shelf.) Not the base containing the electric motor, of course.

That gets a big tick of approval from me straight away. If something with lots of pieces needs washing by hand I get “turned off.” The dishwasher can do a better job than me any time.

It comes with five cones that contain the cutting blades. These cones fit into the chute assembly and connect with a spindle that provides drive from the base. The chute is provided with a pusher to force the food against the blades. The pieces just fit together and yet hold together during operation.

Disassembly requires a twist of the chute in a clockwise direction and then a twist back in the opposite direction ejects the cutting cone; quite clever.

The cones are colour coded green, red and orange. I have no idea what that all means. If I read the instructions I might find out. Look at the cones and the graters and the cutters are obviously for different jobs.

It’s easy to remember what the orange cone does – it grates the orange carrots. The dark green and light green cones slice in two different thicknesses. The red cone grates more coarsely, carrots and beets. The yellow cone is for cheese.

I can tell this just by looking at them. Who needs instructions books?

We tried the cones one by one when the machine was new. The red cone produces coarsely grated carrot so now we always use the orange cone. The two green (slicer) cones produce thick and thin chips of cucumber or carrot etc. but the chips come out curved not flat. The yellow cone is for cheese but we never grate our cheese. It looks as if the cheese would need to be fairly firm and dry for this one to work properly.

So after an initial trial we have never used the machine for anything other than to grate carrot.

Was it worth $69 to buy a carrot grater? You bettcha! Are there any problems? You bettcha!

My wife cannot make it work. We have both used our allotted four score and ten years (some time ago in fact) and the fingers and hand joints don’t work too well for her. Mine are okay. And it takes a little force to push the carrots down into the grater. But it does a wonderful job.
quick to set up; results (on carrots) good; quick clean up and wash up.
the power button needs to be pressed continuously to operate the machine; not all the cones are useful (for us)

Happy with it, zucchini & veggie slice done in a flash!

After reading mixed reviews I wasn't sure what to expect but since buying this last September I've been really happy with it. Yes, sometimes when grating veggies (e.g. zucchini) you do get one last piece that doesn't really grate and is more of a ribbon piece that sits at the bottom of the feed shute and can wrap around the grating cone- I just remove the cone and the piece of zucchini, put the cone back in and keep grating. I wouldn't bother to get this appliance out of the cupboard for every grating/ slicing job - just the more labour intensive ones because it is a bit more washing up than a hand-held grater. Last piece of feedback is following the grated chocolate I did for the chocolate truffles I made for Christmas... 500 grams of chocolate done in 5 minutes using the orange cone!! I would usually have melted chocolate everywhere and have to keep putting it back in the fridge to firm it up again. Happy customer. :-) p.s. I did try buying the "rip off" model from Aldi but I plugged it in and listened to the motor and felt that it was a bit weak, so took it back and forked out for this one.
makes life easier and quicker in the kitchen
the dicing option dices the vegetables quite small; grating onion is not a good idea- doesn't really do the job

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Have you discontinued this product as can not find anywhere to buy one?
No answers

I have the tefal b fresh express max love would love to buy one for my daughter but having trouble finding one I'm in nsw australia, Any help?
1 answer
Numerous listings available on Gumtree. Some in NSW. I am sure you could arrange with sellers postage if necessary. https://www.gumtree.com.au/s-tefal+fresh+express/k0

Where can I purchase one of these 3 drum Tegal fresh express grater? [email address removed]
1 answer
Sorry do not know and you are referring to a different model from the one reviewed

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