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Could I insure my house furniture while it is stored in a shipping container at a secured premise? Cheers
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Hi John, Thanks for your question. It would depend on several factors if this would be covered by any of our landlord policies. To discuss your needs please give us on 1800 804 016. We're available from 8:30am - 5pm Monday to Friday. - Mandy

I am wondering why landlords are not using the rental tribunal to make a claim? Then they could obtain an enforcement notice. Could it be that this system also does not work? Talk to your local member if this is the case and send an email to complaints at the tribunal.
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My understanding is that claims that owners try to put through to RTA are directed to QCAT (if it’s in Qld). You have to pay a fee to them and it can take sometime plus you have to appear at the hearing. An Enforcement Order can be achieved if the Claim via QCAT has not been adhered to. It’s all very long winded, time consuming and a lot of paperwork. Renters insurance is far better option; j have gone down both roads. When QCAT allowed the tenants leniency, Terri Scheer paid it instead. You can’t ask for better than that!!!

Why would any one use Terry Scheer ????
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Very good question not sure why

Hi I am thinking of buying an invetment property to rent out, but being this is my first time, not sure if I will get tenants for 52 weeks in the year, so wanting to insure for any shortfall of rental income. I called a couple of insurance companies including nrma, they don't insure for rental shortfall. Can anyone suggest me if there is one who serves my purpose. Thank you Pawan
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No. You can’t insure for the short fall. No such thing. You insure for loss of rent if the tenant stops paying rent and property damage etc. But you can’t insure if it doesn’t rent for the full 52 weeks a yearThank you so much for your help. At least I know where I stand now. I also understand that as an investor we need to take some level of risk, and this is one of them. I did google this matter and I found similar response. I hope this blog will help other investors too. Thank you once again. Pawan

Hi all the good people out there! We are in the market to find a good insurance company for our investment property, this is our retirement so we would make sure nothing can go wrong. Our investment building is a complete block of units of 8 off 2 bedroom units. The block is not strata titled (the entire block comes under one tittle). Would you know any good insurance company who would provide Building/Content/Landlord insurance for such block? I know companies such as AAMI, NRMA, etc. would not provide the insurance cover for this. Thank you! Howard
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Look at getting a discount by doing the units separately. Try to then pay them separately across the year. Good luck.

Hey [name removed], I've just been reading through the PDS from Terri Scheer relatively recently as I am in the market for some building and contents and landlord insurance. I was just wondering if the amount they paid out was only $500 and if you had building insurance with them as well as landlord insurance? They have 2 different PDS forms for building & contents and then landlord insurance. Throughout both documents I did think they had a lot of clauses that would make it questionable of them paying up even with honest claims. Because I read 2 PDS documents that were very similar I might have this confused but I think with the building insurance covers damage by tenants up to $60,000 but the landlord insurance only covers up to $500 for damages by tenants. I think I could be totally wrong though as I just tried to skim through the document and find it again but couldn't. If you had building & contents insurance as well though than this would prove me wrong quite quickly.
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We were about to obtain Landlord Insurance with Terri Scheer but after reading the reviews, we are saving potential heartache and go to another insurance company and similar to cover and premium but better reviews.

Did you have a property cover? any damages to the property should be claimed against the property cover. Landlord policy only limited to Loss of rents, i think.
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Many Landlord policies cover loss of rent as well as damage to the property. Terri Scheer and Suncorp include both. I'm sure many others do as well. This is from the Terri Scheer site: Provides cover for: Accidental loss or damage Deliberate damage Malicious damage Flood Storm or rainwater Water damage Fire or explosion Unfortunately, Terri Scheer gave our Property Manager the impression that our claim was within the the scope of the cover. It took months to discover that this was not the case. Hope this helps.

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