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On board service

My wife (thai)and my daughter (less than 6 mo old) have traveled with Thai airways on 15 th Aug 2019 , 00.15am from Bkk to Melb via TG475.

I booked this airline because it was an emergency trip as my wife’s father suddenly had a stroke and I expected a better service from Thai Airways than low cost airlines. But I was disappointed by the behaviour of one of the female flight attendants. She lacks of manners and service mind when talking to the passenger and has no sympathy especially with a passenger travelling alone with an infant.
My wife was after the baby bassinet two female staffs refused to install it for her because the first staff assumed that my daughter is more than 6 month old and due to the size. Yes my daughter is a big girl but she is not over the limit and the bassinet weight limit is 10kg max so she still fits in. Then she asked the 3rd staff to help her and confirmed that our daughter is still less than 6 months but no luck.

The first staff came and saw my wife asked other staff again (4th staff), then she was rude by shouting out that “ but you have the second seat next to you!” then walked away to behind the curtain. What?? Did she expect the passenger to place a less than 6 months baby on the adult seat instead of giving bassinet? Are you out of your mind?!! And this is thai treats thai...

Can you imagine when a mum travelling alone with an infant and no helper come along, how hard would it be? What is she going do when she needs the lavatory? What is she going to do when food is serving while baby is asleep? She can’t just ask the staff to hold a sleeping baby so she can eat and all staff seem to be busy preparing and serving anyway. And that’s why my wife asked for the bassinet but she was really upset and disappointed about the reaction of this female staff of thai airways.

Anyway, my daughter slept quietly all the way back to Melb in the bassinet given by other staff. Thanks to that person.

Passengers expect a better service from Thai Airways, a well-known international airlines, but if they get a low-cost service after paying more, then there is no different between Thai Airways and any other low-cost airlines.

mixed experience

My experience on two recent economy flights on 2 different aircraft with Thai airways is mixed.

Seating on the Boeing 777-300 was awful. The seats were very hard and rows very close. I am not overly tall with 5'11", but my knees were in constant contact with the seat in front of me.

The second leg was on an Airbus 350-900? What a difference! Very comfy seats and generous leg room -at least for economy.

I had 2 main meals and 2 breakfasts. For mains I had curries expecting something half decent from an East Asian Airline. However the mains were disappointing. Breakfasts were even worse. The scrambled egg was atrocious and of a weird texture.

In-Flight Service
In-Flight Entertainment

Not interested in anything but money

I recently was in Phuket and slipped in the bathroom. I was taken to hospital in a lot of pain. I had a contusion of the thorax. The Dr at the hospital said I could fly home but stated in his report I needed to go business class as I couldn’t move around very well. The insurance covered my upgrade. When checking in I showed the girl my Drs report but they would not allow my husband to accompany me. We had to pay for his upgrade which was $1600. I wrote to Thai Airways but they were not at all interested. I realise that you don’t get anything for nothing but business class was by no means full and I think they could have shown a bit of compassion

Value for Money
Seat Room
In-Flight Service
DestinationPhuket, Mueang Phuket District, Phuket, Thailand
BookingThird Party

Assaulted on flight

On January 10th I was assaulted on a flight from Bangkok to Melbourne by another passenger.
Thai Airways cabin crew responded with a who cares attitude and 3 months after submitting a formal complaint and contacting their office multiple times I am still getting we are investigating the matter and we'll get back to you
Ohhhh famous https://www.news.com.au/travel/travel-updates/aussie-attacked-midflight-i-saw-this-fist-flying-toward-my-face/news-story/8131289f2a3c976dd9ab8d1e1195e897

Value for Money
Seat Room
In-Flight Service
In-Flight Entertainment
DestinationBangkok, Thailand

Seat pitch issue Row 56 j & k A330

We are frequent long haul travelers, but not used Thai Airways for several years.
My husband and I have just 'endured' a red eye flight down to Perth from Bangkok. This was the third leg of our trip and we were not impressed with the food!
But the worst part of the experience was the extremely short seat pitch, particularly in comparison to the other seats around us. Others measured 32cm (as advertised) but our seat pitch, row 56 jk was just 27cm. I am only 5ft tall and my knees were touching the seat in front. This is no way to take an overnight journey. We have both arrived this morning with very swollen ankles and feeling awful. My husband has never suffered swollen feet before. Is a 27cm pitch legal for long haul travel? I personally think is dangerous. It is most unfair for Thai Airways to charge the same price for a seat without regard to pitch. I'm not sure TA would treat this as a valid complaint, but feel it's right to officially record my complaint.
I would add that in the main we found the staff smiling and welcoming, although much less so than the last time we travelled with TA.

Value for Money
Seat Room
In-Flight Service
In-Flight Entertainment
DestinationPerth WA, Australia
BookingThird Party

poor behavior towards passengers, terrible baggage policies, pathetic and rude behavior towards kids

my wife along with my in laws and 11 month old son traveled from Melbourne to Newdelhi on thai airways on the morning of 6th feb (TG462, TG323).
the behavior of air crew and ground crew was so horrible towards my family, firstly they did not gave us wheel chair even after requesting for same at melbourne airport. then their air crew was so furious towards the passengers they were not even replying to the assistance call. my baby is 11 month old so they did not allocate bassinet due to security reasons and she was supposed to sit in mothers lap and when she was sitting in lap of her mother a crew member came to her and said that she can not sit like this. she then asked them to make any other siting arrangement for baby she denied for help. even my wife was asked to arrange a magazine back to the pocket which was taken out by the kid while playing and during then the talking tone of crew member was not polite. then at bangkok airport they had to wait for long time to get the wheelchair. crew was least interested in making arrangements of wheel chair for other passengers as well. later they got the wheel chair after making hue and cry. the food quality was very pathetic.

Value for Money
Seat Room
In-Flight Service
In-Flight Entertainment
DestinationNew Delhi, Delhi, India
BookingThird Party

Amazing service when all hope was lost

My parents along with my toddler and I arrived back from Bangkok on TG461 on 14 Jan, the flight arrived in the night and as per usual we made our way to immigration and baggage claim. It was when I arrived home, an hour later my mother called me asking if I had in my hand carry a zipped grey folder that had a copy of her Tickets but also a brown pouch with all her precious gold that she bought but also had been handed down for her mother and my Aunty who recently passed away. It was sentimental, full of value and all her gold in her whole life was in this brown pouch, also included was 2 green $100 notes and the 2 Australian sims for my parents. This folder was no where to be found. We tried to retrace Mum's steps and she was sure it was lost in Melbourne Airport. My poor Mum she was devastated, she cried herself to sleep feeling so defeated and (As she says) so clumsy. Still awake at 3 am I filled out an online form to have someone from Melbourne Airport search and call me, at 7 am I called Lost Property which went to voicemail, to date I still have-not heard from them, to be honest.
Jetlagged and so hopeless I fell asleep after that call, when I awoke at 1 pm, I had about 5 missed calls from a Melbourne number not so familiar to me with 1 voicemail, on checking this, a lady from Thai Airways was trying to track down my parents and asked if I could call her back. When I called her I explained what had happened and she confirmed my story and said she has the zipper with her which has not been touched. We arranged to go that same night to retrieve our lost items. We arrived at the Thai Airways office at Melbourne Airport and met such a lovely Thai Rep, she was gracious, kind and understanding, she gave me mum a stern warning to have a better hand carry system when it came to gold, but was quick to listen to Mum's story and empathise. She said that the cleaners when cleaning the plane found this folder fallen down under Mum's seat and that they handed it over to her, on opening it to check for identification, she saw this brown pouch with all the gold and she was determined to reunite this with the passenger. Mum checked all her stuff and everything was there.
We thanked her but also the cleaners for being so honest and quick in getting this back to us. We are so appreciative to Thai Airways for helping us get this back, my Mum was so grateful and couldn't thank them enough. This review is fitting for this good news story. Thank you to the Cleaners of Thai Airways for a job well done and your honesty. May this good act not go unnoticed.

Awful experience with Thai Airways

I took an overnight flight from Bangkok to Melbourne - it was an absolute nightmare. The staff do not respond to the call button and instead chat at the back of the aircraft. The entertainment system in my seat was broken - the flight was not full yet there was reluctance to move me to another seat. The next seat had a problem with the sound. The crew did not seem to care and were extremely arrogant. Have vowed never to fly Thai airways again.

flight cancelled and was not informed about it

I booked my tickets in advance in July for travel to Melbourne to India and then back from India to Melbourne in December. the flight from Melbourne to India was smooth but my experience back from India to Melbourne was the worst. First of all they were not able to link my visa to my passport and they had to call Australian immigration to send them a code to link them. I was made to stand there for an hour or so. I have never had this issue before, as I travel frequently from Australia to India. I already had tickets with me, but I was made to stand there as if I had done something wrong. I do not understand that why are the visa and passport requirements not checked at the time of booking the flight. I was told that it will never happen for your first travel but will happen once you are going back to Australia after you have lived there for a while, which is all nonsense.

the worst case scenario would have been, not letting me get on the flight because they are not able to link the passport to Visa while I already have my tickets with me. I paid a lot of money for it and if that is the case they should inform a customer before hand, before they book a flight.

it just did not end there, on the spot I was told that my flight from Thailand TG461 that was scheduled to depart on 31/11/2018 at 8:10 was cancelled and I was automatically booked into TG465 departing at 24:05. What is the point of booking tickets in advanced if you are not even notified about your cancelled flight and that you have been put onto a new flight. this is highly acceptable. upon me asking the employee why was I not given any notification about it and why are there visa and passport issues, he told me even he is not sure about it and they told me to check with the student immigration services, because of this I was supposed to reach Melbourne on the 30th November at 21:20 through TG461 but instead I reached on the 1st dec through TG465 at 13:05.

I was told at the Kolkata airport that accomodation and food will be provided to me but on reaching at Thai airport I was blatantly told that I needed to have the coupons from the kolkata airport. I had to fight for an hour for the inconvenience that was caused.

I had to join in for my work on the next day, but because of this I was in no position to inform my company before hand, that I had recently joined and because of that I have lost my job.

Very disappointing!

Have used Thai often in the past and was always great. However flight from Bangkok to Brisbane in August 2018 was very disappointing. Inflight service was non existant. Staff were unfriendly.

Customer service is a big ZERO

I booked my flights 4 months in advance just to realise on the day of my departure that my connecting flight was canceled. There was no intimation from the airline or from the ticketing company (Bestjet). Just wanted to share my experience and complete lack of empathy from the airline, instead of trying to understand my urgency of getting to Melbourne I was just handed out an option to get accommodated in next days flight. Let me point out that this was also provided post me contacting Thai air office in Delhi. For all they care I could have been stranded in Bangkok airport for 24 hours for my connection. This experience is a star contrast to my experiences thus far with Singapore airlines. Going by this I will never recommend Thai air to anyone.
To prove my point I am also sharing my flight details below:
TG316 Delhi to Bangkok (18th 12:20 am)
TG461 Bangkok to Melbourne (18th 8:10 am)


There should be a minus star rating as well. I want to give them -10 stars. I booked two Thai Airways flight with BestJet.com from Melbourne to Lahore, one for my family, travelling 3 weeks before me and one for myself. Thai Airways changed flight schedule from Melbourne without any notice. I found out while just browsing through Thai website. I contacted Thai Airways and they told me to contact BestJet. Then I contacted Bestjet and they had no idea about it at all, I was the first one reporting it to them, When they checked, both of our flights were totally messed up with a missed connection or a long long 24 hours lay over. they offered my a hotel stay with this long layover and I accepted that for both flights. After about 3 weeks and multiple contacts with Bestjet I received an email from bestjet that thai airways is not providing hotel for this long layover to a mother travelling alone with 3 children. Then contacted BestJet again and surprise!!!! they said offers from Thai Airways are either they can change it to a shorter layover of 14 hours or they can fully refund me. Fully refund me now only 10 days before flight when if I buy any other airline ticket now is double the price. I also have spend money to obtain Thailand transit visas because Thai Airways can not even arrange that for their customers. And the best is that I would get the refund after 12 weeks. Thai Airways did a great job in trying to mess up our holidays. For me they are bye bye for good. it was my second experience with Thai Airways and definitely the last one.

Wrong ticket no money back

Worst Airline, disgusting service never more use this company. I bought a ticket this morning and I checked out with credit card they don't explain what your are buying with details, but just asking payment, after I paid I noted my trip was completely different the date I chose. I called them suddenly and the answer was we can't refound you , You need to pay a fee if you want to delete the transaction.

Would give 0 if I could

Cancelled flight, and blaming the agent. The Customer Service lady was extremely rude, believe me extremely. No sorry, no apologies, instead treated me as a beggar. You have lost a customer. Lost money, anyways, will never use Thai airways in future

On phone customer service

Enquired on phone about services on board for baby and the lady was too rude, irresponsible and said oh god.. really unhappy about customer services.

Worst and irresponsible airline!

They change their flight schedule (with looooooong connecting time!!) at very last time when you don't have any other option but to wait and wait. I never recommend anyone to fly with Thai worst airways. just nonsense!

More expensive but more direct flights

I fly Thai if I can get a good price, it's often worth it if the price increase equalswhat you save on a stopover somewhere. Smooth booking, service, and I like the overnight flights, waking up in Bkk with easy connections.

Absolute NO if transferring on this flight

I had three problems

1. First flight from Perth to Bangkok delayed which meant that I had 15minutes to transfer. Staff provided false assurance that everything would be okay and even if I missed the flight the next flight would be in 2-3 hours. Managed to just catch the flight by sprinting across Bangkok airport. Would have definitely missed the flight if I had walked/jogged.

2. On arrival in Seoul, baggage had not arrived. I was told that the next flight would be in 8 hours time which was completely different to what I was told in Bangkok. The baggage was suppose to arrive at the place of residence in 14 hours but was further delayed and arrived after 21 hours. Loss of fridge items and unable to use items in luggage bag.

3. Complaint service pretty much non existent. Send a complaint on the day this happened. Did not receive a reply until departure from Seoul (14 days). Upon talking to Thai Airway staff at airport, they said to wait for Thai complaints department to reply. Sent another email. No reply. After another 14 days of waiting sent another email. Still no reply after a month and a half

Awww cancelled flight?

I have come across force majeure causing airlines to cancel flights before. However i have never come across one as SHAMELESS and irresponsible as Thai airway, that after the cancellation, they do not inform me of an alternate flight, cancels the other legs of my trip (also without notification), and when brought to their attention, wants me to believe they hold no liabilities whatsoever because I no showed, because of course without notification I'm really supposed to know alternate arrangements has been booked.

They have wasted my holiday in Bangkok calling their call centre, reservation team, compensation team over and over, and flibbed me off saying the Melbourne branch will sort it out, only to come back with a "we will not be refunding because its a force majeure situation", and cannot give me any references to how their terms and conditions on cancellations when I point out the flaws to your reasoning.

TL:DR? An airline that I thought would be world class, acting in this despicable manner? You may as well never ever fly Thai, as when thing happens you will be up that creek without apology, compensation or paddle.

Thai Airways Melbourne Office Customer Service

The lady I spoke to seemed to be very flippant and basically told me she couldn't help me with a general query I had about my boarding pass. She really has an attitude. In my honest opinion she is in the wrong job. It seemed like she didn't even want to make an effort.

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