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The Capsule King

The Capsule King

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Exceptional Service

I have used Capsule King many times. Exceptional service, great price, friendly, honest and most importantly do a perfect installation to keep my kids safe.

Thorough and friendly

Had a seat installed at short notice. They came to my house and installed the seat very securely. Very informative and genuinely friendly. Great service.

Great Service and Perfect Installation of our Seats.

Just had these guys come out and install two seats for us. One Convertible seat, rear facing, and one forward facing seat.
They came during the time frame they said they would. Our car seats are totally secure. Installer was very pleasant and explained everything to us.
We've had our car seats installed and reinstalled several times in the past by 'professionals' and had no idea that they could be as secure as what they are now. They don't budge.
Beware of other 'reputable' installers - this is the best job we've had done and we will not be using anyone else when it is time to swap our rear facing to forward facing.
The cost is very reasonable especially considering they come to you. If you want your car seats installed properly then use these guys.

Amazing Customer Service

Yesterday while Brian was installing a car seat for me I mentioned that I have had issues with two car seats made by the same manufacturer. Despite neither car seat being purchased through The Capsule King, Brian went above and beyond trying to resolve the issue for me which included him calling the supplier direct. Day to day I think we all receive fairly average service so it was so refreshing to be on the receiving end of such fabulous customer service from someone who clearly has a lot of pride in his business.

Have used them twice with no complaint

I had them come to my home to install my rear facing seat in Aug 14. I have just had them back to turn the seat forward facing. $65 to come to me & ensure it was correctly fitted and secure is worth it in my opinion. All aspects of the seat were explained- and they even checked the covers had been put back on correctly after i took them of to wash.
Said they'd be here between 2-430pm- arrived right on 2pm! And gave a courtesy call to say they were 5min away
HIighly recommend

Pretty unhappy with these guys and waiting for it to be made right.

I called and got same day service, was happy to pay the $60 callout, $15 per anchor point install and $10 per small part I needed to fit the seats properly.

However, my headrest was damaged in the process of installation. I was told - "We're very sorry, go and get a quote, send it to me and I'll wire you the money to have it repaired".

We're now three days past that and I get an email saying that my quote ($23 part, $75 labour) is too considered too expensive and I should provide two further quotes.

I've already lost 1.5 hours of working time to go and get the first quote (an inspection was required, and a drive to and from that inspection) - so I'll be out a possible further 3 hours + another half a day repair time before this is all sorted.
The guy came out same day.
My car was damaged, had to have many calls and emails to try sort out compensation - ongoing still.

Excellent Service!

Perfect!! Can't thank [Personal Name Removed] and the Capsule King enough! Made an enquiry, and they came out the next morning! Fitted both our cars quickly and easily, and took me through the "how to" of both seats, step by step. Such an affordable service. Will have them come again when we change the capsule, and also change hubby's car to forward facing. Very knowledgable and kind. Thanks!!

Professional, helpful and handy.

I had The Capsule King install both my baby seats, and change over to forward facing on both occasions because I was a new mum and didn't want to get anything wrong. I found their service helpful and I considered the safety of my children more important than the cost, and I also found peace of mind with a professional.

As we have a new car, I wanted to have new anchor points installed and went to find their number and was surprised to see a less than complimentary review.

As my experience with them formally had been positive, and everyone I know that has used the service had nothing but nice things to say about them (including the salesman I bought the car from - who recommended their services for my requirements), I called them and made a booking while being made fully aware of all charges (of which I was already acquainted with as I visited their website). They were friendly, helpful and totally professional.

I highly recommend their services.
Customer focused.

Beware of their call out fee

Not recommend this. Beware of their call out fee.
I though $60 to change the capsule seat around is a bit pricey but for convenience I agree for the service. When the guy saw the seat he realised that the seat is not reversible. He then explain it is usually $60 call out fee but they accept $30. The owner lady over the phone was not pleasant.
I thought this is unfair considering this could easily be resolved over the phone beforehand. I thought they have the model of my capsule car seat on record when they have my mobile number on record at the initial instalment 7 months ago.
I found the random text advert sent to my phone is misleading and could potentially be seen as taking advantage of new mothers out there. I've asked her to stop sending text advert.

Expensive, no service, non apologetic what so ever.

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Hi Bellamia, We are disappointed that you felt that you had to write something like this about The Capsule King, when there are clearly two sides to the story & that you failed to mention any part of your involvement in this. The Capsule King periodically sends out reminder messages to previous customers to advise them it may be time to make an adjustment, change or turn a seat to a forward direction. This is done as a service to our customers & invites them to call us if they think they may need some help. In response to one of our Courtesy Messages that we sent to a number of customers, you rang and booked in. Our message also invites customers to join our Facebook page & “Like Us” & check out our specials. We fail to see what is misleading about this. We clearly remember you contacting us very early morning & requesting we come out quickly & help you to turn around your 7 month old to a forward facing position. We “squeezed you in” to our bookings for the day to help you out. We ask a number of questions designed to make sure that your child is at the right stage to make the change you are requesting in order to meet the law as well as the safety of your child. We do not know & cannot know every type of restraint our customers have in their possession. You failed to mention the reason why you were unable to get your seat installed in your complaint. You rang and booked this service to have your seat turned around from a rearward facing seat to forward facing. We asked if you wanted to come to our store in Seven Hills or if you wanted us to come to you with our mobile service. We offered you both options, and you chose the mobile service. When the fitter got to your house you had a Safe and Sound Unity capsule which is only a rearward facing baby capsule. It cannot be used in a forward direction & you had no other product available to install. In servicing our customers for over 10 years, you would be perhaps one of the only customers that did not realise that their baby capsule was rearward facing only. Normally when you buy your restraint from a baby store the first time, you would be advised of the product you are buying & the limitations of the product. Most people know that they need another product after the capsule is finished. During the initial installation of your capsule you would have been told by our fitter of the legal requirements for your child & the maximum limits of the capsule. There is also a product information booklet available with your capsule as well as labels all over the product. It would have been easy to check these details. You could have told us what you had & asked if this was suitable like lots of other people do. We charge a callout fee of $60 because we come to your home, travel through tolls and use petrol to save you all of the above inconvenience. It also includes the installation of your restraint whilst we are there. You were also offered a cheaper price of $40 if we installed your capsule & you come to us at Seven Hills, however you declined this offer & booked us in to come to you. We went to a lot of effort to “fit you in” & had genuine expenses coming out to see you. This was no fault of ours. This is why a callout fee is charged including a restraint installation if you need it. We explained to you that our call out fee is normally $60 as this covers the hour in travel, tolls and petrol etc., but we said we would charge only $30 just to cover the cost of petrol and tolls. We believed this to be fair & reasonable given that it was not our fault & that we have expenses to meet to provide the service to you. We are sorry you had this confusion but we believe that we did nothing wrong and offered you a very fair service and fair solution. At no point were we angry, rude or unpleasant to you. We simply reiterated the callout policy & the reason why we were applying a discounted charge. You simply did not agree & obviously was not happy. I think it only fair that when you decide to say something bad about someone, that you present both sides of the story or at least give the other side a right of reply. We have a strong & reputable name & the business is run on strong ethics, believing in the wellbeing & safety of the children we protect. We take our job very seriously & genuinely go to efforts above & beyond to do the right job & help the customer. We are sorry that you felt that we did not do this. Best wishes The Capsule King

Bad Customer Service!

The Capsule King office staff are totally incompetent, rude and can't even book in appointment times or locations correctly. After having one bad experience about 3 months ago I decided to give them a second chance. I booked in a 10 - 12pm time slot to have a baby car seat turned around, which I waited 5 weeks for and was called today to confirm my 2 - 4pm appointment for tomorrow (which I can't make as I have a weekly commitment at this time). I was basically told in a very condescending way that it was my error and they had other customers to take care of. No customer service skills at all!! Don't bother - way too hard, there are other companies that have this service.

Rude, bad service and incompetent staff

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Hello Miss26, I am sorry we have not responded to this post. I was unaware of this site. At the time of your booking I had a call centre taking bookings while my normal receptionist was on maternity leave, I agree that they were both unaware of how we normally operate and definitely did not provide you and I am sure a few other valued customers with the service we would of liked. We soon gathered this from some customers feed back and we cancelled this service and re gained our normal staff member. We know this is a little late but are very sorry for this and are happy to offer you a free fit if you would like it. Please feel free to contact me on our 1300 number. Regards The Capsule King.

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