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Jim's Diggers

Jim's Diggers

4.2 from 10 reviews

Best work ethic

Professional, reliable and honest is the best way for me to describe my recent experience. The appointed times to meet up for a quote and rubbish removal were punctual and the after cleanup of paths and surrounding areas was done well

No Stress - with Jims Diggers Stafford, Brisbane

Flexible, ethical, helpful, efficient and reliable totalled up to low stress for my project. Some unseen hurdles had to be jumped and Mick quickly & calmly adjusted the plan, securing the team needed to resolve the issues with minimum of fuss and less cost than initially specified.
Mick clearly enjoys what he does and is customer focussed and that outlook flows through the project.

Great result

Prith from Jims Diggers Ferntree Gully went above and beyond. Not only checking out a site I could not get to, but stopping others from dumping waste on it while I was not there. Excellent work. Excellent communication. Didn't try to sell me anything I did not need. Couldn't be happier.

Made me sick, literally.

Having utilised Jim's Electrical and Plumbing with relative success, I was recommended Jim's Digging via Jim’s administration for a job that required cleaning out a dirt patch (i.e. removing the dirt) and then cementing over it. First of all, always be there when trade work is being conducted. I left the worker –[name removed]- to dig the patch, whilst I went back to work; when I came back, there was rubbish everywhere, even the coffee cup –I had bought him coffee and cake- and, most irritating of all, a down pipe was smashed (with no note of apology left to appease some of my anxiety). When I tried to call [name removed], his mobile wasn’t ringing and there was no voicemail either, so I ended up calling Jim’s main number and, after all of that, [name removed] decided to call back and the first thing that he said was that I had made a complaint about him?! “You broke my down pipe!” To be honest, I didn’t want him back, especially unsupervised. He came back to try and fix the pipe, which really should’ve been fixed by a plumber, and, guess what, it wasn’t fixed appropriately, so I let him know, and he said that he needed to buy a longer pipe (?!). He ended up coming back to fix the pipe once and for all and to finish the original job –mind you, I removed more of the dirt in the meantime to make it cleaner/more even. To summarise, the pipe is still leaking and, as for the cement job, unbelievable; corners of the dirt patch were left without cement. I don’t know whether he ran out of cement, because I had also asked him if he could cement 2 small areas of the bottom of an adjacent wall –along with hammering a loose plank from a wooden door. I ended up going to Bunnings and bought expensive containers of what looked like cement to finish the job myself. I ended up paying [name removed] the 1500k bill, as I didn’t what any more stress; what I ended up getting was worsening health (my back, shoulder? has been hurting significantly from the bending of trying to fix the job (and I’m a tough cookie). Now I have tradesmen from other companies tell me about the poor quality cement job; in fact, one tradesperson today advised me that the cement laid by [name removed] was incorrect (it needed to be higher near the wall and slightly lower towards the pavement so that any water does not seep through the house wall -that’s why the cement near the wall is still wet?! I cried, literally, and I'm still struggling.

Harry from Kingsgrove NSW

Honest, excellent skills, so thoughtful & one of the best tradesman I have ever met.
Harry helped us out in an emergency on a Saturday night! What a legend!! I recommend him to everyone.

Amazing work...loving the end results

Jeff from jims diggers came out and gave me a free quote to dig out the back garden, remove two stumps and retaining wall.

Not only was the price very affordable, the work Jeff had done was nothing short of amazing. I was couldn't believe how good the place looked after Jeff had done his thing.

I will definitely be getting Jeff out for any other jobs around the house. Jeff has amazing people's skills and cares about what he does and takes pride in what he does, with so much experience in the industry, you will get bang for your buck with Jeff.

Thanks again Jeff.

Pool fill and concrete steps

Can’t recommend Ryan Hucklebridge from Jim’s diggers enough, very good service and polite manner easy to deal with and an inspiring work ethic. No problems with anything that came up.

Shockingly bad

Jim's Diggers failed us at almost every opportunity. After half a day's work of attempting to level our yard, with almost no progress made, left without a word of communication. They called in the evening, saying it would cost three times the quoted amount to finish the job and attempted to charge us almost $1000 for delivery of "free fill"!

Eventually they agreed to do another day's work for the quoted amount, but again left without completing the job and again without even a word of communication. The work that was done was not only incomplete but incorrect, as they did not follow the instructions given to them. There were no further attempts to communicate or complete the job after they left.

The ramp they built for accessing the yard was left, leaving us to move about 2 cubic metres of fill with shovels and wheel barrows.

On top of all of this, they left us with over 1 cubic metre of garden waste which they brought from another property, which took us a long time to dispose of.

fantastic service

Fast response to enquiry, came out within a week, arrived on time, very professional. Did a fantastic job and invoiced as per the quote. Very pleased with how easy it was to book and how quickly the job was done. Highly recommend!!

Ryan Hucklebridge of Jim's Digger's A1 Aspley Brisbane

Great service (ex-soldier). Quick callback and quote. Arrived when he said. Did great work, despite very limited access. Unassuming. Remained calm and confident during set backs the job presented with. Great rates. Would recommend and use again.

March 16th 2017 Update:
Needed a qualified electrician on Brisbane's Northside prepared to trim a kitchen bench top for a replacement cook-top installation. Matthew proprietor send me Nathan the next day. Came when they said. Did the job. Stuck to the phone quote. Checked the earth following installation to the house earthing point. (Would have needed a cabinet maker then electrician...not that a cabinet maker would come for a small job.) So thanks Nathan and Matt.
Honest, decent, polite, competent, licensed and affordable.

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