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Kingston club refurb has left it smelling BAD!!!!

Refurb at Kingston decreased the group fitness room to unbelievably small (clearly designed by someone who has never taken a class in that room) and the materials used to refurb the club STINK!! Like vomit. Or really really bad body oder. Six months on and it’s not better. Silver members forced to upgrade to Platinum when the cycle studio was ‘moved’ to the Foreshore with only 2 weeks notice. At least that cycle studio doesn’t stink; but the technology is ‘down’ more than its up.

Hidden fees, slack personal trainers

Had a personal trainer with whom it took weeks to get an appointment with. He kept rescheduling last minute. Then gave me a generic program that had nothing to do with my goals. Eventually when I cancelled my 'no contract' membership I was slapped with a huge cancellation fee disguised as '28 day notice period'. In other words just a massive rip off.

Only saving grace is the cheap membership and some quality trainers

The equipment is old - still from previous gym owners
2/5 of the toilets work - the others have been out of use for months
Range of classes is okay, but limited to les mills (lots of pump and balance) - should offer more attack and combat
Personal trainers hog the functional equipment

CISAC is Great, the rest are 4 Walls some Equipment and a lot of people.

I've had a few different types of club lime memberships. I really enjoyed training at the Cisac gym, the equipment there is awesome, pool, sauna, children swimming area. Great place. I could never seem to find a gym membership that just allowed me to sign-up to the cisac gym, to use gym and pool, it seemed I had to go with the platinum membership/one of the higher level memberships.

I have also trained at several of the other smaller club limes, including gold creek, gungahlin and crace. The classes are good if they are a part of your membership, but other than that I always felt like they were over crowded, as if they just sign way too many people up to these gyms. Peak times are way to busy for the size of the gym.

I have watched several of the personal training staff and they are not enthusiastic at all, they don't seem to care about the clients form/technique. I even witnessed a few of the trainers playing games on their phone in between the client using the equipment.

It seems anything to do with online processing seemed buggy, I even had problems with the online signup form, fields would randomly changed what I entered in them. I would imagine it would be a simple process to cancel your membership online.

Con artists at Club Pink CISAC

My experience of this club is from several years ago but I thought I should add my 2 cents.

I signed up for a completely free' 1 week trial at club pink Belconnen. After one week I decided not to sign up for a year because we were moving away from the area. They forced me to pay $50 for the luxury of trialing their gym. I argued that there was no $50 fee mentioned anywhere but they insisted it was their company policy even though it was not stated anywhere. The girls at the front desk belittled me for expecting a free trial even though that is what they advertised until I paid because I was embarrased to argue with them anymore.

I have joined serveral other gyms since and because of that horrible experience, I will never reccomend anyone join them.

The staff don't do anything

The facilities and locations are pretty good but god the staff get paid to do literally nothing. There are so many gym users that constantly break the club lime policies and the staff just sit there. Pretty much every time I go people are slamming and not putting away weights, using multiple pieces of equipment at once and grunting and making excessive noise. In plain site of the useless staff.

Not “Platinum”

I just use the fitness classes and find the space and the instructors fine. I can’t comment on other elements of the gym as I don’t use them but the reduction and concentration of staff into one one main desk has made the place less friendly and service oriented. However, CISAC is “Platinum” only membership and the recent decision to stop providing clean towels has further eroded the benefits without any reduction in cost. Even more than the loss of this service, which was very convenient, I resent the club selling this as an environmental benefit. The club put up a notice saying that it that saves on the environmental costs of washing and drying and telling members that that we can simply ‘pop our towel in with the weekly wash’. You are just transferring the costs from you to us, Club Lime! If you are seriously encouraging use to use the same towel for a whole week, then you are just spreading disease! Reduce membership costs and give us 7 towels or admit that CISAC is just the old “Silver” service masquerading as beyond gold!

Arrogant Front desk

Very arrogant staff and terrible customer service. Management has to look for someone who is pleasant to be at the front desk than someone who is just there to show off their curves and tattoos. Get annoyed if any questions asked. When asked about the training times the girl was upset and asked me to look at the brochure but that does not say when I am booked for training or which day.

Ready for a refurb .

Been coming here for 13 years
Showers and toilets need refurb
Olympic Pool floor not always kept clean
But I think still the best set up in Canberra

Great Gym but let down in many other areas.

I like Club Pink Cisac, it's got a nice atmosphere, a good range of equipment and the kitchen where you can get coffee and tea is just lovely. Unfortunately other things let them down to the point I would not recommend. 1) I booked in with a personal trainer for 3 sessions. One session she spent 10 minutes with me and then left me alone, and then it was too difficult to organise another with her (no room in her schedule). Their payment processes are archaic if you want to change any details, it is almost 100% too difficult to get through to anyone on the phone, which is Soo frustrating. Finally, perhaps most obviously the staff at the front desk couldn't give a crap about you. Some staff in Club Pink Cisac are lovely, but front desk let's everyone down. Could be AWESOME, but falls short.

Only care about taking your money - don't bother.

Whilst I went to the gym there it was okay, staff was never friendly and occasionally quite rude. I cancelled my membership and got a receipt saying last payment would be 3/3/17. It's now roughly a month later and I've been charged every week since then. I emailed them and they were fine, said they would cancel it and give me a refund but nope, money is still coming out and theyre doing nothing about it.

Rude and arrogant sunday front staff at Cisac Belconnen

This girl just forced me to sign for platinum membership when i told her i didn't even want to use the club pool. And she just said i had no other choice. So rude and arrogant

So convenient! :)

I used to swim here twice a week & found the pool to often be quite busy, so you have to choose the best time to go. Joined the club a few months back & absolutely love it!!! I used to pay $44 a fortnight for a gym with classes & 24hr access. Now I get access to CISAC plus pool, spa & sauna, free lockers, free parking, classes PLUS access to any other club lime facility all included for $45 a fortnight!!! The club is HUGE so even when it's busy you can still find a spot to fit your workout in! ☺ Staff are always happy & friendly & always want to accommodate!

The worst experience ever

I am triying to cancel my membership months ago and they just continues charging me.
Sending emails calling them and still after 4 months they still charge me.
So so disappointed

Great facility, staff not great!

Club lime Cisac has a great facility and good classes with good instructors. However, I am there almost every day and there is not a day that go past when I DON'T see ALL the personal trainers on their phone. I never see them look up and smile at a single member of the gym. For example they had a new person starting this week and she was left by her self and was on her phone for 10 minutes in the club shirt! I don't think that is very professional. I hope this review might help the club be more strict with phones at work.

Another Victim of Club Group taking money without approval

joined for 1 yr in Sept 2014; its almost sept 2016 & they are still stealing money from my account; apparently they changed the conditions to allow themselves to take money without authorisation! I feel robbed & cheated!! Very unethical - Shame on the Club Group!

Gross experience...A disgusting filthy dirty cold smelly place

After visiting cisac I was left disappointed appalled and disgusted with this run down filthy facility, staffed with useless rude kids..The water in the showers and spa is cold..Due to run down unmaintained facility...You cannot breath in there, the air is thick with chemicals with no fresh air to be found..The lockers are problematic take your money and the staff couldn't care less and just fob you off no refund there poorly trained staff..The spar was a greezy filthy cold sespit...Covered in greesy filth..This place used to be nice to visit...Not anymore

The worst customer service i have ever experienced! Dont ever buy any sort of membership with them!

Firstly, I use to think half half about there customer service until of course they decided to reactivate my account and charge me three times before they stopped payments with me having to go off my nut for them to stop them. Then they refused to refund me - so in hind sight stole money from my account without my authorisation. When I confronted them with this they didn't care - not even a sorry! Just that they didn't have notes in there system (so another employee fk up) and wouldn't be refunding me, even though I had not stepped font inside any of there establishments. I even told them I would go to consumer affairs (which im in the process of) still didn't even care - still not a im sorry just we wont be refunding you because your account was reactivated (again, because of there lazy staff). Will never in my life return to them or ever tell anyone to.
For the ladies id recommend Tuggeranong fernwood - nicest and most supportive staff and if this ever happened they would fix it, not just pretend im at fault and they don't give a crap and for the men the anytime fitness in Chisholm is apparently real good too!

Generic Personal Trainers at CLub Lime - Beware

I engaged a Gymmy PT Trainer to provide me with the expertise needed to take me from couch potato to health. I thought I was doing the right thing. BUt what I got was a trainer who paid little attention in our sessions, gave me generic exercises, mixed me up with other clients and caused me to tear my rotator cuff. It cost me work time / personal time / and $$$$ at the physic, not to mention the pain and lost time and money. My advice is to choose your trainer based on their own reputation, and not a generic trainer that Club Lime engages. They are value for money, easy membership conditions, great locations - but just use the facilities, they aren't experts. They are a warehouse for gym equipment. Take Care

Never had worse customer service

Rude, condescending and unfriendly staff. Had items stolen from the gym and was belittled by staff when suggesting it had been stolen after not finding it in lost property even thought I had left it in a locked locker (quote "who would want to steal your sweaty gym stuff"). Staff admitted fault in the matter but made no attempt to rectify the situation.
Gym is overcrowded and it is impossible to find a spot to workout doing free weights as external personal trainers constantly have the space "booked". Classes constantly cancelled last minute. Poor vision in group exercise rooms

Rude staff, overcrowded

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Was getting hassled, how do i make a complaint?
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There are forms including feedback/complaints here http://www.clublime.com.au/?ClubLime=WebForms&WFN=5b57a6a9-d854-a88a-c74f-9482ac5e70e9

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