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The Diva Cup Model 1

The Diva Cup Model 1

4.1 from 10 reviews

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After 10 years of tampons and pads, I don’t know why I didn’t switch sooner.

So after watching countless videos on YouTube and reading countless reviews, I decided to buy a Divacup.

After 10 years of using mostly tampons, I was tired of the scratchy feeling they gave me upon removal and the germy moist string that hung below.

Let me tell you. This is the best thing that’s ever happened to my period. Why?
- WAY less odour
- EASY application (if you are comfortable and knowing about your “parts”)
- Up to 12 hours without emptying
- Once you’ve mastered the suction, you’re golden for acrobatic sleep positions, no worries for your sheets!
- COMFORTABLE! Tampons would often cause me pain after shifting.
- Reducing waste. I hate the sight of blood soaked tissue and cotton in the garbage can.

I feel so much better about my time of the month. Thank you Divacup.

Purchased in July 2019 for $35.00.

Value for Money
Causes Irritation No


I tried this because I am a college student and wanted to find ways to cut budget. SOOO easy, cheap, comfortable and practical! I have a heavy flow and this helped a lot.

Purchased in November 2018 for $40.00.

Causes Irritation No

Not enough grip

I’ve been using menstrual cups for over 10 years so I thought I’d try the Diva Cup. It didn’t work for me. There was always leakage,I found it harder to insert than other brands and always felt uncomfortable. Upon examination, I realised the thick ring at the top of the cup was thinner than other brands hence it did not grip as strong as other brands. I cannot trust the Diva cup so have discontinued use.

Best thing ever!

Love this cup so much! Easy to use and keep clean.. no leaks or issues AT ALL! Has made the period-dread disappear :) Don't hesitate to get one!! Best invention ever!


The diva cup causes me so much pain that persists and worsens throughout the course of my period, not to mention it makes me so unbelievably bloated I look pregnant. It’s a stupid product and there is absolutely no helpful articles about this issue I’m having because “bloating” and “cramps” are normal when you are on your period.... NOT when they are this extreme. This is my 3rd cycle using the diva cup and I hate it almost MORE than I did when I first tried it. Super annoyed that I spent $40 on this product when it literally makes being on my period 10x worse than its ever been. Thanks diva cup!!

a bit to hard for me

The Diva cup is a little harder than others I have tried, so not for me but the quality was good.
the size is a good fit just not the hardness


It was one of best things I had found. I did not have many problem learning how to use it and it just works perfectly for me. Highly recommended for everyone

I wish I found it sooner!

Goodbye expensive, uncomfortable, planet polluting tampons and pads, hello diva cup!

I'm going to sound like a rep for menstrual cup company's here but I assure you I am not haha! **Um, diva cup company if you're reading this perhaps offer me a job? I am your biggest fan, I'd make a great rep haha

Honestly ladies, do yourself a favour and take the plunge into the world of the menstrual cup. Periods can become a much more comfortable, manageable event on your monthly calendar.

The cup is easy to insert (with a tad of practice), it is completely comfortable (I can't feel it at all when placed correctly but I will note that I trimmed off the little stem as it can irritate but without it, no probs), it only needs to be emptied 12 hourly (I shower morning and evening and empty and re- insert in the shower, easy and mess free), you can sleep comfortably without the guilt of wearing a tampon to bed (I used to do this and panic about toxic shock), it saves you so much money in the long run and it is healthier for your body!

Get onboard, you won't regret it!

Nothing short of AMAZING!

This is the first time ive used the diva cup and its nothing short of amazing!

Its soft and super easy to insert. I have a pretty heavy flow so i was a bit worried about leaking but it hasnt leaked once. I love the convenience of only having to empty it and wash it every 12 or so hours and theres no plastic waste.

I doubt I'll ever use pads again and im definitely getting my friends onto it.

Its Not gross

This product is awesome, from the very first time I tried this, I had next to no problems (i.e. no leaks, no smells.. nothing). The only negative I have had is the little stem at the base which sticks out a bit. Most people say that you can cut this excess off (which is used to assist in the removal of the cup). As I became more proficient with the inserting and removal of the cup i felt capable enough to not need and and WOW big-difference.

Initially it was expensive, but i have noticed the lack of having to continually purchase tampons, and lack of waste as you only need to wipe the cup if your in a public place.

On a personal note, I feel better about my period in terms of cramps and the amount of blood loss. While I still have menstrual cramps i feel like they are a lot less severe with menstrual cramps, this could be nothing or it could have something to do with the lack of chemicals used as i previously used a lot of tampons. With regards to blood loss I swear my period is much shorter than what it was before (perhaps because the cups assist in the removal of the blood?).
cost-effective (long term), no smell, no TSS, lasts a good 12 hrs, made from silicone (good for latex allergies), decrease in cramps.
expensive (short term), little stem is annoying, could do with another colour than 'clear'

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